Then again, a rotting Taliban corpse probably doesn’t smell any worse than your average occupier.


In an article published on its website, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban’s shadow government) cites an American Red Cross report to argue that the dead bodies of the Taliban fighters do not decay, unlike the bodies of the enemy soldiers.

“The American Red Cross . . . Showed Its Astonishment as to Why the Dead Bodies of Taliban had Not Decayed or Gave Off a Foul Smell!”

“The committee of the American Red Cross has released a report on its webpage regarding the bodies of the dead (martyred) Taliban, compared to those of the foreign forces. The mentioned committee which had the duty of collecting and burying the dead in Mazar-e-Sharif province of Afghanistan showed its astonishment as to why the dead bodies of Taliban had not decayed or gave off a foul smell!

“The report said that investigators initially thought that the cold weather was the reason behind this phenomenon; however this theory was later shattered because the bodies of the Northern Alliance fighters which were lying in the same area had decayed and were also giving off a nauseating smell.

“The report further says that it now wants to conduct research on the type of food consumed by the Taliban fighters! The researchers also want to find out if there is a relationship between food and blood, because the blood of some Taliban members keeps its warm temperatures even after their death!

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