Illegal Alien Who Is Convicted Felon Cannot Be Deported Because He Is Transgendered

Sigh. Via Daily Caller: A federal appeals court has ruled that an illegal immigrant and convicted felon can’t be deported back to Mexico because he identifies as a transgender woman, which leaves him vulnerable to torture back in his home country. Edin Carey Avendano-Hernandez was born male in Mexico, and claims to have been raped […]

Thousands Of Migrants Break Out Of Containment In Hungary To March To Austria

Most of this is happening because Angela Merkl of Germany has said that they will be welcome in Germany. But the EU does not allow illegal migrants to travel across the EU, and, for those trying to enter from Hungary, they weren’t then allowed on trains west. So they’ve decided to walk there. BICSKE, Hungary […]

Poll: Trump Now Beating All Democratic Candidates In Head-To-Head Matchups

Trump defeats all Democratic candidates in head-to-head matchup in new @suveyusa poll — Jon Passantino (@passantino) September 4, 2015

Florida Gun Makers Design AR 15 With Bible Verse And Cross Etched On Each Side So ‘Muslim Terrorists Won’t Use It’

CAIR has a coronary. Via The Daily Mail: The safety selector on that controls the Crusader’s trigger has three settings: Peace, War and God Wills It The company’s spokesman, former Navy SEAL Ben ‘Mookie’ Thomas, said he came up with the idea after listening to news reports of ISIS using US weapons they had taken […]

Houston Area Says Good Bye To Deputy Darren Goforth, “One Of The Good Guys”

Texas Deputy Darren Goforth's best friend gave a moving tribute to the slain police officer at his funeral today. — Fox News (@FoxNews) September 4, 2015 Prayers for his family. HOUSTON (AP) — Thousands of law enforcement officers stood at attention to form a wall Friday outside one of Houston’s largest churches as a 21-gun […]

Christie, Kasich Refuse To Criticize Black Lives Matter Rhetoric

They’re still in the race? Just one more reason to say, buh bye… BERLIN, N.H. — The Republican primary’s scramble to the right has led to pointed criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement, and of the Obama administration’s approach to police reform. After Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) criticized the president for “vilifying” law enforcement, […]

Abilene Police Arrest Alleged Killers Of Officer Don Allen, Officer’s Gun Still Missing

ABILENE, TX – Police have arrested and charged two people suspected of killing an Abilene police officer. Phillip Walter, 29, and Violetta Walter, 30, were linked to stolen property taken from officer Don Allen’s home. Shortly after 6 p.m., the Texas Rangers and officers with APD arrested the couple at a south Abilene apartment complex […]

Look Who’s Posting Selfies Of Himself On Twitter Again…


5 Americans Attacked By Palestinian Mob In Hebron, Their Car Firebombed, 2 Injured

How dare Jews drive into the wrong neighborhood? Via Times Of Israel: Five American yeshiva students were attacked by Palestinians in Hebron after they got lost in the West Bank city on Thursday. Two of the students, residents of Brooklyn, NY were lightly-to-moderately injured in the riot that ensued after they accidentally entered the southern […]

Hispanic Group Outraged MSNBC Cutting José Díaz-Balart’s Show From Two Hours To Just One…

Racists! Via Mediaite: As first reported by Mediaite, MSNBC is currently planning to scale back The Daily Rundown with José Díaz-Balart to only one hour instead of two. But that report has angered a Latino advocacy group, who note that José Díaz-Balartis MSNBC’s only Hispanic host. The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA) sent an open letter to MSNBC honchos Andrew Lack and Phil Griffin “Since […]

Mooch Gushes Over Beyonce’s Birthday: “The One And Only, Queen Bee!”…

11-Year-Old Shoots And Kills 16 Year Old Home Invader In St. Louis

Click on for video: If the facts are as stated, then why are police bemoaning this? Had he not had the gun, he and his sibling might be dead. ST. LOUIS COUNTY – An 11-year-old shot and killed a 16-year-old boy during a suspected St. Louis County home invasion Thursday. According to Sgt. Brian Schellman, […]

Caption This: Obama Embraces Supporter In Alaska


The Little Zippers ended their summer vacation with Michelle Obama’s worst nightmare, a 5-pound gummy worm. UPDATE: So, this really happens.

Egyptian Billionaire Offers To Buy An Island For Syrian Refugees To Live On

I’ll start the GoFundMe page. Greece or Italy sell me an island,ill call its independence and host the migrants and provide jobs for them building their new country — Naguib Sawiris (@NaguibSawiris) September 1, 2015

Iran: “We Welcome War”, Pledges “To Set Fire To U.S Interests”

Still laughing at moron in chief. Via Free Beacon: A senior Iranian military official has vowed to “set fire” to all U.S. interests in the region and maintained that the Islamic Republic welcomes war with America, according to regional reports demonstrating that Tehran is still committed to fighting the United States in the wake of […]

UK Prime Minister Says Britain Will Accept Thousands More Refugees From Syria

More potential ISIS members coming into Europe. Via Independent: David Cameron has announced that Britain will take in “thousands more” Syrian refugees after an outpouring of public support for the UK to accept its fair share of those fleeing persecution. The Prime Minister, speaking after a meeting with the Portuguese Prime Minister in Lisbon, said […]

Mr De Blasio’s Neighborhood: Thousands Sleeping On Streets In NYC, Homeless Encampments Springing Up Everywhere

Not only an increase in numbers, but they are also more emotionally disturbed as well, which I’ve observed personally. Via Daily Mail: They are sleeping in front of the Empire State building, sprawled in front of the doors of Macy’s, and panhandling outside Grand Central. New York is in the grip of a homeless epidemic […]

Massachusetts Police Officer Charged In ‘Fabricated Attack’ On His Own Cruiser

Update to this story. Seriously disturbed. Via CBS: Charges were filed Friday against the Millis police officer who investigators say made up a claim that a gunman fired at his cruiser before it crashed into a tree and caught on fire. The officer, Bryan Johnson, 24, is charged with misleading a criminal investigation, communicating false […]

Taxpayers Fleeing Democrat Run States For Republican Run States

Wish Obama would flee too. Via ATR: In 2013, more than 200,000 people on net fled states with Democrat governors for ones run by Republicans, according to an analysis of newly released IRS data by Americans for Tax Reform. “People move away from high tax states to low tax states. Every tax refugee is sending […]