Everyone knows Sully’s army of Trig truthers (all four of them) are a prized voting bloc.

Via The Hill:

Prominent blogger Andrew Sullivan announced Wednesday that he would endorse libertarian Ron Paul for the GOP nomination, scoring the Texas congressman an unconventional advocate for his steadily improving campaign.

“I feel the same way about him on the right in 2012 as I did about Obama in 2008. Both were regarded as having zero chance of being elected. And around now, people decided: Why not? And a movement was born,” Sullivan writes on his blog for the Daily Beast.

Sullivan, who describes himself as conservative and emphasizes his support for a flat tax, privatization of Social Security, and deficit reduction, supported President Barack Obama in 2012. Critics from the right have argued his support for gay marriage (Sullivan himself is gay) and criticism of Bush-era interrogation techniques betray liberal sensibilities.

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