Georgia Governor Forbids Cities, Counties From Making Mask Requirements…


Via WaPo:

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) signed an executive order Wednesday night explicitly banning cities from enacting their own mask mandates, even as the state experiences a sharp rise in coronavirus cases and other Republican governors are turning to mask orders to try to quell the surge.

Kemp’s order voids existing mask mandates in more than a dozen cities or counties, while also extending other coronavirus social-distancing restrictions statewide.

The governor had previously tried to ban cities and counties from passing any coronavirus restrictions that went further than Georgia’s guidelines. But many cities, including Atlanta, defied him by passing mask mandates anyway, arguing it was essential to flatten the curve. Kemp’s new order “strongly encourages” masks.

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U.S, Canada & U.K Allege Russians Are Conducting Cyber Attacks Against COVID Research Centers…

Seeing as how Russians just learned about gravity, they might be curious what viruses do.

Via CNN:

Russian cyber actors are targeting organizations involved in coronavirus vaccine development, according to a new warning by US, UK and Canadian security officials on Thursday that details activity by a Russian hacking group called APT29, which also goes by the name “the Dukes” or “Cozy Bear.”

An advisory published by the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) details activity by the Russian hacking group and explicitly calls out efforts to target US, UK and Canadian vaccine research and development organizations.
“APT29’s campaign of malicious activity is ongoing, predominantly against government, diplomatic, think tank, healthcare and energy targets to steal valuable intellectual property,” a press release on the advisory said.
Cozy Bear is one of two hacking groups linked to Russian intelligence that is believed to have accessed the Democratic National Committee’s internal systems in the lead-up to the 2016 US election, but Thursday’s announcement is the first time this group has been named in connection to cyberattacks related to the coronavirus pandemic.

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FBI Conducts Record High 3.9 Million Gun Background Checks For Guns…

Via NPR:

In a year marked by coronavirus fears, a slowing economy and nationwide protests calling for an end to systemic racism, more and more Americans are looking to arm themselves, according to a key government indicator.

The FBI reported that Americans set a new record of 3.9 million background checks to purchase or possess firearms in June. That eclipsed the previous record set in March of 3.7 million background checks.

In fact, seven of 1o highest weeks for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which is run by the FBI and was launched in 1998, have come this year. This includes the first four weeks in June.

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Trump: ‘Without Borders, You Don’t Have a Country’

Dems aghast.


Pelosi ‘In Shock’ As Trump Raises $141 Million In One Month…

It’s possible that is just her heart beating again.

I’m in shock.

Trump just declared he raised $141 MILLION last month.

And he just touched down in Atlanta for a massive event to rile up his base and raise even more.

I cannot overstate the importance of what I’m about to ask:

Can you rush in $5 before midnight to make Trump’s stunt completely BACKFIRE, overpower his haul, and replace every last Republican with a Democrat?

I need 10,000 gifts before midnight to prove to Trump:

Democrats will stop at NOTHING to defeat him, and anyone who stands in the way.

Can I count on your $5 before midnight?




Police Car Set Ablaze Outside Supreme Court…

The new normal.

Via Fox News:

A Supreme Court police car was set ablaze on Wednesday afternoon outside the high court and police have a suspect in custody, Fox News is told.

The vehicle was parked on Maryland Avenue N.E. in Washington when someone used gasoline, or some other flammable liquid, to set it on fire, Fox News has learned.

“An individual poured an accelerant on and set on fire an unmarked Supreme Court police vehicle parked on Maryland Ave. near First Street, NE,” said Kathy Arberg, spokeswoman for the U.S. Supreme Court. “The car was totally burned and an adjacent Court vehicle was also damaged.”

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NY Politician Calls For Bill DeBlasio To Be Removed From Office…

Via FNC:

Last week, Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., tweeted out a call for the immediate removal of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio from office amid a surge in violent crime acoss the city.

With the violence showing no sign of abating and claiming a 1-year-old Brooklyn boy among its victims, Zeldin has doubled down on his call to remove the mayor.

“I don’t believe New York City is going to survive the remainder of Mayor de Blasio’s term in office,” he told Fox News. “Certainly there are individuals who live in New York City who will not literally survive without any type of a change in the way New York City approaches policing, law and order, safety and security.”

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Why Hispanic Business Owners Are Urging You To BUY-cott Goya Products

The buy-cott is utterly stomping the boycott.

Via NY Post:

The Goya Foods boycott is an insult to Hispanics, America’s largest minority group. Politicians and pundits — some Hispanic, many others painfully woke-white — are calling for a boycott of the largest Hispanic food manufacturer and distributor in the nation, a company that employs more than 4,000 people.

The Bodega and Small Business Association, which represents thousands of New York City bodegas, is not taking this lying down. We are urging our stores and customers to stock up on all of Goya’s great products.

We are calling for a Goya buycott.

It all began after Bob Unanue, Goya’s CEO, committed the grave sin this month of praising President Trump. As The New York Times reported, the backlash surged following Unanue’s recent visit to the White House, where he dared to suggest that America was “blessed” to have Trump as its leader. Cue the Twitter hysterics.

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Twitter Hacked?

Multiple celebrities and politicians are having their accounts compromised and are Tweeting gibberish or links to send Bitcoin.

Can’t say I care too much. But it is funny as hell to see @jack tweeting links to porn.


Walmart & Sam’s Club To Require Masks In All Stores…


Via ABC:

Walmart and Sam’s Club announced Wednesday that they will start requiring all customers to wear face coverings when shopping at its stores as the coronavirus pandemic rages in the U.S.

“While we’re certainly not the first business to require face coverings, we know this is a simple step everyone can take for their safety and the safety of others in our facilities,” Dacona Smith, Walmart’s COO and Lance de la Rosa, Sam’s Club’s COO, said in a joint statement announcing the mandate. Sam’s Club is a subsidiary of Walmart.

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Andrew Cuomo Keeps Lying That He Didn’t Force COVID Patients Into Old Folks’ Homes, Janice Dean Has The Receipts Though…


Portland Antifa Attempt To Setup “Autonomous Zone” – City As Usual, Doesn’t Care…


PORTLAND, Ore. – Protesters are attempting to form what they call the Chinook Land Autonomous Territory in downtown Portland parks.

Demonstrators began erecting tents in Lownsdale Square on Tuesday night. The park is just across the street from the Federal Courthouse and was home to the “Occupy Portland” encampment in 2011.

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VIDEO: Portland Police Heckled Walking To Federal Building To Protect It From Antifa

The woman on the bullhorn is Danialle Inez James, she’s a fixture in Portland and Seattle protests. A paid protester and a radical Communist. She is one of the regional leaders of BLM and Antifa in the Pacific Northwest.


Joe Biden Says Arizona Is ‘An Important City’…

Errr, state.


Dem Rep. Jayapal: We Pushed Biden ‘Much Further’ Left Towards Gov’t Takeover of Health Care…

Add this to the long list of reasons he won’t win.


Banks Will Make $18 Billion From Processing Fees For PPP Loans…

At least someone is doing well?

Via The Intercept:

BANKS WILL MAKE out with $18 billion in fees for processing small business Paycheck Protection Program relief loans during the pandemic, according to calculations by Amanda Fischer, policy director at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, a progressive economic think tank.

That’s money taken directly out of the overall $640 billion pot of funding Congress allocated to the program it created as part of the CARES Act. “If we did it through a public institution, there would be [more than] $140 billion left,” Fischer noted, as opposed to the $130 billion still up for grabs. The Washington Center for Equitable Growth is releasing an analysis of the government response to the pandemic as soon as this week.

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VIDEO: NYPD Officers Brutally Attacked By BLM Protesters Who Tried To Block Brooklyn Bridge…


LATimes: It’s Time To Cancel The Star Spangled Banner…

Via LA Times:

The Francis Scott Key monument in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is one of those old-fashioned pieces of public art that, shall we say, lays it on thick. It is imposing and fussy, a 52-foot-tall chunk of travertine and marble loaded up with classical trimmings. There’s a fluted colonnade, four eagles with majestically fanned-out wings, swags and stars, and, at the very top of the big pile, the figure of Columbia, the traditional female personification of the United States, clutching an American flag.

In the center of the monument is the main attraction, a bronze statue of Key, the Washington, D.C., lawyer who, 206 years ago, wrote the words to “The Star-Spangled Banner” to commemorate the American victory in the Battle of Baltimore, in the War of 1812. Key is captured in a heroic pose: enthroned on a big chair with pen in hand, looking every inch the sort of poetaster who would come up with lines like “O’er the ramparts we watched / Were so gallantly streaming.”

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Only 54% Of Voters Believe Biden Is Even Capable Of Coherently Debating Trump….

Combine this with the fact that 20% of Democrats last month polled said they believe Biden is demented (medically).

Via Rasmussen:

A New York Times columnist has urged likely Democratic nominee Joe Biden not to debate President Trump in the fall. Most voters think that’s a bad idea, although only just over half believe Biden is even up to debating Trump given ongoing questions about his mental health.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 54% of Likely U.S. Voters think Biden is capable of debating the president. Thirty-six percent (36%) disagree and say he is not capable of such a debate. Another 11% are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

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Ivanka Endorses Goya…