State Refuses To Let Parents Get Treatment: Baby Alfie’s Dad Giving Him Mouth-To-Mouth In Hospital To ‘Keep Him Alive’

Via Daily Wire:

The horror out of the U.K. concerning sick 23-month-old baby Alfie Evans continues. Earlier on Tuesday, Alfie was effectively sentenced to death yet again by the U.K. court system after a judge denied the the parents’ request to travel to Italy to seek further treatment.

Now, with the child off of life-support since Monday evening and battling for his life, the baby’s parents have been forced to give Alfie mouth-to-mouth while sitting in a hospital.

“Evans’ parents are giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in a desperate bid to keep him alive after a court ruled he cannot be flown to Italy for treatment,” reported The Sun on Tuesday evening. “Tom Evans tonight said he and Alfie’s mum Kate are trying to help Alfie’s breathing after ‘his lips turned blue.'”

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Italy has even threatened them with a murder charge to try to save Alfie. But they don’t care.

Trump Hosts Macron In First State Dinner

Via Fox News:

President Trump welcomed French President Emanuel Macron to the White House Tuesday evening for the first state dinner of the Trump administration.

Trump and his wife, first lady Melania Trump, greeted Macron and his wife Brigitte at the North Portico of the White House shortly before 7:30 p.m. The president greeted the Macrons with European-style air kisses before the group posed for photographers.

Melania Trump wore what the White House described as a black Chantilly lace Chanel haute couture gown, hand-painted with silver and embroidered with crystal and sequins. Brigitte Macron wore a cream full-length gown by Louis Vuitton with long sleeves and gold details.

After the photos, the couples then headed inside to join 123 guests, including Vice President Mike Pence; Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts; former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger; Apple CEO Tim Cook and U.S. Winter Olympic gold medalists John Shuster (curling) and Meghan Duggan (women’s ice hockey), who flashed their medals to the assembled media as they arrived.

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Macron Rests Hand On Trump’s Arm After Trump Mentions Hero French Policeman

Via Daily Caller:

President Trump earned a warm gesture from French President Emmanuel Macron after giving a shoutout to a hero French police officer on Tuesday.

During his remarks welcoming Macron to the White House, Trump addressed the “timeless bonds of history” connecting the United States and France.

“We are people who cherish our values, protect our civilization and recognize the image of God in every human soul,” Trump said. “This legacy has made us who we are and given us what we hold dear: the blessings of faith and freedom, the marvels of art and science, the love of family and community, and the defense of home and country.”

“This righteous calling, this sacred heritage, is what moved a young Frenchman to risk death for American liberty at Yorktown. It is what spurred the Americans to storm the cliffs of Omaha Beach,” he continued. “Just weeks ago, we added a new name to this chronicle of our great heroes, a brave French policeman named Arnaud Beltrame. He stared down evil and did not flinch.”

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Parkland History Teacher Tells Kyle Kashuv Police Had Right To Detain And Question Him For Holding Gun At Gun Range

Scary that people like this are teaching history to our kids. And you wonder how you get people like David Hogg?

Pittman is an American history teacher at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. It’s clear that he doesn’t know anything about the law.

Kashuv was ordered to the principal’s office, locked in the room and questioned by school security and the Broward Sheriff’s department without his parents. He’s 16. His crime? He went to a gun range with his dad and posted pictures about it. There were no threats or anything that could be interpreted as a threat. But they referred to him as the ‘pro-Second Amendment kid,’ leading Kyle to think they might be trying to intimidate him. He has not been shy about criticizing the Broward Sheriff’s Office for failing the students.

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Two Officers Shot, One Dead In Shooting In North Dallas; Suspect At Large


Two Dallas Police Department officers have been critically wounded in a shooting at a Home Depot store in north Dallas, police officials confirmed.

One civilian was also shot in the incident at the Home Depot at U.S. 75 and Forest Lane, multiple sources told WFAA.

The suspect has been identified as 29-year-old Armando Juarez, sources said. Police were still searching the area for Juarez.

The two Dallas officers, a man and a woman both reportedly rookies in their 20s, were helping a security guard who was responding to an incident at the store.

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Report: Center for American Progress Retaliated Against Employees Who Reported Harassment

Founded by John Podesta, now run by his second, Neera Tanden.

Via Free Beacon:

The Clinton-aligned think tank Center for American Progress (CAP) struggled to deal with sexual harassment in its ranks, according to current and former staffers, with two employees alleging they were retaliated against for reporting their harasser.

BuzzFeed News, citing documents and interviews conducted with 19 current and former staffers, broke the news Monday that former CAP manager Benton Strong was accused by two women of sexual harassment before he left the organization to work at the Seattle mayor’s office. According to one woman, Strong sent her text messages asking to perform oral sex on her, repeatedly suggesting they meet up at one of their apartments, and asking “whether white women or black women were better at giving blow jobs.”

That woman, who asked to be referred to as Mary, initially remained silent, given Strong was set to leave CAP in a few weeks anyway. But upon hearing other women in the office were “increasingly uncomfortable” with his behavior, she filed a complaint with HR.

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Parkland Survivor Has A Blunt Message For Police Who Questioned Him For Going To Gun Range

Via Daily Caller:

Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv went to a gun range with his father over the weekend. The perfectly legal act landed Kashuv in hot water with security guards at his school.

Kashuv, who has been a vocal proponent of the Second Amendment, was aggressively questioned by school security after the trip to the shooting range. Kashuv told the The Daily Wire that he was called out of class and was questioned “intensely” by armed school resource officers. The officers asked who he went to the range with and what kinds of guns he used.

Kashuv said the officers called him the “pro-Second Amendment kid” and one said, “Don’t get snappy with me, do you not remember what happened here a few months ago?”

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Student Confronts Nancy Pelosi Over ‘Crumbs’ Comment — Tax Cuts ‘Helped Put Me Through College’

Pelosi still lies right to the kid’s face.

Via Daily Caller:

A student at Georgetown University confronted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Tuesday over her infamous “crumbs” comment.

The student brought up the multiple times that the California Democrat referred to the GOP tax cuts as “crumbs” for the middle class, saying, “As the son of small business owners, I know that it’s helped my parents hire more employees. It’s helped us pay off our mortgage, helped put me through college.”

“On a macro economic level, the economy’s growing, wages are rising for the first time in years,” he continued. “Would you still refer to the effects of this tax plan on average Americans as crumbs?”

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Fresno Prof Blames Racism For Backlash Over Barbara Bush Comments

And those racist people made you post a gif dancing on Barbara Bush’s grave or make comments praising terrorists and encouraging similar actions? Wow, how powerful they are!

Via Daily Caller:

Fresno State University professor Randa Jarrar, in an interview that was published on Tuesday, blamed racism for the backlash she received after attacking former first lady Barbara Bush on Twitter the day she died.

Jarrar, who is of Egyptian, Greek and Palestinian heritage, told The Cut that she believes her own race was certainly a factor in the response to her comments.

“Women of color routinely have their tone policed, their justified anger painted as hatred, and their criticism of injustice framed as racism toward white people,” Jarrar told The Cut.

After calling Bush a “racist” and the mother of a “war criminal,” Jarrar received criticism from a number who felt that she had crossed a line and should be fired. She argued back that she was tenured and therefore could not be fired.

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Nancy Pelosi Knocks Her Own San Francisco District Over Free Speech, Says Don’t Shout Down Speakers

Wait, did I just kinda agree with Nancy Pelosi?

‘Real Indian’ Running Against Elizabeth Warren Sues After City Tells Him To Stop Calling Her ‘Fake Indian’

The People’s Republic of Cambridge.

Via Fox News:

A self-described “real Indian” who is running against Mass. Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren is suing after city officials demanded he take down his signs calling her a “fake Indian.”

The upstart independent Senate challenger, Shiva Ayyadurai, on Sunday filed a federal lawsuit alleging that the demand from the city of Cambridge violates his constitutional free speech rights, according to The Washington Times.

Since March 17, Ayyadurai’s campaign bus has sported two identical signs picturing himself and a rendition of Warren wearing Indian attire. Emblazoned next to the images are the words: “Only a REAL INDIAN Can Defeat the Fake Indian.”

The bus has reportedly been stationed in a parking lot in front of an office building owned by Ayyadurai, who faces exceptionally long odds, for more than a month — just a mile from Warren’s home.

Pelosi Begrudgingly Admits GOP Tax Plan Has Helped Average Americans After Student Confronts Her…


NY Times Corrects Piece Calling Palestinian Terror Payments A “Far-Right Conspiracy”…

No liberal bias at the New York Times.

Via Free Beacon:

The New York Times corrected a piece Monday that called the Palestinian Authority’s very real practice of giving payments to the families of terrorists a “far-right conspiracy.”

A Saturday Times profile of Campbell Brown, the head of news partnerships at Facebook, questioned whether the former journalist could help build better relations with media outlets, given allegations the social network spreads “fake news.”

“Ms. Brown wants to use Facebook’s existing Watch product – a service introduced in 2017 as a premium product with more curation that has nonetheless been flooded with far-right conspiracy programming like ‘Palestinians Pay $400 Million Pensions For Terrorist Families,’” the Times reported.

That sentence was criticized by Israeli and Jewish journalists who pointed out it is a well-established fact that the PA issues stipends, often referred to as “martyr payments,” to the families of those who are killed or imprisoned after attacking Israeli targets.

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Donna Brazile Defends DNC Lawsuit Against Trump: “Democrats Were Crime Victims”…

Someone should remind Donna who was president when this “crime” occurred.

Even more pathetic, Brazile the coward blocked us on Twitter:

CNN’s Brian Stelter: Trump Shouldn’t Be President Because Of Twitter Typos, Or Something…


Maxine Waters Claims “70% Of Women” Want Trump Impeached…

Just making shit up.

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Parkland Activist: Trump Calling Chuck Todd “Sleepy Eyes” Is Anti-Semitic…

Wait, what?

NY Dem Gov. Cuomo Announces Plan To Ban Plastic Bags

Not afraid to tackle the tough issues.

Via NY Post:

Gov. Cuomo announced Monday that he plans to ban plastic bags statewide — right after Democratic challenger Cynthia Nixon attended an Albany rally demanding he do more for the environment.

“The blight of plastic bags takes a devastating toll on our streets, our water and our natural resources, and we need to take action to protect our environment,” Cuomo said.

He introduced a bill that would ban single-use, plastic carryout bags, while exempting trash bags and bags used to wrap food such as fruit and sliced meats.

Hours before Cuomo’s announcement, Nixon rallied with about 500 environmental activists in Albany against a planned power plant there that would rely on gas obtained through fracking in Pennsylvania.

Maxine Waters: “I Certainly Meant It” When I Said Comey “Has No Credibility,” Except For When He Trashes Trump, Then “I Believe Him”…

The “resistance” trainwreck rolls on.

Kanye Courts More Controversy By Professing His ‘Love’ For Trump, Complaining ‘Couldn’t Get Nothing Done’ With Obama

Via Daily Mail:

Obama didn’t care about helping black people, he cared about advancing the leftist agenda. From very simple things like not pardoning Jack Johnson simply because his conviction was wrong to address more complicated issues like the continuing violence and murder in Chicago. Trump pardoned Johnson and sent more ATF to Chicago.

Kanye West professed his love for Donald Trump and defended his support of conservative mouthpiece Candace Owens at the weekend, a radio host has said.

Ebro Darden, host of Hot 97, said he spoke with the rapper on Sunday after he voiced his approval of Owens on Twitter the day before, sparking an uproar.

During that conversation, Darden claims Kanye said ‘I love Donald Trump’ while complaining that he ‘couldn’t get anything done’ with Obama.

‘I reached out to Obama for years and couldn’t get anything done, but Trump gave me a meeting,’ Darden claimed Kanye said during his Monday morning show.

Obama was famously caught on a hot mic calling Kanye a ‘jacka**’ after he interrupted Taylor Swift’s MTV awards speech in 2009, then stood by the comment in an interview in 2012.

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