Friday Open Thread: Kim Jong Un Edition…

Caption any of these.

Grandmother In Her 60s Dies From Her Injuries After Surviving Truck Attack In Sweden…

Imagine how mad you’d be if a terrorist killed your grandmother.

Via News 10:

Swedish authorities say a woman in her 60s injured in the April 7 truck attack in Stockholm has died, raising the death toll to five.

In a statement Friday, the Stockholm police said the woman, who has not been publicly identified, had been hospitalized in southern Sweden.

A 39-year-old Uzbek man, Rakhmat Akilov, has pleaded guilty to a terrorist crime for ramming the truck into a crowd on a main pedestrian shopping street in the Swedish capital. Police have not disclosed a motive for the attack and no extremist group has claimed responsibility for it.

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Lib Director Joss Whedon Insults Teenage Girls With Cancer…

Paul Ryan was meeting with these girls because they’re survivors of childhood cancer. What a piece of crap Joss Whedon is.

Former Hillary Clinton Advisor Really Likes To Tweet About Her…

Obama Justice Dept Investigated College Bernie Sanders’ Wife Bankrupted, She Was Target Of Investigation…

If Bernie Sanders thinks college should be affordable, maybe his wife should stop bankrupting them…

Via VT Digger:

BURLINGTON — The Justice Department was investigating the activities of the now-defunct Burlington College as recently as February, according to emails obtained through a public records request.

The emails show the U.S. attorney for Vermont and an FBI agent reviewed Burlington College records in the state’s possession earlier this year pursuant to an investigation. Both enforcement agencies declined to comment on the substance of that probe or whether it has been completed.

“It’s typical for us not to comment or to confirm whether or not there’s a current investigation. We would not comment on any active investigation,” said Kraig LaPorte, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office. An FBI spokeswoman cited a similar policy.

The chair of the Burlington College board of trustees said Thursday that the FBI investigation has been going for more than a year, and at least one former school employee was subpoenaed as part of the probe.

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Israel Shoots Down “Target” Over Golan Heights…

As is usual, the Middle East residents will cry about this saying Israel has no right to defend itself.

Via BBC:

Israel shot down “a target” over the Golan Heights, hours after it was accused of a missile strike at a military site near Damascus international airport.

Israel deployed its Patriot missile defence system and media reported the target was a drone.

The earlier strike had damaged what Syrian rebels said was an arms depot run by Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement.

Israel said the explosion was “consistent” with its policy.

But it stopped short of confirming it was responsible.

The Israeli military Twitter account then announced it had intercepted the later “target” over the Golan Heights on the border with Syria, without elaborating.

The military declined to confirm the target was a drone.

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Trump Says ‘Major Conflict’ With N. Korea May Be Coming…

N. Korea is essentially one gigantic cult. Prying apart the country will not be easy.

Via Reuters:

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday a major conflict with North Korea is possible in the standoff over its nuclear and missile programs, but he would prefer a diplomatic outcome to the dispute.

“There is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea. Absolutely,” Trump told Reuters in an Oval Office interview ahead of his 100th day in office on Saturday.

Nonetheless, Trump said he wanted to peacefully resolve a crisis that has bedeviled multiple U.S. presidents, a path that he and his administration are emphasizing by preparing a variety of new economic sanctions while not taking the military option off the table.

“We’d love to solve things diplomatically but it’s very difficult,” he said.

Trump lavished praise on Chinese President Xi Jinping for Chinese assistance in trying to rein in North Korea. The two leaders met in Florida earlier this month.

“I believe he is trying very hard. He certainly doesn’t want to see turmoil and death. He doesn’t want to see it. He is a good man. He is a very good man and I got to know him very well.

“With that being said, he loves China and he loves the people of China. I know he would like to be able to do something, perhaps it’s possible that he can’t,” Trump said.

Trump spoke just a day after he and his top national security advisers briefed U.S. lawmakers on the North Korean threat and one day before Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will press the United Nations Security Council on sanctions to further isolate Pyongyang over its nuclear and missile programs.

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Overnight Open Thread: Man Spends His One Day Off Cleaning Veterans’ Tombstones

Good work, Andrew, and thank you.

Via SunnySkyz:

Meet Andrew Lumish, the owner of a cleaning company in Tampa, Florida, who spends every Sunday scrubbing and cleaning veterans’ tombstones.

The 46-year-old history buff has made it his life’s mission to restore forgotten gravestones of veterans to honor the contributions they have made to their country.

Lumish has cleaned more than 300 gravestones since beginning his project more than two years ago.

After completing a headstone, which can take up to four months to fully clean, Lumish shares the before-and-after photos of the tombstone on his Facebook and Instagram page, entitled The Good Cemetarian.

He also shares detailed information about each person.

Florida Teacher Allegedly Called Future Farmers Of America Students ‘Murderers’ For Raising Livestock…

Teach appears well fed.

Via NY Post:

A Florida teacher stands to lose his job after school officials said he bullied and harassed Future Farmers of America students who are raising livestock to be sold for slaughter.

Middle school teacher Thomas Roger Allison Jr., 53, has been placed on unpaid leave from Horizon Academy at Marion Oaks near Ocala for calling the students who are raising livestock “murderers,” according to a Marion County school district letter documenting the case.

In a written recommendation for termination, Superintendent of Schools Heidi Maier said that Allison “has engaged in a repeated, egregious pattern of mistreating, ridiculing, insulting, intimidating, embarrassing bullying and abusing FFA students, crushing their dreams and causing them to feel that they must discontinue FFA activities to enjoy a peaceful school environment.”

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We Found The Safe Space! Liberals Set Up ‘Empathy Tent’ In Berkeley Ahead Of Rally

More here.

An actual living, breathing safe space, well what do you know?

History Of ‘Extreme Vetting’ Of Immigrants…

Getting back to basics.

Via The Daily Signal:

The United States began as a nation of immigrants, and it continues to be so today. The ability to absorb people from around the globe is a hallmark of American exceptionalism.

America has succeeded mostly through what The Heritage Foundation’s Mike Gonzalez has called “patriotic assimilation,” in which immigrants have not just been taught how to adapt to the economy of the U.S., but also the customs and beliefs of larger American culture.

It is this fading notion of assimilation that has been a great strength for America since its founding. But, the extraordinarily welcoming nature of this country can be turned against it; assimilation simply won’t work on those who are expressly opposed to the idea.

U.S. immigration laws have varied over the country’s history, but they have generally evolved to meet internal needs and external threats.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that President Donald Trump’s administration is considering “extreme vetting” of both visitors to the U.S. and potential immigrants to prevent terrorist attacks from occurring within American borders.

This is in line with a campaign speech in which Trump said he wanted to weed out terrorist sympathizers with “hostile attitudes towards our country or its principles” from coming into the country.

While details of what Trump’s extreme vetting will look like are unclear, some have already come out to call it “Muslim-targeted” and likely to be ineffective.

It is important to keep the current debate in perspective of our changing immigration laws through the centuries.

Founders Warn of the ‘Grecian Horse’

The Founding Fathers had different ideas about immigration, but almost universally understood that it was important for new arrivals to both adapt to the American norms and also not present a direct threat to the United States.

Thomas Jefferson noted in his famous “Notes on the State of Virginia” that a good immigration policy is not simply about numbers of arrivals and labor markets.

He asked rhetorically: “ … Are there no inconveniences to be thrown into the scale against the advantage expected from a multiplication of numbers by the importation of foreigners?”

Jefferson argued that the U.S. was built on a unique set of principles, and that Americans should be cautious when importing people from tyrannical countries.

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Chicago Teachers Union Calls For Teacher Class Cutting For May Day March…

It’s for the children, Comrades.

Via Marathon Pundit:

While the Chicago Teachers Union isn’t calling for an illegal strike on Monday, as it threatened to do, it is asking that its members attend that afternoon’s Chicago May Day march, activities surrounding it begin with school rallies at 7:30am.

The CTU we all know are “for the kids,” but how can they be for those kids when they are rabble-rousing on May 1. Yes, May Day 2017 is a school day.[…]

If not enough substitute teachers are available to cover those class cutting CTU teachers on Monday, Chicago Public Schools will have to shut down for the day. That means tens of thousands of parents will have to call off from work because they’ll have to stay home and watch over their children.

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Texas Passes Law Against Sanctuary Cities, Allows For Charges Against LEOs Who Don’t Follow Law

Via Twitchy:

As Twitchy reported Wednesday, the Texas House had taken up debate on Senate Bill 4 and was working its way through more than 180 amendments, a process which looked like it would continue well into the early morning.

It did, and after 16 hours of debate and plenty of tears, the Texas House passed #SB4 on a party line vote Thursday afternoon, 94 to 53.

The legislation outlaws sanctuary jurisdictions throughout the state, imposes civil penalties for entities in violation of the law, and makes it a misdemeanor for sheriffs, constables, police chiefs, and local leaders not to cooperate with federal authorities and honor requests from immigration agents.

Democrats obviously are not happy about the outcome, and plenty of tears were shed during the debate. Rep. Mary Gonzalez made it clear to her colleagues that she hoped any who voted for #SB4 would never again speak to her.

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Report: Federal Grand Jury Issued Subpoenas In Hillary Clinton Email Case

The FBI had not previously revealed there was a grand jury empaneled in the case. Why was that not revealed and that of course indicates that they considered prosecution. And they might have interesting information…

Via Daily Caller:

A federal grand jury provided FBI agents with subpoenas to inspect Hillary Clinton’s BlackBerry devices last year, court papers provided to Judicial Watch show.

According to the watchdog group, FBI counterintelligence official E.W. Priestap filed a sworn declaration stating that the FBI “obtained Grand Jury subpoenas related to the Blackberry e-mail accounts.”

The subpoenas “produced no responsive materials, as the requested data was outside the retention time utilized by those providers,” stated Priestap, who supervised the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s potential mishandling of classified information as secretary of state.

Clinton used a private email server hooked up to her personal BlackBerries to send and receive business emails. Thousands of the messages contained classified information.

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Doctor Dragged Off United Flight And Beaten Reaches Settlement With Airline…

Good. I hope he got every penny he could.

Via NBC:

The Kentucky doctor dragged off an airplane in Chicago, in a startling incident captured in a viral video that has sparked global headlines, has settled with United Airlines for an undisclosed amount.

According to a statement from his attorney, Thomas Demetrio, Dr. David Dao “has reached an amicable settlement” with the airline “for the injuries he received in his April 9th ordeal.”

“Mr. Munoz said he was going to do the right thing, and he has,” Demetrio said in a statement. “In addition, United has taken full responsibility for what happened on Flight 3411, without attempting to blame others, including the city of Chicago. For this acceptance of corporate accountability, United is to be applauded.”

The saga surrounding United Express Flight 3411 continued to unfold through this week as new video and audio recordings were released by authorities showing what happened in the moments before and after Dao was dragged off the aircraft earlier this month.

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Venezuela To Withdraw From South America’s Version Of The United Nations…


Via NPR:

Venezuela on Thursday will begin the process of withdrawing from the Organization of American States. The country on Tuesday threatened to withdraw from the OAS after accusing the Washington-based group of meddling in its internal affairs. “As ordered by President Nicolas Maduro, we will present a letter of resignation from the Organization of American States, and we will begin a procedure that will take 24 months,” Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez said in a televised statement. The announcement was criticized by Venezuelan opposition leaders.

It has been just under a month since dissatisfaction with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro erupted into massive protests — but if Wednesday’s street skirmishes in Caracas are any indication, the unrest is unlikely to end soon.

Nearly 30 people have been killed in the demonstration since the end of March, when the pro-Maduro Supreme Court tried to nullify an opposition-dominated legislature — but then quickly backpedaled.
Venezuela Erupts In ‘Mother Of All Protests’ As Anti-Maduro Sentiment Seethes

Opposition leaders announced three of the deaths Wednesday, according to The Associated Press, which reports that the total death toll has climbed to 29. Reuters and the BBC place that number at 27 and 26, respectively.

Anti-Maduro demonstrators have been calling for elections, which the president indefinitely postponed late last year, as well as an end to the shortages that have left Venezuelans struggling to obtain necessities like bread.

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NY Times: Conservatives To Blame For Violence At Berkeley, They Put Themselves In Danger…

Victim shaming.

HT Alex Griswold

Oregon Rose Parade Cancelled After Anti-Fa Whackos Threaten To Beat Up Republican Marchers…

Anti-Fascist protesters to use fascism to stop people they call fascists. How weird.

Via Washington Times:

An annual community parade in Oregon has been canceled after radicals threatened to shut down the event unless the local Republican Party was banned from participating.

Organizers of the 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade in East Portland received an anonymous email urging them to bar the Multnomah County Republican Party, or “we will have two hundred or more people rush into the parade into the middle and drag and push those people out.”

The 82nd Avenue of Roses Business Association issued a statement Tuesday saying that it could “no longer guarantee the safety of our community and have made the difficult decision to cancel the parade originally scheduled for Saturday, April 29, at 9:30 a.m.”

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College Denies Student NRA Club Over Connection To Evangelical Church…

A college that hates the NRA? How shocking?

Via Daily Caller:

A private college struck down a student’s appeal to start an NRA club Tuesday on the basis the club’s stance on gun control conflicts with that of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, with which the college partners.

Liam Nuhring, a student at Concordia College in Minnesota, had spent 6 months planning the club and talking about it with the NRA and the college, but Concordia’s Office of Student Engagement denied his request to establish the group on Tuesday, according to West Fargo Pioneer.

“This is something we all saw coming. It wasn’t a surprise by any means,” said Nuhring, who now plans to drop “NRA” from the group’s name in an attempt to win the school’s approval. “It’s a controversial thing, that’s for sure.”

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and Concordia College support “passage and strict enforcement of local, state, and national legislation that rigidly controls manufacture, importation, exportation, sale, purchase, transfer, receipt, possession and transportation of handguns, assault weapons and assault-like weapons and their parts, excluding rifles and shotguns used for hunting and sporting purposes, for use other than law enforcement and military purposes,” reports West Fargo Pioneer.

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Man With Nearly A Dozen Knives Caught Outside Of U.K. Parliament…

Catch of the day.

Via Washington Post:

Armed police carrying out a counterterrorism operation Thursday swooped in on a man they said was carrying knives in a bag near Britain’s Parliament and arrested him on suspicion of planning terrorist acts.

A European security official familiar with the individual said the suspect was known to British security agencies and was thought to have been inspired by the Islamic State group.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive intelligence matters, said the discovery of knives suggested an attack might have been close to fruition. Authorities haven’t released the man’s name.

London’s Metropolitan Police said the 27-year-old suspect was stopped and detained “as part of an ongoing operation” by the force’s counterterrorism unit.

No one was injured in the incident, which unfolded just yards from where an attacker killed five people with a vehicle and a knife last month. It sent a jittery jolt through an area that has been on edge since the March 22 attack.

Police said knives were recovered during the operation and that there was “no immediate known threat” to the public.

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