That ‘White Nationalists Causing George Floyd Riot Chaos’ Talking Point Took Another Devastating Blow

If even the leftist SPLC can’t find it…

Via Townhall:

It was yet another night of rioting and looting. Granted, in some areas, the chaos was not nearly as bad as the previous night. Fox News’ Kevin Corke reported that while last night’s law enforcement response was not perfect, it wasn’t nearly as anarchic. That’s probably because every law enforcement agency and their mother were out to ensure the curfew was enforced. For Democrats out there struggling to figure out how to control their cities, a big police presence pretty much ensures law and order is re-established. Just saying. Yet, as the rioting intensified over the past couple of days, especially in Minneapolis, there was this ridiculous talking point that right-wing extremists, specifically white nationalist groups, were creating the chaos. That’s not true.

The reason why the nation is engulfed in flames right now is due to the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police. He was arrested for using a fake $20 bill at a local store. Officer Derek Chauvin knelt on the back of Floyd’s neck for nearly ten minutes, which resulted in his death. It was a nonviolent crime. Floyd was unarmed. And now Chauvin has been fired and facing third-degree murder and manslaughter charges. The three other officers with him were also fired. All of this is captured on video, with Floyd crying out that he couldn’t breathe.

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UFC Star Jon Jones Stops Rioters In Albuquerque

Imagine seeing this guy coming at you? They were wise to just give it up.

Via Daily Caller:

UFC star Jon Jones had zero tolerance for Sunday night rioters in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Jones posted an Instagram video early Monday morning of him stopping people with spray paint cans vandalizing the city. Riots and protests have spread across America in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.

“Why the f**k are you punk ass teenagers destroying our cities!?? As a young black man trust me I’m frustrated as well but this is not the way, we are starting to make a bad situation worse,” Jones wrote on the Instagram video. You can watch the whole thing below.

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NY: Arabic Gas Station Owner Defends His Store From Looters With AK-47…

Probably the coolest guy on the Internet today.


Biden Confused: “The Act Of Protesting Should Never Be Overshadowed By The Reason We’re Protesting”



President Trump: Law Will Be Fully Restored, “If Malice Or Violence Reigns, Then None Of Us Is Free”

Amen to that.


Pallets Of Bricks Showing Up At Protests/Riots Across The Country

Car of white leftists caught handing out bricks to black kids.

Via Daily Caller:

Kansas City police officers found bricks and rocks staged near protest sites around the city, stoking concerns that individuals or groups had pre-planned looting and destruction that hit the city over the weekend, the department said Sunday.

“We have learned of & discovered stashes of bricks and rocks in & around the Plaza and Westport to be used during a riot,” the department said in a tweet on Sunday.

As in most major cities across the United States, protesters gathered in Kansas City over the weekend over the police-involved death of George Floyd. The 46-year-old black man died May 25 after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for nearly 10 minutes during an arrest involving a non-violent incident, video showed.

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Via Fox 45:

BALTIMORE (WBFF)– According to sources mounds of bricks and bottles have been found in Downtown Baltimore.

Baltimore Police confirmed they are working with law enforcement partners to sweep the area.

There are several demonstrations planned for Monday evening. Sources FOX45, officers are being briefed on the situation during roll call.

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Trump Walks Across The Street To Give Support To Historic Church That Was Burned, Despite Rioters

Media reported some story about him being in a bunker, so just to prove that wrong and to lend support to the “presidents church across the street” he walked there in the open, after all the craziness from last night.

Via Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump walked out of the front of the White House and across the street Monday to St. John’s Church, which was set on fire by protesters Sunday night.

The move came just minutes after Trump gave a speech in the Rose Garden of the White House about the riots taking place across the country and about George Floyd’s death, who died while in police custody after an officer put his knee into the back of his neck for over five minutes while he was handcuffed and on the ground.

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Like Father, Like Son: Keith Ellison’s Son Declares His Support For Antifa

Combine that with de Blasio’s daughter and Ilhan Omar’s daughter. Real prizes.

Via Fox News:

The son of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison tweeted on Sunday that he is declaring his support for Antifa after President Trump said that his administration would be declaring it a “Terrorist Organization.”

Jeremiah Ellison, who is a member of the Minneapolis City Council, noted in the tweet that he believes “white power” terrorists are actually the ones engaging in the looting, arson and other riot activities as violent sects hijack some of the protests against racial inequality and police brutality in the wake of the death of George Floyd last Monday.

“I hereby declare, officially, my support for ANTIFA,” Ellison said. “Unless someone can prove to me ANTIFA is behind the burning of black and immigrant owned businesses in my ward, I’ll keep focusing on stopping the white power terrorist THE ARE ACTUALLY ATTACKING US!”

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Molotov Cocktail-tossing Lawyers Tried To Pass Out Firebombs To Protesters: Feds

Break these guys down and you’ll likely find a lot of connections.

Via NY Post:

The two attorneys busted for throwing a Molotov cocktail through a police car window during protests in Brooklyn early Saturday were trying to pass out the incendiary devices to demonstrators in the crowd, federal authorities said Monday.

Brooklyn community board member Colinford Mattis, 32, and his alleged accomplice, 31-year-old Urooj Rahman, were driving around in a tan minivan near a clash between police and demonstrators at the 88th Precinct stationhouse in Fort Greene, federal prosecutors for the Eastern District of New York said in a detention memo Monday.

A bystander snapped a photo of the pair in the car while they were allegedly trying to pass out the homemade explosive devices, according to the memo.

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BREAKING: Pres Trump Tells Govs “Solve The Rioting Or The Military Will Solve It For You”


Trump Calls Protesters ‘Terrorists’ And Urges Governors To Seek ‘Retribution’…

Lib meltdown in 3… 2… 1…

President Trump on Monday lashed out at governors for their response to the violence roiling the country, calling protesters “terrorists” calling for “retribution” and warning the governors they would look like “jerks” if they did not send them to “jail for long periods of time.”

Mr. Trump told the governors “you have to dominate,” and said if they failed to take a strong hand, the protesters were “going to run over you, you’re going to look like a bunch of jerks.” In blunt remarks rarely heard from an American president, he prodded the chief executives not to be “too careful.”

“Someone throwing a rock is like shooting a gun,” Mr. Trump told them. “You have to do retribution.”


Biden Says He Wants Cops Who Have Someone Running At Them With a Knife To ‘Shoot Them In The Leg’



Facebook Employees Pissed Because Zuckerberg Won’t Edit Trump Posts…

Via CNN:

Some Facebook employees plan to stage a virtual walkout on Monday to protest CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s decision not to take action on a series of controversial posts from President Donald Trump last week, a person familiar with the plans told CNN Business.

As part of the walkout, employees will take the day off work. Managers at Facebook have been told by the company’s human resources department not to retaliate against staff who are planning to protest, or to make them used paid time-off, the source told CNN.

The New York Times first reported the protest.

The walkout comes alongside a rare wave of public dissent from Facebook employees on Twitter. Jason Stirman, a design manager at Facebook, said he disagreed with Zuckerberg’s decision to do “nothing” about Trump’s recent posts. “I’m not alone inside of FB. There isn’t a neutral position on racism,” he wrote in a tweet on Saturday.

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U.K Makes It Illegal To Spend The Night At Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend’s House…

Via Yahoo UK:

Having sex in your own home with someone from a different household is illegal from today, after the government altered its coronavirus legislation.

At 11.30am on Monday, a change to the law was introduced that bans two people from different households in England gathering in an indoor, private place during the coronavirus lockdown.

The amendment to the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Bill states: “No person may participate in a gathering which takes place in a public or private place indoors, and consists of two or more persons.”

Previously, going to another person’s home to have sex would have been a breach of coronavirus lockdown restrictions, but now both parties could be prosecuted under the law. Having sex in public is already illegal.

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50 Secret Service Agents Injured In Fights With Rioters…

Via Daily Mail:

Chaos has continued to unfold in cities across America with more than 50 Secret Service agents injured in clashes with protesters in Washington DC, police charging into demonstrators in New York City and lootings continuing to unfold in major cities like California, Philadelphia and Boston.

Demonstrations from Washington DC to Los Angeles swelled from peaceful protests – sparked by the death of a black man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis police custody last Monday – into scenes of violence that drew National Guard troops in at least 15 states and Washington.

More than 4,100 people were arrested this weekend alone as the violence continued to escalate and cities enacted strict curfews.

The threat of heavy officer presence didn’t deter protesters from lighting fires just mere feet from the White House, crowds raiding high-end stores in New York and San Francisco or hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails at police in Philadelphia.

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BET Founder Says Blacks Should Get $1 Trillion In Reparations…

M family is Irish. We were brought here as indentured servants (a fancy way of saying slaves) in 1714. Do I get reparations too?


Robert Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television, told CNBC on Monday the U.S. government should provide $14 trillion of reparations for slavery to help reduce racial inequality.

The wealth divide and police brutality against blacks are at the heart of protests that have erupted across the nation following last week’s killing of George Floyd during an arrest in Minneapolis.

“Now is the time to go big” to keep America from dividing into two separate and unequal societies, Johnson said on “Squawk Box.”

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Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Daughter Arrested At Protest In Manhattan

The NYPD really hate him, so I’m sure they had no problem with that. De Blasio is proud of her breaking the law.

Via NY Post:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter was arrested at a Manhattan protest on Saturday night, law enforcement sources told The Post on Sunday.

Chiara de Blasio, 25, was taken into custody around 10:30 p.m. after cops declared an unlawful assembly at 12th Street and Broadway in Lower Manhattan, the sources said.

She had allegedly been blocking traffic on Broadway and was arrested after refusing to move, the source said.

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Security Guard Saves A Lot Of Lives By Grabbing AR-15 From Rioter Who Was Looting Police Car

Nicely done.


‘It’s Unacceptable’: Richmond Police Chief Gets Emotional While Talking About Fire Set To Home With Child Inside

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – Richmond Police Chief Will Smith got emotional during a press conference after the second night of protests in the city.

Chief Smith says last night protesters set fire to a few buildings, including a multi-family residence that was occupied by a child in the 300 block of West Broad Street.

As fire crews were arriving, Smith says protesters blocked the engine from reaching the fire.

“When you take a legitimate issue and hijack it for unknown reasons, that is unacceptable to me, it’s unacceptable to the Richmond Police Department, unacceptable to the city of Richmond,” said Smith.

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FLASHBACK: Biden Cheerleads For China: “Let Me Be Clear…A Rising China Is A Positive…For The US”