Schumer: Trump “Trying To Shut Down The Election” In Florida…

Yeah, no.

Nancy Pelosi Thanks Race Hustler Al Sharpton For “Saving America”….

Oh boy.

Planned Parenthood Frets: “Very Real Likelihood” Supreme Court Overturns Roe V. Wade


Migrant Lead Caravan Opts For Safer, Longer Route To US Border

Mexico is aiding and abetting the caravan.

Via Fox News:

One month ago today, 1,000 people started walking from Northern Honduras, beginning a journey they hoped would end with a job in the United States.

Today, they are about halfway to Tijuana, Mexico, where many will apply for asylum or pay a smuggler to get them over the border to Houston or San Jose or Omaha, Nebraska.

They’ve endured heat, humidity, wind, rain and cold during these 1,400 miles — and, more threatening to their goals, an American president insistent on border integrity and national security.

Their numbers have swelled to 11,500 including several subsequent caravans days behind, according to Mexican media reports.

The lead caravan is resting in the Benito Juarez Auditorium in Guadalajara on Wednesday, Mexico’s second largest city, home to 1.5 million people. They’re awaiting instructions on where they will go Thursday. It’s part of an almost-daily routine of walking, hitchhiking, arriving at a town or city 150 miles away, then waiting for the open borders group Pueblo Sin Fronteras to tell them where they are going the following day.

Olvin Antonio, 27, has been walking 28 days, starting in the Santa Barbara state in Honduras. He started the journey alone, but like most in the caravan, found travel partners he can trust. Most migrants will tell you there are bad people traveling alongside them that they avoid.

Sleeping outside in the cold of central Mexico has been tough, he said Monday while hitchhiking along a busy street in Irapuato.

“But we are in God’s hands, so there is no problem,” he said.

Antonio hopes to get to the U.S., but hasn’t thought much about how he’ll get there. He knows he’s going to Tijuana with the caravan. He also knows he’s a long shot for legal status in America, so he’ll also consider staying in Mexico.

Many are settling in Mexico. According to the Mexican government, 3,230 people have applied to stay where they can make more money than in Central America. Still, a job in the United States is the prize — the minimum wage is just a few dollars a day in Mexico, and they can make $15 or $20 in one hour working in Seattle or in farm fields in Washington state or California or the Midwest.

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Broward Elections Chief Brenda Snipes: ‘It Is Time To Move On’

Retired with full pension.

Via Sun Sentinel:

Facing mounting criticism across the country and all the way to the White House, Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes said Tuesday that “it is time to move on” from her time in office.

“I think at this point she should probably think about retiring,” said county Commissioner Michael Udine. “She shouldn’t run the next election.”

Snipes’ statement came in response to a question about Jeb Bush, who originally appointed Snipes to the post in 2003 to fill the remainder of the term in office of Miriam Oliphant. Bush, as governor, had removed Oliphant for what he termed “incompetence” and “misfeasance” following the botched 2002 election, which saw polls open late and close early, among other snafus.

But on Monday, Bush wrote on Twitter, “There is no question that Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes failed to comply with Florida law on multiple counts, undermining Floridians’ confidence in our electoral process. Supervisor Snipes should be removed from her office following the recounts.”

Asked about that tweet, Snipes, 75, responded, “He did post me here for a year and then I liked it and so I ran and I was re-elected four times. But it is time to move on … I think I have served the purpose that I came here for, which was to provide a credible election product for our members.”[…]

That assumes Snipes — who makes $178,865 a year after a 20 percent raise in 2016, and two smaller raises since then — would be allowed to finish out her term. Bush’s removal of Oliphant in 2003 was unusual — the governor ordinarily removes elected officials from office only if they have been arrested or charged with serious ethical violations, not over issues of competence. Nevertheless, that removal has set a precedent that a sitting elections chiefs can be removed by the governor for failing to do their jobs.

Other Republican officials echoed Bush’s statement that Snipes should go after the recount is complete, to give the next supervisor time to prepare for the 2020 election.

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Chef José Andrés Offered Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez A Place To Stay

Her ‘woe is me’ fundraising stunt worked. Update to this story.

Via CBS News:

Victorious but a little short on cash, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez admitted after Election Day that she couldn’t afford a Washington apartment before her new job in Congress starts — and the internet went wild. She later tweeted she was “working it out.” But celebrity chef José Andrés offered her a place to stay, just in case.[…]

One of those people who offered support was chef José Andrés. The Michelin-starred chef is also famous for his humanitarian work distributing over three million meals to Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria devastated the island last year.

“Dear Congresswomen,” tweeted Andrés in response to Ocasio-Cortez Friday, “You have a room, a shower, and a plate on my family table for as long as you may be in need of one.”

The congresswoman-elect responded to the chef’s generosity on Twitter.

“Gracias por su invitación, Señor Andrés,” she wrote, “I should be fine on lodging, though I could never turn down a seat at the family table! Thank you for all that you’ve done for the people of Puerto Rico and our entire country.”

Many others have attempted to offer help to the Democrat, but she indicated she would rather have any donations be directed toward Chhaya CDC, an organization that “advocate[s] for the housing needs of New York City’s South Asian community,” according to its website.

She later tweeted that those looking to donate could also send money to the New York Disaster Interfaith Services (NYDIS), an organization “assisting displaced Puerto Rican families in NYC find new homes after theirs were destroyed.”

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Parents Support School Staff Who Wore ‘Border Wall’ Costumes

Lighten up, it’s called humor. Update to this story.

Via Fox News:

Parents rallied in support of a suspended principal at a school board meeting held by a district where 14 staffers were placed on administrative leave after donning costumes depicting racial stereotypes and a “border wall.”

The Middleton School Board meeting on Monday was the first one since the teachers and staffers at Middleton Heights Elementary School were placed on leave two weeks ago for the inappropriate costumes, worn as part of what officials said was a team-building exercise held after classes were dismissed. Photos that were temporarily posted to the district’s Facebook page showed some teachers and aides wearing caricatured outfits depicting Mexican people and others dressed up as a U.S. border wall.

Many of the more than 50 attendees at the meeting were there to ask officials to reinstate Principal Kim Atkinson, the only person who remains on administrative leave. Attendees sat on the floor and in hallways, some signing up to speak and then ceding their time to Brenda Pickrel, the mother of a Middleton high school student.

“The district office brought this mess on our school and our town,” Pickrel said. “Where is their responsibility for this? Why is our principal being used as a scapegoat?”

Subsequent speakers told the board they were “outraged” and “appalled” at what they said is censorship of the staff.

“A lot of voices have been silenced, and it’s wrong,” attendee Jay Arehart said.

The district received complaints from dismayed parents and community members after news of the Halloween incident broke. The next day, Superintendent Josh Middleton apologized on behalf of the district and announced there would be an investigation into the matter, calling the costumes “clearly insensitive and inappropriate.”

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More Florida Fun: Sen. Bill Nelson Sues To Prevent Rejection Of ‘Unconventionally Marked Ballots’

Just apply the law. If it isn’t valid, you can’t make it valid.

Via Twitchy:

As Twitchy reported earlier, Palm Beach County has been granted a five-day extension on its recount, so it might be December before we know who won in Florida.

That leaves more time for lawsuits, too. Now Sen. Bill Nelson is suing to block Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner’s office from rejecting ballots that were “unconventionally marked.” Are we back into hanging chad territory? It’s looking that way.

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Bob Woodward Attacks CNN’s Lawsuit Against White House

He needs to tell Fox.

Via Free Beacon:

Bob Woodward, a best-selling author and critic of President Donald Trump, said Tuesday night that CNN’s lawsuit against the Trump administration wasn’t the “remedy.”

Woodward, who gained fame for breaking the Watergate scandal, spoke at the Global Financial Leadership Conference in Naples, Florida where he recommended “more serious reporting” about what Trump’s actions, according to remarks flagged by the Washington Examiner.

“In the news media there has been an emotional reaction to Trump,” NBC News reporter Dylan Byers reported Woodward as saying. “Too many people for Trump or against Trump have become emotionally unhinged about this.”

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Fox Announces Will ‘Friend Of Court’ Brief, In Support Of CNN And Acosta, Against White House

Bye, bye, Fox.

CNN Lawsuit Against White House Contains Multiple Mistakes, Stupid Meme References

Well, it is CNN, so, of course.

Via Daily Wire:

CNN has filed a lawsuit against the White House for stripping the hard pass from CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta after he rudely refused to hand over his mic and physically blocked an intern from taking it. But CNN’s legal team appears to have rushed its big lawsuit, which contains some glaring errors and curious references.

The feud over Acosta’s indefinitely revoked hard pass revolves around his behavior at a November 7 press conference last week in which he, as White House Press Sec. Sarah Sanders put it, “plac[ed] his hands” on a female White House intern whom he had repeatedly refused to allow to take the microphone despite having already asked multiple questions and the president telling him in no uncertain terms that his time was up.

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Protesters At Ohio State Shapiro Event Chant ‘Reagan’s Dead’ ‘John McCain’s Dead’

The school’s diversity scholarship program offered a safe space for students from Shapiro’s speech. But they didn’t offer other students a safe space from this communist stupidity.

Via Daily Wire:

On Tuesday night at Ohio State University, while Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro was giving a speech that was part of his YAF-sponsored campus lecture tour, leftist protesters broke out in soulless chants, including, “Reagan’s dead” and “John McCain’s dead.”

As Emily Kashinsky, a member of Young America’s Foundation, reported, YAF gave a copy of the video of the protesters to The Federalist, showing protesters also chanting “Bush Senior’s dead” before they realized George H. W. Bush is still alive.

Another pleasant chant from the protesters: “F*** Ben Shapiro.”

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Tweet Of The Day…

Julián Castro Huddles With Donors To Prepare 2020 Bid

After the popularity of Beto, he will run as Jelo.

Via Politico:

Julián Castro convened a group of supporters in San Antonio Monday in preparation for a 2020 presidential campaign, sources familiar with the gathering told POLITICO.

Castro and his twin brother, Rep. Joaquin Castro, brought together about 20 of their loyal donors and bundlers in San Antonio to begin to sketch out a national bid, according to one person present and another with direct knowledge of the meeting.

The session lasted several hours and invited the potential donors to ask questions about a potential presidential campaign. The 44-year-old brothers even left the room for a bit to give their allies a chance to talk freely, according to Scott Atlas, a prominent Houston attorney and the finance chair for Democrat Bill White’s 2010 challenge to then-Governor Rick Perry.

“The consensus was that Julián brings a lot to the table. He’s part of a new generation and most of the candidates who are talked about are not,” said Atlas, who declined to name the other participants at the meeting but said it was mostly people from Texas with longstanding ties to the Castro brothers.

The former mayor of San Antonio and secretary for Housing and Urban Development in the final years of the Obama administration has been strongly hinting at a presidential run over the past year. He has made several trips to early primary states, written a memoir, and created and formed the Opportunity First PAC to help build the Democratic bench. During his book tour this fall, Castro told Rolling Stone that he is “likely” to run.

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Michelle Obama: “I Stopped Even Trying To Smile” At Trump Inauguration…

Mooch’s not-so-bold political statement.

Washington (CNN) – Former first lady Michelle Obama wrote that she was unable to put on a happy face and smile during President Donald Trump’s inauguration in her new book, according to ABC News.

“Someone from Barack’s administration might have said that the optics there were bad, that what the public saw didn’t reflect the President’s reality or ideals, but in this case, maybe it did,” Obama said in audio of the book. “Realizing it, I made my own optic adjustment. I stopped even trying to smile.”

In its interview with Obama, ABC News further quoted from her book, where the former first lady described her reaction to Trump’s defeat of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in stark terms.

“I will always wonder about what led so many, women in particular, to reject an exceptionally qualified female candidate and instead choose a misogynist as their president,” Obama wrote.

Oklahoma State Football Coach Mike Gundy Blames ‘Snowflakes’ For College Transfers

College level free agency.

Via Daily Mail:

Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy has blasted new college football transfer rules that allow student-athletes to transfer without permission from their current school.

Speaking on Monday, at a news conference in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Gundy, was asked for his views on the increased frequency of college athletes transferring schools thanks to new rules brought in by the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

The question came on the back of Oklahoma State sophomore safety Thabo Mwaniki’s tweet, Sunday, that he would be transferring out of the school.

Sporting his trademark mullet, Gundy blasted the attitude of young people today.

‘I think we live in a world where people are noncommittal,’ he said. ‘We allow liberalism to say, ‘Hey, I can really just do what I want and I don’t have to be really tough and fight through it.’

‘You see that with young people because it’s an option they’re given. We weren’t given that option when we were growing up. We were told what to do, we did it the right way, or you go figure it out on your own. In the world today, there’s a lot of entitlement.’

I’m a firm believer in the snowflake,’ he added.

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Man Banned From Disney World After Displaying Trump Sign On Splash Mountain

The mouse wasn’t happy.

Via Fox News:

A man who held up a political sign on a ride at Walt Disney World has been banned from the park for the second time.

Dion Cini shared a photo of himself on Splash Mountain with a large Trump 2020 banner along with a note from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office saying he would no longer be allowed on the property, Fox 35 reports.

“Trespassed from all of Walt Disney World properties to include, but not limited to, Theme Parks, Water Parks Resorts and Disney Springs. Conduct not welcome on WDW Property,” the note read.

Cini, who’s known to leave Trump banners and flags in various public locations — a practice he’s dubbed “Operation Flag Drop” on his Facebook page — also pulled a similar stunt in September at the “The Most Magical Place On Earth,” when he was banned for waving a Trump 2020 banner over the Main Street Train Station. The park allowed him to come back after the incident.

According to Disney World’s website, Cini was partaking in one of the park’s “prohibited activities,” which includes “unauthorized events, demonstrations or speeches, or the usage of any flag, banner or sign for commercial purposes, or to incite a crowd.”

A spokesperson for Disney World confirmed Cini’s ban has “has nothing to do with politics or content of the banner.”

“Walt Disney World welcomes all Guests to enjoy our parks; however, demonstrations and the display of signs and banners is not permitted on the premises. We have previously reminded this guest about our rules,” the spokesperson told Fox News.

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‘I’m Going To Get You Out:’ Good Samaritan Recounts Saving Pilot From Crashed Plane In South Carolina


The Myrtle Beach Fire Department responded after a two-person plane crashed into the ocean near Springmaid Pier, according to Lt. Jonathan Evans with Myrtle Beach Fire.

Only one person was inside the plane at the time of the crash, Evans said. Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue Chief Tom Gwyer said a good Samaritan pulled the pilot out of the plane and brought the person to shore.

That Good Samaritan spoke with WMBF News about the incident.

21-year-old Brady didn’t want to reveal his last name or show his face because he didn’t want the attention on himself.

He says he was walking along the beach, watching planes go by as he does frequently since he’s an aviation fan trying to get his pilots’ license.

Brady was on the phone with his brother as the plane crashed into the ocean. He then called 911.

“After I got off the phone with 911, I just went into the water and started to go and swim towards it,” Brady said.

By the time Brady got to the plane, the water was just above his head.

“I was just like, ‘Hey man, don’t worry. You’re going to be all right sir,’ and stuff like that,” Brady said. “‘I’m going to get you out.’”

Brady then brought the pilot to shore with the help of another Good Samaritan: a hotel employee. Brady says he helped significantly.

“He did all that he could’ve done. So I’m thankful he was there, because it would’ve been extra hard for me to get him on land without him there,” Brady said.

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Palm Beach County Ballot Counting Machines ‘Break Down,’ Setting Them Back Day And A Half

Just a coincidence.

Via Twitchy:

We’ve had plenty of news to report from Palm Beach County; most recently, that a judge had ordered a five-day extension of the county’s deadline to tally the votes in its current recount after Palm Beach County SOE Susan Bucher declared it “impossible” to complete the recount by the Thursday deadline (although that’s apparently now gone to federal court).

Now we’re hearing that after a day and a half of tallying votes, the ballot counting machines have broken down.

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Trump Names Neomi Rao To Succeed Kavanaugh In D.C. Circuit

Looks like a good conservative choice.

Via Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump will nominate Neomi Rao, administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), for a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

Speaking at the White House’s Diwali celebration Tuesday, the president said he was slated to make the announcement on Wednesday, but was so delighted by the event he spontaneously decided to reveal Rao’s pending nomination. Diwali is a Hindu religious festival and Rao is Indian-American.

“I just nominated Neomi to be on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, the seat of Justice Brett Kavanaugh,” Trump said. “We were going to announce that tomorrow, then I said, ‘You know, here we are, Neomi, we’re never going to do better than this right?’”

“Thank you very much, Mr. President, for the confidence you’ve shown in me,” Rao replied. “I greatly appreciate it.”

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