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WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.S. Park Police officer who authorities say was kicked in the groin during a skirmish at the Occupy DC encampment was in so much pain that he vomited at the scene and had to be taken to the hospital, according to charging documents released Friday.

James D. Ruffin, of Sandy Springs, Ga., faces charges of assaulting a police officer and assault with a dangerous weapon. He was ordered detained Friday until a Tuesday court hearing. His lawyer, Lisbeth Sapirstein, declined to comment.

Authorities say Ruffin kicked the officer in the groin as the officer and others were trying to subdue him and put him into a police car. Another officer sprained his vertebrae during the scuffle, the documents say.

The scuffle took place Thursday afternoon after Park Police came to McPherson Square, the site of the Occupy DC encampment, for a report of a man assaulting a woman inside a tent. The officers encountered a woman who pointed out Ruffin and told them that he had entered her tent, vomited and jumped on her and others inside.

Police say Ruffin refused to present identification, cursed and yelled racial slurs at officers, and refused to stand up to be arrested. He kicked at officers who attempted to place him in the cruiser, and once inside, kicked the rear car door and bent the door from the door frame, authorities said. Officers used a stun gun at one point to subdue him, according to the documents. Ruffin is described in court papers as 6 feet 3 inches tall and 300 pounds.