Protest Organizer In New York City Appears To Threaten To Burn Down The Diamond District If Leaders Do Not Meet Demands

Fox identified him as an “organizer.”

Via Fox News:

A man identifying himself as “Ace Burns” delivered an ominous threat to New Yorkers Saturday during a live interview on Fox News, warning that protesters could set fire to Manhattan’s storied Diamond District if New York leaders don’t meet their demands.

“Today, I’m giving a demonstration from Barclay’s Center at 6 p.m. to City Hall, and that’s the first stop — and we’re hoping [Mayor] De Blasio and [Gov.] Cuomo come out and talk to us and give the youth some direction,” he told Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich.

“But if they don’t, then [the] next stop is the Diamond District,” he said, referring to a block on Manhattan’s 47th Street known for jewelry shops. “And gasoline, thanks to Trump, is awfully cheap. So we’re giving them a chance right now to do the right thing.”

NYPD arrested the man later Saturday, Heinrich tweeted.

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Liberal Minneapolis Mayor Booted From Protest After Not Saying He Would Defund Police

Minnesota just might go red with this. This weenie tries to pander to the mob of leftists and gets booted.


Suspected Cop-Stabber Yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’ During Attack, Police Say

Via NY Post:

The man accused of shooting two cops and stabbing a third in Brooklyn this week screamed “Allahu akbar!” three times during the unprovoked attack, police said Saturday.

Authorities have so far been unable to tie the man, Dzenan Camovic, to any organized terror group, but there are indications that his alleged tactics and ambush were similar to anti-police attacks in Paris and elsewhere, according to John Miller, the NYPD’s deputy commissioner of counter terrorism.

“All the hallmarks that would be out of the terrorist playbook,” Miller said at a briefing from NYPD headquarters in lower Manhattan

Camovic, 20, opened a Twitter account this month, and liked 24 tweets from those writing about George Floyd protests, looting in Soho and anti-cop propaganda, police said.

Camovic, who lives with his family in Sheepshead Bay, allegedly ran up to an officer and stabbed him in the neck just before midnight Wednesday night on Flatbush Avenue near Church Avenue, police have said.

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Goodell Says NFL Wrong For “Not Listening To Players”

Kapernick still sucks

Via AP:

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league was wrong for not listening to players fighting for racial equality and encouraged them to peacefully protest.

One day after 2018 NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes and several of his peers released a video demanding the league condemn racism, Goodell made his strongest statement on the issues many players passionately support.

George Floyd’s death has ignited nationwide protests over racial injustice and police brutality, issues former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick began speaking out against in 2016 when he started taking a knee during the national anthem.

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White BLM Protesters Attack Black Police Officer In Austin

They don’t care about black lives.


82-Year-Old Attacked For Holding A Trump Sign Gets Emotional When He Receives A Call From Donald Trump Jr.

Via Daily Caller:

An 82-year-old Trump supporter who was allegedly assaulted for holding a sign supporting President Donald Trump got a surprise call from the president’s son Friday during the Howie Carr Show on WBSM.

Charlie Chase was holding a Trump sign Tuesday in Fall River, Massachusetts when 27-year-old Aidan Courtright allegedly stopped his car, got out and walked toward Chase while screaming “Give me the (expletive) sign!” Providence Journal reported. Police said he then took the sign, ripped it in half and threw it down before assaulting Chase.

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‘This Is A Sham’: Tucker Blasts Health Care Professionals Who Signed Letter Exempting George Floyd Protests From Coronavirus Restrictions

Protest for BLM good, protest against Democratic governor lockdowns bad, and the virus gives BLM protesters a pass, right?

Via Daily Caller:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson called out health care professionals who signed a letter saying one kind of demonstration should not violate coronavirus social distancing policies while other kinds should.

During the Friday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” segment, Carlson explained how, just a few weeks ago, Americans were told the ongoing “medical emergency” was “more important than your rights.”

But now, more than 1,200 health professionals reportedly signed a letter claiming that ongoing protests and riots sparked by the death of George Floyd should be allowed to continue, and should not be “confused with a permissive stance on all gatherings, particularly protests against stay-home orders.”

“Those actions not only oppose public health interventions, but are also rooted in white nationalism and run contrary to respect for Black lives,” the letter continued.

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Medical Journal Retracts Study Claiming Hydroxychloroquine Is Dangerous

Via Daily Caller:

A widely read study claiming the use of the antimalarial hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus leads to an increased risk of death has been retracted, the study’s publisher said Thursday.

The Lancet, the medical journal that published the original study in late May, said in a statement that they “can no longer vouch for the veracity of the primary data sources,” and “due to this unfortunate development, the authors request that the paper be retracted.”

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Rasmussen: Likely Black Voter Approval for Trump Has Surged to Over 40 Percent

Not sure I believe this either, but if it’s anywhere even close…

Via PJ Media:

Despite the left’s recent efforts to paint Trump as a racist and blame him for police brutality and the riots, Rasmussen Reports says that approval for President Trump amongst likely black voters is now over 40 percent.

Trump received 8 percent of the African American vote in 2016. In August 2019, black voter approval for Trump stood at 26 percent.

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3 Protesters Tracked Officers To Their Homes, Threw Molotov Cocktails At Police Cars, Authorities Say

Obvious white supremacists.


GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Three protesters are in jail Thursday after being arrested for trying to set police cars on fire with Molotov cocktails.

They were denied bond in court Friday.

Police say the vandals tracked those officers down at their homes and tried to torch their cars. Both fires were put out quickly, leaving minor damage to the vehicles.

Ebuka Chike-Morah, 21, Alvin Joseph, 21, and Lakaila Mack, 20, all face multiple charges.

Police said someone called 911 to report a Gwinnett County Police Department car on fire in Duluth some time between 10 p.m. and midnight. The fire was extinguished by the time police arrived.

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Republican-led Senate Homeland Security Committee Authorizes Subpoenas For Obama Admin Officials

Maybe Lisa Page can report on getting a subpoena in her new job on MSDNC.


MSDNC Hires Lisa Page As A Legal Analyst

You knew it had to happen, right? Unreal. Next to Weisman, Mueller’s guy who actually wrote the report.


Washington Post Blasted Over Inaccurate ‘Grim Milestone’ Tweet On Unemployment Rate: ‘It’s Not True’


Via Fox News:

The Washington Post was blasted on social media after it jumped the gun with an inaccurate tweet Friday claiming the May U.S. unemployment rate was close to 20 percent, moments after the actual report indicated the rate unexpectedly had dropped to 13.3 percent.

“Grim milestone to be reached as May unemployment rate nears 20 percent,” the Post wrote in a now-deleted tweet to accompany a now-edited story with the same inaccurate headline.

May’s 13.3 is significantly down from a record high in April, indicating the nation’s economy is recovering faster than expected from the coronavirus lockdown – but it appears that Jeff Bezos’ Post had assumed the worst.

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DNC Chair Says Trump’s To Blame For High Unemployment, Not The Pandemic…

Hey, it’s not like the entire global economy was ground to a halt for months on end.

MITCHELL: “Let’s talk about the jobs report, better than expected, the president is touting it, and he seems to be trying to reboot his campaign as he was in the Rose Garden speaking for 40 minutes nonstop about this jobs report as the greatest ever. What is your approach to the jobs report today? Are we back on a better trajectory?”

PEREZ: “The greatest ever, talk about an inaccurate statement. You know, over the last three months, Andrea, we have seen 19.6 million jobs lost over the last three months. To give you a perspective, Andrea, in the worst three-month of the Obama administration, the worst three-month period, we had 3.2 million jobs loss. Every president since FDR has seen net job growth in their presidency until now with Donald Trump.”




Joe Biden On Jobs Report: Trump Deserves No Credit…



NBC Reports On Blowout Jobs Report: “Wow,” “Stunner,” “Much Better Than Expected”…

Awesome news, well, unless you’re a Democrat.

Update to this story.


Despite The Assistance Of Notes, Biden Repeats Himself 3 Times In Less Than 1 Minute


D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser Gets National Guard Booted Out Of Hotel In D.C.

This is the Democrats, folks. Disgraceful.

Via Salt Lake Tribune:

Utah National Guard soldiers and other forces from states deployed to the nation’s capital were forced out of their hotels on Friday morning in what Sen. Mike Lee called an eviction by an “ungrateful mayor.”

The mayor of the District of Columbia, Muriel Bowser, said this week that she wanted National Guard troops out of the district, which has seen days of protests — some of which have been violent — over racial injustice and the death of black Americans at police hands.

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Trump Touts Surprise Job Gains, Calls On States To End Coronavirus Lockdowns

Predictions had been much higher unemployment numbers, now it’s down to 13 percent.

Via Fox News:

President Trump declared Friday that jobs are coming back on the heels of a surprise labor report that may indicate the start of an economic recovery amid historic job losses, as he also upped his demands on states to lift lingering coronavirus-related lockdowns.

“We’re bringing our jobs back,” Trump said during upbeat remarks to members of the media in the Rose Garden. “We’re gonna be back there. I think we’re actually going to be back there higher next year than ever before.”

He added, in reference to predictions that the economy could eventually bounce back to where it was before the pandemic: “We’ve been talking about a ‘V.’ This is far better than a ‘V.’ This is a rocketship.”

Trump also signed a bill giving small businesses more flexibility with Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. He said the legislation would “especially help restaurants, hotels and other businesses.” The president also thanked Democrats for cooperating on getting the PPP bill through the House of Representatives.

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