He’s not Superman? This should come as quite a surprise to . . . Barack Obama.

Via Washington Whispers:

Forget all of those Drudge Report headlines about the vacationing first lady’s $2,000 sun dress, the president’s six-plus hour golf outings, and their three-hour, $100-a-person dinner tasting at posh Alan Wong’s restaurant in Honolulu.

Because the president’s 2012 campaign has a new Joe Sixpack theme: “He’s just a dude!”

Softening his image and making him appear more approachable than his whining White House press corps — kept far from his Hawaii vacation stops — suggests, the campaign is distributing a short interview with one of President Obama’s donor dining guests who said his host was far from Superman.

“He’s just a dude!” says Casey Helbling, who attended Obama’s hot dog dinner with low-dollar donors in northern Virginia last October. “It was great to have a frank conversation with him, to realize that he’s not Superman,” he added.

The campaign is using Helbling’s interview, and emails from the president, first lady and even former presidential “body man” Reggie Love to promote his second donor dinner for the campaign. Aides say that the dinners are extremely successful in raising money and energizing supporters.

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