Hundreds Of Protesters March In Minneapolis For Australian Woman Shot Dead By Cop

Via Daily Mail:

Hundreds of protesters have marched through the streets of Minneapolis to honour the life of an Australian woman shot dead by a cop.

Justine Damond was killed by police officer Mohamed Noor as she stood in her pyjamas outside her home in the US city on Saturday night.

The 40-year-old former Sydneysider was gunned down after calling police concerned a woman was being raped in an alley behind her house.

Hundreds of friends, family and strangers held an emotional rally on Thursday to pay tribute to the bride-to-be who was renowned for her caring nature.

‘We gather before you in our heartbreak, in our longing for healing,’ one woman can be heard saying on video captured at the protest.

Those who gathered held placards carrying messages of ‘Justice for Justine’, ‘Justice of all’ and ‘Unite for Justice’.

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Spicer To Stay On Till August, Will Appear On Hannity Tonight With Priebus, Scaramucci

That should be an interesting exchange…

Via Free Beacon:

Sean Spicer will sit down with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Friday night for his first interview since announcing his resignation as White House press secretary.

Spicer resigned his post Friday morning reportedly in protest of President Donald Trump’s decision to appoint Anthony Scaramucci as the new White House communications director.

He later tweeted that he would stay on through August.

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Mayor, Police Chief Slam Cop Shooting Of Unarmed Woman, Cop’s Attorney Wants Autopsy Of Victim To See If On Ambien

Same Mayor who praised him as a new Somali hire a couple of years ago. When the police chief says your actions don’t comport with your training, then yes, you have a problem. And not a good idea to try to slime the victim.

Via Daily Mail:

The mayor of Minneapolis where an Australian woman was shot dead by a police officer on Saturday has said the killing ‘should never have happened’.

Justine Damond was killed by officer Mohamed Noor outside her home after calling the police to report a suspected sexual assault.

It was dark and Noor, a rookie on the force, opened fire after seeing her move towards the car but apparently without knowing who she was. Neither his bodycam nor the bodycam that his partner was wearing was turned on at the time so there is no footage of the incident.

On Thursday, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges penned a scathing blog post calling for more to be done to ensure officers’ bodycams are always turned on.

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Minnesota Schools Adopt Transgender Toolkit for Kindergartners


Via Free Beacon:

A “transgender toolkit” for public schools in Minnesota advises teachers to call children “scholars” instead of boys and girls.

The guidelines were approved Wednesday by the “School Safety Technical Assistance Council” and will be distributed to Kindergarten through 12th grade public schools and charter schools throughout the state. The toolkit attempts to “ensure a safe and supportive transition” for children becoming a different gender at school.

The toolkit allows for boys who identify as girls to use the girls’ bathroom, and tells teachers to ask kids what their “preferred pronouns” are.

The Minnesota Department of Education encourages parents to have “acceptance and support of their child’s gender identity” if they want their child to perform well at school.

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Stupidest Man On Twitter Tariq Nasheed: “OJ Simpson Trial About White Supremacy”

It’s hard to believe someone this stupid exists and remembers to breathe but he does.

School Chancellor Wants To Abolish Algebra, Says It’s A Civil Rights Issue…

What the hell?

Via Daily Caller:

The chancellor of California’s community college system said he wants to abolish the college algebra requirement and called it a “civil rights issue” in a Wednesday interview.

Eloy Ortiz Oakley, chancellor of California Community Colleges, made the argument while speaking with NPR. He pegged algebraas overly burdensome due to the disproportionate rate at which it prevents students from graduating from community colleges; nearly 50 percent of community college students do not complete their math requirement.

“This is a civil rights issue, but this is also something that plagues all Americans — particularly low-income Americans,” said Oakley. “If you think about all the underemployed or unemployed Americans in this country who cannot connect to a job in this economy — which is unforgiving of those students who don’t have a credential — the biggest barrier for them is this algebra requirement. It’s what has kept them from achieving a credential.”

NPR suggested that Oakley was trying to improve the California community college graduation rate, pointing out that less than half of the system’s students transfer to a four-year college or obtain an associate’s degree from the community college within six years. But the chancellor denied this implication.

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Journalist Mocks Woman For Having Ostomy…


Candidate Challenging Jeff Flake: “McCain Should Step Aside As Quickly As Possible” After Cancer Diagnosis

This will be a fun primary…

Via CNN:

US Senate candidate Kelli Ward, who is challenging Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake in the state’s 2018 Republican primary, said Thursday that she hopes Sen. John McCain will step aside as quickly as possible following the news this week of his brain cancer diagnosis.

Ward, who failed in her effort to unseat McCain during last year’s primary, also floated the possibility that she would be appointed to McCain’s seat should he resign.

“I hope that Senator McCain is going to look long and hard at this, that his family and his advisers are going to look at this, and they’re going to advise him to step away as quickly as possible,” she said on Indiana radio WOWO 1190 AM. “So that the business of the country and the business of Arizona being represented at the federal level can move forward.”

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What Happens When You Ask A Bunch Of Pro-Higher Tax Billionaires To Voluntarily Give The IRS More Money?

^ What he said.


If you want to see a bunch of hypocritical leftists squirming with embarrassment, there’s a very clever video showing what happens when a bunch of pro-tax hike millionaires are asked to voluntarily pay more money to the IRS.

I think people who deliberately over-pay to government are very misguided, but it’s better to be naive than to be hypocritical.

I’ve even debated some of these rich, pro-tax statists on TV, telling them not to make the rest of us victims of their neurotic guilt feelings.

They definitely don’t put their money where their mouths are. There is an official government webpagewhere people can voluntary send extra cash to Washington, but the amount of money raised doesn’t even qualify as an asterisk in the federal budget.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that people elsewhere in the world also are not keen on the idea of deliberately giving politicians extra money to spend.

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Hollywood’s New Strategy To Combat Trump? A Movie About Emojis…

Just when you thought the world couldn’t get stupider.

Via FreeBeacon:

The lead voice actor for The Emoji Movie insisted in an interview Thursday that the movie is a very, very important way of fighting President Donald Trump’s administration, rather than just a film about talking faces.

Sitting down with HuffPost, comedic actor T.J. Miller trashed his former co-workers on HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” saying they did not do enough to stop Trump.

“Right before the election … I asked, ‘How much money did you donate, you Hollywood elites? How much did you donate to Hillary Clinton’s campaign?'” he recounted. “And everybody in the cast said nothing. They hadn’t given a dollar.”

By contrast, Miller was very much on board with The Emoji Movie.

“How rare is it that we get an opportunity to do an original property, right?” he said.

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McDonald’s Worker Tells Uniformed Cop: “I Ain’t Serving No Police”…

Degenerate POS.

Via NY Post:

A police officer in Virginia said he was refused service at a local McDonald’s because he was wearing a uniform, reported.

Scott Naff, an officer in the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, reportedly paid for his food in the drive-thru line but was allegedly refused the food when he got to the window. Naff’s wife, Cathy, told the newspaper that the employee saw the uniform and told her husband: “I ain’t serving no police.”

She posted the story on her Facebook page to inform her close friends about the incident, and the story went viral, the report said.

“He was in uniform and [in] his police vehicle. He paid for his food and drove forward to the next window,” she wrote, according to Fox 8. “The young man who was working that window looked at him and backed away from the window mouthing something to my husband.”

Cathy said her husband could not hear what was said because the drive-thru window was closed.

“The guy finally walked to the window and slid it open,” she continued. “The guy said, ‘I ain’t serving no police’ and closed the window. The guy proceeded to tell everyone in McDonald’s, including the manager, that he was not going to serve the police.”

Feminist: “Manspreading” a Sign Of “Sexist Environment”…


Via Campus Reform:

“Manspreading” on campus buses is indicative of the larger culture of sexism that is pervasive on campus, according to one University of North Texas student.

Brittany Sodic, a UNT senior studying journalism and women’s studies, made the claim in an op-ed published in the online magazine Study Breaks, arguing that manspreading is “one of the most obvious physical symptoms of a sexist environment that can be encountered in every area of campus.”

Sodic describes manspreading as “the act of physically spreading one’s body out in a way that takes up much needed room,” noting that it might make other people, such as women, “make themselves smaller to compensate.”

Sodic describes manspreading as “the act of physically spreading one’s body out in a way that takes up much needed room,” noting that it might make other people, such as women, “make themselves smaller to compensate.”

Mueller Asks WH to Preserve All Documents Related to Campaign Meeting With Russians

Via Free Beacon:

Special counsel Robert Mueller has asked the White House to preserve all documents relating to the meeting between top Trump campaign officials, a Russian lawyer, and others in June 2016.

Mueller sent a letter with the request to the White House, asking for all relevant documents to be saved regarding the meeting at Trump Tower, CNN reported Friday.

Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort met with Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya last summer believing that they would receive compromising information against Hillary Clinton. At least eight people were present at the meeting, including a Russian-American lobbyist and former Soviet counterintelligence officer.

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Federal Judge In San Francisco Refuses To Reinstate Trump Order Cutting Funds To Sanctuary Cities

Black robed social justice warrior.

Via Law Newz:

A federal judge in San Francisco on Thursday refused to reinstate President Donald Trump‘s executive order to cut funding from cities that limit cooperation with U.S. immigration authorities.

The U.S. Department of Justice had asked U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick to reverse his own injunction in April against Trump’s executive order. The injunction was issued in response to lawsuits by San Francisco and Santa Clara County.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions wrote a memo in May saying the executive order should be applied narrowly to a small number of grants and to very specific violations of immigration law. The memo said cities that “willfully refuse to comply” with federal law could lose grants from the Justice and Homeland Security departments, but not other federal funding.

The Justice Department said the memo negated the need for Orrick’s injunction.

Orrick said he found this unconvincing because Sessions could reverse himself at any moment.

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RNC Hauls in Record Amount of Donations in June

Juxtapose that against this story about DNC donations being in the dumper.

Via Free Beacon:

The Republican National Committee (RNC) announced on Thursday that it hauled in a record amount of campaign donations in the month of June.

The RNC brought in $13.5 million in June 2017, bringing the total for the year to $75.4 million so far.

The RNC also said it was free of debt and had spent $10.6 million in June. Its cash on hand was totaled at $44.7 million.

Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and Finance Chairman Steve Wynn made the announcement and said that it was evidence of support for President Donald Trump.

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Another Cop Shooting In Minneapolis: Cop Shoots 2 Service Dogs, Claims They Charged Him, But Video Disproves

What’s going on with Minneapolis cops?

Via Daily Mail:

Police body camera footage emerged on Thursday showing a Minneapolis officer shooting two dogs in a woman’s backyard and then apologizing to the sobbing owner.

The two Staffordshire terriers named Ciroc and Rocko were seriously wounded in the police-involved shooting that occurred on July 8 while the officer was responding to a false break-in alarm.

Just a week after the dog shooting, another Minneapolis police officer shot and killed local yoga instructor Justine Ruszczyk after she called 911 to report a possible rape taking place near her home.

Dog owner Jennifer LeMay last week released surveillance footage that captured the moment Officer Michael Mays entered LeMay’s backyard and encountered the two pets.

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U.S. To Ban American Tourist Travel To North Korea

No one who has any sense should go.

Via Free Beacon:

The United States government is expected to announce a ban on American tourists traveling to North Korea next Thursday, just weeks after U.S. college student Otto Warmbier, who was detained by Pyongyang, died after he returned home in a coma.

Two of the biggest travel companies that bring Western tourists to North Korea said the travel ban will start in late August, 30 days after next week’s announcement, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

Koryo Tours and Young Pioneer Tours, both based in China, said the Swedish Embassy in Pyongyang contacted them by phone to notify them of the United States’ decision. The Swedish Embassy handles all U.S. diplomatic affairs in North Korea.

If an American citizen violates the ban, it will result in the U.S. invalidating their passport.

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BREAKING: Sean Spicer Resigns As White House Press Sec

The reported story is he was disturbed about the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci. Why is not clear.

WASHINGTON — Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, resigned on Friday morning, telling President Trump he vehemently disagreed with the appointment of the New York financier Anthony Scaramucci as communications director.

Mr. Trump offered Mr. Scaramucci the job at 10 a.m. The president requested that Mr. Spicer stay on, but Mr. Spicer told Mr. Trump that he believed the appointment was a major mistake, according to a person with direct knowledge of the exchange.

Andrea Mitchell: I May Have Been ‘Too Aggressive’ Covering Hillary Clinton, ‘Can’t Think Of’ Instances of Biased Reporting

Hahahahaha. See picture above where she is just looking adoringly at Hillary. Media like Mitchell are just delusional about their own biases.

Via Free Beacon:

NBC anchor Andrea Mitchell said in an interview published Tuesday that she may have been “too aggressive” covering Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election and could not think of any instances during her career when she showed bias in her reporting.

Fashion magazine Women’s Wear Daily asked Mitchell if she thought there was ever a time when she went too far and showed bias in her reporting.

“Do you feel that you’ve ever gone too far where you’ve shown bias in your reporting?,” reporter Alexandra Steigrad asked.

Mitchell could not recall any instances when she was biased.

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Clinton Campaign Never Bought ‘Carbon Offsets’ To Atone For Hillary’s Private Jet Rides

That’s exactly how much a Hillary promise is worth.

Via Daily Caller:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seems to have broken her promise to run a carbon neutral campaign by purchasing credits to offset all the carbon dioxide emitted from her private jet travel.

The Clinton campaign promised nearly two years ago to go carbon neutral after the former top diplomat was caught flying a private jet the same day she gave a speech on the dangers of man-made global warming.

That promise remains unkept, a Daily Caller News Foundation review of federal election filings found.

Clinton aides said “offsetting our carbon footprint is still an important goal for this campaign,” but media reports from late 2015 and early 2016 found the Clinton campaign had not offset their carbon dioxide emissions.

Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign bought carbon offsets from Native Energy, but the company said Clinton did not buy any offsets from them during the 2016 campaign.

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