WH Staffer Physically Pushes Biden Onto Field At Air Force Graduation Ceremony…


D.C. Public Library Holding “Children’s Pride Parade” For Those “0-18″…

Via Daily Wire:

The D.C. Public Library system will hold a “Children’s Pride Parade” on Saturday that will be open to ages “0-18,” according to a flier from the event.

The parade will be a “celebration of diversity and inclusion, particularly the diversity of gender and sexuality,” according to a flier from the library first obtained by The Daily Signal. The event is being hosted by the Georgetown, Palisades, and Tenley branches of the D.C. Public Library.

“The parade is for LGBTQ kids and families, signaling that their community supports them,” said media relations manager George Williams. “The event does not require registration, so we do not have an estimate of how many people will attend. The program will not include any speakers.”


CNBC: Increase In Unemployment Rate “MUCH Worse Than Expected” As Biden Economy Reels


Poll: 71% of Americans Say There Are Only 2 Genders…

Via Washington Examiner:

Not so fast, Bud Light, Target, and Disney.

A majority of voters, including Democrats, do not agree with “woke” influencers that there are more than two genders and that minors should have easy access to sexual identity modifications.

In a blow to the campaign pushed by the Biden administration and some in corporate America, the latest Rasmussen Reports survey said that a whopping 71% of likely voters believe that there are just two genders, male and female, not the salad of others highlighted during June’s Pride Month.


Biden Says He “Got Sandbagged” When He Fell On Stage…

I blame MAGA.


California School District Stands By Anti-Israel Curriculum…

Via Daily Caller:

Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) Superintendent Jerry Almendarez said Tuesday that the board would not be removing any “narrative” from its new ethnic studies curriculum, despite complaints of its anti-Israel rhetoric.

SAUSD approved two courses, “Ethnic Studies: World Geography” and “Ethnic Studies World Histories” in April, which have been criticized for promoting the idea that Israel is a “colonial empire” and guilty of the “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians. The SAUSD board held a regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday, and after giving out several end-of-the-year awards to faculty and students, Almendarez addressed concerns about the recently passed ethnic studies curriculum, according to recordings of the meeting on the district’s YouTube account. […]

Several public commenters thanked the board for sticking with the curriculum, with one saying that it was “historically accurate and morally correct.” Another commenter identified himself as a Ph.D. student at the University of California Davis, saying that Palestinians were “forced into exile” by Israel while accusing the board of being too “cowardly” to stand up to the Zionist movement if they decided to back down from the curriculum.

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Biden Does Face Plant After Speech At Air Force Academy…



Glamour Magazine Features “Pregnant Trans Man” On Cover…

Science note for Glamour: If a person can get pregnant, they’re not a man.


Biden Nonsensically Rambling In Speech To Air Force Academy Graduates…

Just another day for Joe.


University Program Linking Christians And Republicans To Nazis Granted DHS Funding By Biden Admin…

Via Fox News:

The Biden administration is doling out taxpayer money through an anti-terrorism grant initiative to a university program that has explicitly lumped the Republican Party, as well as Christian and conservative groups, into the same category as Nazis, according to documents shared exclusively with Fox News Digital.

The Media Research Center, a conservative watchdog group, obtained documents through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests showing a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) program meant to fight terrorism is funding a group whose work has explicitly targeted the American political right. The MRC outlined its findings in a report, arguing what the group found warrants criminal prosecution.

“This terrorism task force is engaged in an active effort to demonize and eliminate Christian, conservative, and Republican organizations using federal taxpayer dollars,” said Brent Bozell, founder and president of the Media Research Center. “What we have uncovered calls for criminal prosecution. The American people need to know those who are abusing their positions in the federal government will be held accountable for their criminal behavior.”


Lululemon Fires Employees For Confronting Thieves…



Pentagon Leaders Cancel Drag Show At Nevada Air Force Base After GOP Outrage….

Via NBC News:

Defense Department leaders have stepped in to stop a drag show scheduled for Thursday at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, according to two defense officials and a U.S. official.

The show, which was in celebration of Pride Month, was approved by Air Force leaders, but Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, told the Air Force it is not Pentagon policy to fund drag shows on bases and the show should be canceled or moved off base.

Drag shows and events on military bases have become a politically contentious issue in recent months, with conservative politicians and pundits arguing the military should not be spending taxpayer money on them.


Biden Struggles To Read From Script: “National Oceanic and Enviro— Oceanic Atmosphere And En—”…

Well said, Joe.


Biden Tells Reporters “You’re Not In The Real World”…

Yes, Joe Biden said that about someone else.


WTF Is Going On At Disneyland?…

No, not creepy at all.


CUNY Valedictorian Goes On Anti-American, Anti-Semitic Rant During Commencement Address…

Miserable bitch.


MSNBC Shocked: After 28 Months Of Joe Biden, “Things Are STILL Expensive Across The Board”…

Liberal policies are an abject failure, who knew?


Dem Rep. Jim Clyburn Says He Doesn’t Think We Should Have A Debt Ceiling Because He Did A Study On It

We’ll pass.


LGBT Group Threatens To Bomb Target Stores…

Via Newsweek:

Staff and customers at several Target locations were evacuated on Friday after bomb threats were made at select stores across the country as controversy continues to grow over the company’s LGBTQ+ merchandise.

CBS News affiliate WOIO in Cleveland, Ohio, received an email at 12:26 p.m. Friday warning of bombs that had been placed in five different Target locations near the city. According to a screenshot of the email, which was published by the outlet, the threat was made in response to Target’s decision to remove its LGBTQ+ pride collection from its shelves earlier this week.

“Target is full of…cowards who turned their back on the LGBT community and decided to cater to the homophobic right wing redneck bigots who protested and vandalized their store,” read the email. “We won’t stand idly by as the far right continues to hunt us down.”