BREAKING: AP Calls Alabama Senate Race For Doug Jones In A Squeaker

Fusion GPS Confirms Hiring DOJ Official’s Wife To Investigate Trump

Connected from the very beginning to get Trump.

Via Daily Caller:

The co-founder of Trump dossier firm Fusion GPS confirmed in court filings on Tuesday that he met last year with Justice Department official Bruce Ohr and hired Ohr’s wife to help with the opposition research firm’s investigation of Donald Trump.

Glenn Simpson said in a declaration filed in federal court in Washington, D.C. that he met “at [Ohr’s] request” weeks after the presidential election. Simpson stated that Ohr, who recently held the position of deputy assistant attorney general, sought the meeting “to discuss our findings regarding Russia and the election.”

Simpson also disclosed that Fusion GPS hired Ohr’s wife, Nellie, to serve as a subcontractor on Trump-related work.

Trump defenders have seized on the Ohr’s relationship with Fusion GPS. Trump attorney Jay Sekulow cited the revelations to call for a second special counsel.

In his declaration, Simpson referred to Nellie Ohr as “a former government official expert in Russian matters” who Fusion GPS hired “to help our company with its research and analysis of Mr. Trump.”

It is not clear what government position Simpson was referring to in the declaration. But a 2010 Justice Department report shows that Ohr worked at that time as a researcher for Open Source Works, the CIA’s in-house open source research shop.

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Man Saving Bunny From A Wildfire Apparently Shows ‘Everything Wrong With Whiteness’

Via Daily Caller:

A man who heroically saved a bunny from a California wildfire apparently shows “everything wrong with whiteness,” according to an article published Monday.

Damon Young, editor-in-chief of the digital magazine Very Smart Brothas (VSB), and a columnist for, wrote an article criticizing a Thursday BBC video capturing a man identified as Caleb Wadman rescuing a bunny from a wildfire, reported The Root.

The article called “The Video of the Man Saving the Rabbit From the Fire Captures Everything Wrong With Whiteness in 30 Seconds,” filed under the category “WHITE PEOPLE” makes the argument that Wadman rescuing the bunny from flames shows that white people care more about animals than African-Americans.

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Franken’s Replacement To Be Announced On Wednesday–Reminder: He Still Hasn’t Officially Quit

Via Townhall:

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton (DFL) will officially announce on Wednesday who he has picked to replace Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) who resigned (kind of) last week.

While Franken said he would be stepping down in the “coming weeks,” he has not yet said what his last day in office will be. (This has led to some speculation that he won’t be resigning at all.)

Regardless, Dayton issued a statement on Tuesday saying that the replacement will be announced during a press conference on Wednesday. Whoever is appointed will serve in Franken’s seat until the special election in November of 2018 for another replacement. The person appointed may run in that election, but that remains to be seen.

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Dem Rep. Frederica Wilson: I Believe Rep. Alcee Hastings, Not Woman Accuser To Whom He Paid $220,000

Believe the women.

Via Daily Caller:

Democratic Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson said she believes Florida Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings and not the former congressional staffer who accused Hastings of sexually harassing her.

Congress’ Office of Compliance settled a sexual harassment lawsuit with the former committee staffer, Winsome Packer, for $220,000 after she accused the Democratic congressman of making sexual advances, touching her and threatening her job. The settlement Packer received, which was first reported by Roll Call, was issued in May of 2014.

Rep. Wilson said she supports Hastings in spite of the accusations against him. “I believe him,” she told the Miami Herald.

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Cooking Fire At A Homeless Encampment Sparked Bel Air Blaze That Destroyed Homes, Officials Say

Alert Governor Moonbeam that it wasn’t climate change.

Via LA Times:

The fire that destroyed six homes and damaged a dozen others in Bel-Air last week was caused by a cooking fire at a nearby homeless encampment, Los Angeles fire officials said Tuesday.

For a “number of years,” homeless people had been living in a camp along Sepulveda Boulevard where it passes under the 405 Freeway, Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Peter Sanders said.

Investigators who inspected the encampment found evidence that people had been cooking and sleeping in the area but did not find anyone there, Sanders said. The department has no suspects, he said.

Los Angeles has been struggling in recent years with a major uptick in the homeless population, with encampments spreading out from downtown L.A. into neighborhoods across the city. A report in May put the homeless population in Los Angeles County at 58,000, a 23% increase over the last year.

The count found that the homeless population in the West L.A. service area — which included the Bel-Air and Brentwood neighborhoods — increased from 4,659 to 5,511 in that period.

Officials said the size of the encampment where the blaze started was hard to determine because the area was burned.

“By the time investigators got there everyone was gone,” Peter Sanders, the Los Angeles Fire Department communications director, said.

Almost all the physical evidence at the scene was consumed by the blaze, he added. Investigators were able to eliminate arson as a cause based on was left of the encampment and place of origin of the flames, he added.

The National Park Service estimates that 90% of wildfires across the U.S. are caused by humans.

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Port Authority Bombing Suspect’s Family Faces Backlash After Chastising Authorities

Via Fox News:

Family members of the failed New York City terror bomber were blasted on social media Tuesday after they accused police of heavy-handed tactics — a charge that came mere hours after their son attempted to massacre civilians in a crowded subway passageway.

“Let me get this correct, your son walks in a public place wearing a bomb and your outrage at the behavior of the police…too bad get over it!!!” the Sergeant’s Benevolent Association tweeted, representing just a small sample of the public outcry directed at the family of Akayed Ullah.

Ullah, a Bangladeshi man accused of detonating a pipe bomb packed with screws near Port Authority during Monday morning rush hour, released a statement through the Council on American-Islamic Relations in New York saying they were “heartbroken” by the violence. But the statement then chastised law enforcement officials for “interrogating” family members after the terror attack.

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CNN Does Seven Different Segments About Trump’s Diet Coke Habit

Including taking time away from covering the terrorist attack in NYC on Monday to cover this.

Via Free Beacon:

CNN has done at least seven full segments touching on President Donald Trump’s reported love of Diet Coke since Monday.

The New York Times reported over the weekend on Trump’s habits at the White House, which included his indulgent TV-watching and diet. His reported 12 Diet Cokes per day drew significant attention, particularly on CNN.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the network’s chief medical correspondent, was interviewed by Kate Bolduan Tuesday afternoon and by “New Day” hosts Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota Tuesday morning about Trump’s diet, with emphasis on his soda drinking.

Gupta also discussed Trump’s soda choices and other less-than-healthy dietary habits with Don Lemon on Monday night.

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Federal Judge Recuses Herself From A Second Fusion GPS Case

Another one.

Via Daily Caller:

A federal judge in Washington, D.C. has recused herself from a second case involving Trump dossier firm Fusion GPS.

Tanya S. Chutkan, an Obama appointee, recused herself on Monday from a case involving a dispute over subpoenas issued for Fusion GPS, the firm that commissioned the dossier.

Aleksej Gubarev, a Russian tech executive accused in the dossier of hacking Democrats’ computer systems, has sought to subpoena Fusion GPS records and to depose its employees to find out more about the research firm’s work on the dossier.

Gubarev is suing BuzzFeed for defamation for publishing the dossier earlier this year. He denies the allegations laid out in the document, which was written by former British spy Christopher Steele.

Chutkan recused herself last month from another case involving Fusion GPS. The firm had filed suit against its bank, TD Bank, to keep it from complying with a subpoena issued by the House Intelligence Committee, which sought Fusion’s bank records.

Chutkan presided over that case from Oct. 20 to Nov. 9. It was reassigned to Judge Richard Leon, a George W. Bush appointee. Since taking over the case, Leon has indicated that he plans to allow more transparency into the court proceedings involving the battle over Fusion’s bank records. He has ordered several documents be unsealed and made public.

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De Blasio Admin Endangers And Insults NYC Corrections Officers By Having Kaepernick Visit Prisoners At Rikers

Via NY Post:

The city allowed Colin Kaepernick to make a surprise visit to Rikers Island Tuesday to meet with inmates — enraging correction officers who feel the stunt will only endanger them.

The former San Francisco 49ers star spoke to groups of inmates during two 45 minute sessions at the jail’s George Motchan Detention Center Tuesday morning where he pontificated on social justice issues and talked about his decision to kneel during the national anthem, sparking nationwide outrage.

“That’s crazy to me to have a person like Colin Kaepernick in prison talking about police brutality,” said an officer who attended the event. “It was insulting for me to be there.”

“In the inmate’s eyes, we are the police when they’re locked up.”

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Here’s Kaepernick’s ‘police are pigs’ socks.

Feds Now Collecting Record Taxes From All Of Us…

Yay, more taxes. Can’t wait to pay them! Hopefully, tax reform passes and this changes.

Via CNS News:

The federal government collected record total tax revenues of $443,715,000,000 in the first two months of fiscal 2018 (Oct. 1, 2017 through the end of November), according to the Monthly Treasury Statement.

Despite these record tax revenues, the federal government still ran a deficit of $201,761,000,000 for those same two months.

That is because the government spent $645,476,000,000 in October and November.

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Venezuela’s Socialist Tragedy Was Predictable, But No Less Horrific…

Via The Telegraph:

To watch Venezuela’s downfall is to be horrified. Venezuelans have been reduced to zombies. They have to queue for hours just to obtain a bag of rice or a few eggs. Eight out of 10 medicines are not available. There is no toilet roll, and toothpaste and contraceptives are extremely hard to obtain. The minimum wage – including luncheon vouchers – is the equivalent of £3.70 a month.

In the face of all this, Nicolás Maduro, the Venezuelan president, has now taken the obvious next step in his socialist dictator’s playbook and banned the main opposition parties from contesting presidential elections next year. The country’s atrocious economic situation has made him so detested that he couldn’t possibly win free and fair elections. That is a tragedy, but as with many tragedies, it is in large part self-inflicted.

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On Eve Of Election, Roy Moore Is Interviewed By Pre-Teen Girl…

Come on. Really? …REALLY?!


Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore recently sat down for an interview with a 12-year-old girl in a meeting arranged by a pro-Trump political action committee.

A video of the interview was posted by the America First Project on Sunday. It includes Millie March, a northern Virginia girl who gained fame for her support of President Trump during his 2016 campaign, questioning Moore just days ahead of the Dec. 12 election.

Moore, Alabama’s former chief justice, has been accused of having improper sexual contact with teenage girls – including one as young as 14 – in the 1970s. He denies the allegations and does not address the claims in the video.

Moore has rarely been interviewed since the allegations emerged, opting for select meeting such as those with March and another with the online show “The Voice of Alabama Politics” with host Bill Britt.

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TV Show ‘Homeland’ To Depict Good Guys And Bad Guys Struggling Against Civil Rights Destroying President…

Who watches Showtime anyway?

Via Entertainment Weekly:

“The country is in freefall, tearing itself apart!” warns Carrie Mathison.

Yeah, so we’ve heard.

Former CIA agent Mathison (Claire Danes) is back in the first trailer for Showtime’s Homeland season 7, which depicts the show’s heroes and villains alike struggling against an overreaching and civil rights-abusing president.

The upcoming season of the espionage thriller has a rogue Mathison trying to take down criminals in the government under the tyrannical administration of President Keene (Elizabeth Marvel), who has arrested 200 members of the intelligence community after barely surviving an assassination plot in the season 6 finale.

Also targeting Keene: The show’s Alex Jones-like conspiracy character Brett O’Keefe (Jake Weber) who was first introduced last season. “The founding fathers foresaw the dark day when we would face a president like her,” warns O’Keefe as he aims a pistol at a poster of the president’s face. “Anyone who takes a stand for what they believe, people are gonna say they’re crazy. They’ve been calling me that for years.”

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ISIS: In Response To Trump Recognizing Jerusalem As Capital Of Israel, We Recognize Your Capital As Explosives…

First you have to design bombs that work…

Via Daily Caller:

ISIS supporters took to propaganda channels in the wake of the attempted NYC bomb attack Monday, and declared to “recognize explosives” as the U.S. capital.

Online ISIS sympathizers shared a poster on a Telegram account after the attack that insinuated a connection between Monday’s botched bomb attempt in NYC and President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, according to PJ Media.

The poster, reported Monday by SITE Intelligence Group, depicted a hand holding an improvised bomb against an NYC backdrop, with the text, “The recognition of your dog ‘Trump’ Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will make us recognize explosives as the capital of your country.”

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Study: Over 90% of the Media’s Coverage of Donald Trump Is Negative


Via NTK:

The media’s coverage of President Donald Trump and his administration since September has been 90 percent negative, according to a study released by the Media Research Center on Monday.

Trump has taken to Twitter often to blast members of the media for their false reporting about his administration and campaign, and the press has become fixated with trying to take down Trump by repeatedly reporting on stories that paint Trump in a negative light.

The coverage of Trump on “ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts in September, October and November was more than 90 percent negative,” according to the report.

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HuffPo: “Trump Is Winning”…


Muslim Students at Catholic University Complain Christmas Gets Too Much Attention

Via Truth Revolt:

Muslim students who knew they were enrolling into a Catholic university are now expressing dismay that come Christmas time, the campus is decorated for the holiday season. They want Islamic holidays to receive the same attention even though they represent just a small fraction of the entire student population.

Loyola University Chicago is 60% Catholic and 40% a mixture of other religions, including other Christian denominations, Jewish, etc. The individual categories aren’t broken down. However, out of a total of 16,673 students for this academic year, only about 800 Muslims are enrolled. That’s less than 5%, yet, they want their traditions to be represented equally.

A piece in the Loyola Phoenix, written by Sajedah Al-khzaleh, makes the plea:

“It’s that time of year again, and Loyola has decked out its buildings with decorations for the holiday season. But Christmas gets more attention on campus than other religious holidays.

Although Loyola fosters a space for non-Christian religions to practice their faith — such as in the Damen Student Center’s second floor of Ministry Offices for Muslim, Hindu and Jewish students — there is a lack of public festivity compared to Christmas, such as decorations and activities of other religions’ holidays the entire student body could be part of.”

A 19-year-old Muslim student and a prayer coordinator for the terror-tied Muslim Student Association, Sajid Ahmed, said he likes the Christmas decorations around campus, but “wishes Muslim holidays were just as prominent.”

The entire campus is invited to a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, while Muslim students must celebrate in private without seeing the campus transformed into a Middle Eastern wonderland, the complaint continues.

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Bernie Sanders: Trump Should Think About Resigning

Over allegations that came out before the American people voted Trump into office.

Police Officers Donate, Decorate Christmas Tree For Family Of Fallen Trooper Damon Allen


Officers with the Lorena Police Department donated and decorated a Christmas tree for the family of fallen Trooper Damon Allen.

Trooper Allen was shot and killed on Thanksgiving while conducting a traffic stop.

The Lorena police chief ended also had a message to the Allen family.

“We hope that this tree will bring a small ray of sunshine to you over these dark days,” he said. “Your husband and father was a hero! For that, we will be forever grateful. Please know that we will always be there for you.”