WWII Pilot Gets Thanks From Son Of The Man He Saved

Via Navy Times:

Miles apart from one another, two men celebrated a single day in history as their defining moment.

One of the men, 1st Lt. Philip S. (Pots) Wilmot, of Glenwood Springs, remembers it as the most important thing he did during World War II.

The other man, the Rev. Thomas Papazoglakis of Clifton Park, New York, was not alive that day in 1945, but he knows that without the help of two marine pilots his dad would never have made it back from the war, never married his mother and therefore he never would have been born.

It all started when Pots, a Marine pilot and World War II veteran, shared the story of when he helped escort a damaged Navy torpedo bomber to safety to author and friend Martin Irons.

“I think that’s why I was put here, to save Rev. Tom’s dad; that’s my ultimate achievement.” — Philip S. (Pots) Wilmot, WWII pilot from Glenwood Springs

Pots had always wondered what had happened to the crew of that aircraft. Irons, who met Pots while researching for a book project, decided to look into it for his story.

“This whole thing unfolded in about 44 hours,” Irons said. And on the 73th anniversary of the attack last March, he made contact with Papazoglakis, rector at St. George’s Episcopal Church in Clifton Park.

Neither Pots nor Papazoglakis had ever shared their stories, or even been able to meet each other, until a recent Friday in Glenwood Springs.

The day was March 19, 1945.

“It was my best day and my worst day,” Pots told the Glenwood Springs Post Independent during his meeting with Papazoglakis at Pots’ daughter’s house.

Flying in a Vought F4U Corsair, Pots and his squadron were tasked with a mission to attack Kure Naval Base, one of four principal naval shipyards operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy, located on the island of Honshu.

Pots said he had no idea that it would be bad, but when they arrived over Honshu the sky was filled with flak.

“One went off right next to my wing, I closed my eyes thinking I was dead, but all it did was knock me around,” said Pots, remembering the attack with amazing detail right down to checking his oil pressure after the hit.

After dive bombing and hitting a carrier with three rockets, Pots was separated from his commander as he pulled up from his dive. In the chaos of the attack, Pots was able to locate fellow pilot 1st Lt. W.E. Brown, and slid up into formation with him for the return to their carrier.

As they flew under the clouds on their way back to the Bunker Hill, an Essex class aircraft carrier, Wilmot and Brown spotted a damaged Grumman Avenger TBM-3. The aircraft came out of the clouds smoking and losing altitude. Knowing the plane was not going make it back to its carrier and that the crew were sitting ducks, the two pilots began to escort the TBM-3 on its descent.

The TBM-3 was crewed by Navy Pilot Lt. Ray Plant and Gunner James Papazoglakis, Aviation Mechanist Mate 3rd Class.

“All my dad said was they were flying over their target and could barely see, as they navigated through the flak exploding around them,” Papazoglakis said. “All of a sudden they were hit, flak hit the tail and my dad hit his head on the turret.

“When he came to they were flying over mountains and out to sea,” he said.

“Sure enough, a damn Frank, a code name from Imperial Japanese Navy fighter plane, came right out of the clouds trying to finish off the Avenger,” Pots added. Luckily, Lt. Brown was able to fire on the Japanese plane and bring it down before it made contact with the Navy plane.

“In the stories my dad always told, he never saw the Japanese plane, he was too busy watching the tail fall off the TBM-3,” Papazoglakis said.

The Avenger continued to lose altitude, looking for a place to ditch the aircraft. Off the coast of Honshu in the Pacific Ocean, the pilots stumbled upon the Bowfin, an American rescue submarine.

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Breaking: Judge Releases Defendants In Muslim Compound Case After Claims Of Racism, Islamaphobia

Missing and probably dead boy, child’s bones found, demonstrable child abuse, threats, connections to extremists and a letter saying they were going to become martyrs. Sure, let them out.

Via The Blaze:

In a hearing Monday, a New Mexico judge found that suspects in a bizarre child abuse case were not a danger to the public, and released them on bond.

Defense attorney blames Islamophobia

Two Muslim men and three women are charged with 11 counts of child abuse each after police raided their compound in New Mexico and discovered 11 malnourished children living in squalor.

Their lawyer argued that there was a double standard in the case because his clients were Muslims. He argued that if they had been Christian and white, “we might not be here today.”

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Watchdog: Obama Admin Gave Out $434 Million In Improper Obamacare Payments

Mainstream media silent

Via Washington Examiner:

The Obama administration improperly paid out $434 million to Obamacare customers to pay down the cost of insurance in 2014, the first year the law’s health insurance marketplaces went online, a federal watchdog reported Monday.

Health and Human Services’ Office of the Inspector General released a report Monday that outlined the improper payments during Obamacare’s first year.

In a review of 140 health insurance policies sold in 2014, the inspector general found that Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services improperly paid out financial assistance payments for 26 policies.

For the other five policies, CMS authorized possibly improper financial assistance to insurers that didn’t provide the right documentation.

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How Far They’ve Fallen: WaPo Upset Trump Posed With Biker Who Wore ‘Guns And T*tties’ Patch

Can you imagine the time someone took to review all the pics of all the bikers and their patches to come up with this? Crazy.

Via Daily Caller:

The Washington Post published an article on Monday complaining that President Trump posed next to a biker wearing a “sexist” patch on his vest.

Trump met with supporters in the “Bikers For Trump” group over the weekend and posed for photos with some of the group’s members at the Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey.

The bikers typically wear vests with dozens of various patches on them, and the Washington Post zoomed in on the photos of the bikers with the president to see what the patches said.

One of the patches seemed to ruffle the feathers of one reporter, who called it “sexist.” The patch in question features an image of a topless woman with guns covering her breasts and the caption, “I [heart] guns and t***ies.”

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Trump Signs Massive Defense Bill: Biggest Pay Raise For Soldiers In Nine Years

Finally recovering after years of Obama evisceration.

Via Daily Wire:

On Monday, President Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, a bill authorizing an increase of over 15,000 troops as well as a long-overdue pay raise for soldiers. The military spending package includes $717 billion for national defense in the next fiscal year, according to the White House.

The additional soldiers will be divvied up this way: 487,500 for the Army, 335,400 in the Navy, 186,100 in the Marine Corps, and 329,100 in the Air Force.

In addition, $7.6 billion will fund 77 F-35 fighter jets and $24.1 billion for the building of 12 new battle force ships.

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Peter Strzok Reacts To His Firing On New Twitter Account, Asks For Donations

Update to this story. Following in the grand tradition of his fellow fired FBI official Andrew McCabe, putting his hand out for money from deluded leftists.

Via Fox News:

Fired FBI agent Peter Strzok took his anti-Trump rhetoric public on Monday, setting up a defiant Twitter account and a GoFundMe page seeking to raise $150,000 to cover his “legal costs and lost income.”

Strzok, who played a lead role in both the Russian meddling and Hillary Clinton email probes but became a political lightning rod after the revelation of text messages critical of Trump, wasted no time blasting the administration and House Republicans in his new social media account.

“Deeply saddened by this decision,” Strzok wrote in the tweet. “It has been an honor to serve my country and work with the fine men and women of the FBI.”

He attached an image of a statement from his attorneys that criticized his firing, saying “the FBI and the American people deserve better.” The letter specifically lambasted the decision of the deputy director of the FBI to effectively overrule the FBI’s internal disciplinary body, which had recommended Strzok be suspended and demoted instead of terminated.

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‘We Got Quite A Laugh’: Pentagon Bats Down Mattis 2020 Report

He would bring artillery to the debates.

Via Military Times:

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is not considering a run for president, and certainly not saying that if he did run, he’d “kick Trump’s ass,” the Pentagon said Thursday.

“We got quite a laugh out of it in our morning meeting. It’s pure fiction — plain and simple,” said Pentagon press secretary Dana White.

The latest Mattis 2020 rumor was published by Beltway Breakfast, an online publication that was previously focused on reporting on broadband technology. In the piece, a reporter said the ass-kicking comment came about as Mattis and other military officials discussed the possibility that the defense secretary would be asked by President Donald Trump to step aside.

Mattis is one of the longest-serving members of Trump’s cabinet, although recent White House-led announcements, where it appeared the Pentagon was not consulted, have lead to speculation that he was on the way out.[…]

The retired four-star general has inspired a cult-like following online, with Mattis T-shirts, “Saint Mattis” candles, even Mattis .50 caliber bullet bottle openers. Insiders who have worked closely with him in this administration however, have unanimously said Mattis has no interest in the higher office, and said he seeks to serve the entire four years, to have enough time to carry out his vision for personnel, strategy and resourcing across the department.

Mattis was asked by Pentagon reporters in late December whether he thought he would remain defense secretary for the entire first term.

“I take it one day at a time,” he said.

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Tennessee Democratic Chair Welcomes Socialists To Their Party: “We’ve Got a Big Tent”…

They’ve been there for a long time, just ask our last president.

Via Free Beacon:

The chairwoman of the Tennessee Democratic Party said the party was open to supporting far-left socialist candidates if their values line up, telling an NPR affiliate “we’ve got a big tent.”

Nashville Public Radio reported on the founding of a new chapter of Democratic Socialists of America in middle Tennessee; they claim to have 300 members. While Nashville is a Democratic city—Davidson County has voted for the Democratic presidential candidate in seven straight elections—Tennessee remains a red state, and President Donald Trump won it by 26 points in 2016.

The local DSA group doesn’t plan on running candidates in the 2018 cycle but could in the future, and state party chair Mary Mancini said they would be “open” to working alongside them.

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Dem Primary Winner Backed By Ocasio-Cortez Rips Pelosi For Being “Disconnected” From Democrats, Calls For New Leadership

Noooo! We love Pelosi!


NYPD Cops Subjected To Foul-Mouthed Tirade After 911 Call In Bronx, Determined No Arrests Necessary

Community policing in NYC.

Via Daily Mail:

NYPD officers who responded to a 911 call inside a Bronx apartment and determined no arrests were necessary, were then taunted with expletives hurled at them by a group as they left the scene.

The police had responded to an apartment after a woman called 911 to report a fight among teenagers who were hanging out with her son on August 8 around 10.30am.

After the police arrived, the woman said the fight was over and she no longer wanted the teens to leave.

A source with the NYPD told DailyMail.com: ‘We responded to the location for a dispute and there were no arrests and no summonses made.’

After determining no criminal action was necessary, the cops, who are neighborhood-coordination officers were leaving, only to be verbally accosted by at least two men as they walked out.

As the officers descended the stairs, a man holding a camera shouts at them ‘You p****! You p****!’ inside of the building on Westchester Avenue near East 158th Street.

‘Suck my d***! Suck my d****!’ the man adds.

And another man chimes in yelling at the cops: ‘Get the f*** out my building!’

A police source told the New York Post that the cops could have arrested the people screaming at them as they left, or at the very least issued a summons for harassment or disorderly conduct, however because of how officers are trained right now, they are told to back down and just take it.

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Parkland Students, Families March Together In Newtown On Sunday To Protest NRA, Push Gun Control…

Chicago needs marchers.


Students from Parkland, Florida made Newtown, Connecticut the final stop on their nationwide bus tour to protest gun violence and the policies of the National Rifle Association.

They told Channel 3 the decision to end the tour on Sunday afternoon in Newtown ‘just made sense.’

As the students stepped off the bus in Newtown, they received a warm welcome from members of the Sandy Hook Promise, and its co-founder, Mark Barden.

“It’s heartbreaking when you start to think about all the towns that have this connection,” said Barden.

Barden’s daughter, Natalie took the stage and shared her grief of losing her younger brother, Daniel.

“I was 10 years old on the night of December 14th when my parents had to sit my little brother James and me down and tell us our brother had been murdered in his first-grade classroom,” said Junior Newtown Action Alliance member, Natalie Barden.

“That day changed me forever.”

The March for Our Lives: Road to Change was started after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland is part of a traveling rally that began in Chicago in June and has made stops in 20 states.

The events have drawn large crowds of supporters, including an 11-year-old student from Durham, CT to support the movement.

“I actually sometimes worry if one day there could be a school shooting at my school and it’s very frightening,” said Durham resident, Scarlett.

Organizer and survivor of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, David Hogg spoke with Channel 3 on their mission to change gun laws at the polls.

“All forms of gun violence need to be recognized for this to become a movement. And that’s why we’re ending here in Newtown,” said Hogg.

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HT: Don B

Prosecutors To Wrap Up Manafort Case, May Soon Go To Jury

Still no collusion.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Reuters) – U.S. prosecutors on Monday plan to wrap up their tax and bank fraud case against former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort, making it likely the case will go to the jury by midweek if the defense decides not to call any witnesses.

The trial is in its 10th day in Alexandria, Virginia, federal court and is not scheduled to resume until Monday afternoon. The case arose from U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Before completing their case, prosecutors will call James Brennan, an executive at the Federal Savings Bank. On Friday, a former salesman at Federal testified that the bank’s chief executive personally approved $16 million in loans to Manafort while seeking Manafort’s help getting a post in President Donald Trump’s cabinet.

The prosecution also wants to recall Paula Liss, an agent with the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. The defense is seeking to block further questioning of her, and the judge has not yet ruled. Liss testified last week that Manafort did not disclose his foreign bank accounts.

Manafort’s lawyers will then face a choice: call their own witnesses or hope the prosecution’s case is not strong enough to outweigh defense attacks on the credibility of Rick Gates and the testimony of more than two dozen other witnesses.

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MSNBC Panelists: Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer ‘Stands Out’ as 2020 Contender

Not-so-bold prediction time: Michael Avenatti will not be president.


Poll: Majority Of Voters Now Credit Trump For Economy Over Obama


Via Rasmussen:

With the unemployment rate still among 18-year lows and the Dow Jones Industrial Average still among all-time highs, voters are slowly giving President Trump more credit than President Obama for the improving economy, though there remains a stark partisan divide. Voters agree, though, that impeaching Trump would be a detriment to the nation’s economy.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters now believe the improving economy is due more to Trump than Obama, while 40% think it is more the result of the policies Obama put in place before he left office.

Dem Rep. Cummings Slaps Down Dems Running From Pelosi: She “Will Be Speaker, Period”

Gallup Poll: Democrats View Socialism More Positively Than Capitalism by 10 Points

Remember come November.

Via Free Beacon:

Democrats view socialism better than capitalism by a significant margin, according to a new Gallup poll, with 57 percent viewing socialism in a positive light against just 47 percent viewing capitalism positively.

The poll shows a stark drop in Democrat’s attitude toward capitalism over the past two years, with Democrats going from 56 percent viewing it positively in 2016 to 47 percent in 2018.

Their attitudes toward socialism are largely unchanged from the poll last year; 57 percent view it positively now versus 58 percent in 2016, when democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) mounted a strong bid for the Democratic nomination for president. In 2010, 53 percent of Democrats viewed socialism positively.

There’s also been a significant decline in how younger Americans view capitalism. In 2010, 68 percent of those aged 18 to 29 viewed capitalism positively, but only 45 percent viewed it positively in 2018.

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De Blasio Lets Security Haul Away NY Post Reporter For Asking Question About Corruption

So where are the left and media calling out this suppression of the press?

Via NY Post:

Mayor Bill de Blasio is a such a big believer in the free press that he let two bodyguards physically remove a credentialed Post reporter who had the temerity to ask him a question in public on Sunday.

The unusual muzzling unfolded at the start of the annual Dominican Day Parade in Manhattan, where the reporter sought de Blasio’s reaction to The Post’s front page story about his administration’s many meetings with lobbyists.

It also came after Hizzoner appeared on national TV Sunday to proclaim, “I believe in a free, strong media with diverse views — I’ll defend it with all I’ve got.”

Just two hours later, after de Blasio cut a ribbon to kick off the parade and was posing for photos near West 37th Street and Sixth Avenue, the reporter asked him to comment on the Page One “CITY FOR SALE” story.

Instead of answering or even declining to answer the question, the mayor watched as two members of his NYPD security detail approached the reporter — who was wearing a police-issued press pass around his neck — with one grabbing his shoulder and leading him away from the mayor.

“Kevin, you have to leave. You can’t be here,” the plainclothes cop said.

Both bodyguards then escorted the reporter about a half-block away, where a member of the NYPD’s public information office, Officer Brian Magoolaghan, told him, “Come on, Kevin. No stunts today.”

City Hall had previously declined to discuss records that showed officials held 136 meetings with lobbyists during just three months earlier this year.

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Peter Strzok Fired For Biased Text Messages Against Trump

About time. Prepare for coming implosion from those on left in 3…2..1.

Via Daily Caller:

FBI agent Peter Strzok has been fired from the FBI for anti-Trump text messages he sent his mistress and colleague Lisa Page during the 2016 presidential election.

“Late Friday afternoon, the Deputy Director of the FBI overruled the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and departed from established precedent by firing 21-year FBI veteran Peter Strzok,” his lawyer Aitan Goelman said in a statement.”

Strzok’s text messages to Page revealed significant bias against then candidate Donald Trump and even one in which he pledged “we’ll stop” him from becoming president. Strzok played a central role in the investigation of the Trump 2016 campaign and its alleged ties to the Russian government along with the inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

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‘Do Him Like Gaddafi’ – Antifa Members Caught On Video Threatening To Kill President


Via Daily Caller:

One year ago, President Trump told the American people that there was “violence on both sides” during the Charlottesville riots.

Those riots pitted neo-Nazis marching in the city against Antifa and other progressive groups. The powder keg was lit and both sides committed acts of violence against each other. The riots left many injured and one activist lost her life when awhite supremacists rammed his car into a crowd. Trump was attacked for the “both sides” comment in the wake of the violence.

However, in the year since, the Left’s violent tactics have been on full display in multiple arenas across the country. Riots and death threats have targeted Trump officials, ICE agents, police officers and children. A former Bernie Sanders staffer opened fire on a group of Republican congressmen practicing baseball, seriously wounding House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

Sunday afternoon, on the one year anniversary of the Charlottesville riots, progressives, anarchists, black bloc thugs gathered together as so-called “Antifa” again to counter-protest a gathering of white supremacists in Washington, D.C. The leftist protesters far outnumbered the white supremacists, and masked members of the violent Antifa group could be seen everywhere.

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White House Mulls Legal Options Over Omarosa’s Secret Taping In Situation Room

Omarosa just cooked her her own goose.

Via Daily Wire:

White House lawyers are examining legal options for punishing Omarosa Manigault Newman for releasing secretly taped recordings with Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly inside the secure Situation Room.

“The very idea a staff member would sneak a recording device into the White House Situation Room, shows a blatant disregard for our national security — and then to brag about it on national television further proves the lack of character and integrity of this disgruntled former White House employee,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said on Sunday.

Former Trump spokesman Sean Spicer also said Newman could face legal problems for the secret taping in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, known as a SCIF.

“It’s an unbelievable violation of protocol and the law,” Spicer said. “You can lose your security clearance for bringing your device into SCIF — to bring it in is a violation but to willfully record it — you’re entering a whole other realm.”

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