MSNBC Host Joy Reid Outraged Dems Considering Running “Two White Guys” On 2020 Ticket…

Update to this story.

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CBC: Why Christmas Is Bad For The Canadian Environment And What You Can Do About It

Even Christmas doesn’t get a break from the eco-terrorists.

Christmas is a time of celebration, but once the party’s over, plenty of garbage is hauled to the curb.

Environmental group Zero Waste Canada estimates that from mid-November to mid-January, the average Canadian generates about 25 per cent more trash than during the rest of the year.

The reason: people buy more stuff over the holidays, and a lot of it — from shiny wrapping paper to glittery cards — typically can’t go in your recycling blue bin, so it’s destined for the landfill.

To help Canadians celebrate a greener Christmas this year, here are some of the season’s worst offenders and tips for cutting down that holiday trash.

Beware of slick gift wrap

To avoid unnecessary waste, opt for the plainest wrapping paper. Different materials generally need to be separated before recycling, so any gift wrap involving foil, laminated or metallic coating or sparkles will likely be rejected by your blue bin program.

“Even though it’s made of paper, because there’s this other coating, whether it be plastic, whether it be wax, it kind of messes up [the recycling process],” said Calvin Lakhan, a research scientist at York University in Toronto.

Blue box programs also generally don’t want tinsel or gift leftovers such as bows, ribbons, cellophane and tape because these items are made of materials that are difficult to recycle.

On top of that, ribbons and tinsel are a recycling facility’s worst nightmare because they can get stuck in the sorting machines.

“It will get literally jammed inside of the wheels and then it causes massive disruptions to the system,” said Lakhan.

If you’re shopping online, you may start piling up waste even before the gift wrapping begins. Much of the protective packaging used to ship goods, such as bubble wrap and foam chips, is also difficult to recycle and likely can’t go in your blue box.

“At Christmas, the only thing that I’d say is readily recyclable is the cardboard packaging that Amazon ships your stuff in,” said Lakhan.[…]

Sophie Jacazio in Toronto cuts down on gift wrapping garbage by giving “experiential” presents to many family members and friends, such as tickets to an exhibit or a night out together.

“I will be most definitely taking some people out for dinner. That to me is a good gift and it enables people to reconnect and spend time together.”

She believes experiences can offer more satisfaction than material gifts — and they’ll never wind up in a landfill

“They’re a lot more thoughtful and respectful of the people I’m gifting them to — and the environment.”

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Missouri Veterans Assist In Honoring 7-Year-Old Girl

Via Daily Star Journal:

On Wednesday, Dec. 12, veterans at the Missouri Veterans Home in Warrensburg decided to make the day of a 7-year-old Marshal girl named Payton Jones.

She captured the hearts of our veterans on Memorial Day with her performance of the national anthem. She returned in September to kickoff the Run for Freedom 5K, 10K and Poker Walk.

State Rep. Dean Dohrman was so impressed with her, he wanted to present her with a resolution from the Missouri House of Representatives in honor of her service and talents.

She was supposed to sing at the Veterans Day program in November but unfortunately was ill and wasn’t able to perform.

Dohrman planned to present her with the resolution at that time.

Since she wasn’t able to make it to the Veterans Home, the staff and veterans decided to surprise her at her home – Southeast Elementary School in Marshall.

Latisha Koetting, supervisor of volunteer services, and Melissa Terry, director of recreation therapy, loaded up three veterans and drove them to Marshall.[…]

According to her mother, Annie Bales, she began playing the piano at the age of eight months and started singing at the age of 2. She loves volunteering for the Salvation Army and has distinguished herself by serenading Walmart guests as they walk by during the Christmas season.

She is a member of the Missouri Council of the Blind, the AWANA Club at her church and the YMCA. In her free time, she enjoys attending Christmas concerts, swimming, jumping on her trampoline and donating her toys to her local thrift store.

She is the daughter of Zachary Jones, Kansas City, and Bales, Marshall.

She has optic nerve hypoplasia.

She is blind in both eyes with some light perception. She has been using a cane and learning Braille since she was a 1 1/2 years old.

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Food Delivery Robot Bursts Into Flames At UC Berkeley, Moonbats Hold A Moment Of Silence

Doing the job students won’t do.

Via SF Gate:

Describing the robot as a “hero” and a “legend,” UC Berkeley students expressed their grief on Facebook as news of a fallen KiwiBot reached the campus community.

About 2 p.m. Friday, a KiwiBot — one of the more than 100 robots that deliver food throughout the campus and city — caught fire outside the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union.[…]

Garnering more than 300 reactions and more than 90 comments within an hour of uploading, the video of the robot in flames made waves on the page. Students have called for a moment of silence, suggesting finals week may have finally gotten to the robot as well.

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California Is First State To Mandate Zero-Emission Bus Fleet

The Amish can act as advisors.

Via Fox News:

California moved Friday to eliminate climate-changing fossil fuels from its fleet of 12,000 transit buses, enacting a first-in-the-nation mandate that will vastly increase the number of electric buses on the road.

The California Air Resources Board voted unanimously to require that all new buses be carbon-free by 2029. Environmental advocates project that the last buses emitting greenhouse gases will be phased out by 2040.

While clean buses cost more than the diesel and natural gas vehicles they will replace, say they have lower maintenance and fuel costs. Supporters hope creating demand for thousands of clean buses will bring down their price and eventually other heavy-duty vehicles like trucks.

California has 153 zero-emission buses on the road now with hundreds more on order. Most of them are electric, though technology also exists for buses powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

“Every state could do a strategy like this,” said Adrian Martinez, an attorney for Earthjustice, an environmental legal group that supports the rule. “This is something that California did first because we have major air quality and pollution problems, but this is something other states could pursue.”

Existing state and federal subsidies are available to help transit agencies absorb some of the higher costs of carbon-free buses, along with money from the state’s settlement with Volkswagen over the German automaker’s emission-cheating software.

In approving the mandate, air board members cited both a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and improved air quality along heavily trafficked transit corridors in smog-polluted cities.

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Washington Women’s March Group Disbands Amid Anti-Semitism Controversy At National Level

Woman’s March is cracking up. But the leaders had anti-Semitic issues from the beginning.

Via Spokesman:

Statewide organizers operating under the Women’s March banner announced this week that they are dissolving their group in protest of national leaders’ association with speakers seen as anti-Semitic.

The decision won’t affect plans for a third annual downtown march in Spokane next month, local organizers stressed Friday.

Angie Beem, a Spokane Valley resident who served as board president of Women’s March Washington, announced the dissolution of the state group on Facebook on Thursday, citing the national organization’s ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Beem, who helped organize the march in Spokane in 2017 and made an unsuccessful bid for Spokane Valley City Council that fall, said in an interview Friday the decision to disband wasn’t easy.

“It’s heartbreaking. Whenever you create something that literally changed your life, it’s really hard to walk away from it,” Beem said.

Local organizers knew the state organization was considering disbanding after planned marches in January, said Lori Feagan, an organizer with Spokane Women’s March. But they were unaware a public announcement would be made this week, she said.

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Robert O’Rourke Marvels At Beto-Mania, Conceding It’s ‘A Great Question’ Whether He’s Ready For White House

The media has chosen their candidate.

Via Dallas News:

TMZ trails him around the capital. Fans still check his Facebook page to see if he’s going live again anytime soon. Democratic activists keep trying to lure him to Iowa and New Hampshire, and campaign operatives are sending him resumes, uninvited.

U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke is getting more buzz as a potential White House contender than people who’ve served as governor, senator or even vice president and secretary of state, even though he’s still stinging from falling short last month to Sen. Ted Cruz.

“The fact that we came close doesn’t diminish the bitterness of the loss,” he said, acknowledging the very real doubts about whether someone who couldn’t win election in his home state deserves promotion to commander in chief.

“Oh yeah. I think that’s a great question,” he said. “I ask that question myself.”

Standing on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, discussing a future he insists he hasn’t sorted out yet, House colleagues walk past calling out “Beto! Beto!” or “Go 2020!” — razzing the El Paso Democrat who raised a stunning $80 million in his near-miss in Texas.

He’s avoided interviews since Election Day, and insists that he hasn’t even begun the process of deciding whether to heed the siren song, though that hasn’t stopped him from consulting with the likes of Barack Obama and the Rev. Al Sharpton.

“I just don’t feel comfortable talking to anybody in Iowa or New Hampshire, because I don’t want to stoke,” he said. “I just truly have not made a decision or even really begun the serious work of making a decision, so I just don’t want to lead anyone to think that we’re doing something or not doing something.”

But doing nothing doesn’t quash the speculation.

Invitations keep coming in and polls show continuing uptick for the non-candidate.

A CNN/Des Moines Register poll released Saturday night showed O’Rourke one of just three Democrats with double-digit support among likely caucusgoers in Iowa, at 11 percent — lagging only former Vice President Joe Biden, at 32 percent, and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders at 19 percent.

The Texan topped a straw poll of progressive activists released Dec. 11 by, edging out Biden, Sanders and Kamala Harris, with the rest of the pack trailing in single digits.

Name ID is a big part of that at such an early stage. Still, that’s a critical ingredient and now that O’Rourke has it, he can afford to bide some time.

A national poll of Democrats released by CNN on Friday put O’Rourke in the top tier for the first time, though well behind Biden and Sanders.

“I want to talk to [his wife] Amy and see what she wants me to do in terms of time with kids and family in the house in El Paso … and then just interesting things that you can do,” he said. “Amy and I had this expectation that after the sixth of November, one way or another things would kind of die down and we could regroup and you know, catch up.

“But in some ways, things have intensified,” he said.

Over and over, he said he wants time to “regroup” after nearly two years on the road.

“I’d love to take a backpack up into the Gila Wilderness” — a vast expanse in New Mexico, a hundred miles from El Paso — “and just spend some time thinking through stuff,” he said.

But he also seems to pine for another kind of trail, the sort that leads to higher office.

“As brutal as it was, and it was, and as tough as it was on our family, and it was incredibly tough,” he said, “there’s also just some really amazing, transcendent, fun moments that are unlike anything that we’ve done in our lives or are likely to get to do again in our lives, short of running for something else.”

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Maroon 5 Is Struggling To Find Acts To Perform With Them At ‘Music’s Least Wanted Gig,’ The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Self-inflicted by the NFL.

Via Daily Mail:

The NFL is scrambling find artists to guest perform at the Super Bowl Halftime show this year, which critics say has become music’s least wanted gig.

With less than two months to go for Super Bowl LIII on February 3, the NFL is yet to officially announce an artist for the show that will be watched by more than 100 million people nationwide.

Maroon 5 fronted by Adam Levine will reportedly headline the show, although the NFL has not officially announced it.

However, the band is struggling to find acts to go on stage with them because ‘no one wants to be associated with the NFL’ thanks to the league’s controversy with Colin Kaepernick and his ‘take a knee’ protest against police brutality.

The NFL reportedly first offered the headline gig to Rihanna, who declined it because she supports Kaepernick.

‘The NFL and CBS really wanted Rihanna to be next’ year’s performer in Atlanta. They offered it to her, but she said no because of the kneeling controversy. She doesn’t agree with the NFL’s stance,’ a source said to US Weekly.

Rebuffed by Rihanna, the NFL extended the offer to Maroon 5.

According to the magazine, the band is ‘having a lot of trouble finding guests’ and ‘no one wants to associate themselves with the NFL’ as a result of tense feud with Kaepernick.

Maroon 5 tried to get Cardi B, who raps on their track Girls Like You, to join the performance. A source said ‘as of today she’s not’.

‘She’s been going back and forth, but it’s a no right now,’ the source said.

The band has reached out to half a dozen artists for the featured guest slot, but none have agreed to do it, according to Variety.

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Leah Remini Punches Back After Louis Farrakhan Criticizes Her Scientology Docuseries

Since 2010, the Nation of Islam has been pushing Dianetics and Scientology auditing to their people.

Via Daily Wire:

In the December 11 episode of A&E’s hit documentary series “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath,” former Scientologists Remini and co-host Mike Rinder discuss the unusual relationship between the Church of Scientology and the Nation of Islam (NoI).

At the beginning of the episode, a statement from the Church of Scientology is displayed on screen, which accuses Remini of “spreading bigotry that instigates violence,” and compares the show’s “lies” and “discrimination” to 1930s Germany.

This isn’t unusual. The Church of Scientology is notoriously litigious, and during most episodes, Remini’s show features disclaimers from the organization.

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Father, Son, 16 Others Charged With Trafficking Cocaine In Chicago Area

A diverse group of drug dealers.

Via Fox 32:

Eighteen people, including a father and son, have been charged with trafficking cocaine to hundreds of customers in the Chicago area and using drivers to make door-to-door cocaine deliveries.

The federal charges were part of a multi-year investigation into the drug trafficking called “Operation Flawed Deal,” in which officers seized bank accounts, over a kilogram of cocaine, a Mercedes SUV, guns and multiple Chicago properties, according to a statement by the U.S. States Attorney office.

Many of the 18 defendants were arrested Thursday on charges that carry a maximum of 20 to 40 years in the prison, prosecutors said.

Father and son, Tony F. Cayuela, 64, and Tony J. Cayuela, 39, allegedly conspired with Walberto Olivio, 46, to distribute over half a kilogram of cocaine in the Chicago area in the spring and summer, according to prosecutors.

The feds forfeited three properties from the younger Cayuela — two homes in Brighton Park and one in Chicago Lawn —along with $108,000 in cash, prosecutors said. Another man, Jesus Hernandez, 41, of Chicago, was also charged with distributing drugs.

Two brothers, Anees “Ace” Usmani, 41, and Nafees Usmani, allegedly worked together with Juan Bautista Dominguez, 41, to distribute over half a kilogram of cocaine in the Chicago area from the fall of 2017 to spring of 2018, prosecutors said.

The indictment lists several people charged with conspiring with the Usmani brothers: Alfonso “Fonz” Trotter, 48, of Chicago; Ronald Allen, 47, of Chicago; Muhammad Sabih, 30, of Chicago; Muhammad Bilal Khan, 24, of Chicago; Ahmed Fatah Kahn Malik, 24, of Skokie; Odeh Alshobaki, 22, of Worth; Ahmed Hussein Yousef Alsawalhi, 21, of Chicago; Wesam Abdel Fattah, 32, of Chicago; and Lisa Usmani, 41, of Lincolnwood.

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Michelle Obama: All The People I’ve Met At ‘Powerful Tables’ Are ‘Not Very Smart’

Arrogance, thy name is Barack and Michelle Obama.

Via Twitchy:

Michelle Obama feels the need to remind everyone that she has been to “every powerful table you can think of.”

Oh, and she finds the intelligence level at those tables to be … meh.

Her full quote:

“I have been at probably every powerful table that you can think of, I have worked at nonprofits, I have been at foundations, I have worked in corporations, served on corporate boards, I have been at G-summits, I have sat in at the U.N.: They are not that smart.”

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Ryan Zinke Resignation Letter Blames ‘Meritless’ Investigations

Update to this story.

Via Washington Examiner:

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said that the investigations into whether he used his position for personal gain created a distraction to the point where he feels he is unable to serve effectively.

Zinke said “vicious and politically motivated attacks” against him had “created an unfortunate distraction” in fulfilling the agency’s mission, according to the resignation letter dated Saturday obtained by the Associated Press.

The secretary of the Interior is facing federal investigations related to his travel, political activity, and potential conflicts of interest.

Zinke maintains his innocence and continues to fight the allegations of any wrongdoing.

In his resignation letter, Zinke also called the attacks “meritless and false claims,” saying that “to some, truth no longer matters.”

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West Virginia University Student Investigated For Border Patrol Halloween Costume

Political correctness popo at it again.

Via Daily Wire:

On Tuesday, in the middle of final exam week, a student from West Virginia University was sent an emailed letter from an assistant dean notifying him that he is “the subject of an investigation regarding alleged prohibited conduct.”

In the letter (attached below), Assistant Dean LiDell Evans informed Joseph Cortese, a fourth-year student, that he was required to attend a meeting on Friday concerning an investigation about a photo he posted on Instagram of himself dressed as a Border Patrol agent for Halloween.

“This letter serves to put you on notice that pursuant to section 9.2 of the Student Conduct Code and Discipline Procedure for the Main Campus of West Virginia University, you are the subject of an investigation regarding alleged prohibited conduct,” Evans wrote.

The email also informed Cortese that if he did not contact the office or attend the meeting, his student account would have a “hold” placed on it.

“I received this email Wednesday and have had awful anxiety since,” Cortese told The Daily Wire in an interview. “While I was trying to study for finals, this was looming on the back of my mind.”

“I know I didn’t do as well on my finals as I should have due to this,” Cortese added.

The email detailed that the complaint was received on November 6. The photo was posted before Halloween.

The photo, which Cortese agreed to share with The Daily Wire (see above), shows him handcuffing a female student who dressed up with him for Halloween. Cortese is wearing an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement black hat and a Border Patrol T-shirt, while the female is wearing what Cortese says is an alien costume with a piece of paper attached to her shirt that reads “illegal.”

Cortese, who is also the Communications Director for Students for Trump, said that during the meeting, Assistant Dean Evans told him the costume could be “misinterpreted the wrong way” but acknowledged that it was Cortese’s “constitutional right” to wear the costume.

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Father Of Guatemalan Girl Who Died In Border Patrol Custody Hires Lawyers, Claims Daughter Wasn’t Dehydrated

He has said that he doesn’t have any problem with the response of the Border Patrol and they did everything to help his daughter. What he seems to be contesting is the claim that she was dehydrated and starved. that they were bused to not far from where they were found. But that seems to conflict with the prior reports and statements.

Via Daily Wire:

The father of Jakelin Caal, who died in United States Customs and Border Protection custody, has reportedly hired a pair of attorneys and is challenging the Department of Homeland Security’s claims of how his daughter died.

Nery Gilberto Caal released a statement, through attorneys, on Saturday, claiming that he and his daughter — whom Border Patrol says died of prolonged hunger and dehydration — were properly fed, and that they had not spent days in the desert before declaring their intent to seek asylum at an official border crossing in New Mexico last week.

Buzzfeed News and CBS News report that Caal has hired Enrique Morneo and Elena Esparza to handle his case. The attorneys now say that, “Jakelin had not been crossing the desert for days. Jakelin’s father took care of Jakelin — made sure she was fed and had sufficient water,” and that they “sought asylum from the Border Patrol as soon as they crossed the border.”

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Federal Court Cites ‘The Lorax’ To Blast US Forest Service For Approving Pipeline

How progressive.

Via Fox News:

A federal appeals court cited Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax to slam the U.S. Forest Service for granting a private company a permit to build a natural gas pipeline across two national forests and the Appalachian Trail.

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, VA., said in a ruling on Thursday that the U.S. Forest Service “abdicated its responsibility to preserve national forest resources” when it granted the permit for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to Dominion Energy, the pipeline’s lead developer, NPR reported.

“We trust the United States Forest Service to ‘speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues,’” the three-judge panel said in the ruling, quoting the classic story.

The court decided that the Forest Service did not have the authority to grant the permits to build a pipeline that would originate in West Virginia and stretch across Virginia and North Carolina.

The pipeline plans caused uproar among environmental groups as parts of it would have to be built through the George Washington and Monongahela National Forests and across the Appalachian Trail, the NPR reported.

“This conclusion is particularly informed by the Forest Service’s serious environmental concerns that were suddenly, and mysteriously, assuaged in time to meet a private pipeline company’s deadlines,” the judges said.[…]

Dominion Energy said they will appeal the decision in a statement to NPR.

“If allowed to stand, this decision will severely harm consumers and do great damage to our economy and energy security,” said Aaron Ruby, a spokesman for Dominion Energy.

“Public utilities are depending on this infrastructure to meet the basic energy needs of millions of people and businesses in our region.”

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Salt Lake Is US Pick To Try For 2030 Winter Olympics

Will there be snow in 2030?

Via KSL Com:

Utah is closer to getting another Olympics Friday after the U.S. Olympic Committee selected Salt Lake City to bid on behalf of the United States for a future Winter Games, potentially in 2030.

Salt Lake City, the host of the 2002 Winter Games, beat out Denver. Reno-Tahoe dropped out of the running recently in the competition. The decision was made by the USOC at a closed-door meeting in San Francisco.

It will be the International Olympic Committee that chooses the 2030 host city — but not until 2023. Other cities currently in the mix include Sapporo, Japan, and Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Even before the USOC’s decision was made public, Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski could be heard cheering from behind closed doors at City Hall. The USOC notified both Salt Lake and Denver bidders by telephone.

“We are so grateful that Salt Lake City and this state of Utah were chosen,” the mayor said during a news conference at City Hall before toasting the win with flutes of red and white grape juice.

Gov. Gary Herbert said amid the celebration that it would be hard to overstate the impact of hosting in 2002, a “coming out party” that showed the world “the sophistication of Utah. We’re not just a country-bumpkin, little Western state.”

Now, the governor said, they’d be able to see all the changes being made since 2002, including the more than $3 billion rebuild of Salt Lake City International Airport, while experiencing the same strong sense of volunteerism from Utahns.

The USOC stopped short of committing to a 2030 bid.

Sarah Hirshland, the USOC’s new CEO, told reporters during a telephonic news conference after the board meeting that there is no “active process of bidding that will take place so in some regards, we have the luxury of time.”

The Colorado Springs-based organization did express enthusiasm for Salt Lake.

“We’re incredibly lucky to have multiple able and willing cities to choose from, but in the end, we believe Salt Lake City will give us the best chance to return the Winter Games to the U.S.,” USOC Chairman Larry Probst said in a statement.

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Border Patrol Agents Rescued 4300 Illegal Aliens From Life-Threatening Situations In 2018

It doesn’t bleed, it doesn’t lead.

Via Breitbart:

Border Patrol agents carried out more than 4,300 rescues of illegal immigrants along or near the U.S. border with Mexico during Fiscal Year 2018, CBP officials reported on Friday. This is up from more than 3,400 the prior year.

Border Patrol agents rescued migrants from life-threatening situations 4,311 times in Fiscal Year 2018, which ended on September 30, a CBP official told reporters during a Friday morning conference call about the death of the seven-year-old Guatemalan girl this month. This is an increase of more than 26 percent over the previous year’s 3,417 rescues.

During the first two months of Fiscal Year 2019, which began on October 1, The number of rescues jumped 74 percent over the same period last year, the official stated.

The rescues range from helping migrants who are in danger in one of the waterway boundaries between Mexico and the U.S., to saving their lives when human smugglers abandon them on vast ranches in South Texas or the deserts of Arizona. They also include migrants who are packed like human cargo in the back of tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks.

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Trump Pledges To Review Case Of Former Green Beret Charged With Murder Of Suspected Taliban Bombmaker

Good that he’s looking into it.

Via Daily Wire:

President Trump on Sunday vowed to review the case of a former Army Green Beret who has been charged with the killing a man in Afghanistan whom he suspected was a Taliban bombmaker.

Army Maj. Matthew Golsteyn was charged with murder on Thursday, long after he acknowledged the killing in a 2016 Fox News interview.

“Major Matthew Golsteyn’s immediate commander has determined that sufficient evidence exists to warrant the preferral of charges against him,” said Lt. Col. Loren Bymer, a spokesman for U.S. Army Special Operations Command. “Major Golsteyn has been charged with the murder of an Afghan male during his 2010 deployment to Afghanistan,” he said.

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Four Family Members Of Strasbourg Gunman Released: Prosecutors

Placed on the watch list.

Paris (AFP) – Four family members of the gunman who went on a deadly shooting spree at a popular Christmas market in the French city of Strasbourg were released from custody on Saturday, the Paris prosecutor’s office said.

Three more people close to the attacker Cherif Chekatt, who was shot dead by police on Thursday, were still being held, it said.

But his parents and two of his brothers were freed “due to the lack of incriminating evidence at this stage”, the prosecutor’s office added.

More than 700 French security forces had been hunting for 29-year-old Chekatt since Tuesday night’s bloodshed, in which four people died — the latest in a string of jihadist attacks to rock France.

France’s interior minister on Friday dismissed a claim by the Islamic State (IS) group that it was responsible for the attack.

Police have been focusing their investigation on whether Chekatt had any help in carrying out his attack or while on the run.

In an interview broadcast on Saturday evening, a man identified as Cherif Chekatt’s father said his son had become a follower of IS.

“He would say Daesh is fighting for a just cause,” the man, named as Abdelkrim Chekatt, told France 2 television, using the Arabic acronym for IS.

“I told him ‘Forget about Daesh, don’t listen to what they say. Don’t you see the atrocities they commit?'”

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Trump Unloads On Media After Revelations Of Missing Strzok, Page Texts

They just accidentally reset the phones.

Via Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump criticized the lack of media attention on new revelations about former FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page from the Department of Justice, in a series of Sunday morning tweets.

The Inspector General’s office of the DOJ revealed Thursday that it was unable to recover thousands of text messages sent between Strzok and Page through the course of their employment during the 2016 presidential election. Strzok and Page were carrying out an affair at the time of their employment while also playing central roles in the investigations of the Trump 2016 campaign and special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

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