Guatemalans Burn Effigies Of Trump To Scare Off Evil Spirits…

Lovely people. Via Yahoo: Revelers in Guatemala set ablaze cardboard representations of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump wearing devil horns during a traditional ceremony, “La Quema del Diablo”, or the Burning of the Devil, held ahead of Christmas every year. Trump’s hardline stance on immigration during his presidential election campaign, including a promise to build a […]

Rahm Emanuel Flips Reporter The Bird When Asked What He’ll Do In 2020…

Classy. Via The Hill: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel had a fiery response when asked Thursday night whether he would consider running for president in 2020. The former White House chief of staff to President Obama and senior adviser to President Bill Clinton flipped off consultant Neil Hare — twice — after being posed the question […]

Black Lives Matter Accuses Senate Democrats Of “Soft Bigotry”

Via Politico: Senate Democrats are facing growing pressure to break the white male stranglehold on senior staff positions in their ranks — a push that’s uniting consultants and lobbyists inside the Beltway with Black Lives Matter and other minority leaders who are accusing the party of “soft bigotry.” The attacks are prompting uncomfortable discussions among […]

Barack Obama Marks Death Of John Glenn With Picture Of…Barack Obama

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Fake News Flashback: Hillary Clinton Claims She Was Under Fire By Snipers In Bosnia…

Champion against fake news… Via Politifact: Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump wasted no time punching back the day after Hillary Clinton listed in detail why he could not be trusted to run the economy. Clinton “is a world-class liar,” Trump said in a June 22, 2016, speech in New York. “Just look at her pathetic […]

Obama Admin: Requiring Workers Speak English Is Discrimination…

Oh boy. Via Judicial Watch: Requiring employees in the United States to speak a foreign language is not discriminatory but forcing them to speak English violates federal law under a sweeping order issued by the Obama administration to crack down on “national origin discrimination” in the workplace. The government’s new enforcement guidelines state that bilingual […]

Black Lawyer Calls On Black Jurors To Vote ‘Innocent’ For Any Black Person Accused Of Murdering A White Person

Any lawyer who publicly advocates for a race-based verdict should be disbarred. Via Breitbart: An African-American lawyer and editor of a popular legal website is calling on all black jurors across the country to automatically vote to free any black person accused of murdering or committing a crime against a white person despite the evidence. […]

Raise The California! How They Brought The Ships Sunk At Pearl Harbor Back From The Dead

Contrary to popular belief, the U.S. Pacific Fleet was not destroyed during the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Two of eight battleships, the USS Arizona and the USS Oklahoma, were sunk and deemed unrepairable. The other six battleships were sunk and/or damaged but were repaired, returned to service and fought throughout the rest of […]

Video Shows Moment NYC Corrections officer Is Gunned Down In Targeted Killing

She was just leaving to go to work. Via NY Post: Startling video released by police shows the moment a Corrections Officer is gunned down while sitting in her car in Brooklyn Sunday night. Alastasia Bryan, 25, was fatally shot by an individual who is seen walking up to her vehicle and firing several rounds […]

South Korea’s First Female President Is Impeached

Pay-for-play, Korean style. The thing that most aggravated people was that Choi, the buddy of the President, was able to get her daughter into Ewha University, a top school that everyone wants to get into, because of her connections, ahead of many others. SEOUL, South Korea – South Korean lawmakers on Friday impeached President Park […]

BREAKING: Obama Orders Investigation Into ‘Election-Related Hacking’

Didn’t he already say that there was no evidence of any actual election hacking? Sounds like he’s trying to give gas to the election challengers… Via Bloomberg: President Barack Obama has directed U.S. intelligence agencies to conduct an investigation into hacking attacks related to the U.S. election and issue a report before he leaves office […]

Trump Considering Bobby Valentine For Ambassador To Japan

Via NY Post: Donald Trump is reportedly considering former Mets manager Bobby Valentine to be US ambassador to Japan. Valentine, a former Major League Baseball player who also managed Japan’s champion Chiba Lotte Marines, is on the short list for the diplomatic post, according to WEEI Radio in Boston, where Valentine, 66, once managed the […]

Washington Town Spends Over $100K On Wind Turbines… Projected To Yield $1.39 In Daily Savings

As demonstrated in Germany and the UK, wind power is unreliable and simply unsustainable without government subsidies. Via Fox News: A small Washington state city spent more than $100,000 on three “windmill-like turbines” – but any hopes for big savings appear to be blowing in the wind. The Peninsula Daily News reported that the Port […]

BREAKING: Terror Suspect Arrested In Rotterdam With AK-47 And Images Of ISIS Flag…

Via Sky News: A terror suspect with a loaded Kalashnikov assault rifle has been arrested in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, prosecutors say. The man was detained at his home on suspicion of plotting an attack. Detectives searched his apartment after receiving a tip-off from intelligence agency AIVD. He had a Kalashnikov with two full […]

Dingy Reid Predicts Death Of Filibuster, Blames Comey And Koch Brothers For Dems 2016 Losses…

Next year Reid will be a lobbyist in DC. Via Politico: Senate Democrats are about to get rolled on Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks. They could spend years in the minority. And instead of the GOP collapse that many expected on Nov. 8, it’s now Democrats soul-searching about what went wrong. But as Harry Reid prepares […]


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Sheriff Clarke: ‘Fake News’ Started With ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Lie

The mainstream media is the primary purveyor of fake news and the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie is prime example. However, they’ve been selling fake news for decades. Via Breitbart: Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Milwaukee County, WI Sheriff David Clarke said the entire phenomenon of so-called “fake news” began in 2014 […]

Top Hillary Ally Says His Pet Chicken Named “Hillary” Died Right Before Election…

Yes, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe named his chicken after Hillary Clinton, even worse, he named his new one “Hillary Jr.” Via Washington Examiner: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe said Thursday his family’s pet chicken named Hillary died right before the election. McAuliffe, a Democrat and a top Clinton ally, was asked about his four chickens in […]

BREAKING: Jihadists Bomb Egypt’s Great Pyramids, At Least Six Dead….

As recently as June ISIS has vowed to bomb Egypt’s pyramids. Via Express: AT LEAST six people have been killed in a bomb attack on a road leading to the Great Pyramid of Giza – a tourist attraction popular with British holidaymakers. The explosion appeared to have come from a rubbish bin in Cairo along […]

Video: Van Jones Gets VERY Emotional Recalling Time Obama Sang Amazing Grace…

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