The Palestinians can fire rockets at Israeli civilians and the U.N. says nothing. Israel builds on its own land and the U.N. falls all over itself in a rush to condemn the Jewish state.

(INN) — UN Security Council members condemned Israel on Tuesday for the planned Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria as well as for ‘price tag’ vandalism.

According to a report by AFP, the condemnation was led by Britain, France, Germany and Portugal. The four said in a joint statement after a council meeting on the Middle East conflict that they were “dismayed by these wholly negative developments” and the threat they pose to the peace process.

The four council members also called for strong measures by the Israeli government “to halt attacks on mosques and Palestinians by extremist settlers.”

According to the report, the four European countries said Israel’s recent announcements of accelerated construction in Judea and Samaria send a “devastating” message, and urged the Jewish state to reverse the plans.

On Sunday, the Housing and Construction Ministry published a series of tenders for construction of 6,000 new homes, 1,000 of which in the vicinity of Jerusalem. The plan is to build 350 units in the hareidi-religious city Beitar Illit, 500 units will be built in Jerusalem’s Har Homa neighborhood and an additional 180 residential units will be built in Givat Zeev.

AFP reported that South Africa, India and Brazil launched their own condemnation at Tuesday’s meeting, while Russia’s UN envoy questioned whether a two-state solutionwas now possible.

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