You Can Stand Up’: Irish Man, 83, Fights Off Would-Be Betting Shop Robbers


What would you do if you were minding your own business, sitting in a shop, and three masked robbers burst in and one shoved what appeared to be a shotgun in your face?

Well, if you were an 83-year-old man in Ireland last weekend, you would stand up and fight.

The man, a grandfather named Denis O’Connor according to The Irish Sun, was caught on camera doing his part to thwart the robbery of a betting shop on Saturday outside Cork.

When the three stormed the shop, one of them pointed an apparent shotgun at the older man, who stood up from his chair while two other men ducked under a table.

When the man with the gun turned his attention on the other men, the older man went to the aid of the shop employee, who was fighting off two other attackers who had hammers.

He scared one of the hammer-wielding robbers off, and then chased the man with the shotgun out of the store as well, grabbing a chair and charging at him.

As the remaining thief began to run out, the 83-year-old charged and kicked at him as well.

The shop manager, Tim Murphy, told a local radio station that he heard O’Connor shout, “You’re cowards, you’re total cowards,” at the men.

“I just didn’t think about what I was doing,” O’Connor told The Irish Sun. “Sometimes you can just sit down and do nothing or you can stand up to people like these and that’s what I did.”

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Christine Blasey Ford Refuses To Come To Monday Hearing, Says FBI Must Conduct Full Investigation First

This tells you everything you need to know. Why would she need to wait for the FBI to tell the Committee what happened? The only reason is the political delay helps the Democrats. Have to give it to Lindsay Graham and Trump who said have her testify, they called her bluff. Way to call this bluff? Ask her to give a statement under oath to the FBI immediately. And call for a vote on Monday when she fails to do that.

Via Twitchy:

As Twitchy reported earlier Tuesday, the lawyer representing Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford didn’t seem to be in any rush to respond to an offer of a phone call with the Senate Judiciary Committee like the one Kavanaugh had.

In the interim, Chairman Chuck Grassley announced that his staff had already begun conducting interviews ahead of Monday’s scheduled public hearing at which Ford was supposed to testify. However, the latest word is that Ford won’t testify until the FBI investigates her allegations.

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Mark Judge Re-Affirms That Kavanaugh Never Did Any Such Thing, Doesn’t Want

Not surprising that he doesn’t want to be pulled into the maelstrom and attacked. Leftists have already been going through everything he ever wrote to try to attack him and Brett Kavanaugh. And so far he hasn’t been invited to testify. But his letter does leave open the possibility that he might be amenable to testifying privately or providing an affidavit.

‘Bert’ Creator On Bert And Ernie: No, They’re Not Gay. Leftists: You Bigot!

They’re puppets.

Via Daily Wire:

After former “Sesame Street” writer Mark Saltzman’s reveal that famed puppet duo Bert and Ernie are gay, 80’s icon Frank Oz, who created Bert, has come forward to set the record straight (pun intended).

“I created Bert,” says Frank Oz. “I know what and who he is.” And that isn’t gay.

Oz was responding to statements made by Saltzman recently to the outlet Queerty, in which he said that Bert and Ernie were gay and that he even drew inspiration from his own same-sex relationship with film editor Arnold Glassman.

“I remember one time a preschooler [in San Francisco] turned to her mum and asked, ‘are Bert and Ernie lovers?’ and that, coming from a preschooler, was fun,” Saltzman told Queerty. “That got passed around, and everyone had their chuckle and went back to it.

“And I always felt that without a huge agenda, when I was writing Bert and Ernie, they were,” he continued. “I didn’t have any other way to contextualize them.”

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Maduro Increases Minimum Salary By 3500%, Causing 40% Of Stores To Close, Yet He Enjoys $275 Steaks

Paging Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez…

Via Daily Wire:

As the poor get poorer in the socialist paradise of Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro is enjoying himself with $275 steaks even as he imposed a minimum salary increase of 3,500%, reports El Nuevo Herald based on findings from the National Council of Commerce and Services of Venezuela.

The salary increase has caused nearly 40% of all Venezuela stores to close. Store owners say Maduro’s salary increase is just one of many cuts that have contributed to their demise. Not only are the businesses selling items below cost, but they are also paying people unaffordable wages.

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Dem Senator Hirono: SCOTUS Seat Could Stay Vacant for Two Years

And this is why they’re trying to delay.

Via Free Beacon:

Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono (D.) said Democrats could keep the open seat on the Supreme Court vacant until after the 2020 election if Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination collapses and Democrats regain control of the Senate in November.

Hirono pointed to the long vacancy of Antonin Scalia’s former seat as a justification for holding off on confirming any nominee from President Donald Trump. When Barack Obama was president and Republicans held the Senate, Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did not hold a vote on Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland, and Hirono said Democrats could do the same if they had the Senate.

“I think we’ve had those kinds of vacancies before, and we certainly had over a one-year vacancy with Merrick Garland,” Hirono told Politico Magazine. “So the world does not come to an end because we don’t fill all of the nominees.”

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Bush Reaffirms Support For Kavanaugh

Says something about him that he has so much support.

Via Politico:

Former President George W. Bush is standing by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, a former top White House aide whose confirmation to the high court has been thrown into doubt amid sexual assault allegations.

Bush told POLITICO in a statement on Tuesday: “Laura and I have known and respected Brett Kavanaugh for decades, and we stand by our comments the night Judge Kavanaugh was nominated.”

The former president had previously said of Kavanaugh: “He is a fine husband, father, and friend – and a man of the highest integrity. He will make a superb Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.”

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Oh My: Dianne Feinstein Says ‘Can’t Say’ That Everything Kavanaugh Accuser Says Is True

Wait, what?

After all this? The “we’re supposed to believe every woman” crew is going to crucify DiFi.

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Deep State Unmasked: State Dept on Hidden Cam “Resist Everything,” “I Have Nothing To Lose”

Courtesy of Project Veritas:

Video: Nancy Pelosi Smirks As Dem Activist Jokes About Pushing Trump “Over The Edge”…

Kim Jong-Un Hugs The South Korean President As He Welcomes Him And His Wife To Pyongyang For Their Third Summit This Year

Kim is shooting for a Nobel peace prize.

Via Daily Mail:

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has embraced Kim Jong Un as the two leaders met for their third summit this year.

Hundreds of people in colourful dress and waving unification flags lined the tarmac at Pyongyang international airport where Kim supervised missile launches last year as tensions mounted.

Moon is seeking to reboot stalled denuclearisation talks between North Korea and the United States.

The two leaders hugged on the tarmac after Moon disembarked from his Boeing 747 aircraft, which displayed the South’s own emblem as it landed on Tuesday.

After the pair embraced, they travelled from the airport by car. Welcoming President Moon and his wife to his country, Kim said: ‘We hope you feel at home. We can talk more in the afternoon.’

‘Let’s open an era of peace and prosperity with the solidarity of one people,’ read a hoarding displayed outside the terminal.

Moon’s plane had taken off from the military’s Seoul Air Base for the 80-minute flight to the North Korean capital, with the president and his wife smiling and waving to well-wishers before boarding.

Moon – whose own parents fled the North during the 1950-53 Korean War – is on a three-day trip, following in the footsteps of his predecessors Kim Dae-jung in 2000 and mentor Roh Moo-hyun in 2007.[…]

Moon will be accompanied by several business tycoons – including Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong and the vice chairman of Hyundai Motor – and is scheduled to visit key sites in Pyongyang with his delegation.

He has been pushing inter-Korean economic cooperation but several South Korean newspapers urged caution Monday, with the Korea Herald calling the businessmen’s presence on the trip ‘untimely.’

‘It is better to postpone economic projects involving the North until after negotiations to remove its nuclear program make substantial progress,’ it said in an editorial.

And investment in the North was ‘fraught with risks and uncertainty,’ it added.

But Moon’s office said the inclusion of the businessmen was ‘not special,’ given the heads of major conglomerates had been in Pyongyang for the previous inter-Korean summits in the city.

Other issues on Moon’s agenda include improving inter-Korean ties and easing military tensions on the peninsula.

Seoul said that could lay the groundwork for a formal declaration on the Korean War, when hostilities ended in an armistice rather than a peace treaty – implying that such an announcement was unlikely during the trip.

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PETA Demands The University Of Nebraska At Lincoln To Ban Football Game Balloons

The balloons could also cause havoc with wind turbines.

Via Campus Reform:

Vegan advocacy nonprofit People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is demanding that the University of Nebraska at Lincoln part ways with its longstanding tradition of releasing party balloons at university football games.

PETA started an online petition to ban the balloons, alleging that they are “an environmental hazard and can travel vast distances before finally bursting and falling to the ground or into bodies of water.” The school has released thousands of balloons after its first touchdown at home football games, for the past 50 years.

“Animals then mistake the [balloon] fragments for food and consume them, which can result in choking and, sometimes, suffocation,” PETA claims. “Land animals have starved to death after their intestines {sic} blocked with balloon fragments. Wild birds have been found with balloon latex binding their necks, beaks, and legs.”

PETA asserts that it has “repeatedly contacted University of Nebraska officials to ask them to consider alternative game-day traditions but to no avail.”

An Omaha, Neb. man filed a lawsuit against the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in 2016, claiming that the balloons threatened children and wildlife, but a judge dismissed the federal suit because the school’s board of regents, the defendant party, is a state agency. According to the 11th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, “the judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by citizens of another state, or by citizens or subjects of any foreign state.”

“They refuse to forgo this dangerous tradition, claiming that their balloons are ‘biodegradable’ and have cotton strings,” PETA says. “However, studies make it clear that even biodegradable latex balloons can take as long as four years to break down and that cotton strings can take months and pose a severe risk to wild animals, who can become entangled in them, in the interim. Each balloon release is tantamount to littering thousands of pieces of hazardous trash per week.”

“As a regular attendee to the football games, I really enjoy the balloon release tradition, and I do not think it should be changed,” UN-Lincoln student Andrew Moritz told Campus Reform.

“I, too, had concerns about the environmental impact, but the University claims that they are biodegradable and not an environmental hazard. [There needs to be] some evidence that the balloons released at Nebraska football games are having a negative impact on the surrounding environment.”

Moritz concedes that in fact if “research shows that there is indeed a negative impact, I would not be opposed to finding another way to celebrate that does not pose a risk to the environment.”

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Photo Of Oklahoma Students Wearing Orange Shirt In Detention Sparks Controversy

Preparation for the future if they don’t change their ways.


A controversial photo of middle school students serving detention has caused an Oklahoma school to stop the disciplinary action.

The photo features students in Ardmore Middle School wearing orange shirts and cleaning a window.

“It looks like they’re in jail,” Raymond Goldstein told KXII. “They’re not criminals and they shouldn’t be treated like criminals. They shouldn’t have in their heads, their little brains, thinking that’s the way they were treated.”

Some say they don’t see a problem with the punishment.

“I think it’s great,” H. A. Pruitt said. “They’re helping clean up their surroundings or where they’re going to school.”

The photo has been shared hundreds of times and made its way to Superintendent Kim Holland, who said he learned about the disciplinary action last week after receiving a call from a parent.

“We just didn’t feel like it represented our kids well or our school,” Holland said. “It’s just something we wanted to stop immediately.”

The shirts, which were donated, have been removed from the school.

Holland says students who have to serve in-school detention will continue to serve it in a classroom.

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Trump Asks Supreme Court To Halt Release Of Internal Documents On Military Transgender Ban

Serving in the military is a privilege and not a right.

Via Washington Examiner:

President Trump is asking the Supreme Court to intervene and halt a federal court order that he turn over thousands of emails and internal documents related to his decision last year to ban transgender people from military service.

The court published the appeal on its docket Monday and could decide to weigh in on whether the White House communications should remain confidential or be made available to transgender plaintiffs who are suing Trump and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis in a Washington state district court.

The federal Karnoski v. Trump lawsuit has focused on Trump’s claim in July 2017 that he consulted with “my Generals and military experts” in a series of tweets announcing he would prohibit service by transgender people in any capacity.

Last month, the Washington district court sided with the plaintiffs, including active-duty troops and a prospective transgender recruit, and ordered the Trump administration to turn over emails and other internal correspondence that could shed light on what White House deliberations actually occurred over a new Pentagon transgender policy.

“That order requires the executive branch, including the president himself, to produce a detailed privilege log of thousands of documents withheld under the presidential communications privilege — and to do so in a manner that reveals information that is itself privileged,” according to the Supreme Court appeal filed by the Justice Department.

The administration is asking the Supreme Court to overturn the lower court’s decision to make the documents available to the plaintiffs during pretrial discovery. The Karnoski case is not expected to go to trial until mid-2019.

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Viva Trump!’ Friendly Crowd Celebrates Hispanic Heritage At White House

Another media narrative proven false.

Via Washington Examiner:

A supportive crowd celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month at the White House on Monday, with invited attendees shouting “viva Trump!” and chanting “four more years!”

“We’re out there fighting for you, that I’ll tell you,” President Trump said during the intimate East Room event.

“What a lot of spirit, but I know that about you,” Trump told the enthusiastic crowd. “I know that. I know all about your spirit. You’ve got great spirit.”

Trump boasted of low unemployment among Latinos and pledged to help Puerto Rico rebuild from last year’s hurricanes, calling to the podium the territory’s lieutenant governor, Luis Rivera Marín.

“We are blessed because you’re our president!” Vietnam War veteran Daniel Cortez, who sang the national anthem, shouted at Trump.

“I propose we have an American heritage month,” said Cuban-American restaurant owner Irina Vilariño, one of the guests asked to speak.

“We’ll need it,” Trump said.

Trump appeared at ease and joked frequently, complementing his own Spanish pronunciations. He did not address an ongoing controversy involving an alleged sexual assault attempt by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh while he was in high school.

Trump highlighted prominent Hispanic members of his administration, including Labor Secretary Alex Acosta and U.S. Treasurer Jovita Carranza, telling the little-known Carranza “that’s a very big position.”

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Classrooms Nearly Empty As School Starts In Socialist Venezuela

The people can’t afford the school supplies and clothes.

CAUCAGUA, Venezuela (Reuters) – Venezuela’s school year began on Monday with few students arriving in classrooms amid a crippling economic crisis that has left many families unable to afford supplies or provide their children with enough food to focus on schoolwork.

The OPEC nation is collapsing under low oil prices and an unraveling socialist economic system, leaving millions struggling to eat and hundreds of thousands streaming into neighboring countries in search of better conditions.

Though classes often take several weeks to get into full swing, teachers said the absenteeism was significantly more notable this year.

In the poor, rural town of Caucagua about 75 kilometers (47 miles) from Caracas, only three students had arrived at the Miguel Acevedo Educational Unit, a public elementary school that has 65 students registered, according to principal Nereida Veliz.

School performance “is quite low because children are not coming to class” said Veliz in the small schoolhouse where the power is out and running water only works three days a week. Students generally come to receive state-sponsored meals.

“They do not eat at home, they eat here,” she said.

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Soros-Backed Activists Paying Cash To Kavanaugh Protesters Before Arrests, Have More Protests Planned

Busted on a phone call.

Via Daily Caller:

Left-wing groups funded by George Soros and other major Democratic donors hand out cash to protesters arrested for disrupting Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, the activists revealed Monday night.

A coalition of activist organizations including Women’s March, the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) and Housing Works have scheduled the near-constant disruptions at the Kavanaugh hearings as part of an organized effort to derail the confirmation process in a series of meetings since he was first nominated.

The cash from the donor-funded groups goes toward the protesters’ post-and-forfeit payments — a small cash sum paid to resolve low-level misdemeanor crimes and avoid jail time.

Those are just some of the details representatives from the three groups revealed in a Monday night conference call planning their next two anti-Kavanaugh protests, one on Thursday and one next Monday.

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CNN’s Cooper Explodes Over Memes About Him, Lies During Fact-Check

Anderson Cooper has a complete meltdown.

Via Daily Wire:

CNN’s Anderson Cooper became enraged on Monday over pictures and memes of him that had been spread over the weekend on social media that showed him in flood waters, which many falsely assumed was from Hurricane Florence.

The images were from ten years ago when Hurricane Ike hit the Southern United States and Cooper was reporting from Texas.

Cooper used the fact-check segment to lie about Donald Trump Jr. after the president’s son had tweeted out a picture from the 2008 broadcast.

“Donny Jr. was claiming it showed me in Florence faking the depths of flood waters in order to somehow harm his father,” Cooper said. “And I quote from his tweet ‘stop lying to try to make @realDonaldTrump look bad.'”

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Global Climate Action Summit Attendees ‘Choked’ San Francisco Airport With Their Carbon-Spewing Private Jets

It isn’t about what they do, silly. It’s about dictating to you.

Via Daily Wire:

A bevy of hotshot activists, celebrity environmentalists, and high-profile political leaders descended on San Francisco last week for the first annual Global Climate Action Summit. But, it seems, not all of them were committed enough to the cause of preventing global warming to use a carbon-friendly means of travel.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that private jet traffic was up significantly at San Francisco’s airports last week, largely because of environmentalist bigwigs jetting into town to meet about how to discuss curbing carbon emissions.

Airport officials claim traffic was up 30% on the private runways at San Francisco International Airport, and that corporate jets “filled the landing area’s parking slots” and choked up air traffic.

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Kavanaugh Accuser Has Not Yet Accepted Invitation To Testify Before Congress

Kavanaugh stands ready, why the delay? Unless of course, the delay is the point.

Via Fox News:

Much has been made of Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s invitation to testify before an open hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee next week — but it’s not set in stone yet she will actually show.

Fox News is told that the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday night reached out to Ford’s lawyers to invite her to Monday’s open hearing to discuss her allegation of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, but she has not responded yet.

Ford, a California-based professor, revealed her identity over the weekend in a Washington Post report. She said that Kavanaugh, while in high school, pinned her down, tried to remove her bathing suit and put his hand over her mouth when she attempted to scream. Kavanaugh has denied the allegation.

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