Overnight Open Thread: Pearl Harbor Veteran Gets 99th Birthday Party Thrown For Him On-Board Battleship Iowa

Via Daily Mail: A Second World War veteran who was aboard the USS Missouri during Pearl Harbor has received a very special birthday party on-board a battleship. Ernest Thompson lives just a few miles from the Battleship Iowa Museum in Gardena, California. The veteran can no longer visit however due to health reasons and some […]

BREAKING: James O’Keefe Has Surprise For Hillary Clinton And Dem Operative Brad Woodhouse…

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Voters In Texas Say Machines Changed Trump Votes To Clinton, Officials Insist It’s User Error

No problem there… Via Dallas Morning News: Early voters in Texas have made claims on social media that voting machines in Dallas, Tarrant and other counties have changed their presidential votes from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton. The allegations follow a similar pattern: Voters say they voted straight-ticket Republican, but when they reviewed their ballots, […]

Black Lives Matter Hustler DeRay McKesson Complains About TSA Stopping Him At Midway Airport

Cry me a river. And how does this champion of looting manage to get on a ‘pre-check’ line? That’s supposed to screen out the terrorists… Via Chicago Sun-Times: A prominent Black Lives Matter activist said Tuesday he was stopped by security at Midway International Airport and missed his flight. The Transportation Safety Administration, however, contends […]

CNN’s Blitzer Brushes Off Project Veritas Videos: ‘We Haven’t Confirmed’ Their Authenticity

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Arrests In Baltimore For Illegal Guns Often Lead To Dropped Charges Or Little Jail Time…

Baltimore needs another gun law to close the loophole. Via Baltimore Sun: As Baltimore police and prosecutors race to tamp down a sustained spike in violence, many of the charges against people caught with illegal guns aren’t sticking, or defendants are only jailed for a fraction of their sentence. About one-quarter of such gun cases […]

WikiLeaks Bombshell: Clinton Campaign Says They Never Disclosed Secret Email Server Because ‘They Wanted To Get Away With It’

They even admit it. Via Daily Mail: A close confidante of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman was convinced she ‘wanted to get away with’ keeping all her official emails on a private homebrew server, according to a stolen email released Tuesday by WikiLeaks. In the message chain, Center for American Progress president Neera Tanden told Clinton […]

Thousands Of Soldiers Now Have To Pay Back Their Bonuses To The Pentagon, While Bad VA Employees Keep Theirs

Priorities… Via Daily Caller: The Obama administration is targeting the bonuses of thousands of soldiers who signed up to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan, but left entirely alone the bonuses handed to numerous employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), despite questionable behavior. In an effort to fill a severe troop shortage, officials at […]

The Media Can’t Be Bothered To Fact-Check Trump’s Accusers

The most recent one, the announcement coincided with her launch of her sex website, which she advertised during her accusation by wearing a ‘Wicked’ necklace. CNN even admitted with one, ‘we haven’t even checked her story”, yet still threw it out there. Via NY Post: The rollout of women accusers against Donald Trump continues. On […]

The Sniper Of Mosul Is Picking Off ISIS Jihadis One By One

Feel good story of the day. Via NY Post: A renegade sniper has been striking fear into the hearts of terrorists in Mosul — picking off local jihadis one by one, including an ISIS executioner moments before he was to behead a teenage boy, reports said. The mysterious marksman — dubbed the “Sniper of Mosul” […]

Jay Z Will Headline A Concert For Hillary. Here’s Some Of The Vile Things He’s Rapped About Women…

War on women. But that’s okay because he’s a democrat and gives money to Grandma. Via Hot Air: The Hillary Clinton campaign announced yesterday that recording mogul Jay Z will headline a concert on behalf of their African-American get out the vote effort, according to CNN. Rapper Jay Z will headline a concert for Hillary […]

Graffiti Calling GOP ‘Nazi Cross Worshipers’ Appears On House Across From Pat Toomey…

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Military Family: Enlistment Bonus Fiasco Depleted Our Savings…

Via CNN: Master Sgt. Susan Haley’s family is the epitome of military sacrifice. She’s a 24-year veteran. Her husband served for 26 years. Their son lost his leg serving in Afghanistan. But now, the California National Guard is demanding more sacrifices from her — to the tune of $650 a month. “$650 is a quarter […]

University Declares “Sexy Pocahontas” Costume Racist

Halloween is now a micro-aggression. Via Mediaite: Remember when you were a little kid…when picking a Halloween costume was fun… simple? You just wanted to be a cowboy, Indian (in the parlance of the time), fireman, princess, policeman, hobo (yup) Cinderella, Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman. The little girls and boys of years past have […]

Bill Clinton Lists Off All Of Obamacare’s Problems During Campaign Stop For Hillary…

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Trump Calls Obamacare Stats A Lie…

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Election Wiz Predicts Donald Trump Will Win White House

We’ll see soon. Via NY Post: Donald Trump may be behind in most polls, but one veteran New York prognosticator still predicts he will win come Election Day. “I think he was the strongest candidate in the primaries and that he will prevail,” Helmut Norpoth, a political science professor at SUNY Stony Brook, told The […]

Two Univ. Of Chicago Special Snowflakes Arrested For Blocking Traffic at Free Tuition Protest…

Time to get a job and start paying back their student loans. Via The Chicago Maroon: Two University of Chicago students were arrested at around 5 p.m. for blocking traffic on Michigan Avenue at a protest for free college education in Illinois. Fourth-year Johnathan Guy and third-year Jessica Law were arrested in front of the […]

Video: Bill Clinton Forgets Hillary’s Campaign Slogan…

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Police Sniper Delivers the Taxpayer Relief Shot; Saves Toddler’s Life

Oklahoma is now a better place for the actions of Officer Lawless and Rule .308 (which is the Oklahoma interpretation of Rule .303). Via Washington Post: Officer Jason Lawless, an Oklahoma police sniper, had one chance, one narrow window to save a 2-year-old girl who had been held hostage for hours by an armed man. […]