Slate Writer Welcome ‘Due Process’ After Warning Americans Should Be Terrified Of Kavanaugh Without Evidence…

Via Fox News:

A writer for the liberal news outlet Slate is not rushing to judgment when it comes to the sexual harassment allegations against Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but had quite a different attitude toward the misconduct claims against now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018.

In a piece published on Wednesday, Dahlia Lithwick declared: “Maybe it’s a good thing Andrew Cuomo is still governor” as calls for his resignation and impeachment continue to grow.

“I am a journalist myself, and I am wholly in favor of a sober and serious probe into Cuomo’s alleged conduct,” Lithwick explained. “It’s not a terrible thing to allow an independent investigator to gather all the facts and arrive at a formal conclusion before calling for his immediate ouster.”

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Harris Will Not Condemn Cuomo Amid Sex Scandal…

No biggie. She said she believed the women who accused Biden* and she still ran with him right?

Via NY Post:

Vice President Kamala Harris will not condemn Andrew Cuomo amid his sexual harassment scandal until an investigation into the claims are complete — despite urging former Sen. Al Franken to resign amid similar accusations — the White House said Friday.

Speaking at the daily White House media briefing, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Harris supports the investigation into the claims by New York Attorney General Tish James, despite her not speaking out against Cuomo’s alleged actions.

“I think the vice president’s view is she believes a woman should be treated with respect. Their voices should be heard. They should tell their story,” Psaki said.

She was responding to a question by Fox News reporter Kristin Fisher, who highlighted the fact that Harris said, “sexual harassment should not be allowed by anyone and should not occur anywhere” when Franken faced allegations of sexual misconduct.

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$15 Minimum Wage Is Dead And 8 Democrats Helped Kill It…

Via Fox Business:

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ effort to insert a $15 minimum wage provision into the massive coronavirus spending bill failed in the Senate Friday.

Sanders faced bipartisan opposition with just 42 Democrats siding with him and 58 senators voting “no” as of the vote count by 1 p.m. The official tally had not yet been announced, but it was clear Friday afternoon that Sanders’ effort to boost wages fell short of the 60 votes needed to be included in President Biden’s signature stimulus legislation to fight the pandemic and boost the economy.

Unlike the House, the Senate version of the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill does not include an increase to the minimum wage due to a ruling by the Senate parliamentarian.

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Creator Of Viral Tom Cruise Deepfake Says Video Is A Warning, Deepfakes Could Ruin The World…

Via NBC:

The creator of a series of deepfake Tom Cruise videos that garnered more than 11 million views on TikTok said he never wanted to trick people.

But since he has, he’s hoping the sudden influx of attention can help bring greater awareness to the continued evolution of the technology that can create incredibly realistic fake videos of people.

“The important thing is, we didn’t want to fool people at any moment,” Chris Ume, 31, the Belgian visual effects artist behind the viral deepfakes, said in an interview. “If I can help in creating awareness, or even work on detection in the future, I would love to.”

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Former State Dept Aide Charged In Connection With Protest At Capitol…

Via NPR:

The FBI has arrested a former mid-level State Department aide in the Trump administration for allegedly assaulting police officers while storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Federico Klein, who also worked on the 2016 Trump campaign, was taken into custody on Thursday in Virginia. He is facing several charges, including obstructing an official proceeding, obstructing law enforcement and assaulting an officer with a dangerous weapon.

A State Department spokesperson said Klein served as a political appointee in the department from 2017 until his resignation effective Jan. 21, 2021. He worked as a special assistant in the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs and as a staff assistant with the transition team, the official said.

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Puerto Rican Governor Sees American Statehood As A Way To Pay The Territories Bills…

Via MSN:

The bill is one of several initiatives the island’s new governor is pushing at home and in Washington aimed at finding long-term solutions to the myriad problems facing the U.S. territory.

Pierluisi took office Jan. 2 at a time when the island is facing multiple crises: the pandemic, multibillion-dollar debt, a series of earthquakes still rattling the island, as well as ongoing recovery from Hurricane Maria, which killed thousands and demolished critical infrastructure.

In his first month, the governor declared two states of emergency: one to combat gender violence and another to address Puerto Rico’s steep fiscal bind.

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Eric Swallwell Sues President Trump Over Alleged Role In Capitol Protest…

Someone should sue him for having sex with a Chinese spy.

Via ABC:

In a lawsuit filed in federal court in Washington, D.C., Friday, Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell has sued former President Donald Trump and some of his allies, including his son Donald Trump Jr., personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, and GOP Rep. Mo Brooks, over their alleged roles in the events leading up to and surrounding the Capitol assault on Jan. 6.

In the 65-page suit, Swalwell, who was a House impeachment manager during Trump’s second Senate trial, alleges that they all directly incited the violence at the U.S. Capitol by putting out “a clear call to action” that some in the crowd responded to.

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Montana Governor Says Biden* Degraded Himself With Neanderthal Comment…

Via Fox News:

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte said President Biden “degraded” himself, following comments he made comparing red-state governors to Neanderthal’s.

Gianforte explained that hospitalizations are down and Montana is “open for business” during an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” asserting that a “one-size fits all” approach to coronavirus mandates “doesn’t make sense” for the needs of every state.

“For a president that called for unity to degrade himself to name-calling, doesn’t make any sense at all,” Gianforte told Steve Doocy.

Gianforte said that by removing the mask mandate and prioritizing resources to those most vulnerable, the state is seeing “great results.”

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Cuomo Accuser Charlotte Bennett Calls Cuomo “Textbook Abuser”…

Via Fox News:

A 25-year-old former aide to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has accused him of sexual harassment, called the Democrat a “textbook abuser” in a new interview that aired Friday.

“He is a textbook abuser,” former aide Charlotte Bennett told CBS’ Norah O’Donnell. “He lets his temper and his anger rule the office, but he was very sweet to me for a year in the hopes that maybe one day, when he came onto me, I would think we were friends or that it was appropriate or that it was okay.”

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Arizona ACLU Says It Has No Problem With People Owning Child Pornography…

With I was kidding


Supreme Court Ends Sanctuary City Cases After Uncle Joe Asks To Have Cases Dropped…

Gotta import new voters for Uncle Joe.

Via NY Post:

The US Supreme Court has dismissed three pending appeals on former President Donald Trump’s effort to withhold law enforcement grants from states and cities that refused to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, according to reports.

The high court acted shortly after the Biden administration, as well as state and city governments in New York and California, jointly asked it to dismiss the appeals, Fox News reported.

Attorneys for jurisdictions challenging the order in the three cases — which involve the Big Apple and San Francisco — said they agreed with the new administration that the cases should be dismissed.

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You Can’t Buy Or Sell 6 Dr Seuss Books On eBay But You Can Buy These Hot Items…

Hurry now while supplies last!


Warner Media CEO: Pandemic Has Been Good For CNN Ratings…

So was 9/11. Remember when they literally ran 24×7 fear mongering coverage minute after minute, after hour after for months on end? Highest ratings CNN saw ever.

Via FreeBeacon:

The CEO of CNN’s parent company said on Thursday that the coronavirus pandemic will continue to dominate the news network’s coverage because it’s “really good for ratings.”

“It turns out the pandemic is a pretty big part of the news cycle and that’s not going away anytime soon,” WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar said, speaking about CNN’s coverage at a media conference. “It turns out it’s really good for ratings.” The comments drew a comparison by Wall Street Journal‘s Joe Flint to disgraced media executive Les Moonves’s remark during the 2016 election that Donald Trump’s then-candidacy “may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.”

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Powell Confirms – Fed To Continue Pumping Money Into Economy As It Begins To Collapse…

Via WSJ:

WASHINGTON—Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell reiterated his intention to keep easy-money policies in place but provided no sign the central bank will seek to stem a recent rise in Treasury yields, prompting them to rise further.

Stocks also sold off on Mr. Powell’s remarks Thursday during an interview at The Wall Street Journal Jobs Summit. The appearance came a week after a jump in Treasury yields driven by forecasts of stronger U.S. economic growth and inflation this year, among other factors.

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Chief Of World Renowned Medical Journal Repeatedly Bashed America, Praised China For COVID Handling – Now His Words Are Being Used By The Chinese In Facebook Ads…

Via DailyCaller:

One of China Global Television Network’s most recent ads on Facebook is of an interview that the state-controlled propaganda network conducted about the coronavirus pandemic with the editor of The Lancet, one of the world’s top medical journals.

The editor, Richard Horton, largely praised the Chinese government’s response to the pandemic while blasting the U.S. in the May 2020 interview, which garnered around 900,000 impressions at a cost of around $500, according to Facebook data.

“I think we have a great deal to thank China for, about the way that it handled the outbreak,” Horton said in the interview.

Horton, who is British, also criticized U.S. politicians for “being so openly critical” of China and the World Health Organization.

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GOP Rep. Jim Jordan: Cancel Culture Is ‘The Biggest Threat To Freedom Our Country Faces’

So true.


Psaki Again Refuses To Say There Is a Crisis At The Border: ‘Question For The DHS’…





MSNBC Reporter Nearly Brained With A Falling Light Fixture…


House Democrat Sits On Steps To Protest White Supremacist Threat To Capitol That Never Showed Up…

Biggest hoax since the election.

Via The Hill:

Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) is sending a message to QAnon and right-wing extremist threats by sitting on the Capitol steps on Thursday, the date authorities warned militia groups were potentially planning another breach of the building.

“I want to make a statement to let people know, those who would threaten those of us who cherish this freedom that we have here that we refuse to allow those threats to negate our freedom,” he told The Hill.

Capitol Police and the FBI have cautioned that militia groups that took part in the deadly insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6 — when a group of Trump supporters attempted to disrupt the certification of the Electoral College votes — had drafted plans for a second attack on March 4.

Some conspiracy theorists have spread the idea that former President Trump will be inaugurated on that date, despite losing the November presidential election.

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