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Overnight Open Thread: Tucker Destroys Schiff


Michael Flynn May Have To Testify In Order To Withdraw Guilty Plea

It remains to be seen if the judge will allow it.

Via Daily Caller:

A federal judge said Friday that former national security adviser Michael Flynn may have to testify under oath in order to withdraw from a plea deal he struck with the special counsel’s office.

Judge Emmet Sullivan ordered attorneys in the Flynn case to file legal briefs addressing the need for a hearing “where the parties would present all testimony and evidence concerning the issue of whether Mr. Flynn can show that there is good cause to set aside his guilty pleas.”

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This Is What Media Bias Looks Like, Starring George Stephanopoulos

Check the signal to cut off Trump’s attorney, likely because he’s making too much sense.


For Democrats, It’s All About Power


Lindsey Graham Says Republicans Will Question House Impeachment Democrats About Whistleblower Coordination

Yes. Put them under oath.

Via Washington Examiner:

Senate Republicans are planning to turn the tables on House Democrats presenting the impeachment case against President Trump.

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said Friday he and his GOP colleagues plan next week to ask Democratic House impeachment managers about the Ukraine whistleblower and coordination with the staff of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, a California Democrat who has led arguments on the Senate floor this week advocating Trump’s removal from office by two-thirds of the Senate.

“I think they’ve brought up a lot of a lot of issues [during the House impeachment investigation]. They put people forward to testify in their case. Did any of these witnesses that were presented to us, did they have any contact with the whistleblower? I don’t know? I’d like to ask,” Graham told the Washington Examiner. “I think some people may ask about is there a connection between the whistleblower and anybody on the manager’s staff? Yeah, that would be a good question to ask. I also think it’s very relevant who this person is.”

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NYPD Officer Charged With Murdering His Own Son…

If true, the most horrific thing I’ve heard this year so far..

Via NBC:

A veteran New York City police officer and his fiancée were arrested and charged in connection to the death of the man’s 8-year-old son, authorities said Friday.

Michael Valva, 40, and Angela Pollina, 42, who both lived in the Long Island community of Center Moriches, were charged with second-degree murder in the death of Thomas Valva, Suffolk County police said.

A police statement on Friday did not detail how the child died.

“The Suffolk County Medical Examiner is performing an autopsy,” according to police. “The investigation is continuing.”

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White House Takes Aim At California Law Forcing Insurers To Pay For Abortions…

Via NPR:

Just hours before President Trump addressed thousands of anti-abortion rights activists at the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., his administration has given its attendees reason to cheer.

The Office of Civil Rights, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services, announced Friday that it is taking action against California for requiring private insurers to cover abortions. The office says the requirement, implemented in 2014, violates federal conscience protections for health care providers that refuse to perform certain services on religious or moral grounds.

“Regardless of what one thinks about the legality of abortion, the American people have spoken with one voice to say that people should not be forced to participate, pay for or cover other people’s abortions,” office Director Roger Severino told reporters on a conference call ahead of the formal announcement.

“The Weldon amendment is very clear,” Severino added, referring to a federal measure that was passed by Congress more than a decade ago and repeatedly renewed as part of the department’s appropriations. “If states receive federal funds from HHS and other agencies, they cannot discriminate against health plans that decline to cover or pay for abortions — period, full stop.”

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Navy Investigating Video Posted To Porn Hub Showing Sailors Undressing…

Via NBC:

The Navy is investigating who secretly recorded dozens of videos of service members in a bathroom and then shared the videos with a pornographic website, according to two U.S. military officials.

An agent from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service discovered the videos on the website Porn Hub earlier this month. Several of the videos showed sailors and Marines in uniform with visible name patches. The clips also appear to include civilians, the officials said.

The officials believe the videos were taken through a peephole in a bathroom, and the individuals were not aware they were being taped. The footage shows people changing their clothes, but the officials were not aware of any sexual acts.

Some of the individuals in the videos were assigned to the USS Emory S. Land, a vessel that supplies submarines and is assigned to a port in Guam, the officials said, but they could not give a time frame for when the videos were recorded.

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London Begins Deploying Facial Recognition Cameras Across The City…

Via The Verge:

Live facial recognition cameras will be deployed across London, with the city’s Metropolitan Police announcing today that the technology has moved past the trial stage and is ready to be permanently integrated into everyday policing.

The cameras will be placed in locations popular with shoppers and tourists, like Stratford’s Westfield shopping center and the West End, reports BBC News. Each camera will scan for faces contained in “bespoke” watch lists, which the Met says will predominantly contain individuals “wanted for serious and violent offences.”

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Trump Becomes First President To Speak At March For Life: ‘Every Life Brings Love’

Amazing event.

Via Fox News:

President Trump on Friday became the first sitting president to address the annual March for Life rally in Washington, appealing to the anti-abortion movement with a call to protect the sanctity of life while accusing Democrats of becoming more “radical” on the issue.

The president, who for years was pro-choice, has since embraced a pro-life position and made clear on Friday that he plans to continue that agenda as he seeks reelection. Underscoring Trump’s stance, his administration hours earlier moved to challenge California over a rule that mandates insurance plans cover elective abortion.

“It is my profound honor to be the first president in history to attend the March for Life,” Trump told the crowd in Washington. “Unborn children have never had a stronger defender in the White House. … Every life brings love into this world. Every child brings joy to a family. Every person is worth protecting.”

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CDC Confirms Second Case Of U.S Corona Virus – Is Monitoring Dozens Of Other Potential Ones…

This is how every zombie movie starts….


U.S. officials began screening passengers flying from China at major international airports over the weekend. Health officials said Friday that they have screened more than 2,000 people across 200 flights and have not found any cases.

In China, some 33 million people are now under travel restrictions. Shanghai Disney at a time when theme park would normally be packed with tourists during Saturday’s Lunar New Year holiday.

Physicians have compared the outbreak to the 2003 outbreak of SARS, which had a short incubation period of two to seven days. U.S. officials said Friday that symptoms from the new virus, temporarily named 2019-nCoV, may take up to 14 days to appear. Neither U.S. patient had symptoms while they were flying, U.S. health officials said.

Former FDA Commissioner told CNBC on Friday the fast-spreading coronavirus outbreak is likely more contagious but less severe than the SARS epidemic, which rattled markets and slowed global economic growth.

“We probably will have some isolated outbreaks [of coronavirus in the U.S.], but that doesn’t mean it’ll translate to an epidemic,” Gottlieb told “Squawk Box.”

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Glenn Beck Reads Letter From Biden Campaign To Media Demanding They Only Report What Biden Wants About Hunter/Ukraine

And media will comply.

Via Twitchy:

When it comes to claims about what Joe Biden was caught on camera bragging about in 2015 in regards to getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired, the Democrat talking point word of the week is “debunked.” The Biden campaign has even taken it upon themselves to send a memo to media outlets telling reporters and editors what is and isn’t acceptable when it comes to covering the story. Glenn Beck is among those who have a copy.

The Biden campaign letter Beck reads here is a true piece of work. Watch for yourself and then decide what would be a more suitable replacement for the word “work” in the previous sentence:

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Sekulow Accuses Schiff Of Taking Hamilton Quote Out Of Context In Trump Impeachment Trial

What a surprise, Schiff, false and wrong again.

Via Fox News:

One of the lawyers on President Trump’s impeachment trial defense team, Jay Sekulow, charged that Democratic members of Congress were taking a quote from Alexander Hamilton out of context as they tried to lay out the standard for removing a president from office.

Speaking to reporters after the second day of Democrats’ opening arguments, Sekulow said Thursday that the Hamilton quote, which comes from a letter he sent to George Washington as Treasury secretary in 1792, primarily discussing the national debt, was “completely out of place.”

“Both Sen. [Chuck] Schumer and yesterday, as well, Congressman [Adam] Schiff, used this famous quote from Alexander Hamilton about impeachment,” Sekulow said. “It wasn’t about impeachment. It was a letter regarding policy disputes between Hamilton and Washington five years after the Constitution was adopted.”

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Chris Cuomo Snaps That Greta Thunberg Off-Limits Because She’s A Teen. Social Media Reminds Him Of A Certain Kentucky Teenager.

Completely lacking in self-awareness.

Via Daily Wire:

After Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin offered some free advice to teenage environmentalist Greta Thunberg, advising her to study economics in college so she understands more completely the catastrophic economic effect her chosen policies would engender, CNN anchor Christopher Cuomo, displaying not the slightest ounce of self-reflection, went on the attack, tweeting, “Why do these trumpers think it is ok to go at a kid?”

Cuomo’s network is the same network that bitterly attacked 16-year old Nicholas Sandmann after the March for Life in 2019; so bitterly, in fact, that the network had to reach a settlement after Sandmann sued them.

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Large Satellite Owned By DirecTV May Explode In Orbit…

Maybe if they didn’t send me a “come back to DirecTV” ad in the mail three times a week, every week for two years they’d have more money for satellites.


A large broadcast satellite — owned by AT&T’s DirecTV, built by Boeing and operated by Intelsat — suffered major damage to its batteries in December and is now at risk of exploding.

DirecTV disclosed the issue in a special request to the Federal Communications Commission this week, asking for permission to remove its Spaceway-1 satellite from orbit.

“Spaceway-1 suffered a major anomaly that resulted in significant and irreversible thermal damage to its batteries,” DirecTV said in the filing. “There is a significant risk that these battery cells could burst.”

The satellite is notably several years beyond its intended lifespan. Launched in 2005, Spaceway-1 is a Boeing 702-model satellite, a build that is typically expected to last 12 years.

“The battery malfunction occurred in the course of beyond-contract-life operation after a collection of events that have a very low likelihood of occurring on other satellites,” Boeing said in a statement to CNBC.

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New Jersey Woman Feared To Have Coronavirus Is Cleared…

So settle down NJ and NY you’re safe for now.

Via Pix 11:

EDGEWATER, NJ — The New Jersey Department of Health has confirmed that there is not a coronavirus case in the state, officials said Thursday.

“The NJ Department of Heath consulted with the CDC and it was determined patient did not meet CDC criteria for testing for the novel virus,” the State said in a statement.

The case was suspected when someone was taken to a New Jersey hospital. China’s National Health Commission has confirmed 830 cases of the new coronavirus with 25 deaths. A Washington man was recently diagnosed with the virus .

“The hospital, the Department of Health and local health officials are working together to gather additional information,” the Health Department said in a statement. “No definitive diagnosis has been made regarding the patient. As a precautionary measure, the hospital is following all appropriate infection control protocols.”

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Hillary Clinton Rips Bernie Sanders, Says ‘Nobody Likes Him,’ Accuses Him Of Running Sexist Campaign…




Overnight Open Thread: What The Heck Is Happening In Davos?


Love Is In The Air: Media Professes Their Love For Adam Schiff

Feeling that tingle up their legs…