‘Insistent’ Chinese Ambassador Requested ‘Private’ Talk With Hillary Campaign Aides…

Chinese wanted in on the action after the sale of uranium to Russia.

Via The Daily Caller:

Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Cui Tiankai requested a meeting with Hillary Clinton’s top aides in January 2016, according to an internal email circulated among the former Secretary of State’s senior presidential campaign officials.

“Chinese Ambassador Cui invited me over to the residence Tuesday for a coffee and to make a request. He wants to have an informal, private, off the record get together with a few of us to discuss the next year and the current state of US-China affairs,” wrote Clinton campaign aide Kurt Campbell in the Jan. 7, 2016, email.

“He asked me to host a social meal at my house in the next month. He was fairly insistent and indicated that he wanted to pass along some perspectives. I told him I’d reach out to you all to see about your judgement on this and possible availability. I’m happy to make some chili and cornbread by the fire but let’s first decide whether this makes sense. Please let me know your thinking,” Campbell said.

The email is one among hundreds to and from Clinton national campaign chairman John Podesta made public by Wikileaks during the 2016 election cycle.

Emails from The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group seeking comment from recipients of Campbell’s message were opened but no responses were received. The Chinese Embassy’s spokesperson did not respond to TheDCNF’s request for comment.[…]

But the Chinese ambassador’s request suggests meetings between presidential campaigners and foreign officials may not be as unusual as suggested by news media reportage on Flynn.

Clinton links to Chinese officials and interests are not new. The Daily Caller reported Aug. 11, 2016, that a “Clinton Foundation donor’s financial activity was suspicious enough for FBI and Justice Department officials to meet earlier this year to consider opening an investigation into the Clinton family charity.”

“And while the donor has not been identified, details from a CNN report about the meeting raise the strong possibility that the individual is a Chinese billionaire who gave the Clinton Foundation $2 million in 2013 and also contributed $120,000 to Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign that same year,” we reported.

“That donor is Wang Wenliang, a former delegate to the Chinese parliament. He controls several Chinese firms, including Rilin Enterprises and Dandong Port Co.”

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CNN Host Abruptly Ends Segment After Guest Makes ‘Fake News’ Claim

Don Lemon can’t take the heat so he talks over his guest and shuts down the segment.

Via The Hill:

CNN host Don Lemon abruptly ended his show Friday night after a commentator continued to call a story they were discussing “fake news” while defending President Trump.

Lemon was moderating a discussion on the cost of Trump’s visits to Mar-a-Lago in Florida when Paris Dennard, a political analyst and commentator who formerly served in the George W. Bush administration, called it “fake news.”

“The president is not breaking any laws, and he’s not doing anything,” Dennard said.

Lemon interrupted to shut down Dennard’s use of the term “fake news.”

“Fake news is when you put out a story to intentionally deceive someone and you know that it is wrong,” he said.

“This story that we’re doing right now is not to intentionally deceive anyone. We are simply talking about the cost to keep a president safe,” he continued.

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Some Immigrants Flee U.S., Knowingly Walking Into Police Arrest In Canada…

Trudeaus open arms program is backfiring. Getting there wouldn’t necessarily guarantee that they get to stay, despite Trudeau’s invitation.

Via VPR:

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are reporting surges in illegal crossings in Canada in recent months. Officials say Quebec has seen the highest influx of people seeking asylum, with many crossing in remote, snowy areas west of Lake Champlain.

One illegal border crossing area has become so popular among immigrants seeking asylum that all taxis in Champlain, New York, know it by name: Roxham Road.

It’s so well-known that, according to people who live on the road, the Canadian police stay parked on their side of the border most days. In New York state, taxi drivers follow a protocol where they contact U.S. Border Patrol if someone requests drop-off there — the person is still granted their ride, but U.S. officials often stop the cab to check the person’s paperwork.

Wednesday, an officer in a U.S. Border Patrol car parked at the end of Roxham Road said that by 11 a.m. already two families had walked across illegally. They knowingly walked into arrest by the Canadian police waiting on the other side.

Refugee advocates say the reason so many are crossing illegally is because of the Safe Third Country Agreement signed by the U.S. and Canada in 2002. The pact is meant to prevent “shopping for asylum” in both countries; it requires refugees seeking asylum to do so in the country they reach first.

Choosing Police Arrest

Roxham Road is a quiet pastoral road about 20 miles north of Plattsburgh, New York. There are a smattering of trailer homes, and a picturesque barn with curious horses outside, their breath fogging the chilly air.

The road itself dead-ends with little fanfare; there’s a sign saying “Road Closed” at the end, then a long ditch running east-west that marks the U.S.-Canada border. The only indication that it’s an official border is a small 3-foot plastic marker that says “U.S. and Canada.”

There are several well-worn paths up and over the snow bank and through the ditch, where many people have walked between the two countries.

U.S. Border Patrol has the authority to stop people near the border who officers suspect to be non-citizens, but they cannot detain them if their passport and visa are in order. That’s why even refuge-seekers who are clearly intending to walk into Canada can only be arrested on the other side, after they commit the crime of crossing the border not at a port of entry.

Just before noon on Wednesday, a blue Honda minivan cab rounds the corner on Roxham Road. It’s stopped by the U.S. border patrol, and the officer opens the sliding door and speaks with the woman. Moments later, the taxi is allowed to continue on.

The cab drives about a half a mile to the dead end. Dressed in a knee-length black coat and a white knit hat and scarf, a woman passenger gets out. All she has with her is a diaper bag, a black suitcase on wheels — and an infant bundled in a fleece onesie.

She doesn’t want to speak with journalists, but she seems to understand some English.

She hugs the baby to her chest and with her free hand pulls behind the suitcase. As she moves toward the ditch, several Canadian police officers approach on their side, and speak to her.

“You have to go through the custom, ah, border, but if you do cross here, you’ll be arrested, and then we’ll take you in charge. OK?”

The woman nods, seeming to understand that she will be arrested, and she steps towards them. The Canadian policeman offers to carry her baby as she makes her way through the slippery snow path. She hands him the child, and then takes the hand of the other officer who helps her to the road on the Canadian side.

The police bring out a child car seat, and place it into the vehicle.

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Oklahoma Restaurant Fires 12 Workers For Not Showing Up On ‘Day Without Immigrants’

Actions have consequences.


A dozen workers at a Catoosa restaurant are without a job today after getting fired for skipping work as a show of support for “A Day Without Immigrants.”

The restaurant workers are all Hispanic and they say it was important to them to participate in the national protest.

But they didn’t think it would cost them their jobs.

“They feel like they’ve been unfairly terminated,” said a friend, translating for the employees.

The group worked at “I Don’t Care” Bar and Grill in Catoosa. They talked to us after they were fired for not showing up to work. They asked us to not show their faces or give their names.

“(They’ve) been working there for almost two years since the restaurant opened,” said the friend.

The group willingly chose to stay home with others across the country supporting “A Day Without Immigrants.”

“(They’re) upset they stood for something they felt was necessary so the community would stand together, and they got terminated for that,” said the friend,

The six are a part of a group of 12 kitchen staff let go.[…]

Restaurant owner Bill McNally gave us a written statement, saying he has a “zero tolerance policy for no show/no call incidents and the 12 employees violated that policy.”

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NPR Goes Full Moonbat: Trump Is The Oldest American President To Ever Take Office, And His Family Has A History Of Dementia…

Our taxpaying dollars at work.

Via NPR:

In a series of recent interviews, President Donald Trump’s longtime personal physician Dr. Harold N. Bornstein told The New York Times that our new commander in chief has what amounts to a pretty unremarkable medical chart.

Like about a quarter of American adults, Trump is on a statin for high cholesterol. He also takes a daily baby aspirin for heart health, an occasional antibiotic for rosacea, a skin condition, and Propecia, a pill to promote hair growth.

Bornstein also told the Times that should he be appointed White House doctor, he probably wouldn’t test the president for baseline dementia risk, something many doctors have argued should be mandatory.

At 70, Trump is the oldest American president to ever take office. Couple his age with a family history of dementia — his father Fred developed Alzheimer’s disease in his 80s — and one could argue that the question of baseline cognitive testing for the U.S. head of state has taken on new relevance.

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Chuck Todd And John McCain Bash Trump: “That’s How Dictators Get Started … Start By Suppressing Free Press”

Chuck Todd followed up his comments with this tweet, trying to dial his comments back a bit.

Now, of course Chuck Todd forgets Hillary Clinton, who famously declared a good part of America “the enemy she was proudest of having made” – Republicans.

Not to mention the Obama administration spying on the AP and James Rosen.

Calling someone ‘fake news’ is suppressing press? So the press should be immune from criticism?

Teachers On Paid Leave For ‘Day Without Immigrants’ Posts Reveling In Student Absences…

A productive day in the classroom.

Via Washington Times:

Several teachers in Jurupa Valley, California, have reportedly been placed on paid leave while the school district investigates controversial social media posts made during the nationwide “A Day Without Immigrants” strike.

In the now-deleted Facebook comments, at least five teachers and one counselor from Rubidoux High School reveled in the fact that their classes were smaller and more productive without the striking students, The Press-Enterprise reported. The comments were captured in screenshots posted by Rubidoux High alumna Guadalupe Lopez.

Science teacher Geoffrey Greer started the thread Thursday afternoon by saying the nationwide strike only proved “how much better things might be without all this overcrowding.”

“That’s what you get when you jump on some sort of bandwagon cause as an excuse to be lazy and/or get drunk,” Mr. Greer wrote. “Best school day ever.”

Art teacher Robin Riggle responded by saying the 50 absences in her classes made it “a very pleasant day.”

Science teacher Allen Umbarger wrote: “Unfortunately, statistically my cumulative GPA increased today. Mostly failing students were missing.”

Science teacher Chuck Baugh added: “Quieter classes, more productive – let’s do this more often.”

Agriculture teacher Rhonda Fuller wrote: “Same here! Small classes, trouble makers were gone fantastic day!”

Guidance counselor Patricia Crawford declared “more, please” after stating that the cafeteria was much cleaner after lunch and that there were less disciplinary issues than on a normal school day.

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Congress Looking Into U.S. Money Going To George Soros To Allegedly Disrupt Countries In Europe…

Must read.

Via Fox News:

George Soros’ alleged meddling in European politics has caught the attention of Congress.

Concerns about Soros’ involvement most recently were raised by the Hungarian prime minister, who last week lashed out at the Soros “empire” and accused it of deploying “tons of money and international heavy artillery.”

But days earlier, Republican lawmakers in Washington started asking questions about whether U.S. tax dollars also were being used to fund Soros projects in the small, conservative-led country of Macedonia.

Rep. Christopher Smith, R-N.J., led a group of House lawmakers in writing to Ambassador Jess Baily — an Obama appointee — demanding answers. Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, also expressed concerns about USAID money going to Soros’ Open Society Foundations as part of a broader concern that the U.S. Embassy has been taking sides in party politics.

“I have received credible reports that, over the past few years, the US Mission to Macedonia has actively intervened in the party politics of Macedonia, as well as the shaping of its media environment and civil society, often favoring groups of one political persuasion over another,” Lee said in his letter.

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Stop Belittling The Holocaust With Your Stupid Nazi Analogies…

When it comes to history, the liberals are clueless.

Via The Federalist:

When the Associated Press dropped a breathless piece contending that the Trump administration was “considering” and “weighing” using 100,000 National Guard troops to help round up illegal immigrants, all the usual hysterics erupted. Soon, the White House denied it had ever considered the memo (and so far there is no reason to believe they are lying). Then we learned the memo itself doesn’t even say anything about “100,000 National Guardsmen” rounding up illegal immigrants. Now, we can theorize about who leaked the story, but it looks to be the epitome of Donald Trump’s Yogi Berraism about a real story being fake news.

Anyway, none of this stopped the shameful Hitler and Nazi analogies from immediately clogging up social media. Comparing everything to 1932 is now a big part of our national discourse. People who should know better habitually make correlations.

This isn’t “Springtime for Hitler.” These gross equivalences belittle the memory of millions who died in unimaginably horrifying ways. Moreover, exaggeration and historical illiteracy undermines the very cause these people claim to care about, unless that cause is desensitizing people to the terror of the Holocaust.

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Hysterical: Liberals Compare Trump Admin To 9/11, Watergate, Pearl Harbor

Book Publishers Now Hiring ‘Sensitivity Readers’ To Look For ‘Offensive’ Material…

Alternate job title: Butt hurt monitor.

Via The College Fix:

It was bound to happen — books are now getting an extra set of eyes to look over their content aside from the usual suspects like agents and editors: a so-called “sensitivity reader.”

According to a story in The Washington Post, these readers “give feedback based on self-ascribed areas of expertise such as ‘dealing with terminal illness,’ ‘racial dynamics in Muslim communities within families’ or ‘transgender issues.’”

Social media has played a role in the emergence of these readers as “writers are under increased scrutiny for their portrayals of people from marginalized groups” — more so if the author isn’t a member of the group.

Online anger regarding the portrayal of Native Americans even affected popular writer J.K. Rowling, while allegations of racism were launched at Divergent author Veronica Roth’s new book.

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McCain Tells Europe That Trump Administration Is In ‘Disarray’

Oh, that’s helpful.

Via NY Post:

Republican Senator John McCain broke with the reassuring message that U.S. officials visiting Germany have sought to convey on their debut trip to Europe, saying on Friday that the administration of President Donald Trump was in “disarray”.
McCain, a known Trump critic, told the Munich Security Conference that the resignation of the new president’s security adviser Michael Flynn over his contacts with Russia reflected deep problems in Washington.

“I think that the Flynn issue obviously is something that shows that in many respects this administration is in disarray and they’ve got a lot of work to do,” said McCain, even as he praised Trump’s defense secretary.

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Northern Arizona University Profs Label Trump A ‘Neo-Fascist,’ ‘Rapist In Chief’

The Profs are describing the Moonbats.

Via Campus Reform:

The Northern Arizona University Political Science department recently hosted a “Specter of Fascism” event at which professors repeatedly compared Donald Trump to Hitler and the Nazis.

“The Specter of Fascism” was a panel discussion featuring six NAU professors with specialties covering politics and international affairs, women and gender studies, and criminology.

Politics and International Affairs Department Head Lori Poloni-Staudinger continually referred to the Trump administration as the “Trump regime”, at one point comparing the administration’s actions to the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, and later referencing the book The Origins of Totalitarianism in an attempt to draw out the correlation further.

“What was unprecedented, and I’m going to pull up two major things, was one, ‘The aim to remake reality itself, essential to which was extinguishing spaces of debate and counter-speech,’” she quoted from the book, “‘The aim of totalitarianism was to make uniqueness of the human person superfluous. Whether in concentration camps in the terror units or in the highest levels of bureaucracy, both victims and executioners lived in a world in which who they were as distinctive beings had no place. In fact it was to guard an unforgivable reduction of the human person to living corpses.’”

“Someone should ponder on this now a lot today,” Poloni asserted, arguing that the Trump team relies on a “cocktail of fear, racist hate as an influence of normalization, [and] delegitimizing the press.”

“The material and psychological conditions that made it possible for the Nazis to mobilize masses around an ideologically constructed enemy are the very same conditions in which our politics is unfolding today,” she claimed, explaining that “these material conditions are a capitalist, economic, and bourgeois social world in which private gain…you know, ruthlessly competitive world is celebrated and where economic suffering combine with deep social isolation is the condition we live in.”

Criminology professor Ray Michalowski later called Trump the “rapist in chief” of our country while discussing modern uses of the word fascism, after which he concluded that Trump may well be a “neo-fascist” and prospective totalitarian dictator.

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BREAKING: World Trade Center Bomber Blind Sheikh Finally Buys The Farm

Rest in hell…

Via ITV:

The man convicted of the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing has died in prison in the US, according to reports.

Omar Abdel-Rahman, also known as the Blind Sheikh, was serving a life sentence for masterminding the attack on the New York landmark which resulted in the deaths of six people.

Abdel-Rahman’s son Ammar told the Reuters news agency that his father had died.

He said that his family had received a phone call from a US representative who relayed the news.

Abdel-Rahman was a former leader of the Egyptian Islamist militant group al-Gamaa al-Islamiyya.

Besides the 1993 attack on the World Trade Centre he was alleged to have planned to blow up other prominent New York buildings, including the UN headquarters.

Islamophobic Saudi Arabia Deports 40,000 Muslim Pakistanis, Citing Terrorism Concerns…

Making room for widows and orphans.

Via Daily Wire:

Saudi Arabia has deported a staggering 40,000 Pakistani migrant workers in the span of just four months, citing terrorism concerns.

The Saudi Gazette reported last week that “a number of Pakistanis were held in the crimes of drug trafficking, thefts, forgery and physical assault.” Authorities feared that some of the migrant workers were linked with ISIS, or as the Saudis call the terror group, Daesh. Other migrants were deported due to expired residency and work permits.

“Against this backdrop, Abdullah Al-Sadoun, chairman of the security committee of the Shoura Council, called for thoroughly scrutinizing the Pakistanis before they are recruited for work in the Kingdom,” added the Gazette. “He asked for more closer coordination with the concerned authorities in Pakistan to thoroughly check those coming to work in the Kingdom due to the involvement of a number of Pakistanis in security issues.”

While the Kingdom has long exported the jihadist ideological cancer of Wahhabism to mosques and Islamic centers across the West, it has prided itself in its effort to rid the homeland of terrorists threatening to undermine the stability and sovereignty of the monarchy.

Counter-terrorism raids are not uncommon in Saudi Arabia. In fact, counter-terrorism agents recently arrested 15 Pakistanis in the Al-Harazat and Al-Naseem districts of Jeddah on terrorism-related charges.

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ISIS Is Going Broke…

Of course, because they applied basically a socialist philosophy.

Via NY Post:

The Islamic State group is hemorrhaging money with every piece of territory it loses, according to a new analysis that found that the group’s “business model” is on the path to failure.

The analysis released Saturday by the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence and the accounting firm EY found that the self-proclaimed caliphate’s financial resources have been drained substantially since the days beginning in mid-2014 when it captured banks, oil wells and entire warehouses of weapons as it amassed land.

The report found that Islamic State revenue has declined from up to $1.9 billion in 2014 to at most $870 million in 2016.

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Passengers Heard Crying On Video As Soldier’s Casket Unloaded From Flight…



A Facebook user captured the emotional moment when a fallen soldier’s casket was unloaded at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

Lisa West Williams captured the solemn moment on video Feb. 14, and it’s now been viewed more than 6 million times on Facebook. Crying can be heard in the video.

“It was an honor to fly home with this patriot,” Williams wrote. “There was not a dry eye around me.”

The casket belonged to Shawn Thomas, a special forces warrant officer from Fort Bragg, according to ABC11. The Army Times reported he died after being involved in a vehicle accident in Africa on Feb. 9.

A woman places her hand on the casket before seven soldiers carry it away.

Members Of Senate Intel Committee Had Secret Meeting With FBI Director Comey Yesterday…

Hmm… Rogue IT guys? Russia? Leaks?

Via Roll Call:

Not much can get between senators and a recess. Except, perhaps, FBI Director James B. Comey.

Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, along with ex-officio member and Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, huddled for a total of more than two hours on Friday with Comey.

The FBI director’s visit was not announced publicly, and it’s possible members of the Capitol Hill press corps only found out because he was spotted in the hallways and entered a secure room used for intelligence briefings.
But leaving that secure room in the Capitol Visitor Center, senators declined to even confirm the presence of the FBI director, much less the substance of the meeting. Those who did talk generally only gave “no comments” or referred questions to Intelligence Chairman Richard M. Burr and ranking member Mark Warner.

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Fake News: The Attack On Georgia State Trooper Nathan Bradley…

Can’t have the Police doing good deeds.

Via Law Officer:

In the latest attack on police with the use of the main stream media’s only viable option, fake news, we see the most desperate attempt to date of malicious targeting of law enforcement. This latest fiasco comes to us from reporter Brendan Keefe in the Atlanta, Georgia area. In his pathetic hit piece, he attempts to take down a nationally recognized hero, Georgia State Patrol Trooper Nathan Bradley.

Trooper Bradley stormed into the national spotlight on duty and while learning of the death of two parents, he took their four children trick or treating after finding them at home dressed in their Halloween costumes before telling them the tragic truth that awaited them. Bradley started a gofundme account to help pay for the funeral of both parents and to provide any money leftover to the children. As of this article, his page has raised $496,220 of his $500,000 goal.

How about that! Maybe the Law Officer audience should make sure that fund is placed over the top for those children.

Nathan received a ton of attention from his act of kindness but the recognition and awards meant absolutely nothing to this Trooper. If he had his way, his name would never have been mentioned. Bradley did not want the attention. He did not want the press.

So what was this corruptible act that Keefe and his network blasted out to a public that they must think has no sense? On October 14, 2015, Trooper Bradley attempted to stop a vehicle going 94 mph in a 55 mph zone. The pursuit turned into a residential neighborhood and the car came to a stop. This hit piece attacking a Trooper that can’t even defend himself (Bradley is unable to speak to the media and even us without approval from GSP) is about the fact that a woman in the car was going into labor and I guess that Troopers from Georgia should be handsome AND psychic![…]

The Video

Now we come to the video. And not the edited version used for Keefe’s disaster. But the full video. As mentioned before, not one obscenity was uttered by Trooper Bradley after the high speed pursuit. That fact will go down as a record in the history of this great profession. But much is made of the fact that the female passenger claimed to be in labor and was on the way to the hospital, although headed in the wrong direction. She claimed to be at 38 weeks and experiencing regular, steady contractions. Watch the video folks. Any woman that has given birth or any male partner/husband that has been present at the time would see that this woman is certainly not in labor. Unless she has the pain threshold of Wonder Woman. I have never seen a more calm and relaxed female suffering contractions. It is stated that she gave birth just hours later. But watch the video. Is it at all evident, at any point in time, that she is clearly in distress? Where is Keefe’s interview with the ambulance personnel? What was their opinion? They didn’t seem to be in any sort of rush or urgency when dealing with her. Why? Because they observed and thought the exact same as Bradley did. Where was Keefe’s interview with any other officers in the country inquiring whether or not people lie about their reasons or destinations when stopped for speeding? You know why he didn’t include this…..because he knows already.

The hospital excuse is the oldest in the books. It’s used daily. And I mean DAILY!! So where does a cop draw the line? Speeding? Larceny? Assault? Murder? What is the threshold for cutting the suspect some slack? Especially when having faced the hospital excuse repeatedly. I mean, she could have at least faked a contraction or two. She gave Bradley absolutely no proof to back up the driver’s statement. Then Keefe ends his pukefest by stating that all charges were dropped against the suspect after the prosecutor’s saw the video and proof of the birth. But then he tries to slide in that the suspect plead guilty to reckless driving. Ummmmmm……isn’t that what he was charged with? That was clearly the most obvious and serious violation he committed. So other charges got dropped? That’s called a plea bargain nitwit. He plead to the most serious charge in exchange for the other charges being dropped…

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Chelsea Clinton Asks For Another Word For “Horrifying,” Juanita Broaddrick Responds….

Chelsea Clinton took to twitter once again to look for a word.

5 days ago, she asked the question: what was an unsuccessful troll called?

Needless to say the responses were not kind.

This time she asked for another word for “horrifying” after ICE agents arrested an illegal alien in a courthouse in Arizona while the person was getting a protective order against a domestic abuser.

What Chelsea left out of the equation, of course, is that this ‘horrifying’ incident concerned a person who had been deported six times and had a previous arrests for possession of stolen mail, false imprisonment and assault.

But why let facts interfere when you’re trying to push political agenda?

Chelsea of course did get some good responses.

But this was hands down the best tweet, the truest definition of ‘horrifying’ in answer to Chelsea’s question.

Juanita Broaddrick alleges that Chelsea Clinton’s father raped her.

Can’t get too much more ‘horrifying’ than that.