Woman Mistakes Town Hall For Donald Trump Rally, Smears 30 Cars With Peanut Butter…


Just a bit nutty…

Via The Independent:

A woman was arrested on Monday after allegedly smearing peanut butter on 30 cars parked outside what she believed was a pro-Donald Trump rally.

Christina Ferguson was arrested in Amherst Junction, Wisconsin after interrupting what turned out to be a meeting of a local environmental organisation, Tomorrow River Conservation Club.

Witnesses claimed the 32-year-old entered the meeting at 9:30pm holding a “family-size jar of low-sodium, creamy natural Jif” peanut butter, shouting about how much she hated the Republican candidate.

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Video: British Tornado Vaporizes ISIS Car Bomb In Mosul…


BREAKING: 26 People Treated At London City Airport In London After “Chemical Incident”…


Via RT:

Twenty-six people were treated for breathing difficulties with two individuals taken to hospital following an alleged chemical incident at London City Airport.
The site was evacuated after a fire alarm went off in the terminal building. Passengers and airport staff were left on the tarmac as three fire engines responded to the alarm.

Ambulance crews and the Hazardous Area Response Team attended to the incident, according to London Ambulance.

Twenty-six people were treated for breathing difficulties with two individuals taken to hospital following an alleged chemical incident at London City Airport.
The site was evacuated after a fire alarm went off in the terminal building. Passengers and airport staff were left on the tarmac as three fire engines responded to the alarm.

Ambulance crews and the Hazardous Area Response Team attended to the incident, according to London Ambulance.

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Planned Parenthood President Won’t Say Whether Ritual Sacrifice Is A Religious Freedom Issue


Just say no.

Via Free Beacon:

I don’t know what I will be doing with my time four years from now. Maybe I’ll be in a house on the shore of Lake Superior writing a book that will sell modestly but receive glowing reviews. Maybe I will be playing pedal steel in a country-rock band. Maybe my family will move to Kenya. It is hard to say. Whatever it is, I hope it doesn’t include standing awkwardly in a loud and crowded room trying to ask people I dislike questions I know they can’t answer.

My first target—oops, does that sound too weaponized?—in the spin room at the University of Nevada Las Vegas Wednesday night was Cecile Richards, the CEO of what is ostensibly a nonprofit corporation, one whose business concerns include the abortion of children and the sale of their body parts. Richards was there acting as a surrogate for Hillary Clinton. As it happens, I had a paperback copy of Stephen King’s IT in my backpack. As I walked across the room toward the circle of about 10 journalists, most of them cameramen, asking Richards questions, I could not help recalling Pennywise’s words to the young Stan Uris: “I am the eater of worlds, and of children. And you are next!”

I clammed up for a moment, half expecting her suddenly to metamorphose into a giant bird or a mummy or a killer clown and soar into the air clutching a handful of colored balloons.

Instead she stood there with a knowing, slightly nasty smirk answering questions that I would describe as “softball” if I could do so without casting unfair aspersions on that noble pastime. I thought of Stan and Bev and Richie and Haystack and Eddie and Mike and Stuttering Bill. They would have wanted me to do something, even if it meant I would be carried off to a sewer and eaten myself.

I waited till she had finished ignoring a query from a Weekly Standard reporter and took my shot.

“Since abortion is a form of ritual sacrifice, is defending it an issue of religious freedom?” I asked.

“I’ve got, actually, an interview,” she said, refusing to make eye contact.

“Is it?” I said.

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NYC’s Cardinal Dolan: Hillary Should Disavow Negative Remarks on Catholics


Via Newsmax:

New York City’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan said that Hillary Clinton should disavow negative comments made by campaign staffers that were disclosed in emails hacked by WikiLeaks.

“They are extraordinarily patronizing and insulting to Catholics,” the archbishop of the Big Apple told News Channel 13 in Colorado Springs on Monday.

Dolan will host the Al Smith Dinner in New York on Thursday, which is to be attended by both Clinton and Donald Trump.

The white-tie event, long a stop for presidential candidates since its beginning in 1945, raises funds for Catholic charities that aid needy children.

“If it had been said about the Jewish community, the Islamic community, within 10 minutes there would have been an apology and a complete distancing from those remarks, which hasn’t happened yet,” Dolan told the ABC News affiliate after the “Respect Life Dinner” in the city.

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Huma On Hillary’s $12M Morocco Fiasco: ‘She Created This Mess And She Knows It’


More money grubbing from another Islamic country with a sterling human rights record.

Via NY Post:

Hillary Clinton solicited a $12 million donation from a government that her State Department considered corrupt, then realized the “mess” it would cause to her presidential run, a newly leaked ­email reveals.

King Mohammed VI of Morocco agreed to give the money to the Clinton Foundation, provided that it hold a convention in his country in May 2015 with Clinton as the keynote speaker.

But Clinton realized that the conference, slated for a month after she announced her run for president, would hurt her candidacy.

“No matter what happens, she will be in Morocco hosting CGI [Clinton Global Initiative] on May 5-7, 2015. Her presence was a condition for the Moroccans to proceed so there is no going back on this,” top Clinton aide Huma Abedin wrote to campaign manager Robby Mook in a November 2014 email revealed by Wiki­Leaks.

In another email, Abedin warned that if Clinton didn’t attend, the $12 million would be off the table.

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President Of Philippines Announces ‘Separation From America’

Thanks, Obama!

Wikileaks Teases ‘October Surprise’ For Tim Kaine And DNC Chair Donna Brazile


Via Washington Examiner:

WikiLeaks teased Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine and interim Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile on Twitter Thursday evening, warning an October surprise is looming.

The website’s founder, Julian Assange, has used the site to release hacked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Democratic organizations in the final weeks of the presidential campaign.

Michelle Obama Forgets Name of Arizona’s Democratic Senate Candidate She’s Campaigning For…



Mississippi County Passes Anti-Clown Ordinance…


This is not a laughing matter.

Via Kemper County Messenger:

Clowning around in Kemper County has just become an expensive proposition. At least until November 1.

The Kemper County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved an ordinance during its regular meeting on Monday that makes it unlawful for any person of any age to appear in public in Kemper County in a clown costume, clown mask or clown makeup. The ordinance was signed into effect by Kemper County Board President Johnny Whitsett at 11:28 a.m. on Monday and expires the day after Halloween.

The ordinance is enforceable by the Kemper County Sheriff’s Office and violators can be fined up to $150.

Kemper County Sheriff James Moore had asked the board to consider such an ordinance at a previous meeting.

“In order for it to be effective you have to put teeth into it,” board attorney Bo Bailey told the board, explaining the fine.

“It has really gotten out of hand,” Whitsett said, referring to the national situation with people dressing up as clowns. Whitsett, and other board members, voiced concern about what the reaction of the public would be if they saw a clown in their yard. “It wouldn’t be good,” Whitsett said.

Moore said he wanted the ordinance to be in place to make it clear that dressing as a clown in public at this time was not acceptable.

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Khizr Khan Stars In New Campaign Ad For Hillary Clinton…

Of course she’d use him.

TCU Students Demand $100M for Minorities, Ban on ‘Hateful Speech’


My suggestion to these cowering snowflakes is for them to find a school where they feel “comfortable”.

Via Campus Reform:

A group of students at Texas Christian University has released a list of demands, calling on the administration to create a $100 million “endowment to further support minority students.”

“Students and faculty go around campus spewing microaggressions and expecting students of color to pretend that what has been done is acceptable,” TCU’s Black Students and Allies wrote in its list of demands before noting that it is, after all, “2016,” so “change is long overdue.”

According to the letter, the only way for minority students to feel “comfortable” is to attend a historically black college or university, which TCU is not, and while minority students do “get the opportunity to attend TCU,” they allegedly cannot do so without “receiving denigrating stares from other students, derogatory comments, and low expectations from other peers.”

In hopes of making the campus more “inclusive,” the group wants the university to implement its full list of 14 demands on an expedited schedule, setting a 20-day deadline for administrators to respond to its ultimatum, after which “various forms of escalation will take place until some if not all of our demands are met.”

Among the demands is a call for a “100-million-dollar endowment to further support minority students,” which, the students suggest, would make TCU “a more fiscally feasible option through non-athletic scholarships offered to low-income high schools.”

Additionally, the student group calls on the university to implement a “zero-tolerance policy for racially insensitive and hateful speech,” recommending that this policy be enforced by a new “Diversity/Inclusion/Accountability board.”

Another item on the list asks that the school lower its American flag to half-mast whenever “people of color around the nation are murdered by people who are supposed to protect and serve.”

The document then shifts its focus to reforming the school’s core curriculum, saying an “Ethnic Studies course” should be “a core curriculum requirement for all students” while calling for both a “rigorous reevaluation of the courses that currently fulfill the core curriculum’s diversity requirement” and a “university-funded speaker series that focuses on diversity.”

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New ISIS Video Shows Statue Of Liberty Wearing Face Veil, Holding A Koran…

Screenshots from this video.



Social Justice Warriors Blow A Gasket Over British Soldiers In Camouflage Face Paint…


Blimey, the sickness has spread.

Via The Telegraph:

At a time when Britain’s security has rarely been under greater threat, you would think the Ministry of Defence was far too preoccupied to worry about something so trivial as a soldier being photographed wearing camouflage paint.

There is, after all, the small matter of working out how to deal with the new mood of military assertiveness that has taken root in the Kremlin for MoD bigwigs to consider. Or the equally challenging threat posed by Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil), which has seized control of large swathes of the Arab world and poses a direct threat to our national well-being as a result of its increasingly sophisticated terrorist network.


But no, rather than concentrating its energies on demanding issues such as these, the MoD instead today finds itself involved in a nonsensical twitter storm over a picture posted on its website as part of a photographic competition.

The picture in question shows a soldier “blacked up” – i.e. wearing standard camouflage paint – during a military training exercise. Anyone with any knowledge of the military knows this is a standard technique used by soldiers around the world to help disguise themselves in challenging combat situations, particularly when operating at night. In this particular instance the soldier was taking part in a jungle warfare exercise.

Yet no sooner had the picture been published on the MoD’s website – as part of a package of pictures marking the Army’s annual photography competition – than a brigade of politically correct zealots launched a tirade of abuse on twitter against the MoD, essentially accusing the Army of racism.

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New trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One (takes place between the last prequel and the original 1977 film).

ISIS Hangs Two Kurdish Fighters Off Bridge Leading To Mosul…

Welcome to the Islamic State.


MSNBC Points Out That Democrats Have Been Saying Elections Are Rigged For Years

Yeah, but TRUMP!

ISIS Jihadis Caught Fleeing Mosul Disguised In Women’s Clothing…


I’m guessing the Peshmerga had some sport with those punks dressed as women.

Via The Sun (UK):

Their desperate last-ditch orders come as Kurdish forces and elite Iraqi counter-terror troops began a lightning advance on the city.

Pictures shared online show two men, purported to be enemy fighters, being paraded before liberating troops while wearing dresses.

It has also emerged leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – who is rumoured to be holed up inside the besieged city – has ordered the “women of the caliphate” to leave.

Leading US generals and French president Francois Hollande say ISIS fighters are fleeing – and must be blocked from regrouping in nearby Raqqa.

Major General Gary Volesky, who heads the anti-IS coalition’s land component, said: “We are telling Daesh (ISIS) that their leaders are abandoning them. We’ve seen a movement out of Mosul.”

He said many foreigners among the 3,000 to 4,500 ISIS fighters would likely end up forming the core of the holdout jihadist force.

Volesky noted that the Iraqis would screen anyone leaving Mosul, and attempts by foreign fighters to blend in to an expected exodus of displaced people would be thwarted.

“It’s difficult for them to blend into the local population based on the number of different types of foreign fighters that there are.”

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Thursday the offensive in Mosul was progressing more quickly than originally planned.

His comments come as Kurdish peshmerga announced a three-pronged assault to the north and east of the city, while elite Iraqi special forces moved in from the south.

He said: “The forces are pushing towards the town more quickly than we thought and more quickly than we had programmed in our campaign plan.”

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Clinton Hack “Ragin’ Cajun” James Carville: “Of Course There’s Going To Be Some Fraud”…


The Chicago way.

Via Washington Examiner:

Longtime Clinton loyalist and Democratic operative James Carville put forth that there is likely to be “fraud” on Election Day.

The former Bill Clinton White House aide said Thursday on MSNBC that he anticipated 130-140 million voters to turn out on Nov. 8 and that such a vast number would lend itself to some form of malfeasance.

“Of course there’s going to be some fraud,” Carville said, following the third and final presidential debate in Las Vegas between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, “I mean, you couldn’t have 130 to 140 million people do something perfectly.”

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HOT MIC: Donna Brazile Tells Megyn Kelly To “Go To Russia”…

Update to this story.

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