White House officials last seen furiously taking down notes for next year.

(CNS News) — A nativity scene in Caracas, Venezuela goes beyond the traditional cast of characters of the baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the wise men, shepherds and angels. At the center, right below Jesus’ crib, stands a figurine depicting President Hugo Chavez, along with scenes of his “flagship socialist projects,” according to a recent Reuters report.

Also visible is a model of Chavez’ hero, the 19th century South American independence fighter, Simon Bolivar.

“Elsewhere, there is a photo of Chavez hugging a child,” Reuters reported.

“The lovingly constructed model, which stands in a concourse of residential and business towers in central Caracas, has the traditional Christian scene at its heart,” the report stated. “But it also politicizes the Nativity by paying tribute to some of Chavez’s most popular policies during his 13-year rule.”

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