82-Year-Old WI Crossing Guard Pushes Kids To Safety Before Being Hit By SUV


The Peshtigo Police Department urges drivers to slow down and use caution after an SUV hit an 82-year-old crossing guard on Friday morning.

The crash happened just blocks away from the Peshtigo School District.

“I was just coming in with another officer, and we got a call that a crossing guard was struck while crossing kids at what is called Business 41 or French Street,” said Peshtigo Police Chief Rick Badgley.

Family of Gail Bantes say she pushed two girls to safety before being hit by the SUV.

A bus driver of 43 years, Bantes is described as a woman dedicated to watching out for children and helping to keep them safe.

“I give her a lot of credit, a lot of strength,” said Chief Badgley. “She’s very devoted to what she does. She always has been, and she always will be.”

Badgley says the driver who struck Bantes did get cited, telling officers glare from the sun prevented her from seeing people in the crosswalk.

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Justin Fairfax Accuser Speaks Out As Virginia House Democrats End Calls For Impeachment

The two women are calling for public hearings, Democrats are refusing.

Via CBS:

Virginia House Democrats are deferring to law enforcement officials to carry out their investigation into accusations that Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax sexually assaulted two women. This comes after a delegate in the Virginia legislature backed down from calls he made to impeach Fairfax.

Democrat Patrick Hope had threatened to introduce articles of impeachment against Fairfax, telling reporters that there is “no question that violent sexual assault qualifies as an impeachable high crime.” Hope said that he had drafted language for his colleagues as a first step to take action against the Lt. Governor.

But the Virginia House Democrats said in a statement on Tuesday that they believe the investigation into Fairfax should “proceed unencumbered and outside the political arena.” They reiterated their calls for Fairfax to resign, but added “we are willing to work in a bipartisan manner with members of the General Assembly on a path forward.”

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Felony Charges Approved Against Smollett, Police Arranging For His Arrest

Why aren’t they coming for him at 5 a.m. with guns drawn?

Uh huh. You still stand behind your actor?

Trump Refuses To Let Woman Who Left US To Join ISIS Back Into Country

CAIR is defending her:

Report: Liberal Super PAC Paid Ocasio-Cortez’s Boyfriend $6000


Via Twitchy:

Remember Luke Thompson? He’s the guy we told you about last week whose account was locked by Twitter after he started asking questions about why Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s boyfriend has an official House email account.

The MSM blew Thompson off, as did AOC’s Chief of Staff, Saikat Chakr. But Thompson, not satisfied with the excuses offered up by AOC’s office, kept digging and found that a liberal Super PAC paid AOC’s boyfriend $6000 during the campaign at a time when the campaign was deeply in debt. Oh, and the payments are possibly illegal.

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Thanks For Nothing, AOC!’: Massive Billboard In NYC Blasts Ocasio-Cortez

Perfect, it’s going to drive her bats.

Via Daily Wire:

Job Creators Network, a nonpartisan organization founded by entrepreneurs like Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus, purchased a billboard in New York City slamming socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) for killing tens of thousands of jobs for New Yorkers that would have generated billions of dollars in economic activity.

Ocasio-Cortez Fires Back Over Boyfriend’s House Email Account Controversy

“It comes after Ocasio-Cortez vigorously defended her role in sinking Amazon’s move to New York City on Tuesday in the face of bipartisan criticism,” Fox News reported. “The freshman Democratic New York congresswoman has faced days of criticism from normally friendly media voices and fellow Democrats over her role in Amazon’s decision to pull back from building a $2.5 billion campus in the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens.”

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Police Now Classify Smollett As A ‘Suspect’ And Are In Grand Jury Presenting Evidence

Time’s up on Jussie.

Legislation Introduced In Montana To Eliminate Predator Derbies

There is a reason behind the derbies.

Via Helena IR:

Predator derbies and using vehicles to kill predators would be outlawed under a pair of bills heard Tuesday.

Sen. Mike Phillips, D-Bozeman, brought Senate Bills 186 and 187 to the Senate Fish and Game Committee. While the bills deal with predatory animals in the state, which include coyotes and skunks under the law, the legislation is mainly focused on coyotes. Predators and nongame animals can be hunted year-round and with fewer restrictions than other species such as big game animals or upland birds.

SB 186 would prohibit predator derbies – contests typically based on killing numbers of coyotes and occasionally other animals such as foxes. Phillips argued that the derbies both encourage “needless violence,” but also do not follow known wildlife management practices, which call for targeting specific animals that may be predating on livestock.

“We all know that they’re intelligent social animals, taking their life is not an inconsequential activity,” Phillips said of coyotes. “I believe these derbies make it so.”

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California College Calls The Police…Over A Cartoon Frog


Via Campus Reform:

Folsom Lake College notified the local police after finding a poster of a cartoon frog, stating that “hate has no home on our campus.”

An FLC faculty member found the sheet featuring Pepe the frog on their office door earlier in February. The school informed the Los Rios, California Police Department about the incident so it would “be on heightened alert for any signs that this may be part of a larger trend or pattern,” according to an email sent to the school community and obtained by Campus Reform.

The picture of the smirking frog appeared alongside other posters pertaining to “fascist dog whistles,” Democratic Socialists of America, and a week of social justice events.

FLC President Whitney Yamamura, Academic Senate President Paula Haug, Classified Senate President Lindsey Campbell, and Student Senate President Cameron Sanders co-authored the email to the campus community.

“[Pepe] has been commonly co-opted by white supremacists and others as a symbol of bigotry,” Yamamura and the co-authors said in the email. “While we do not immediately know the intentions of the person(s) who posted the picture, we are treating this incident with the highest level of seriousness and have already conducted a sweep of all Folsom Lake College campuses to look for other instances of these materials.”

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Poor People Not Allowed In AOC’s Luxury Apartment Complex

She needs her space.

Via Washington Examiner:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., recently moved into a luxury apartment complex in Washington, D.C. that does not offer the affordable housing units that were a key plank in the New York congresswoman’s campaign platform.

Ocasio-Cortez, 29, who said in November that she was concerned about being able to afford rent in D.C., now earns a $174,000 annual salary and is living in a newly built high-rise in the city’s Navy Yard area, the Washington Free Beacon reported last week.

The freshman congresswoman, a self-described socialist, campaigned on a platform to expand affordable housing, and her controversial Green New Deal proposal promises “Safe, affordable, adequate housing” for all.

But Ocasio-Cortez’s new building — built by leading D.C. developer WC Smith — is part of a luxury complex whose owners specifically do not offer affordable units under Washington, D.C.’s Affordable Dwelling Units program. The Washington Examiner is not naming the building or complex.

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Increased ICE Presence In NC A Good Thing, Says A Legal Immigrant Living In Charlotte

She took the right path.


When we told you about ICE raids in North Carolina increasing about 4 times over – from about 50 per week to around 200 – a lot of you started talking about the immigration debate.

How does it impact our community?

One immigrant from South America thinks the increase in ICE raids are a good thing.

Elaine Primo says she worked for years to come to the United States legally. She believes people who don’t go through that process are disrespecting the country and harming other immigrants.

“They don’t have no respect for the law,’ said Primo. “You break the law. You are here illegally, then you have the nerve to attack the system.”

That immigration system took Elaine Primo about 3 years to get through.

She’s from Guyana in South America.

“You hear so much about America, you know you want to come and get the opportunities,” said Primo.

Primo says her opportunity came true when her paperwork went through and she immigrated to the United States in 1983.

“I decided to obey and come in the right way,’ said Primo. “When I first come I work in a factory.”

Years later, Primo has built a life in America. Now she takes care of her daughter in Charlotte.

They like watching the news together.

Lately, with all the news of ICE raids, Primo thinks of her own immigration story.

“It’s not fair to tell one people well look you do it the right way and go through the process,” said Primo. Some people just come and want everything on a silver platter.”

ome community members disagree with Primo’s perspective.

“These are people’s lives we’re talking about, people that have set projections for the jobs, their lives their careers,” said Stefania Arteaga with Comunidad Colectiva.

Arteaga believes undocumented immigrants being deported by ICE is wrong.

“It makes people feel uncomfortable, it makes people scared. You know, that fear of being deported,” said one man in Charlotte.

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$12 Million Worth Of Meth Seized In A Shipment Of Frozen Strawberries On The Border With TX

Walls are immoral.


The U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced a major methamphetamine bust in a commercial shipment of frozen strawberries arriving from Mexico.

Border Patrol agents say they encountered a 42-year-old male Mexican citizen with the frozen strawberries shipment at the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge cargo facility in Texas over the weekend.

When Customs and Border Protection further inspected the strawberry shipment, officers discovered 350 packages of alleged methamphetamine concealed within the trailer. In total, 906 pounds of methamphetamine was seized from the shipment.

“This was an outstanding interception our officers accomplished this weekend,” said Port Director David Gonzalez, Hidalgo/Pharr/Anzalduas Port of Entry. “Our officers’ astute sense of awareness and tenacity is unparalleled and truly commendable.”

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ABC News Swoons Over Bernie Sanders: “He Made Democratic Socialism Cool!”…

Venezuela unavailable for comment.

HT: Newsbusters

Dem Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: The Wall On The Southern Border Is “So Absurd”…

Because who needs borders?

Bernie Sanders Gives Media Lackeys Their Marching Orders: Help Sell My Socialism…

Way ahead of you, Bernie.

Via Newsbusters:

In his first interview since announcing his 2020 presidential campaign, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders called on the media to help sell his brand of socialism to American voters. Talking to CBS This Morning co-host John Dickerson for an interview aired on Tuesday, Sanders dismissed questions about the details of his radical Medicare-for-all proposal and lectured that the press must “explain the truth” of what a “good deal” it would be for people.

Sanders touted how “many of the ideas that I talked about, Medicare-for-all, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, making public colleges and universities tuition free” that were considered “radical” or “extreme” when he previously ran in 2016 had supposedly become “part of the political mainstream.”

Liberals Flipping Out Because CNN Actually Hired Someone Who Worked For Republicans

They didn’t have any concerns about objectivity with the constant stream of Democrats who went to CNN and other media organizations.

Via Daily Caller:

CNN announced Tuesday that they hired a former spokeswoman for Jeff Sessions to serve as a political editor, and the backlash was intense and immediate.

Sarah Isgur Flores, the chief Department of Justice spokeswoman under then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions and a former campaign aide to Carly Fiorina, will help oversee CNN’s 2020 campaign coverage. CNN appears to have a habit of hiring former Obama officials to handle coverage — particularly current anchor and former chief national security correspondent Jim Sciutto — but the addition of a Trump administration official led to severe criticism of the network from the left.

Tommy Vietor, a host for “Pod Save America,” complained that the hiring of Flores “gave every Democrat in the country a reason to doubt your objectivity.”

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Ocasio-Cortez Goes On Tear Defending Role In Amazon’s New York Exit

How dare we listen to her own words to tell us how ignorant she is!

Via Fox News:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez vigorously defended her role in sinking Amazon’s move to New York City on Tuesday in the face of bipartisan criticism, claiming the deal would have been “one of the biggest giveaways in state history” and would have priced people out of the local community.

“Frankly, the knee-jerk reaction assuming that I ‘don’t understand’ how tax giveaways to corps work is disappointing,” she tweeted. “No, it’s not possible that I could come to a different conclusion. The debate *must* be over my intelligence & understanding, instead of the merits of the deal.”

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Vandals Attack Statue Recognizing WWII Hero, Thinking It’s Confederate Monument

Not only ridiculous leftists, but historically ignorant.

DUNN, N.C. (WNCN) — The controversy surrounding Confederate monuments has resulted in the vandalism of statues across the South.

“Never even thought it would affect us in any way at all,” said Mark Johnson, Curator of the General William C. Lee Airborne Museum in Dunn.

Johnson thought for sure a statue of General William C. Lee would be safe from the chaos.

“This is a hometown grown boy here that turned out to be an international hero of World War II so to come and try to destroy his statue is just an insult to everybody,” said Johnson.

Police say someone doused the statue in some kind of a flammable liquid and set it on fire.

“I think it was a big mistake,” said Johnson. “Why would you do something like this? It really just irritates people.”

Johnson thinks the vandals wanted to make a statement about slavery and racism and he thinks the vandals could use a history lesson.

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Sanders: Breadlines Are ‘A Good Thing’

Yeah, no. Only in the mind of a demented socialist.

Via Free Beacon:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) in 1985 praised countries where people “line up for food,” calling breadlines a “good thing.”

The video of Sanders, then the mayor of Burlington, Vermont, resurfaced on Tuesday after the senator announced that he is running for president in 2020. In the interview from the mid-80s, Sanders was asked about breadlines in Nicaragua and his support for the socialist Sandinistas who ruled the country at the time.

“You know, it’s funny, sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is because people are lining up for food,” Sanders said. “That’s a good thing. In other countries people don’t line up for food. The rich get the food, and the poor starve to death.”

Sanders’s presidential campaign will be his second bid for the White House, after losing his Democratic primary bid to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Still, despite losing, Sanders said that his more progressive stances helped push the Democratic Party further to the left in the two years following his loss.

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Kamala Harris’ Father Calls Her Out For Playing Disrepectful Identity Politics, Ancestors Would Be ‘Turning In Their Grave Now’

Oh my, crushing her. It’s not going to be fun around the Christmas table this year.

Via Free Beacon:

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris’s new embrace of smoking marijuana didn’t go well back in Jamaica, where her father said her ancestors would be “turning in their grave” after hearing her stereotype the island’s people as “pot-smoking joy seekers.”

Harris cited her Jamaican heritage last week when she admitted to smoking marijuana. The California senator scoffed at claims that she opposes legalizing the drug by saying, “Half my family is from Jamaica, are you kidding me?” She said she supports legalization because smoking “gives a lot of people joy, and we need more joy.”

Her father Donald Harris, who came to the United States from Jamaica in pursuit of a graduate degree in economics, took issue with his daughter’s use of the drug stereotype as she runs for president.

“My dear departed grandmothers, as well as my deceased parents, must be turning in their grave right now to see their family’s name, reputation and proud Jamaican identity being connected, in any way, jokingly or not with the fraudulent stereotype of a pot-smoking joy seeker and in the pursuit of identity politics,” he said in a statement to Jamaica Global that gained attention in the United States over the weekend.

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