Via WaPo:

Protesters affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement say they have filed paperwork with the National Park Service seeking permission to demonstrate on the National Mall on Jan. 17 in an event billed by the group as “Occupy Congress.” However, a spokeswoman for the National Park Service said that they had not yet received the application.

The application was posted online Tuesday by applicants listed as “Occupy Congress and Occupy DC,” and with McPherson Square listed as as the applicant’s address. “Peaceful 1st Amendment demonstrations, including holding signs and group speaking”is the stated purpose.

About 50 Occupy D.C. protesters took to Capitol Hill to protest in what they called a “Take Back the Capitol” event Dec. 6. Occupy D.C. organizers are hoping for at least 2,000 marchers to arrive from around the country for “Occupy Congress,” according to The Examiner’s Aubrey Whelan.

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