Monster Russian YouTuber Tortured Girlfriend Live On Stream For Money, Ultimately Killing Her…

Someone actually paid this asshole $100 to lock her out in sub-zero weather…

Via The Sun:

Disturbing videos taken from Reeflay’s livestreams show his truly warped life, with clips appearing to reveal a horrific pattern of violence, alcohol, destruction and chaos.

Reeflay, 30, appears to have pleased his YouTube fans by spending most of his time boozing with his girlfriend and pals on camera from his home near Moscow in Russia.

Videos seen by The Sun Online show his campaign of violence and abuse, with even his friends hitting her on camera.

Valentina’s friends describe his streams as being “full of cruelty”.

She appears to have often been at the centre of his abuse, with perhaps the most cruel video showing him repeatedly pepper spraying her as she laid on the sofa.

Valentina screams as Reeflay sits with two of his pals, only for him to then get up from his chair and spray her again as she gasps for her breath.

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Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit To Order A New Statewide Election In Georgia…

Via Dailywire:

The Trump campaign filed a new lawsuit in Georgia on Friday evening seeking to invalidate the recent results in the presidential election and hold a new presidential election in the state or allow Georgia lawmakers to chose the state’s electors.

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Watch: Bar Owner Passionately Explains How LA Is Shutting Down Her Outdoor Dining, While Allowing Hollywood To Do It 50 Feet Away

They really want to do in all these small business owners.

They’re protesting. But it’s California, so good luck to them, they have horrible leaders.


Pelosi Admits Not Agreeing To Virus Relief Until Now, Because She Thinks Biden Won

She’s a vile human being.


Bill DeBlasio’s “Wife” Dances For COVID To Go Away…

Imagine. This woman has a salary of $2 million and a personal staff of almost a dozen people and half of NYC city workers are going to get axed…


REPORT: Pro-Biden Operatives Gave Native Americans Gift Cards, Incentives To Vote For Him…

Via DailyCaller:

Native American tribal members were allegedly offered gifts such as jewelry and gift cards in exchange for voting in Nevada, videos being used by the Trump campaign’s legal team claim.

The videos are being used by the Trump campaign to challenge the outcome of Nevada’s presidential election results, an op-ed in the Washington Examiner reported Thursday.

In one 18-minute long video, Reno-Sparks Indian Colony (RSIC) spokeswoman Bethany Sam offers gifts to people who show up to vote. Sam advertises a raffle where participants can win t-shirts, masks, jewelry, and Visa gift cards worth $25, $100, $250, and $500 if they can prove that they voted.

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Nearly Half A Century After Every Other Country Made It To The Moon Somehow, China Finally Has…

Even Kazakhstan has gotten to the moon and I’m pretty sure they don’t even have gravity there.

Via NY Post:

More than a half-century after US astronauts first planted the Stars and Stripes on the moon, China replicated the feat — though unmanned — by unfurling its red flag on the lunar surface.

Chang’e 5’s ascent vehicle lifted off Thursday night with a load of lunar rocks, the first stage of its return to Earth, the government space agency reported.

The probe touched down Tuesday on the Sea of Storms for a mission to collect about 4 pounds of rocks and bring them back to Earth, the first return of samples since a Soviet spacecraft did so in 1976.

The lander, which remained on the moon, drilled about 6 feet into the surface and scooped samples — as well as photographed the area and used ground-penetrating radar to check for minerals and water.

Shortly after 11 p.m. Beijing time, the vehicle lifted off for a rendezvous with a return craft in lunar orbit for the journey back to Earth, space agency officials said.

But the highlight before leaving the surface was what the space administration called the first real Chinese flag on the moon — a five-star, red banner made from fabric, according to the Global Times of China.

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Nearly Half Of NYC Residents Won’t Get COVID Vaccine…

Via NY Post:

About half of New York City residents aren’t sold yet on getting the COVID-19 vaccine — complicating efforts to finally tame the killer bug, according to a survey disclosed Friday.

New York City Health Commissioner Dr. David Chokshi revealed details of the online poll during a City Council hearing on vaccine distribution — and acknowledged persuading Big Apple residents to get the COVID-19 shots poses a big challenge.

The unpublished Health Department survey, conducted from Oct. 3 through Oct. 14, found that only slightly more than half — 52.6 percent of city respondents — would get the vaccine.

Twenty percent of Gotham residents said they would not take the vaccine and 27 percent were not sure.

More White New Yorkers said they would get vaccinated compared to black, Hispanic and Asian New Yorkers, the survey found.

The Health Department did not provide a racial or ethnic breakdown of the findings on Friday.

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Kansas Man’s Obituary Rips People Who Don’t Wanna Wear Masks…

Imagine your relative dying and this is how you choose to remember them. With a stupid, ignorant, angry obituary at people you don’t even know.

Via NY Post:

An obituary for a Kansas farmer slammed anti-maskers for contributing to the spread of COVID-19 that left him for dead.

Marvin James Farr, 81, was in isolation at a nursing home in Scott City, Kansas, when he died Tuesday “not surrounded by friends and family,” his heartbroken son Courtney Farr wrote in the online obituary.

“He was born into an America recovering from the Great Depression and about to face World War 2, times of loss and sacrifice difficult for most of us to imagine,” the death notice said. “He died in a world where many of his fellow Americans refuse to wear a piece of cloth on their face to protect one another.”

It also depicted the raw reality of the octogenarian’s final days on Earth.

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China Powers Up Nuclear Reactor It “Claims” Is More Powerful Than The Sun We Orbit…

Sure, and Kim Jong Un doesn’t fart….


China successfully powered up its “artificial sun” nuclear fusion reactor for the first time, state media reported Friday, marking a great advance in the country’s nuclear power research capabilities.

The HL-2M Tokamak reactor is China’s largest and most advanced nuclear fusion experimental research device, and scientists hope that the device can potentially unlock a powerful clean energy source.

It uses a powerful magnetic field to fuse hot plasma and can reach temperatures of over 150 million degrees Celsius, according to the People’s Daily—approximately ten times hotter than the core of the sun.

Located in southwestern Sichuan province and completed late last year, the reactor is often called an “artificial sun” on account of the enormous heat and power it produces.

“The development of nuclear fusion energy is not only a way to solve China’s strategic energy needs, but also has great significance for the future sustainable development of China’s energy and national economy,” said the People’s Daily.

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Waitress In Texas Finally Gets $2,000 Tip

Via NY Post:

A Texas waitress who claimed she was stiffed on a mystery diner’s $2,000 tip will take home the money after all — now that her employer has agreed to cut her a check.

Emily Bauer, 21, will be given the money by the owner of Red Hook Seafood and Bar in San Antonio after the joint claims the diner’s credit card transaction didn’t go through, news station KENS reported.

“It’s Christmas time, and everybody is struggling,” owner John Cheng told the outlet Wednesday. “I’m ready to give it to her as a Christmas gift.”

Cheng reportedly wrote Bauer a check for $2,069.01, which is the tip amount plus the cost of the customer’s bill.

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L.A. County Sheriff Says They Will Not Enforce His Stay-At-Home Orders…

Let Gavin Newsom enforce it.

Via Fox News:

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva will not instruct his deputies to enforce a new statewide stay-at-home order announced Thursday that could force businesses to temporarily shut down as coronavirus cases continue to soar.

“I want to stay away from business [sic] that are trying to comply, they bent over backwards to modify their operations to conform to these orders and then they have the rug yanked out from under them, that’s a disservice, I don’t want to make them more miserable,” he told Fox affiliate, KTTV-TV, according to a tweet.

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Up In Smoke: Dem Controlled House Pushes Through Decriminalization Of Marijuana…

Via NY Times:

WASHINGTON — The House on Friday passed sweeping legislation that would decriminalize marijuana and expunge nonviolent marijuana-related convictions, as Democrats sought to roll back and compensate for decades of drug policies that have disproportionately affected low-income communities of color.

The 228-164 vote to approve the measure was bipartisan, and it was the first time either a chamber of Congress had ever endorsed the legalization of cannabis. The bill would remove the drug from the Controlled Substances Act and authorize a 5 percent tax on marijuana that would fund community and small business grant programs to help those most impacted by the criminalization of marijuana.

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Georgia’s GOP Secretary Of State Has Yet To Call For Signature Audit…

Via Fox News:

Gov. Brian Kemp, the Georgia Republican who has been fiercely criticized by President Trump over his approach to allegations of voter fraud in his state, said Thursday that new testimony has raised additional questions and a signature audit should be performed.

Kemp, who was interviewed on “The Ingraham Angle,” was referring to surveillance video that allegedly showed poll watchers being led out of a room at State Farm Arena, the state’s largest vote-counting center, after being told that the vote count was complete for the night. Once they left, a woman could be seen pulling out suitcases from underneath a table that allegedly contained ballots. The votes were allegedly counted for hours, with no election supervisors present, reported.

Rudy Giuliani, one of Trump’s lawyers, tweeted, “SMOKING GUN FROM GEORGIA.’

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Philippines Authorities Threaten Social Distancing Violators With Canings…

Via NY Post:

MANILA – Philippine police on Friday threatened to cane people who violate social distancing protocols as the Southeast Asian nation fights the spread of the coronavirus during the festive season.

The Philippines celebrates one of the world’s longest Christmas seasons, starting as early as September and crowds have started to flock to sprawling malls and shopping centres despite the pandemic.

Police general Cesar Binag, commander of the coronavirus task force, told a news conference that police and soldiers would patrol in public areas in the capital Manila, the hotspot of COVID-19 cases, carrying 1 meter rattan sticks to measure distancing.

“It can be used to cane the hardheaded,” Binag said, adding that the “social distancing patrols” would focus on high-traffic areas such as transport hubs and public markets.

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Italians Told To Stay Home Over Christmas, Not Go Outside…

Via NY Post:

MILAN — Italy recorded a pandemic-high daily death toll Thursday, providing a grim backdrop for Premier Giuseppe Conte’s cheerless announcement of restrictions for the Christmas holidays that will make it difficult for extended families to celebrate together as is customary.

Italiasn like to say, “Christmas with family, Easter with whomever you please,” underlining the sacrosanct notion of spending Christmas and St. Stefano’s feast day on Dec. 26 with as much far-flung family as possible. Even regional governors, including Luca Zaia of Veneto and Attilio Fontana of Lombardy, pushed vainly for more flexibility.

Conte stood firm. While Italy has managed to slow the fall resurgence with a month of tiered restrictions, without resorting to last spring’s 10-week total lockdown, the death toll remains stubbornly high. A total of 993 people died in the previous 24 hours, officials reported Thursday, eclipsing the previous high of 969 hit March 27 as Italy struggled to contain the first deadly peak.

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Black Panther Star Under Fire For Criticizing COVID Vaccine…

The “just stick it in my veins and get it over with” crowd has no idea what’s in that thing.

Via Fox News:

“Black Panther” star Letitia Wright is under fire for some of her recent tweets.

The 27-year-old actress, who plays tech genius Shuri and sister to T’Challa in the Marvel movie, retweeted a video on Thursday night that expressed anti-vaccination thoughts.

The video was from the YouTube channel On The Table and the host discussed whether any potential COVID-19 vaccines will be safe and effective.

Fans of Wright were angered at her for using her social media platform to spread misinformation on vaccines.

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Biden: I Told Obama I’d Pretend To Have A Disease And Resign If We Ever Disagreed About Something…


Nevada GOP Says There Exists EXTENSIVE Evidence Of Voter Fraud In Nevada…


VIDEO: Democrats Caught Stuffing Ballots In Georgia ON CAMERA…

This video is so shocking, I am posting the full one today just to show how insane this truly is.