Life In The Childish States Of America

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This is why these kids are going to live in their parents’ basement until they’re 40.

Via NY Post:

This week we learned that, for the first time in 130 years, more young adults ages 18-34 are living with their parents than not. We also learned (or were reminded) that students at Oberlin, one of the most prestigious colleges in the country, are wee wailing babies who are having the all-day equivalent of night terrors. You can hardly speak to them without using “magic circles” to soothe them.

These two trends aren’t coincidental: Millennials, and the generation following them, are reforming the country. What they’re creating amounts to the Childish States of America. If our national symbols were to be revised accordingly, the bald eagle would have to be replaced with a Teletubby.

At Oberlin, just about the friendliest, indeed most groveling, place on Earth for those who consider themselves members of marginalized groups, a black student complained, “My parents don’t have the funds to drive to Oberlin when I’m crying and ready to self-harm,” to The New Yorker’s Nathan Heller in an eyebrow-raising yet utterly unsurprising report.

Oberlin students, like over-cushioned college kids everywhere, are effectively infants wearing the onesie reading, “If I Don’t Sleep, Nobody Sleeps.”

A professor at the increasingly illiberal liberal-arts college reports she has fallen into the habit of walking around the room saying, “I am now creating a magic circle inside this space” within which it’s OK to study an issue frankly.

Some 1,300 students signed a petition asking for all grades lower than C to be abolished so that every one of these children could be deemed at least average.

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Memorial Day Outrage: Feds Leave Vets Visiting Memorial With Only A Pot To Piss In, Will Take An Act Of Congress To Get Toilets…

Transgenders needs and wants are being placed above the needs of our veterans.

Via Circa News:

Memorial Day will bring tens of thousands of veterans to Washington, D.C. But when they trek across the Potomac River to check out the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial, they’ll find what some consider an unsightly indignity: porta-potties.

Jim Campbell, a Vietnam-era veteran who’s been leading Honor Flight tours out of Wisconsin through the memorial for years, tells veterans to take care of business before they make a stop at the Iwo Jima Memorial.

“To have them use a facility that you normally see on a construction site is really pretty disgusting, quite frankly,” Campbell said on a recent tour.

Yet an upgrade to get permanent toilets at the facility is impossible without an act of Congress, thanks to a bill flushed out by lawmakers more than 10 years ago.

Those porta-potties have stayed put, standing at attention like soldiers of waste sanitation.

Campbell and others expect better at the memorial that honors the service of all Marines.

Putting a bathroom on the site seems like it would be pretty easy. The property has plenty of space. There’s plenty of money thanks to a billionaire who donated millions of dollars to upgrade the memorial. And everybody’s pretty excited to give the site a facelift, including park ranger Aaron LaRocca with the National Park Service.

“We’re going to upgrade everything from the top of the flagpole down to the monument,” he said.

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BREAKING: Reports Of An Active Shooter Situation In Houston… UPDATE: One Shooter Dead UPDATE: There Is A Second Shooter At Large Still UPDATE: Second Suspect Wounded And Captured, One Victim Killed…UPDATE: 2 Cops, 3 Other Victims, Multiple Cars And Police Helicopter Shot In Melee


This video was captured by someone allegedly nearby.

Via ABC 13:

It is happening in the 13000 block of Memorial Drive, near Wilcrest.

The shooting is active and there are no reports of anyone being struck.

An Eyewitness News photographer says black smoke can now be seen coming from a building in the area.

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Witness video:

UPDATE: Shooting is at the intersections of Boeheme Dr and Memorial Dr


UPDATE: Apparently there were two shooters. One is now dead and one is on the loose.


UPDATE: SWAT Teams in Houston going door-to-door in the vicinity of Memorial Drive in West Houston looking for last shooter still at large

UPDATE: Second suspect wounded and taken to hospital

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Another witness who was shot at:


According to ABC13, two Precinct 5 deputy constables were also shot. One of the deputy constables was saved by his vest. The other was shot in the hand and is expected to be OK. Three other citizens were wounded in the shootout.

Dozens of cars were hit by bullets The shooters were reported to have rifles and even shot a police helicopter.
Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 4.10.23 PM
Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 4.34.01 PM

At least one bullet hit a pump at a gas station causing a fire there.

Vandals Strike Anniston, AL Veterans Memorial For Second Time…

Anniston AL

Just coincidence that local memorials in various states are being vandalized?


For the second time this month, vandals have struck Anniston’s Centennial Memorial Park.

Last week, WVTM 13’s Marlei Martinez spoke with Ken Rollins after 100 small American flags were vandalized in Anniston.

Rollins, with state’s Board of Veterans Affairs, said it happened again.

“This is hallowed ground to me, it always has been,” said Rollins, who spent 12 years helping to build the memorial. “It’s no different than Arlington Cemetery. The things you wouldn’t do to your grandmama’s grave, we shouldn’t do here.”

Rollins was disgusted to find out the small American flags lining the park for Memorial Day were trashed once again.

“I came up yesterday and they was all, no flags, no flags to be seen, just the big one flying. And all the other flags, the sticks were broken and placed in a pile. The flags nowhere to be found,” he said.

This broken pile of sticks is all that’s left of the American flags that were put up earlier this week. But come Memorial Day, Rollins said there will be more than 200 surrounding the park.

“Memorial Day, I think you’re probably going to see more flags than you ever saw. I bet you people are going to bring them with them,” Rollins said.

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National Security Breach On Epic Scale: The Man Who Seduced The Seventh Fleet

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Bribery, corruption, sex, money, buying and selling classified info including on troop movements for years.

Via WaPo:

For months, a small team of U.S. Navy investigators and federal prosecutors secretly devised options for a high-stakes international manhunt. Could the target be snatched from his home base in Asia and rendered to the United States? Or held captive aboard an American warship?

Making the challenge even tougher was the fact that the man was a master of espionage. His moles had burrowed deep into the Navy hierarchy to leak him a stream of military secrets, thwarting previous efforts to bring him to justice.

The target was not a terrorist, nor a spy for a foreign power, nor the kingpin of a drug cartel. But rather a 350-pound defense contractor nicknamed Fat Leonard, who had befriended a generation of Navy leaders with cigars and liquor whenever they made port calls in Asia.

Leonard Glenn Francis was legendary on the high seas for his charm and his appetite for excess. For years, the Singapore-based businessman had showered Navy officers with gifts, epicurean dinners, prostitutes and, if necessary, cash bribes so they would look the other way while he swindled the Navy to refuel and resupply its ships.

In the end, federal agents settled on a risky sting operation to try to nab Fat Leonard. They would lure him to California, dangling a meeting with admirals who hinted they had lucrative contracts to offer.

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Model Shot At Rap Concert Plans To Sue ‘Heartless’ NYPD For Asking Her Questions…


Somehow police are being blamed. Update to this previous story.

Via NY Post:

Stunning Bronx-born model and exotic dancer Maggie Carrie Heckstall last remembers sitting on a couch in the crowded VIP green room — the first drink of the night fresh in her hand, still unsipped.

Then a bullet tore into her left knee, shattering her femur.

“We were going to make a Snapchat,” Heckstall told The Post in an exclusive interview Saturday, describing the moment before her life filled with cops, doctors and pain.

“And that’s when everything happened.”

It was Wednesday night at a rap concert at the popular Union Square venue Irving Plaza.

“I was grabbing my leg and trying to walk,” she remembered. “But it was almost dangling off, so I couldn’t.”

At least one shooter had opened fire into the green room, where she sat with pals, waiting for her boyfriend, the rapper Maino, to open for T.I.[…]

The bullet is still in her leg — too close to vital nerves to be removed — but that hasn’t stopped ballistics-hungry cops from repeatedly asking about it, said her lawyer, Emel McDowell, who is readying a lawsuit against the NYPD and Irving Plaza.

“These people are heartless,” Heckstall said of investigators.

“The interrogation started in the ambulance. The detective was in the trauma unit the whole time, while they’re cutting my clothes off and everything.”

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President Ash Carter Kicks Off Memorial Day Weekend While Obama Naps And Golfs

Truly Ash Carter is one of our best wartime presidents.

Obama helping people at last:

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Arrest Made After Man Runs Over 160 Memorial Day Crosses At Henderson, KY Park…




An arrest has been made after 160 Memorial Day crosses were damaged early Saturday in Henderson.

Police say a car driven by 27-year-old Anthony Burrus, of Henderson, drove through the display of crosses in Central Park around 6 a.m.

Officers say Burris denied causing the damage, but said he was driving a 1979 Ford Thunderbird on Saturday morning. He told officers he left the car at McDonald’s on South Green Street because it stopped running.

When officers found the car, it had pieces of a cross and ground stake embedded in the tires.

Police found Burris at his sister’s apartment in the 2600 block of Zion Road. He was arrested and taken to the Henderson County Detention Center.

Volunteers were able to get around 140 of the crosses back in the ground. While those will need some repairs, the others were completely destroyed.

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Saudi Father Shoots Doctor Who Helps Deliver Wife’s Baby…Because He Saw Wife Naked…

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Derangement Syndrome.

Via Daily Mail:

Saudi police have arrested a man after he shot a male doctor shortly after he helped deliver his wife’s baby.

It is understood the suspect was angry that the hospital had allowed a male doctor, named locally as Muhannad al-Zabn, to treat his wife during birth.

The man, who has not been named, is believed to have wanted a female doctor to deliver the baby and was upset that the male doctor would have seen his wife naked.

The baby was born in April at the King Fahad Medical City in the Saudi city of Riyadh, according to Gulf News.

After the birth, the man reportedly travelled to the hospital and contacted Dr al-Zabn for a quick chat.

The man said he wanted to thank Dr al-Zabn for delivering his wife’s baby without any major complications.

After meeting in the hospital’s garden, the man reportedly pulled out a handgun and shot Dr al-Zabn.

Following the attack, the father ran from the scene but was later tracked down and arrested by Saudi police.

Dr al-Zabn was taken to the hospital’s intensive care unit and is now understood to be in a stable condition, according to Newsweek.

Political Sensitivities: US Special Operations Forces Ordered To Remove Kurdish Patches…

SOF Kurd Patch

The Commander in Chief bows down. Update to this previous story.

Via ABC:

American special operations forces photographed in Syria sporting patches of a Kurdish rebel group have been ordered to remove the patches because their use was “unauthorized” and “inappropriate,” U.S. military officials said today.

Photos of the service members made public Thursday had outraged the Turkish government, which believes the Kurdish rebel group to be a terrorist organization in Turkey.

The photos showed American special operations forces advising Kurdish and Arab forces from the Syrian Democratic Forces near the village of Fatisah about 30 miles north of ISIS’s de facto capital of Raqqah. The service members could be seen sporting what appeared to be insignia from the Kurdish People’s Defense Forces, known by the initials YPG in Kurdish.

“Wearing those YPG patches was unauthorized and it was inappropriate and corrective action has been taken, and we have communicated as much to our military partners and our military allies in the region,” said Col. Steve Warren, the U.S. military spokesman in Baghdad.

Warren said the teams in Syria had been ordered to remove the patches from their uniforms. He said he was unaware of any official disciplinary action resulting from the incident. “The bottom line and the important thing is that the situation has been corrected and that we have communicated to our allies that such conduct was inappropriate and it was unauthorized,” he said.

According to Warren, what made the wearing of the patches inappropriate were the “political sensitivities around the organization that that patch represents.” And those sensitivities are “with a NATO ally,” said Warren, who did not specifically refer to Turkey. […]

Earlier this week, the Syrian Democratic Forces announced a ground offensive intended to take areas north of Raqqah. Since the American military advisers may visit some of these forces they may be near what are “fluid” front lines. At times that could mean some of the American forces could come as close as 15 to 20 miles away from Raqqah.

But Warren stressed that American forces in Syria deliberately plan to stay away from “enemy contact” planning missions to “ensure that wherever it is they go, enemy contact is not likely or in fact is unlikely. So I think that’s number one.”

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Clinton Foundation Not Very Welcoming To State Department Investigator…

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But Grandma is the most transparent ever, and has been so open. What are they trying to hide from the investigator? And by the way, who are the other two people they want to ‘deny access to’ and why?

Hillary Struggles To Find Footing in Unusual Race…

Techni color coat hillary

Her coronation isn’t going as planned.

Via NY Times:

Democrats could hardly believe their good fortune last month when it became clear that Hillary Clinton was headed to a general election showdown with Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump carried so much baggage and had insulted so many voting blocs that some Clinton supporters began to imagine a landslide.

But early optimism that this would be an easy race is evaporating. In the corridors of Congress, on airplane shuttles between New York and Washington, at donor gatherings and on conference calls, anxiety is spreading through the Democratic Party that Mrs. Clinton is struggling to find her footing.

While she enjoys many demographic advantages heading into the fall, key Democrats say they are growing worried that her campaign has not determined how to combat her unpredictable, often wily Republican rival, to whom criticism seldom sticks and rules of decorum seem not to apply.

Mrs. Clinton is pressing ahead with a conventional campaign, echoing the 2012 themes used against the Republican nominee that year, Mitt Romney. But Mr. Trump is running a jarringly different crusade: accusing her husband, former President Bill Clinton, of rape; proposing that the country conduct brutal methods of torture; and suggesting that South Korea and Japan be permitted to develop nuclear arms. Prominent Democrats say a more provocative approach is needed.

“The guy’s a maniac,” John Burton, the chairman of the California Democratic Party, said about Mr. Trump. Referring to a famous 1964 political message, he said, “You could run the old L.B.J. ad against Goldwater, with ‘Three, two, one,’ and a hydrogen bomb blows up with a little girl counting daisies.”

Of course, Mr. Trump faces many hurdles himself, and has stumbled in managing his growing campaign as he shifts toward a general election. But Democrats suggest that the past few weeks have shown that Mrs. Clinton and her aides must become more agile and creative against him.

The sense of nervousness crystallized this week when Mrs. Clinton devoted campaign events across California to hitting Mr. Trump for not releasing his tax returns and depicting him as a cold corporate titan who profited off the housing crisis. Such charges helped undermine Mr. Romney four years ago. Yet Mrs. Clinton’s remarks received little in-depth coverage in the news media, while cable channels went live with Mr. Trump’s rat-a-tat recitation of “Crooked Hillary,” his favored nickname for her.

Ken Salazar, the former Colorado senator who has been mentioned as a possible Clinton running mate, said the campaign should draw a sharp contrast between Mr. Trump’s shortcomings and Mrs. Clinton’s potential to be “the most qualified person to be president in our lifetime.”

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Tragic: 8 Yr Old Venezuelan Boy Who Protested Drug Shortages Has Died

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This is socialism.

Via Townhall:

Venezuela’s health care system has been relegated to something out of the 19th century. Hospitals lack even the most basic supplies, like soap and gloves, with rolling blackouts—at times—having deadly consequences for the infants in the various maternity wards. The Washington Post’s editorial board mentioned that 200,000 Venezuelans with chronic illnesses don’t have access to medicine, though they failed to mention that left wing economics is partially responsible for the deteriorating situation in the country. Yet, for one eight-year-old boy, who protested the appalling scarcity of medicine, including the drugs he needed to fight his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, his struggle ended with his death (via PanAm Post):

The eight year old whose image went viral several months ago after participating in a protest against Venezuela’s drug shortages died recently after he was unable to receive the medicine he needed.

“I want to get better, peace and health,” Sanchez’s sign read during a demonstration, which made him the face of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis turned Venezuela.

Oliver Sanchez was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma just over a year ago, but shortages of medicines needed for treatment led him and his family to participate in the demonstration.

“We are in a desperate situation,” his mother Mitzaida Berroterán said at the time.

Sanchez’s cousin Ricardo Lobo told the newspaper Efecto Cocuyo that at the time, the child “asked for paper and a pencil and wrote the sign.”
Lobo said that what little medical care they could get ended up being by donation.

Sadly, the situation in the country is likely to get worse before it gets better. Besides the growing medical emergency, we have hungry Venezuelans going through garbage cans to find food.

US, NATO Troops Honor War Dead At Wreath-Laying In Kabul, Afghanistan…


KABUL, Afghanistan — More than 100 U.S. and NATO troops gathered Saturday at NATO headquarters to mark what Resolute Support commander Gen. John W. Nicholson called “one of the most sacred traditions for Americans” — Memorial Day.

“One of the greatest strengths of our historic coalition of 41 nations is the opportunity to share and honor our respective traditions,” Nicholson said.

Memorial Day, which began as a tradition after the Civil War when groups decorated the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers, “offers us an opportunity to pay respect to our past, focus on the present and look forward to the future,” Nicholson said.

He said the ceremony not only honored all of America’s war dead, but especially “all of our fallen from this war,” including more than 2,300 U.S. servicemembers, 1,100 coalition members and 26,500 members of the Afghan security forces.

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A Memorial Day Without Josh Wheeler, Delta Force Soldier Killed Fighting ISIS

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 10.15.48 PM

But the Obama regime initially tried to say he wasn’t killed in combat. RIP, Master Sgt.

Via Stars And Stripes:

In a tiny trailer near the eastern Oklahoma border, Joshua L. Wheeler played a central role in raising his five younger siblings. He’d cook them breakfast, work odd jobs to bring in extra money, and even fasten his little’s sister’s hair in ponytails before school. The experience helped shape him as a man who was comfortable with significant amounts of responsibility, family members said.

It is these gentle memories that both conflict with and bolster stories about the man Wheeler would become. From Oklahoma’s rural Sequoyah County, he would go on to be an Army Ranger, a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and a member of the Army’s elite Delta Force, a secretive counterterrorism force first established in the late 1970s.

On Oct. 22, he was killed in combat, the first U.S. servicemember to die in the military campaign against the Islamic State group, after getting hit with small-arms fire during a raid carried out with Kurdish forces on a militant-run prison in Hawijah, Iraq. The mission freed some 70 prisoners who U.S. officials believe would have been executed and dumped in a mass grave later that day.

Wheeler’s death prompted questions about whether U.S. officials can accurately claim that U.S. troops do not have a combat role in Iraq.

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Ontario’s Minister of Environment And Climate Change Calls For The End Of Heating Homes With Natural Gas And Oil After 2030…


Wind, solar or unicorn flatulence will be the only options.

Via North Country Public Radio:

It’s a gas leak of a different kind. Recently, a copy of the Ontario government’s climate change action plan was leaked to the media. The big controversy in the document is a suggestion that home heating with natural gas and oil will be phased out and no longer permitted in new homes after 2030 in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Even though that’s 14 years away, even the slightest suggestion of no longer having gas as a heating option is getting a pretty cool reception from many Ontario residents. For decades, many Ontario homeowners have been switching to gas and getting rid of oil because of the lower cost, higher efficiency, and abundant supply. Residents and councils in towns without connections to gas pipelines still lobby gas companies and energy regulators to expand to their communities. The provincial government is ironically even attempting to expand the natural gas industry through economic development programs.

Due to regulatory changes and renewable generation policies over the past 20 years, Ontario’s electricity rates have gone from among the lowest in Canada, to the highest. Homeowners aren’t exactly eager to start heating their houses with electricity because of that. It’s totally opposite from the 1980s when Ontario Hydro ran a TV advertising campaign with a talking oil furnace named Fillmore (as in, fill with more oil), encouraging people to turf their oil-thirsty furnace and “Go Electric.” Of course in much of rural and northern Ontario, good old fashioned wood is still the fuel of choice for many homeowners during the winter months. They either cut it on their own properties or buy it from a nearby supplier. Some heat with wood and oil combination furnaces and try to use as much wood as possible to keep oil costs down. “Getting the wood in”—which usually means stacking it in a basement or shed, is a late summer ritual for many rural Ontarians.

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Hillary Was Burying Emails Since She Was First Lady…

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 9.20.30 AM

She’s been scamming and lying all her career.

Via NY Post:

While the State Department’s own internal probe found former Secretary Hillary Clinton violated federal recordkeeping laws, it’s not the first time she and her top aides shielded her e-mail from public disclosure while serving in a government position.

As first lady, Hillary was embroiled in another scheme to bury sensitive White House e-mails, known internally as “Project X.”

In 1999, as investigators looked into Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate and other scandals involving the then-first lady, it was discovered that more than 1 million subpoenaed e-mails were mysteriously “lost” due to a “glitch” in a West Wing computer server.

The massive hole in White House archives covered a critical two-year period — 1996 to 1998 — when Republicans and special prosecutor Ken Starr were subpoenaing White House e-mails.

Despite separate congressional investigations and a federal lawsuit over Project X, high-level e-mails dealing with several scandals were never turned over. And the full scope of Bill and Hillary Clintons’ culpability in the parade of scandals was never known.

To those well-versed in Clinton shenanigans, this all sounds distressingly familiar.

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Park Service Investigating Looting At Petersburg Civil War Battlefield…


Get a rope.

Via Military Times:

On the eve of Memorial Day, National Park Service officials are investigating a looting at the Petersburg National Battlefield, citing “a large number of excavations” in the Virginia Civil War park.

Park service staff members discovered the excavated pits earlier this week, officials said. Thieves were likely digging for relics on the field where more than 1,000 Union and Confederate soldiers died fighting during the Siege of Petersburg, from June 9, 1864, through March 25, 1865. “There’s a market for these items related to the Civil War,” said Chris Bryce, a park service spokesman.

“This is an affront to the memory of people who fought and died on this field and it is destruction and theft of history from the American people,” said Petersburg National Battlefield Superintendent Lewis Rogers, in an announcement of the theft. “This kind of aberrant behavior is always disgusting, but it is particularly egregious as Memorial Day weekend arrives, a time when we honor the memories of our friends and family.”

“This is still a very active investigation,” said Bryce. Officials are urging anyone who may have seen something to call the park service with tips or other information. The toll-free number is 888-653-0009, and callers can leave a message.

This looting is a federal crime covered by the Archeological Resources Protection Act of 1979, and the crime carries a fine of up to $20,000, imprisonment for up to two years, or both.

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Overnight Open Thread: Every Chick-fil-A Has “Missing Man Table” Set To Honor Those Who Died Serving The United States…

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 1.54.49 PM

Iraqi Migrant Who Wore T-Shirt Saying ‘I’m Muslim, Don’t Panic’ Is Beaten By Three Other Muslims

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 10.23.25 PM

He needed to panic.

Via Daily Mail:

An asylum seeker who jokingly wore a T-shirt saying ‘I’m Muslim, don’t panic’ was so savagely beaten by his fellow refugees that he had to be rushed to hospital.

The 23-year-old Iraqi had thought that his fellow Islamic asylum seekers would see the funny side, but instead they accused him of offending their religion and decided to teach him a painful lesson.

The man was attacked in the evening as he returned to his asylum seeker home in Berlin, Germany wearing the T-shirt which he had just bought.

He was allegedly confronted by three angry Muslims who ripped up the T-shirt and ran off after beating him.

Two of the alleged attackers, a 27-year-old from Syria and a 33-year-old from Lebanon, were later arrested on charges of aggravated GBH.
Police said a report would be prepared for prosecutors.