Al-Qaeda Leader: Trump A “Blatant Crusader,” America The “First Enemy” Of All Muslims…

Via LWJ:

As Sahab continues to release regular messages from Ayman al Zawahiri, posting two more discussions from the al Qaeda leader in recent days. In the latest message, disseminated online yesterday (Mar. 20), Zawahiri reminds viewers that his organization considers America to be the “first enemy” of Muslims around the globe.

Zawahiri begins his talk by claiming that President Trump is a “blatant crusader” who has “revealed the true face of America, and the true psychology of a majority of the American people toward Muslims.”

“The policies of America and its cheating crusader leader – without a doubt – clarified that the effective way in confronting its aggression is via the way of da’wah [proselytization] and jihad,” Zawahiri continues.

Report: Navy Rejects Atheist Chaplain After Long Fight

Oxymoron – Atheist Chaplain.

Via Washington Examiner:

Sen. Roger Wicker said Wednesday that the Navy has finally denied the application of a man who sought to become a “secular humanist” chaplain for the service.

The application of Jason Heap, who was backed by the Humanist Society, was first rejected by the Navy in 2014, but a Navy chaplain advisory board recently recommended approving it.

The possibility of an atheist chaplain set off an outcry from both sides of Capitol Hill, and 45 House members and 22 senators sent letters of opposition this month to Navy leaders.

“The Navy’s leadership has done the right thing,” said Wicker, R-Miss., who chairs the Senate Armed Services seapower subcommittee. “The appointment of an atheist to an undeniably religious position is fundamentally incompatible with atheism’s secularism. This decision preserves the distinct religious role that our chaplains carry out.”

The service already has the authority to create programs to support atheists and humanists, senators said.

The Navy Chaplain Corps is manned by officers who promote religious and spiritual well-being among sailors and Marines. It represents a variety of religions including Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism.

House lawmakers said the reconsideration of Heap’s application raised concerns that the Navy was trying to expand the Chaplain Corps beyond its intended focus of serving religious sailors by including philosophical beliefs.

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Pelosi Outraged By Republicans “Anti-Obama Attacks”…

Via DCCC email.

One of the proudest moments of my life was watching President Obama sign the Affordable Care Act into law.

But today — 8 years after our historic achievement — Donald Trump and his Republicans remain determined to eradicate it.

And make no mistake: It’s fueled purely by their hatred for President Obama.

They will never stop trying to sabotage the ACA — and we can never stop fighting to protect it.

Before the big anniversary on Friday, will you sign your name alongside mine and condemn Republicans for their vicious attacks on the ACA and President Obama’s legacy? >>

Thanks to President Obama’s ACA, patients can no longer be denied because of pre-existing conditions. Those on Medicare and Medicaid get the health care they need. And countless lives have been saved.

But Donald Trump and his Republicans in Congress don’t care about any of that.

Their only concern is undermining and destroying President Obama’s signature achievement.

I want to hit 2,25O,OOO signatures today to send Republicans a clear message: The Affordable Care Act is here to stay.

Will you sign your name before midnight Friday and condemn Republicans for their anti-Obama attacks on our health care?



No Joke: Australian Nurses Forced To Announce Their “White Privilege” Before Treating Indigenous Patients…


Via Daily Mail:

Australian nurses and midwives are being forced to announce their ‘white privilege’ before treating Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander patients –  a move which has been slammed as ‘racist to its core’.

The term ‘white privilege’ defines the unearned social and cultural advantages awarded to people with white skin which are not enjoyed by people of colour or non-white backgrounds.

The Nursing and Midwifery Board believes the cultural safety of Indigenous or Torres Strait Islander patients is just as important as their clinical safety.

But Graeme Haycroft, spokesperson for the Nurses Professional Association of Queensland, (NPAQ) told Sky News the addition to the code of conduct could have serious consequences for nurses and is simply ‘racist’

The Board describes the move as ‘a decolonising model of ­practice based on dialogue, communication, power sharing and negotiation, and the acknowledgment of white privilege’.

Trump Again Calls Maxine Waters A “Low IQ Individual”…

Love it!

Via The Hill:

President Trump kept up his attack on Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) at a National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) event on Tuesday night, calling her a “low IQ individual.”

“The Democrats think they’re invincible. I mean, I watch this Maxine Waters, you ever see Maxine Waters?” Trump said.

“A low IQ individual. Low IQ. ‘We will impeach him. We will impeach him.’ ‘But he hasn’t done anything wrong.’ ‘It doesn’t matter, we will impeach him,'” he continued.

Spirit Airlines Attendant Lectures Passengers About Anti-Gun ‘March For Our Lives,’ Tells Them To Clap For It

And guess who happened to be on the flight when she did it?

Via Twitchy:

Stoneman Douglas student activist Kyle Kashuv is on his way to D.C. today, but his trip is not off to a good start. Apparently the flight attendant on his Spirit Airlines flight decided to lecture the plane on this weekend’s “March For Our Lives” and, according to Kyle, made everyone clap at the end:

Spirit Airlines has since apologized for the incident and is looking into it:

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‘Don’t Be Dick’s.’ Dick’s New Anti-#2A Gun Policy Has Officially Backfired In A Big Way

Via Twitchy:

Wait, what? You mean a sporting goods company banning the sale of all firearms to anyone under 21 is seeing a drop in their sales?

Gosh, we feel shocked.

Oh, wait, no we don’t.

From NRO:

Dick’s Sporting Goods has suffered a surprisingly steep downturn in sales since promising to sell fewer guns, but the problem isn’t the gun sales, Fortune says.

Stock tumbled to the lowest in four months after the sports store banned assault-style weapons from its Field & Stream stores and raised the minimum age for a customer to buy a firearm from 18 to 21.

We warned them.

The decision is “not going to be positive from a traffic standpoint and a sales standpoint,” Stack predicted.

The company’s shares fell 7.3 percent after going up 13 percent this year. Sales failed to hit the projected $2.74 billion, tapering off at $2.66 billion for this quarter.

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Facebook Suppresses Certain Media Outlets In Your Newsfeed. It Won’t Tell You Which Ones

And guess who those media outlets they suppress have in common?

Via Daily Caller:

Within the span of eight days in January, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced two different key changes to Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm that together have boosted a “trusted” minority of news outlets while suppressing their competitors.

First, Facebook would slash news articles’ share of the newsfeed from five percent to four percent in the coming months, Zuckerberg said. Second, Facebook would boost certain “trusted” news outlets and suppress other, ostensibly less trustworthy sources.

The algorithm changes have disproportionately harmed conservative publishers, tech website The Outline concluded in a lengthy report earlier in March. Conservative and right-wing publishers “were hit the hardest” by the algorithm change, the report found, “while the engagement numbers of most predominantly liberal publishers remained unaffected.”

Conservative website Western Journalism reached the same conclusion in a similar data report last week. Conservative websites saw a significant drop in traffic from Facebook following the algorithm change, while comparable liberal sources saw a slight increase, that report found.

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House Intel Votes To Shut Down Russia Investigation, Release Final Report

Via Daily Caller:

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence voted along party lines on Thursday to formally end the panel’s Russia investigation and to release a report about the probe to the rest of Congress.

The 150-page report will now undergo a classification review by the intelligence community to determine what information must be redacted in the document. After it goes to Congress, the report will be made public. That is expected to happen within the next several weeks.

Committee Republicans announced last week that they had drafted the report and were planning on shutting down the Russia investigation.

After 73 witness interviews and a review of more than 300,000 documents, Republicans found no evidence that President Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with the Russian government during the 2016 presidential campaign.

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Zuckerberg: ‘I Would Love to See’ Some Internet Regulations

And this is the point of all this and the Russia ads nonsense. All this stuff has been going on forever, but now they want to use it to try to control what you see and use their algorithm to shut down conservative sites and thought.

Via Free Beacon:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Wednesday that Facebook should be regulated like companies in other areas of the media.

Zuckerberg spoke to CNN about the controversy surrounding Facebook’s impact on the 2016 election, and Zuckerberg said he cannot fully assess what that impact was. He said the overall picture of the election makes it hard to assess, leading CNN’s Laurie Segall to ask whether Facebook needs to be regulated.

“Given the stakes here, why shouldn’t Facebook be regulated?” Segall asked.

“I actually am not sure we shouldn’t be regulated,” Zuckerberg replied. “I think in general, technology is an increasingly important trend in the world, and I actually think the question is more, ‘What is the right regulation?’ rather than, ‘Yes or no, should it be regulated?’”

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Trump: Biden Is Mentally and Physically ‘Weak,’ Would Go Down in a Fight ‘Crying All the Way’

Groping Joe really doesn’t have any space to criticize anybody else.

Via Free Beacon:

President Donald Trump responded to former Vice President Joe Biden’s recent pronouncement that he would have “beat the hell out of” Trump for his crude remarks about women, tweeting that Biden is “weak,” “crazy,” and would go down in a fight “crying all the way.”

Biden on Tuesday referenced his remarks from 2016, when he famously commented he would have liked to take Trump “behind the gym” in high school after the release of the 2005 “Access Hollywood” tape, in which Trump boasted about groping and kissing women whenever he felt.

“When a guy who ended up becoming our national leader said, ‘I can grab a woman anywhere and she likes it,’ … they asked me would I like to debate this gentleman, and I said no,” Biden said. “I said, ‘If we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.'”

Trump wrote “Crazy Joe Biden” shouldn’t “threaten people.”

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Cambridge Analytica Is Not The Problem. Google And Facebook Are The Problem

If you think they just started harvested data in that one instance or for the Obama campaign, then you haven’t been paying attention.

Via Daily Caller:

All hell has broken loose about the link between Cambridge Analytica, a British marketing firm that the Donald Trump campaign hired to drum up votes, and Facebook, which might have improperly supplied Cambridge Analytica with valuable information about 50 million American voters in 2014.

A whistleblower, Christopher Wylie, who left Cambridge Analytica that same year, is now spilling his guts about the role he played in the data transfer. As a result, Facebook’s stock has shed nearly $50 billion in value, Facebook investors are suing the company, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has opened an investigation.

Should we care about any of this? Not really.

I conduct scientific research on online manipulation, and, at this point, I probably know more about it than anyone else in the world. Online manipulation of our thinking, opinions, purchases and votes is real, powerful and scary; the numbers are mindboggling, in fact. But Cambridge Analytica is not the problem, mainly because the methods it uses to manipulate are not very powerful. Compared with the real threats out there, they are, in fact, trivial.

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Officer Who Fatally Shot Justine Damond Charged With Murder, Turns Himself In

Via Fox News:

The Minneapolis police officer who fatally shot an Australian woman in July was charged with murder Tuesday after he turned himself in when a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Officer Mohamed Noor turned himself in Tuesday in connection with the 2017 death of Justine Ruszczyk Damond, his attorney confirmed.

The criminal complaint remained sealed by midday Tuesday, but according to the jail roster Noor was booked on a third-degree murder charge for perpetrating an eminently dangerous act while showing a “depraved mind.” The second-degree manslaughter charge alleges he acted with “culpable negligence creating unreasonable risk.”

Damond was shot July 15, minutes after calling 911 to report a possible sexual assault in the alley behind her home. The 40-year-old life coach’s death drew international attention, cost the police chief her job and forced major revisions to the department’s policy on body cameras.

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Mark Zuckerberg Is Asked If People Can Trust Facebook — His Answer Says It All

Via Daily Caller:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg didn’t give the best answer to CNN Wednesday when asked about whether people can trust his company.

CNN’s Laurie Segall asked, “Facebook has asked us to share our data, to share our lives on its platform and it has wanted us to be transparent, and people don’t feel like they’ve received that same amount of transparency. They’re wondering what’s happening to their data. Can they trust Facebook?”

Zuckerberg’s answer was long, but didn’t answer the question at all.

“Yeah, so one of the most important things that I think we need to do here is make sure that we tell everyone whose data was affected by one of these rogue apps, right?” he said.

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Sociologist Claims Vegan Men Promote ‘White Masculinity’

Maybe in some other universe.

Via Campus Reform:

A sociology instructor at North Carolina State University (NCSU) is warning in a new academic article that vegan men are guilty of perpetuating “white masculinity.”

“Meatless meals and masculinity” was written by Mari Mycek, a doctoral candidate and teaching assistant in the NCSU sociology department, who argues that vegan and vegetarian men have reclaimed their “previously-stigmatized consumption identity” to wield power over women by framing their lifestyle as a rational, rather than emotional, choice.

Though some scholars claim that eating meat causes “toxic masculinity,” Mycek came to a different conclusion based on interviews with 20 vegan men, asserting that they actually tend to “uphold gendered binaries of emotion/rationality and current ideas of middle-class, white masculinity.”

Mycek argues that vegan men use their diet to bolster their masculinity “by explaining their choice to become [vegan] in ways that evoke logics of rationality, science, and reason, concepts that also traditionally get coded as masculine.”

Observing that “these performances of masculinity are aligned with white middle-class social norms and expectations,” she contends that middle-class men are uniquely poised to take advantage of this status-building strategy.

Mycek also frames veganism as a privilege for the elite, explaining that it symbolizes for men “a form of cultural capital and a symbolic resource, a way to align oneself with those who have the privilege of choice when it comes to food decisions.”

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Thanks To Bill Clinton, Trump Can Execute Drug Dealers Already

Via Politico:

The state execution of drug smugglers that President Donald Trump has pushed for as part of his plan to combat the opioid crisis is already legal under a 1994 law passed at the height of the crack cocaine epidemic.

But in 24 years, federal prosecutors have never once used it. They hardly need to, considering the draconian penalties already available for punishing convicted drug smugglers.

Signed by President Bill Clinton, the 1994 death penalty statute was part of a clampdown on drug dealers in response to the crack epidemic, linked to a surge of crime and violence in American cities in the 1980s and 1990s. But it was a bridge too far even for zealous prosecutors because many believed it would be found to violate the Eighth Amendment prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment, said Ojmarrh Mitchell, a professor of statistics and criminology at the University of South Florida.

“In the absence of a direct link to a death, the constitutionality of death penalty prosecution is shaky at best,” said Douglas Berman, a law professor at Ohio State University.

The 1994 legislative package authorizes capital punishment against a defendant who directs a continuing criminal enterprise involving either large quantities of drugs or generating $20 million a year from the enterprise. It also includes 20-year mandatory minimum sentences for drug sales that result in overdose deaths. It has been used to execute drug kingpins for murders committed in the course of their business.

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NYC Considers Making Walking And Smoking Illegal

Tobacco smoke masks the smell of urine and defecation.


If you don’t smoke and you find yourself walking behind someone who does, it can be unpleasant. Now a New York City Councilman wants to do something about it.

“My bill is very simple, no smoking and walking on New York City Sidewalks,” said Queens Councilman Peter Koo (Dist. 20).

His bill would make it a misdemeanor to walk while smoking, likely punishable by a fine of $50.

Smokers, already banned from lighting up in public parks among many other places in the city, weren’t thrilled at the idea.

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Hillary Clinton Wants To Know If Cambridge Analytica And Russian Operatives Worked Together To Derail Her Presidential Campaign

As if Hillary needs another excuse.

Via BI:

Hillary Clinton, in an interview originally recorded last year, questioned whether Cambridge Analytica and Russian operatives may have worked together during the 2016 US election.

The former Democratic presidential nominee spoke last year with the British public-broadcasting outlet Channel 4, and her inquiry has taken on new significance in light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal that’s unfolding this week.

Cambridge Analytica is being scrutinized for the methods it used during the 2016 presidential election, after executives with the British data firm boasted about their ability to covertly target voters, entrap politicians, and launch propaganda campaigns.

The firm exploited Facebook’s data rules to vacuum up data from some 50 million Facebook users as part of an operation to seed attack ads on the internet during the 2016 US election. Donald Trump’s campaign hired Cambridge Analytica the same year.

The firm’s bosses have described how they planted anti-Clinton ads and content via pro-Trump political-action committees, ostensibly to conceal their own involvement.

Russian operatives used Facebook data to seed political discord online. The propaganda was largely pro-Trump, and was targeted to specific election battlegrounds like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

“The real question,” Clinton said last year while promoting her book about the 2016 election, “is how did the Russians know how to target their messages so precisely to undecided voters in Wisconsin, or Michigan, or Pennsylvania.”

Clinton continued: “So if they were getting advice from, let’s say, Cambridge Analytica or someone else about, ‘OK, here are the 12 voters in this town in Wisconsin — that’s whose Facebook pages you need to be on to send these messages,’ that indeed would be very disturbing.”

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Blake’s Snow Shack

Flashback 2009: Mark Zuckerberg – We Would Never Share Or Sell User Data

And he had absolutely no problem sharing it with the Obama people in 2012. People are only upset now because Cambridge Analytica shared it with the Trump folks.

In any event, Zuckerberg of course, lied his head off.