Father Of Black Teen Killed By Jefferson Parish Louisiana Deputy: ‘I Don’t Blame The Deputy’…

Al Sharpton rushing to Louisiana to set the record straight. Via WDSU: The parents of an armed teenager who was shot and killed by a Jefferson Parish deputy are questioning why the officer shot him six times, though they said they realize that their son put himself in harm’s way. Alesia Martes said her 17-year-old […]

Overnight Open Thread: Sadly, This Will Be the Last OOT Because the World Will End Tonight

From HUckFunn: Looks like this is it, folks. Grab some C-rats and bottled water and find your safe place. And turn off those killer air conditioners. Who knows, maybe this thing will blow over and turn out to be just another bad forecast. Via Daily Mail: In September, the world was warned apocalypse was coming […]

FLASHBACK: 1996 Dem Convention, Ridiculous And Silly, And Infinitely Better

Ok but the 1996 DNC was lit pic.twitter.com/nuHp1lBND8 — Jesse McLaren (@McJesse) July 29, 2016 Today’s corrupt socialist dance is much harder to swallow…

Pic Of The Night: Don’t Hold Anything Back, Sir…

From the 19th street overpass in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, simple, yet to the point:

FBI Warned Clinton Campaign Last Spring Of Cyberattack

They also warned the DNC, who apparently didn’t do enough to address the issue. Via Yahoo: The FBI warned the Clinton campaign that it was a target of a cyberattack last March, just weeks before the Democratic National Committee discovered it had been penetrated by hackers it now believes were working for Russian intelligence, two […]

Bill Clinton Snatches Balloon Out Of Hands Of Little Girl

What a prize he is.

FBI Gives Thousands Of Clinton Documents To State

Friday doc dump… Via The Hill: The FBI has delivered “thousands of documents” to the State Department that it recovered during its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server, CNN reports. A court filing in a civil case related to Clinton’s server from conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch said that the FBI plans to turn […]

Hilarious New Trump Ad: “Even Bill Is Tired Of The Lies. Sad!”

HT: Twitchy

Symbolic Of Her Entire Campaign: Hillary Watches American Flag Fall, Does Nothing To Stop It

BREAKING: Clinton Campaign Hacked…

Whole lotta hacking going on… Via Reuters: The computer network used by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign was hacked as part of a broad cyber attack on Democratic political organizations, people familiar with the matter told Reuters. The latest attack, which was disclosed to Reuters on Friday, follows reports of two other hacks on […]

Ohio Concealed Carrier Saves Cop Pinned Down By Meth Addict; Receives Citizen Award of Valor…

Outstanding! Via The Federalist: Last year, an Ohio man with a concealed carry permit saved police officer Michael Wheeler’s life from the hands of a meth addict. On Wednesday, Wheeler, who serves in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, awarded his hero the city’s Citizen Award of Valor, Inside Edition reports. The assailant, who later admitted to authorities […]

Hillary Kicks Off Swing State Tour Vowing To Create Shovel Ready Jobs…

Four more years! Via WISTV: With momentum still high from the historic Democratic convention, Hillary Clinton used her rally Friday to stress the “stark choice” voters will face between her and Republican rival Donald Trump when they vote in exactly 101 days. “There’s no doubt in my mind that every election is important in its […]

Report: Facebook Could Owe $5 Billion In Taxes…

Zuckerberg isn’t paying his fair share. Via WACH: Yes, that is billion with a “b.” Facebook disclosed on Thursday that is could owe billions due to an IRS investigation into the way it moved assets to an Irish subsidiary to avoid higher taxes, CNN reports. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the tax penalty […]

Obama Regime Pays $342M To 10 Sanctuary Cities To Subvert Federal Requests For Illegal Aliens

Via Washington Examiner: President Obama’s Justice Department has coughed up hundreds of millions of dollars to so-called “sanctuary cities” that refuse federal demands for criminal illegal immigrants sought for deportation, according to a new inspector general memo. In just 10 of 155 jurisdictions reviewed, taxpayers handed over $342.1 million in Justice grants to the law-breaking […]

Weapons Stolen From Arms Room On US Military Base In Stuttgart, Germany…

Back in the day, Arms Rooms were checked hourly. Via Stars and Stripes: Special agents from the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command are investigating the theft of guns and other military equipment from a base arms room in Stuttgart, military officials said. “Several semi-automatic pistols, one small-caliber automatic rifle and a shotgun were among the […]

‘Reparations’ Site Invites White People To Give Free Stuff To Minorities

Via Breitbart: A new website inviting white people to provide minorities with free goods, services, and financial assistance as a means of “reparations” has been launched. “Reparations.me” is a website that takes the principles of crowdsourcing and applies them to white liberal guilt. It invites minorities to request free stuff — ranging from favours and […]

ISIS Teen Who Killed Priest Passed Background Check For Airport Job

Disturbing to think of what more he could have done. Via NY Post: The bloodthirsty jihadist who executed a Catholic priest in France “easily” passed a background check to become an airport baggage handler, according to a report. Abdel Malik Petitjean, 19, worked full time at Chambéry Airport in the Savoie region, which is used […]

Horrible Racist Sign At DNC

Federal Appeals Court Deals Major Blow to North Carolina Voter ID Law

RALEIGH, N.C. (TheBlaze/AP) — A federal appeals court has found that a North Carolina voter ID law was enacted “with discriminatory intent” and must be blocked. An opinion issued Friday by a three-judge panel of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond reverses a lower-court’s ruling that had upheld the law. The 2013 rewrite […]

California State Assembly To Proclaim August As “Muslim Appreciation And Awareness Month”…

At CAIR’s behest. (SACRAMENTO, CA, 7/29/16) – On Monday, August 11, the California chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-CA) will join Assemblymember Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) in the presentation of House Resolution 59, which recognizes the month of August 2016 as “Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month.” “I am proud to celebrate the first […]