Canada’s Socialist Leader Has Already Run Out Of Other Peoples Money…

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Just like Thatcher predicted.

Via CNews:

The National Bank says the country’s fading economic prospects could put the federal government on track to run $90 billion in deficits over the Liberals’ four-year mandate.

In a report, the bank predicts the public books will sink deeper into the red due to the combination of a weakened economy and Liberal promises of billions in fiscal stimulus.

Report author Warren Lovely says if the bank’s downgraded growth profile comes to pass then Ottawa could lose $50 billion in revenue over the next four years.

The Liberals have pledged to run deficits in the coming years in order to spend $17.4 billion over its first mandate on infrastructure projects — which they predict will create jobs and generate economic growth.

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BREAKING: Carly Fiorina Suspends Campaign…


Via FB:

This campaign was always about citizenship—taking back our country from a political class that only serves the big, the powerful, the wealthy, and the well connected. Election after election, the same empty promises are made and the same poll-tested stump speeches are given, but nothing changes.

I’ve said throughout this campaign that I will not sit down and be quiet. I’m not going to start now.

While I suspend my candidacy today, I will continue to travel this country and fight for those Americans who refuse to settle for the way things are and a status quo that no longer works for them.

Our Republican Party must fight alongside these Americans as well. We must end crony capitalism by fighting the policies that allow it to flourish. We must fix our festering problems by holding our bloated, inept government bureaucracy accountable. Republicans must stand for conservative principles that lift people up and recognize all Americans have the right to fulfill their God-given potential.

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Air Bernie: Sanders Shoots Hoops With The Gals On The View…

Tough to tell but I estimate he got at least a half-inch of air with that layup.

Obama Whines: “Conservative Pundits” Make Me Sound Like A “Scary Guy”…

Obama at his thin-skinned best.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 2.34.53 PM

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ISIS Sets Up “Help Desk” To Help Terrorists Hide From Authorities…


You know they’ll get a few calls from frantic jihadis who are stuck after they “tripped” and their penis accidentally fell inside a goat.

Via The Hill:

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has opened up a new technical “help desk” that aims to help terrorists hide from Western authorities, according to researchers.

The Electronic Horizon Foundation (EHF) was launched on Jan. 30 as a joint effort of several of the top ISIS cybersecurity experts, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) said in a new report.

While researchers have previously uncovered an ISIS “help desk” and 34-page manual that help extremists encrypt their communications, MEMRI said the EHF takes these services to an “alarming” new level.

“Jihadis have long sought technical information, which has been confined in the past to various password-protected jihadi forums,” said the MEMRI report, shared exclusively with The Hill. “However, the freedom and ease by which they can now obtain that information is alarming, especially when such information is shared over private and secure channels.”

The EHF operates on the encrypted messaging platform Telegram but also maintains a Twitter account that disseminates information and directs followers to its secure Telegram channel.

The group’s self-stated goal is clear: “Spreading security and technical awareness among the monotheists.”

Al Gore Dispatches Top Disciple To Troll GOP Events…

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Via Junk Science:

As Gore revealed in his tweet, Kipnis is one of Gore’s trained climate missionaries whose job is to promote global warming hysteria. In fact, according to his web site, Kipnis is one of Al Gore’s “top ten” climate missionaries.


Oh My: Race Hustler Ta-Nehisi Coates Endorses Sanders Despite Flap Over Refusal To Back Slavery Reparations…

Less than one month ago Coates was accusing Sanders of being pro-white supremacy.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.07.59 PM

Are the Dems really going to nominate this socialist kook as their nominee?

Via The Hill:

Writer and intellectual Ta-Nehisi Coates on Wednesday said he will vote for Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton.

In an interview with Democracy Now, Coates said Sanders is the candidate who can do the most to help the black community.

“I will be voting for Senator Sanders,” Coates said. “I have tried to avoid this question, but yes I will be voting for Senator Sanders.”

Coates, the author of the acclaimed essay “The Case for Reparations,” has been critical of Sanders’s reluctance to include policies specific to African-Americans in his welfare platform. But Coates said he would support the Vermont senator’s candidacy, nonetheless.

“One can be very, very critical of Senator Sanders on this specific issue,” he said. “One can say Senator Sanders should have more explicit anti-racist policy within his racial-justice platform, not just more general stuff and still cast a vote for Senator Sanders and still feel that Senator Sanders in the best option that we have in the race.”

“But just because that’s who you’re going to vote for doesn’t mean you then have to agree with everything they say,” he added.

Coates said he is “concerned” about Clinton’s support of harsher criminal justice reform as first lady and her six-figure speaking honorariums from big banks.

“You know, like a lot of people, I’m very concerned about where her positions were in the 1990s, when we had some of the most disgusting legislation in terms of criminal justice really in this country’s history,” he said.

“I get really, really concerned when I see somebody taking $600,000 in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs [and] not release what they’re actually saying.”

On the heels of Sanders’s resounding first-place finish in the New Hampshire primary, Coates said he was “pleasantly stunned” that Americans were backing a self-proclaimed democratic socialist in such numbers.

Dick Morris: Big Losers In New Hampshire Are Rubio, Fox News

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Interesting observations by Morris.

Via Newsmax:

With conservative blogs calling Fox News “the unofficial Super Pac of Marco Rubio,” the network may join the Florida senator as one of the big losers Tuesday night.

Trump – who had been battling the network over its biased coverage – not only triumphed, but Fox’s favored candidate came in a disappointing fifth place.

“I am shocked at Fox News,” political strategist Dick Morris told Newsmax TV Tuesday night.

Morris, a frequent past Fox commentator, said he had appeared on the network more than 2,100 times and “nobody ever told me what to say.”

But he has been “appalled at the blatant bias in favor of Rubio” demonstrated by the network in recent months.

It seems like “almost every second they are hyping him, promoting him,” Morris said.

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Fox focused on Rubio during the Iowa debate both in questions and on its Twitter account, doing twice as many tweets about him, 16, in the last hour and forty minutes as any other candidate. Meanwhile, Cruz was given virtually no questions after a dust up with Chris Wallace and had no tweets about him over that same period of the last hour and forty minutes of the debate.

Then after the caucuses and Cruz’s win, the focus was once again all on Rubio, despite finishing third. While some might be expected given that he had done better than expected the time spent was noticeably out of proportion to that given the actual winner.

Wonder Why Hillary Lost New Hampshire? Here’s One Reason…

Who would vote for this maniacal woman?

Click on for video:

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.12.14 PM

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Despite Crushing Loss, Hillary Still Gets More Delegates Than Bernie Due To DNC ‘Quirk’

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.07.36 PM

Gotta love these Democrats, even when she gets a resounding ass-kicking, she still wins.

Via Daily Caller:

Though Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary in a landslide over Hillary Clinton, he will likely receive fewer delegates than she will.

Sanders won 60 percent of the vote, but thanks to the Democratic Party’s nominating system, he leaves the Granite State with at least 13 delegates while she leaves with at least 15 delegates.

New Hampshire has 24 “pledged” delegates, which are allotted based on the popular vote. Sanders has 13, and Clinton has 9, with 2 currently allotted to neither.

But under Democratic National Committee rules, New Hampshire also has 8 “superdelegates,” party officials who are free to commit to whomever they like, regardless of how their state votes. Their votes count the same as delegates won through the primary.

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Hillary’s Henchwomen Have A Dirty Secret

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.40.05 AM

Vagina dictates…

Via NY Post:

Over years, New Hampshire earned its reputation for upending conventional wisdom, but the 2016 campaign is also leaving another legacy. When Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem tried to shame and bully young women into supporting Hillary Clinton, they inadvertently revealed a dirty secret of the left’s fixation on gender, race and ethnicity.

They demonstrated that hiding behind the gauzy appeals to make history is a willingness to use brass knuckles to achieve conformity. In their warped vision, biology trumps individuality, and those who don’t agree are traitors to their gender.

That’s not just unappealing, it’s also un-American. Our democracy is energized and more representative when no vote is taken for granted.

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BREAKING: Chris Christie Expected To Suspend Campaign Today…

Alternate title: Sooner than later, blimp will take off.

Via Reuters:

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is ending his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, Fox Business News reported on Wednesday in a post on Twitter.

Fox did not cite any sources.

The two-term governor placed sixth in Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire. His departure would leave eight Republicans vying to represent the party in the November presidential election.

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Congressional Black Caucus Blames Racism For GOP’s Decision Not To Waste Their Time On Obama’s Budget Even Though 99% of Dems Vote Against…


The CBC would never pass up an opportunity to play the race card.

Via TPM:

It is his final budget blueprint, his last chance to put his vision for the future in front of voters and Congress, but Republicans will not even pretend to give President Obama’s last budget plan any serious consideration, a brush off that upends decades of decorum on Capitol Hill.

For more than four decades, congressional leaders have invited the President’s budget director to Capitol Hill to– at the very least– ceremoniously testify about the proposed vision, but this year, Obama’s budget director Shaun Donovan was stiffed. […]

From his executive actions on immigration to his signature health care bill, Republicans have vowed at every turn to reverse Obama’s policies even after they have been implemented. In 2010, the now-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), bluntly told National Journal that “the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

But, the backlash–especially on the President’s final budget–is raising eyebrows and questions about Congressional Republicans’ motivations.

“When I examine the GOP’s mistreatment of Barack Obama in the historical context of presidential scrutiny, I can only assume there are some deep, racial motivations behind their actions,” one senior staffer to a Congressional Black Caucus member said. “Republican leadership has long tried to disguise the racial undertones employed by some of their colleagues, but I think it’s painfully clear the disdain many have for President Obama comes from dark place.”

Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA)–one of only two black Democrats on the House’s budget committee–said in a statement to TPM that “the decision of Budget Committee Republicans to reject the President’s budget – sight unseen, without even a hearing – further shows that Congressional Republican are glued to their extremist, Tea Party agenda.”

Clinton Campaign “Blackmailed” Reporters To Secure Glowing Coverage….

US secreatry of State Hillary Clinton ge

Worth noting the reporters didn’t put up a fight.

Via NY Post:

Hillary Clinton’s high-powered press operation “blackmailed” reporters by promising perks in exchange for flattering coverage, according to a report Tuesday.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, Gawker obtained an exchange of ­emails between Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines and Marc Ambinder, a writer for The Atlantic magazine, that demonstrated how the process worked.

Ambinder asked Reines on July 15, 2009, for an advance copy of a speech Clinton was to deliver at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Reines returned a three-word reply saying he’d supply the speech — with conditions.

The writer answered OK, and then Reines sent his demands:

“1) You in your own voice describe them [Clinton’s remarks] as ‘muscular’ 2) You note that a look at the CFR seating plan shows that all the envoys — from Holbrooke to Mitchell to Ross — will be arrayed in front of her, which in your own clever way you can say [is] certainly not a coincidence and meant to convey something 3) You don’t say you were blackmailed!”

Ambinder delivered the gushing story Reines wanted after getting the speech early to scoop rivals.

Ambinder told Gawker he regretted cutting the deal.

Emails also revealed that Reines gave then-ABC News reporter Dana Hughes video showing that a reported bee attack on Clinton in Malawi was bogus.

“One more thing since I’m giving you this gift . . . add a line taking a small poke at ‘BuzzFeed and others’ for getting this wrong,” he wrote.

“I don’t have a problem with that at all,” Hughes answered.

Black Lives Matter Activist Who Isn’t Really Black Calls Media Coverage Of Cam Newton “Racist”…


Former ISIS Yazidi Sex Slaves Take Up Arms For Revenge, To Help Win Back Mosul…


And as we already know, ISIS is terrified of being shot by a woman.

Via Independent:

An armed brigade made up entirely of former Yazidi sex slaves has joined ranks with the Kurdish Peshmerga to take back Mosul from Isis and “bring our women home”.

In a region with a proud history of all-female fighting forces, the Yazidi brigade has seen its numbers bolstered in recent weeks as more and more women break free from the Isis jihadist group’s oppressive regime.

Speaking in an interview with Fox News, the brigade’s leader Captain Khatoon Khider said there are 500 recruits awaiting training to join the 123 who have already taken their place alongside the Peshmerga on the front line.

In a region with a proud history of all-female fighting forces, the Yazidi brigade has seen its numbers bolstered in recent weeks as more and more women break free from the Isis jihadist group’s oppressive regime.

Speaking in an interview with Fox News, the brigade’s leader Captain Khatoon Khider said there are 500 recruits awaiting training to join the 123 who have already taken their place alongside the Peshmerga on the front line.

The brigade has become known as the “Force of the Sun Ladies”, and it is already battle-hardened after helping to take back Sinjar from Isis and continuing to guard its mountain home.

They are just some of the 2,000 Yazidi women who were captured and forced into sexual slavery when Isis raided Mount Sinjar in 2014 – but the UN estimates Isis still holds an estimated 3,500 people captive in Iraq, the majority being Yazidi women and girls.

Michael Moore Tells Bill Clinton What Positions “Feminists” Like Himself “Hold Dear”….

Is there anything more pathetic than a self-declared “male feminist?”

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 7.23.20 PM

Side note: Is it me or is Michael Moore looking more like a butch lesbian every day?

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 7.12.52 PM

Barack Obama Marks “National Pizza Day” With A Picture Of . . . Barack Obama…

I’m shocked by Obama’s egotism …. said nobody … ever.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 6.26.15 PM

Al-Qaeda Seizes More Territory In Southern Yemen, Implements Sharia Law….


AQAP, the original Obama JV team.

Via LWJ:

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) took control of Azzan, a town in Yemen’s southeastern Shabwa province, earlier this week. The jihadists reportedly faced no resistance as they settled in. Citing local residents, Xinhua reported that “many checkpoints were established in Azzan and al Qaeda members distributed leaflets asking people to abide by Islamic teachings.”

Azzan, with an estimated population of 50,000 residents, is the latest area to fall to AQAP since it launched a new offensive last year.

In early April 2015, AQAP seized Mukallah, the capital of Yemen’s eastern province of Hadramout. In addition, the jihadists overran Zinjibar, the capital of the Abyan province, and the nearby town of Jaar in December. AQAP controls other towns and villages in the south as well, while regularly launching operations in other parts of the country.

AQAP first seized Azzan after the 2011 Arab uprisings shook the Yemeni government. However, the jihadists lost control of the town in June 2012 when forces loyal to President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi evicted them. The battle for Azzan was a “big victory over al Qaeda elements,” Hadi said at the time, according to Agence France-Presse.

Government loyalists and AQAP fought one another in Azzan repeatedly over the next two years. During one battle in May 2014, for instance, AQAP failed to retake the town from security forces.

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NY Daily News Calls Trump Supporters Mindless Zombies…