Thoughts And Prayers For Weasel Zippers Friend: Rides A Pale Horse

I have sad news. Rides A Pale Horse passed away Sunday. Rides A Pale Horse will be buried with military honors at Fort Logan. I don’t have the date yet.

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Walls Close In On Sen. Bob Menendez, Could Be Unseated By GOP Challenger

Every Senate seat that can be held or picked up by the GOP is going to be vitally important going forward. And this one is a surprise that a Republican may have a real shot in blue New Jersey. Call anyone you know in New Jersey and start lobbying them early.

Via Daily Wire:

New Jersey’s Democratic Senator, Bob Menendez, who walked away from a corruption indictment on a mistrial, may not be re-elected. According to a recent poll, the senator’s chances at keeping his seat in the upcoming mid-term have disintegrated.

As a two-term senator and former congressman, Menendez had put himself on track to become a major D.C. insider — that was, until he was tried on 18 counts of corruption last year.

The DW’s Hank Berrien reported further details:

Menendez took gifts from Salomon Melgen, a Florida eye doctor, such as a luxury hotel stay, private jet flights, and campaign donations. They charged that Menendez, in turn, attempted to help Melgen get U.S. visas for his girlfriends, including Brazilian actress and porn pinup star Juliana Lopes Leite, aided him in his $8.9 million billing feud with Medicare, and helped Melgen with a port security contract in the Dominican Republic. Last spring, Melgen was convicted on 67 counts of massive Medicare fraud totaling $90 million.​

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Watch: CBS Reporter Accidentally Witnesses Illegal Border Crossing, Gets Threatened

And this goes on every day, multiple times a day all across the southern border.

Via Daily Wire:

Last week, CBS reporter David Begnaud posted a video online of his tense encounter with a human trafficker at the southern border as he witnessed two migrants guided across the Rio Grande “in broad daylight” just a few hundred yards from a border checkpoint.

Begnaud — whom John Sexton notes is the same reporter who debunked the false claims about the iconic “crying girl” photograph — went down to the border at Roma, Texas for a story about plans to survey the land for a future security fence. Stationed at a “lookout point” near a U.S. Customs checkpoint, Begnaud and his producer drove over the international bridge to the Mexican side of the river, leaving the camera crew on the American side.

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One Of Trump’s Secret Service Agents Died After Suffering Stroke In Scotland

So sad.

Via Daily Caller:

A member of President Donald Trump’s secret service detail died Tuesday after suffering a stroke in Scotland.

A U.S. Secret Service special agent “suffered a cerebrovascular accident in Scotland, U.K. where he was traveling in support of Presidential Protection,” an official statement revealed Monday, adding that the agent was receiving “much needed critical care.”

The agent fell ill Sunday during the president’s visit to Turnberry golf resort in Ayrshire. The agent, described by the Secret Service as a “dedicated professional of the highest order,” died Tuesday with his family, the BBC reports, citing U.S. officials. He reportedly served the Secret Service for 19 years.

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San Francisco Begins Registering Illegal Aliens To Vote

Oh, that’ll go over well.

Via Daily Wire:

The Department of Elections in San Francisco on Monday issued voter registration for illegal aliens to allow them to vote for members of the city’s Board of Education in the Nov. 6 election.

Becoming California’s first city to allow non-American citizens to vote in local elections, Supervisor Norman Yee said, “We want to give immigrants the right to vote.”

[For the record, “immigrants” are people who come to America through the legal process, while “illegal aliens” sneak into the country.]

In order to vote, the illegal aliens must live in the city, be at least 18 years old and be the “parents, legal guardians or caregivers of children under the age of 19 who also reside in San Francisco,” ABC-7 reported.

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Feds Reveal Suspected Serial Rapist In California Is Illegal Alien

Sanctuary state, except there’s no sanctuary for the victims.

Via Daily Wire:

Federal officials revealed on Tuesday that a suspected serial rapist in Northern California that posed as a ride-share driver is an illegal alien.

Orlando Vilchez Lazo, 36, is a Peruvian national and is illegally in the United States, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Fox News reports:

Vilchez Lazo has been dubbed the “ride-share rapist,” because he would allegedly drive his car around clubs in the city and pose as a driver. The New York Times, citing authorities, reported that he even had a sticker on his car to indicate he was working for a company.

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GOP Rep: Lisa Page Contradicted Peter Strzok’s Testimony

Via Daily Caller:

Republican Rep. John Ratcliffe claimed on Monday that FBI lawyer Lisa Page contradicted many parts of testimony from her colleague and lover Peter Strzok.

Page testified for two days behind closed doors about her influence on the FBI’s investigations into Russia and Hillary Clinton’s emails less than one week after Strzok.

Strozk denied that texts he exchanged with Page — particularly one promising they would “stop” Trump from becoming president — were indicative of bias that affected the investigations. However, Ratcliffe alleged that Page contradicted Strzok in her testimony and even admitted that the texts “mean exactly what they say.”

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Obama: We Are Going To Have To Consider A Universal Income


Obama After Trump Imposed Tariffs On China: The U.S. Is Right To Insist On Fair Trade With China…

Don’t take it from us.

Former Clinton State Dept. Official: Putin “Is Losing The Policy Battle” To President Trump…

Man Uses AR-15 To End Multi-County Crime Spree In Oklahoma

A good guy with an AR…

Via Bearing Arms:

The AR-15 is the most vilified gun in America. Gun control zealots continue to maintain that there are no legitimate, peaceful uses for these firearms in civilian hands. They claim that the only purpose of such weapons is to slaughter the innocent or similar such nonsense.

However, they’re valuable personal defense weapons that can end threats a handgun just can’t. Take, for example, what recently transpired in Oklahoma.

A retired officer from Alabama was the person who shot a man Douglas County deputies said was pointing a gun and firing at random people on a multi-county crime spree, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by 9NEWS.

The retired officer said when he went to speak with [Austin] Benson, the man told him “to get him water and that the law was after him.” According to the affidavit, Benson had a rifle in his left hand at the time and was pointing it at the retired officer.

The affidavit said the retired officer went into his camper and gave his wife a handgun, telling her to take cover. He then took an AR-15 out of the camper and went outside, ordering Benson to drop his gun, according to the affidavit.

Benson, however, started to drive away and began shooting at the retired officer and his camper. This prompted the officer to return fire. According to the affidavit, Benson crashed into a tree.

When the retired officer thought he had fired all of the ammunition in his AR-15, he told deputies he set it in the bed of his truck and took out a second AR-15. According to the affidavit, the retired officer told deputies that he fired one more shot to see if Benson would react since he didn’t see any movement in his car.

In the process, the retired officer ended Benson’s crime spree.

Benson had been involved in a carjacking earlier that day and had opened fire on numerous vehicles, though he didn’t injure anyone, thankfully. However, it does illustrate that Benson had little regard for human life and was more than willing to pull the trigger.

Unfortunately for him, he finally crossed someone who was armed and willing to shoot back.

Benson was shot in the arm and face but wasn’t killed. He now faces a slew of charges for attempted first-degree murder (6 counts) and a count of attempted aggravated robbery.

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Hot New Palestinian Weapons Tech: Explosives-Laden Birds…

ICE Takes Aim At San Francisco Sanctuary City Law In ‘Rideshare Rapist’ Case

For San Francisco it is all about feelings.

Via SF Gate:

U.S. immigration officials took aim at San Francisco’s sanctuary city law Monday in the case of the San Mateo man accused of being the “Rideshare Rapist.”

In a statement, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency said the city’s policy of not honoring ICE holds “shields criminal aliens who prey on the community.”

The suspect, Orlando Vilchez Lazo, 36, is being held in jail in San Francisco in lieu of $4.2 million bail and faces life in prison in connection with the rapes of four women who got into his car believing him to be a ride-hail driver, police said.

Immigration officials said Lazo was a “citizen of Peru illegally present in the U.S.” and that it had “lodged a detainer,” or hold, for Lazo on Friday with the San Francisco County Jail.

“ICE maintains that cooperation by local law enforcement is an indispensable component of promoting public safety,” the ICE statement said. “The San Francisco jail does not honor ICE detainers nor notify ICE about the impending release of aliens in its custody. In doing so, the jail not only provides a refuge for illegal aliens, but it also shields criminal aliens who prey on people in the community.”

The ICE statement referred to the San Francisco sanctuary and due-process ordinances that generally prohibit city employees from assisting ICE agents, limit notice to ICE about a person’s release from jail and prohibit cooperation with ICE holds.

San Francisco immigration officials, in a statement from the Office of Civic Engagement and Immigrant Affairs, said that the sanctuary ordinance “promotes public trust and cooperation … by making sure that all residents, regardless of immigration status, feel comfortable calling the police and fire departments during emergencies and cooperating with city agencies.”

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Democratic Governors Campaign As Last Line Of Defense On Abortion

It’s for the children.

Via Politico:

The Supreme Court confirmation fight brewing in Washington has made abortion a front-burner issue in governor’s races around the country, as Democrats warn that Republicans could try to ban the practice in their states if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

The possibility that the Supreme Court will leave it to the states to legislate the legality of abortion has prompted a flurry of advertisements and campaign pronouncements from Democrats — and muted responses from many Republicans, who have generally praised Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh without getting into specifics about how he might affect abortion rights.

“This issue has been at the forefront of my campaign because down the road I see that it is not only possible but probable that Roe v. Wade would be overturned,” said former Rep. Gwen Graham, a Democratic candidate for governor in Florida.

Democrats in at least a half-dozen other competitive gubernatorial races are making the same case. The moves over the past week to seize on the Supreme Court vacancy show how thoroughly President Donald Trump’s performance and hot-button national issues are driving the debate in the midterms — even in state-level contests.

Graham has been touting her support from NARAL Pro-Choice America, the abortion rights group, in the past week, while primary rival Andrew Gillum has been strategizing about how to protect abortion as governor if Roe is overturned. In Nevada, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Steve Sisolak held an event with the state Democratic Party and NARAL where he pledged to protect abortion rights in Nevada. And in Michigan, Democrat Abdul el-Sayed noted that the state still has a pre-Roe law banning abortion and said that the next governor needs to “drive forward to take that law off the books.”

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Barack Obama Complains He Has Too Much Money

Poor guy.

The Audacity Of Nope: Obama Chastises Political Leaders Who Reject Concept Of ‘Objective Truth’

From the man who lied as much as he breathed.

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Media Fails Again, Makes Up Story About Russian Spy In Oval Office, Hilarity Ensues

Here’s a lot of funny responses to this.

Via Daily Wire:

On Tuesday, Mic senior political reporter Emily Singer made waves on Twitter by tweeting out a photo from the Oval Office, originally released by The New York Times. She explained that the photo showed now-indicted Russian spy Marina Butina in the Oval Office alongside several Russians including foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, as well as President Trump.

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‘Fox And Friends’ Host Implores Trump To Reverse Course After Putin Press Conference

Via Daily Caller:

“Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade implored President Donald Trump to reverse course after appearing to accept Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claim that he did not interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

“From the day you came down the escalator, you shocked the world. From November, when everyone had you losing, you shocked the world. It wasn’t because of Russia, but Russia’s goal was to upend our electoral process,” Kilmeade said. “They hate democracy.”

“I will say this to the president — when Newt Gingrich, when General Jack Keane, when Matt Schlapp say the president fell short and made our intelligence apparatus look bad, I think it’s time to pay attention. And it’s easily correctable from the president’s perspective,” Kilmeade said.

“Fox & Friends” host Abby Huntsman, who is also the daughter of the U.S. Ambassador to Russia, also noted to Trump, “You are standing next to Vladimir Putin whose ultimate goal in life is to undermine our democracy. It was that one moment that had you to stand up for your own country — to stand up for your intelligence community.”

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Debt-Free RNC Hits 200 Million In Fundraising, 400% More Cash Than Dems

Now everyone just has to crash the boards and come out and vote in November.

Via Daily Caller:

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has crushed the $200 million mark in fundraising for the midterm election cycle, with $47 million in cash on hand, more than five times that of the Democrats’ $9 million, CNN reports on Tuesday.

An RNC official says it’s the quickest the party has reached that milestone during a non-presidential election. The committee’s $13.9 in fundraising during the month of June was also a record high for a midterm cycle.

Chaired by Ronna McDaniel, the RNC scooped in nearly $15 million during the month of May, another peak figure, the Washington Examiner reports.

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Iran’s Supreme Leader Celebrates Birthday With Calls For Genocide…

Via Algemeiner:

Visitors to the Twitter feed of Iran’s “supreme leader”on Monday were treated to the incongruous sight of multicolored balloons floating above a series of incendiary anti-Israel tweets.

The celebratory mood on what is normally a rather somber feed marks Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s 79th birthday — which falls on Tuesday, July 17, in the Gregorian calendar.

But as the last balloon disappeared from the screen, so did the jollity — leaving only a thread of threatening messages warning of the Jewish state’s coming destruction.

Denouncing US President Donald Trump’s “deal of the century” proposal for an Israeli-Palestinian peace as a “satanic, vicious plot,” Khamenei declared, “The turbulent dream that Al-Quds [Jerusalem] would be given to the Zionists will never come true.”

He continued: “The Palestinian nation will stand against it and Muslim nations will back the Palestinian nation, never letting that happen.”

As to his ultimate intentions towards Israel, Khamenei left little to the imagination in a further tweet.

“By God’s grace, the Palestinian nation will certainly gain victory over the enemies and will witness the day when the fabricated Zionist regime will be eradicated,” he vowed.