Let’s drop the PC nonsense, he’s conducting a war on Christianity.

Via Beltway Confidential:

Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington and a Cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church, asked if President Obama is conducting a “war on religion” — as Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas, alleged in a recent ad — said that his conference of bishops is “reviewing” Obama’s policies toward Roman Catholics, as he implied that Obama does not respect their freedom of conscience.

“I think it is right now something that’s under great discussion,” Wuerl said when Chris Wallace asked if he believes that Obama makes “war on religion” by pulling the federal funding for Catholic charities that refuse to provide contraceptives or abortions. […]

Alluding to pressure to add abortion to the list of services Roman Catholic charities provide, Wuerl said “There are some things we simply won’t do, but that should be respected because it’s always been respected.”

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