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Afghan Immigrant Found Guilty Of NYC Bombing Spree…

Rot in hell.

Via Daily Caller:

A federal jury on Monday found Ahmad Rahimi guilty of a bomb attack that injured dozens of people in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood last year.

After deliberating for three hours, the Manhattan jury convicted Rahimi on multiple charges including using a weapon of mass destruction, bombing a public place and interstate transportation of explosives during a two-day bombing campaign in and around New York.

Rahimi, who has been jailed since his arrest last year, now faces a life sentence.

“Ahmad Khan Rahimi attacked our country and our way of life. Inspired by ISIS and al Qaeda, Rahimi planted and detonated bombs on the streets of Chelsea, in the heart of Manhattan, and in New Jersey, hoping to kill and maim as many innocent people as possible,” acting Manhattan U.S. Attorney Joon Kim said in a statement, according to the New York Daily News. “Rahimi’s crimes of hate have been met with swift and resolute justice. Just over a year after his attacks, and following a fair and open trial, Rahimi now stands convicted of his crimes of terror by a unanimous jury of New Yorkers.”

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Leader Of ISIS Philippine’s Branch Killed By Government Forces Fighting To Retake City Of Marawi…

Rot in Hell.

MANILA — One of Asia’s most-wanted terrorists was killed Monday in the southern city of Marawi, the Philippine authorities said, after thousands of government troops pushed over the weekend to reclaim the town from Islamist militants.

The terrorist who died, Isnilon Hapilon, was the leader of Abu Sayyaf, a militant group affiliated with the Islamic State that has held parts of Marawi since May. The police provided a photo of Mr. Hapilon’s body as proof of his death.

Mr. Hapilon and another militant leader, Omarkhayam Maute, led a final stand against government troops that ended with both men’s deaths in a predawn gunfight Monday.

More than 1,000 people, including 800 militants, have been killed since the terrorist groups overran the city five months ago. The government escalated its efforts to end the standoff this weekend. At least 20 soldiers, including a colonel, were wounded in the latest fighting.

Trump Administration To Tackle Welfare Reform Soon…

Thank God.

Via Washington Examiner:

President Trump said Monday his administration will look “very strongly” at reforming the welfare system and plans to make the issue a priority during his presidency.

“One thing we’re going to be looking at very strongly is welfare reform. That’s becoming a very, very big subject and people are taking advantage of the system and then other people aren’t receiving what they really need to live, and we think it’s very unfair to them,” Trump told reporters before a meeting with his Cabinet. “But some people are really taking advantage of our system from that standpoint, and we are really going to be looking very, very strongly therefore at welfare reform.”

The president did not provide details on what, specifically, he would do to reform the welfare system, but said the efforts were part of his priority to cut government spending.

The president’s commitment to welfare reform comes as Republicans on Capitol Hill are already working to overhaul the healthcare system, draft legislation reforming the tax code, and pass a bill addressing ‘Dreamers,’ the name given to those who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children and are protected from deportation under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

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Flashback: Dem Senator Called Traitor Bowe Bergdahl A Hero…

The only person he’s a hero to is the Taliban.

Via Daily Caller:

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s guilty plea to charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy Monday may prove uncomfortable for Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy, who praised Bergdahl as an “American hero” in 2014.

Bergdahl abandoned his post in Afghanistan in 2009 before getting captured by the Taliban, who held him prisoner for five years.

The Obama administration secured his release by swapping five Taliban prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay in 2014. Obama announced Bergdahl’s release in a celebratory event with the deserter’s parents at the White House Rose Garden.

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Wait, What? Clinton Compares Russian Election Interference To 9/11…


Via Washington Examiner:

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called Russian interference in the 2016 election a “cyber 9/11” on Sunday.

“I think there a lot more connections that have yet to come to light,” Clinton told a London audience. Clinton added that if she had been elected, she “would have called for an independent commission to get to the bottom of it.”

“We had really well-respected security, intelligence veterans saying this was a ‘cyber 9/11′ in the sense it was a direct attack on our institutions,” Clinton said, according to BuzzFeed. “That may sound dramatic, but we know that they probed and tried to intrude into election systems, not just the social media propaganda part of their campaign.”

Clinton said Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to destabilize Western democracies, and warned that the Russians are “not done” and are still an “ongoing threat.”

The speech was given at the Southbank Centre’s London Literature Festival, where prominent British figures such as former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson also spoke.

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North Korea Says It Is Not Interested In Diplomacy Until It Develops A Missile Capable Of Hitting US…

Or we nuke them first.

Washington (CNN) – A North Korean official reaffirmed Pyongyang’s commitment to developing a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching “all the way to the East coast of the mainland US,” on Monday, telling CNN that the rogue nation is currently not interested in diplomacy with the US until it achieves that goal.

North Korea is not ruling out diplomacy, but “before we can engage in diplomacy with the Trump administration, we want to send a clear message that the DPRK has a reliable defensive and offensive capability to counter any aggression from the United States,” the official said.

The comments offer a sobering challenge to the US and the Trump administration which has offered mixed messages regarding diplomatic efforts with North Korea.

\White House chief of staff John Kelly said last week that Americans should be concerned about North Korea’s ability to reach the United States with an intercontinental ballistic missile, cryptically telling reporters that if the threat grows “beyond where it is today, well, let’s hope that diplomacy works.”

President Trump To Hillary Clinton: “Hillary, Please Run Again,” In 2020…



Family Of Dead Muslim Recruit Sues Marines For $100 Million

Via Detroit Free Press:

The family of a Muslim Marine recruit from Taylor who died in a fall at boot camp last year after allegedly being hazed and abused is suing the government for $100 million for his death, claiming “negligence on multiple levels of command.”

The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Detroit claims the Marines “fostered a culture of abuse and hazing” at the training base at Parris Island, S.C., that led to the death of 20-year-old Raheel Siddiqui in a three-story fall from a barracks stairwell in March 2016.

In the lawsuit, the family’s lawyer, Shiraz Khan of Southfield, wrote that “recurrent physical and verbal abuse of recruits by drill instructors, with a noted insufficiency of oversight and supervision” ultimately caused Siddiqui’s death.

The Marines have maintained that Siddiqui’s death, less than two weeks after he began boot camp, was a suicide, a conclusion that his family has rejected, along with suggestions that Siddiqui was somehow not prepared for the rigors of Parris Island.[…]

In the lawsuit filed by Siddiqui’s family Friday, they say that not only were Marines at Parris Island negligent but so were recruiters who suggested that they were giving Siddiqui a great opportunity while not telling him about the hazing concerns, including the alleged incident involving another Muslim recruit.

The family noted that, despite the Marines’ claims, Siddiqui never had any mental health issues or threatened suicide. Instead, they said, the Truman High School valedictorian had told family and friends he was looking forward to becoming a Marine and “will not quit no matter how hard it is.” He had spent months training with his recruiter before boot camp as well.

The lawsuit faces a difficult path forward, however. Under what’s known as the Feres doctrine, the Supreme Court decades ago decided to effectively bar suits for injuries sustained by active-duty personnel related to their service — including training. Legal experts have told the Free Press in the past that getting around that may be virtually impossible short of getting Congress to change the law somehow.

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Another Hate Crime Hoax: Man Charged In University Of Maryland Swastika Vandalism Is Black Former UMD Employee

Another false flag.

Via The College Fix:

You wouldn’t know it by reading news from the University of Maryland or its student newspaper, but the suspect charged in connection with a spray-painted swastika on campus is … African-American.

Back on October 6 the campus paper The Diamondback reported the following:

Police issued Ronald Alford, 52, from Hyattsville a criminal summons for one count of malicious destruction of property and one count of disturbing the operations of a school, according to a news release. He was served the summons on Thursday and issued a denial of access to the campus.

Local news reported much the same. Ditto the Associated Press, although it added that public and court records had no phone number or attorney listed on Alford’s behalf.[…]

Indeed. U. Maryland has been quite busy “combatting hate” — in the form of ditching the state song due to its connections to the Confederacy, responding to student demands to deal with “hate speech,” and students even demanding “hate speech” be classified as a cult activity.

So maybe that’s why currently only one news outlet notes swastika suspect Alford is black:

Court records show the man accused of spray-painting a swastika inside a residence hall at the University of Maryland in September is African American.

Students were surprised to learn someone who is a member of a race which has been historically oppressed is accused of the hate-related incident.

“I guess it proves that you don’t have to be a certain race to hate people, but I mean, it’s just you would think that someone, especially from a race that has been subjected to hate before, you would think why would you want to reciprocate that to somebody else,” said student Abby Gorun.

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BREAKING: Maxine Waters Has A Sane Thought, Says DNC Should Give Weinstein Money Back…

Now that she’s got her yearly sane thought out of the way, back to… IMPEACH!!

President Trump Blasts Senate Republicans: ‘Not Getting The Job Done’

All the Republicans needed was the presidency…

Via Washington Times:

President Trump on Monday scolded Senate Republicans for “not getting the job done” and endorsed a push by ally Stephen K. Bannon to force out GOP leaders.

The president made the remarks ahead of a lunch meeting with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, with whom Mr. Trump has had a strained relationship for months as his legislative agenda stalled.

“We are not getting the job done and I’m not going to blame myself,” Mr. Trump said at a Cabinet meeting. “I’ll be honest, they are not getting the job done.”

Mr. Trump defended Mr. Bannon, a Breitbart news executive and the president’s former White House political director, who launched a campaign to unseat establishment GOP lawmakers and force out Mr. McConnell, Kentucky Republican.

“He’s a friend of mine and he’s very committed to getting things passed,” Mr. Trump said. “I can understand where Steve Bannon is coming from. … I’m not happy about [the stalled agenda] and a lot of people are not happy about it.”

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Doctor Told Not To Sing National Anthem During Delta Flight Carrying Remains Of Fallen Green Beret

Usually a moment of silence is held during removal of the casket.


A Savannah doctor was told not to sing the national anthem during a Delta flight that was carrying home the remains of a fallen Green Beret from Toombs County, Georgia.

When Pamela Gaudry learned that former Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright was on her flight, she and other passengers made an agreement to sing the national anthem as they waited for soldiers to unload his casket.

Gaudry said a flight attendant put a stop to the plans.

“I said, ‘it’s the national anthem’ and she said ‘it is against company policy to do that and so we are going to land and everbody is going to stay in their seats and be quiet,'” Gaudry said. […]

“Delta has contacted me – no money or free tickets (I promise, and I would not have taken them) – and this is not their policy,” she wrote on Facebook. “Evidently, they had a flight attendant that made some bad decisions in trying to make this situation go away.”

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She’s Fallen Again: Hillary Falls, Twists Her Ankle, Misses Media Appearances In England

Via Free Beacon:

Hillary Clinton twisted her ankle on Sunday night, making her miss several media appearances while on her book tour in England.

Clinton, who is out promoting her book, What Happened, didn’t show up for several television appearances in London after her fall Sunday night. Clinton was exhausted due to the trip, the Daily Mail reports.

“Supposed to be interviewing Hillary Clinton… but she’s fallen over and hurt her foot!! Gutted,” “This Morning” host Philip Schofield said on Snapchat.

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WSJ Editorial Board Accuses ‘Beltway Media’ And Democrats Of Trump Dossier ‘Coverup’

Read the whole thing and see who has the real connection to Russia.

Via Daily Caller:

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board is accusing Democrats and “the Beltway media” of ignoring questions raised about the Trump dossier and the firm behind the infamous and uncorroborated document, Fusion GPS.

What’s significant about the newspaper’s piece is that Fusion GPS was co-founded by three former Journal reporters, Glenn Simpson, Peter Fritsch and Tom Catan. But that relationship provides no cover for the Fusion trio.

“The Beltway media move in a pack, and that means ignoring some stories while leaping on others. Consider the pack’s lack of interest in the story of GPS Fusion [sic] and the ‘dossier’ from former spook Christopher Steele,” writes the Journal’s editorial board, which is considered right-of-center on the political spectrum.

“Americans don’t need a Justice Department coverup abetted by Glenn Simpson’s media buddies.”

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BREAKING: Bowe Bergdahl Pleads Guilty To Desertion And Misbehavior


Via NY Post:

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who walked off his post in Afghanistan in 2009 and was held in captivity for five years by the Taliban, pleaded guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy on Monday, saying “I understand leaving was against the law.”

“I left my observation post on my own,” Bergdahl told a judge at his hearing at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, according to CNN. “I understand leaving was against the law.”

In an interview that aired earlier Monday, Bergdahl who was released in 2014 in exchange for five Taliban prisoners who were being held in Guantanamo Bay, said that he doubts if he could have gotten a fair trial after President Trump once called him a “no good traitor” who should be executed.

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Hillary Clinton Tells London Audience She Is ‘Worried’ About Trump Starting Nuclear War

This is starting to border on the treasonous. She’s a sick woman, so torn up with not winning she’s willing to harm the United States to get back at Trump.

Via Daily Caller:

Hillary Clinton told a London audience Sunday night that Congress is “trying to figure out” how to stop President Donald Trump from starting a nuclear war.

According to Business Insider, the failed Democratic presidential candidate was speaking to dignitaries, including London Mayor Sadiq Khan, at the London Literature Festival.

Clinton claimed that Congress was looking at ways to usurp Trump’s ability to ignite a nuclear war by firing a missile at North Korea in a fit of rage.

“A lot of people thought I was probably exaggerating it, but now we are worried and Congress is worried about whether they can take that power away from Trump so that in a moment of pique he doesn’t pick up that phone and call whoever is sitting in the control centre today,” she told the rapt audience of approximately 3,000.

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US And South Korea Launch Military Drills Because Of Renewed Threat

Via NY Post:

The United States and South Korean forces began conducting military exercises on Monday just days after North Korea renewed a threat to launch missiles at Guam, an American territory in the Pacific.

The five days of naval drills in the waters off the Korean peninsula come amid escalating tensions and a war of words between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The drills, which involve fighter jets, helicopters and about 40 ships and submarines, are intended as a rehearsal on how to respond to a naval attack by North Korea and to improve the allies operational capability, South Korean navy spokesman Jang Wook said, according to the Associated Press.

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Toronto School District To Remove “Chief” From Job Titles To Avoid Offending Indigenous People

Persons what’s in charge should do.

Via The College Fix:

In one of the latest eye-rolling instances of political correctness, the Toronto District School Board will begin replacing the term “chief” from job titles “out of respect for Indigenous peoples.”

The district will proceed with the move even though, according to district spokesman Ryan Bird, no Indigenous people have requested such changes be made.

The decision was made “in the spirit” of the recommendations made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission which dealt with the legacy of the Indian residential school system.

“[‘Chief’] may not have originated as an Indigenous word, but the fact is that it is used as a slur in some cases, or in a negative way to describe Indigenous people,” Bird said. “With that in mind, as it has become a slur in some cases, that’s the decision the administration has made to be proactive on that.”

Job titles such as chief financial officer and chief academic officer will have “chief” replaced with “manager” or “executive officer.”

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Biden Smiles When the Crowd Mentions a Possible 2020 Run…

Team Trump quietly nods in approval.