State Department Employee To Face Charges For Lying To FBI, Taking Gifts From Chinese Official

She allegedly took gifts from Chinese official, was caught with a FISA warrant.

Via Reuters:

A U.S. State Department employee is expected to appear in federal court in Washington on Wednesday to face charges in a FBI counterintelligence investigation, two U.S. officials told Reuters.

The employee, Candace Claiborne, works in the State Department office that handles Caucasus Affairs, government records showed.

One official said the charges are expected to include lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Muslim Prof Insists Jesus Wasn’t Crucified, Christian Student Suspended After Disagreeing


Via Daily Caller:

A Christian college student has been suspended after allegedly challenging his Muslim professor’s claims that Jesus wasn’t crucified and that his disciples did not think he was God.

Marshall Polston, a sophomore at Rollins College in Florida, was suspended after disagreeing with these assertions made by his professor, Areej Zufari, in his Middle Eastern humanities class, as reported by The College Fix.

“Honestly, it reminded me of some of the more radical groups I researched when abroad,” Polston told the Central Florida Post. “Whether religious or not, I believe even those with limited knowledge of Christianity can agree that according to the text, Jesus was crucified and his followers did believe he was divine… that he was ‘God.’”

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New Huma Abedin Emails Reveal Additional Instances of Clinton Sending Classified Info

(Washington, DC) — Judicial Watch today released 1,184 pages of State Department records, including previously unreleased Hillary Clinton email exchanges, revealing additional instances of Abedin and Hillary Clinton sending classified information through unsecured email accounts and contributors being given special access to the former secretary of state.

The emails, were obtained in response to a court order from a May 5, 2015, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against the State Department after it failed to respond to a March 18 FOIA request (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:15-cv-00684)). The lawsuit seeks:

All emails of official State Department business received or sent by former Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin from January 1, 2009 through February 1, 2013 using a non-“” email address.

The records contain 29 previously undisclosed Clinton emails – of a total of which is now at least 288 emails that were not part of the 55,000 pages of emails that Clinton turned over to the State Department. This further appears to contradict statements by Clinton that, “as far as she knew,” all of her government emails were turned over to the State Department. Two of these emails are now available on the State Department’s website.

In a February 2010 email exchange Jake Sullivan, then-Deputy Chief of Staff to Clinton, sent to Clinton’s and Abedin’s unsecure email accounts information that the State Department has classified as the material includes information “to be kept secret in the interest of national defense or foreign policy; foreign relations or foreign activities of the US, including confidential sources.” The redacted information concerns “former GTMO [Guantanamo] detainee Binyam Mohamed” and Mohamed’s request for “various classified intelligence documents” that contained U.S. intelligence information related to his detention before he was taken to Guantanamo.

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Critic Of Putin’s Poisoned By Him Twice Awakens From Coma And Testifies Before Congress About Putin…

Just can’t keep some people down.

Reporter Compares Mike Pence To Sharia Law…

Not even close.

Via Daily Caller:

Xeni Jardin, a journalist with Boing Boing, attempted to compare Mike Pence’s eating habits to those of a Sharia Law practicer on Wednesday, for which Twitter users hit her over the head with a metaphorical hammer.

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Rejoice! Chelsea Clinton Says She Will Not Run For Office…

Happy days are here again.

Via Washington Examiner:

Chelsea Clinton is not running for public office — right now.

In an interview with Variety, the daughter of a former president and presidential candidate said she’s not thinking about running for a role in government.

“I am not running for public office,” Clinton told the magazine.

The former first kid believes public service is important, but she doesn’t see herself doing a better job than the people currently in office.

“I really am constantly surprised by the stories of me running for, fill in the blank — Congress, Senate, City Council, the presidency,” Clinton said. “I really find this all rather hysterical, because I’ve been asked this question a lot throughout my life, and the answer has never changed.”

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Out Of Touchables: Hollywood A-Listers Start Group With ACLU To Fight Trump…


Via Huffington Post:

On Friday, The Huffington Post will partner with Funny or Die to promote the 21st-century telethon Stand for Rights: A Benefit for the ACLU. The Facebook Live event will gather celebrities to raise money for the American Civil Liberties Union.

The ACLU previously joined forces with Hollywood during the 2017 Oscars, when the organization encouraged major nominees to wear blue ribbons in support of its work “protecting the rights of everyone in America.”

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North Carolina School Suspects 5 Year-Old Girl For Playing With “Stick Gun” During Recess…

New normal.

Via ABC:

A North Carolina mother says her 5-year-old daughter was suspended from school after she was found playing with a stick that resembled a gun.

Brandy Miller said her daughter Caitlin was suspended for one day on Friday after she and her two friends were playing “King and Queen” at her school in Hoke County, North Carolina, ABC affiliate WTVD reported Tuesday.

In the game, Caitlin played a guard, protecting the royals, and picked up the “stick gun” to imitate shooting an intruder into the kingdom.

The Hoke County School system said Caitlin posed a threat to other students when she made a shooting motion — a violation of school policy, officials said.

“We know why it’s bad,” Miller told WTVD. “We watch the news, but then I have to tell my kid, ‘you’re not allowed to play like that in school because people do bad things to kids your age.'”

The Hoke County School school system defended its policy in a statement and said it would “not tolerate assaults, threats or harassment from any student.”
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Israeli Paper Haaretz Calls “Trans Revolution” The Most Exciting Phenomenon In Our Time…

Go home. You’re drunk.

HT: MikeS

Ex-Obama EPA Director Distressed As Trump Guts Climate Regs

Gina McCarthy, and her band of climate cultists, were making rules and regulations on a daily basis that were bad for the economy and costing tens of thousands of people their jobs.

Via Politico:

Hundreds of people in the Obama administration spent years building the climate change regulations that the president hoped would mark a lasting turning point in the nation’s response to global warming. But it took only a couple of months for President Donald Trump to start wiping them out.

That stunning course shift has left former Obama environmental officials and diplomats frustrated and upset — if not surprised.

“From the moment the election became clear, all of us had the months and years of work that we had done flash before our eyes,” said Christy Goldfuss, who served as former President Barack Obama’s top environmental adviser as the leader of the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

For Gina McCarthy, who led EPA when it issued its landmark greenhouse gas restrictions for power plants, it was no shock that Trump would seek to undo Obama’s climate regulations by using the same executive power that had gone into their creation. But she said she’s stunned at how fast Trump is moving.

“The approach they’re taking is really a slash-and-burn approach,” she told

“I really honestly don’t know what dragon they’re trying to slay here,” McCarthy added. “I really don’t. If they’re saying EPA has done something illegal, then let the courts decide that. If they think that EPA is anti-economy, then show me some data that shows that.”. [Editor’s note: Just go and talk to the coal miners in WV and KY. They’ve got some real data for you.]

McCarthy, who returned to her native Boston after the White House handover, admitted that she has turned to one of her city’s tried-and-true methods of coping with frustration: “We drink a lot of coffee during the day and other things at night. And night comes earlier and earlier.”

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ISIS Throws Man Off Building In Mosul For Being “Gay”…

Mosul in about to fall but ISIS still has their priorities.

9/11 Trial: ‘20th Hijacker’ Offers To Testify About Saudi Link To 9/11 Attacks

Last September, Barack Obama vetoed legislation that would have allowed family members of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia for complicity in the 9/11 atrocity. That veto was overwhelmingly overridden by huge majorities in both the House and Senate. A new lawsuit against Saudi Arabia has been filed by over 800 victims’ family members. Zacarias Moussaoui, the “twentieth hijacker”, has agreed to testify against Saudi Arabia.

Via Breitbart:

A convicted jihadist serving a life sentence in federal prison as the “20th hijacker” in the September 11, 2001, attacks on the U.S. homeland has reportedly offered to testify during the 9/11 trial to “expose the Saudi Royal double game with” the late al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.
His offer comes as hundreds of families have filed a lawsuit that, unlike others, contains a detailed account of Saudi Arabia’s role in the 9/11 attacks.

“I am willing to fully testify on the 9/11 case, even if I was charge on the death penalty case as it incriminate me,” Zacarias Moussaoui, self-identified as “Slave of Allah,” said in broken English in a hand-written letter.

“My take is he would like to be in the spotlight and is bored in solitary,” Edward MacMahon, the terrorist’s former defense attorney told the Miami Herald.

In response to his allegations, the Saudi Embassy has labeled the French-born U.S. prisoner as a “deranged criminal.”

Besides “Slave of Allah,” he also signs his filings as an “Enemy Combatant,” which he reportedly is not.

Currently, the 48-year-old Moussaoui is serving life behind bars at the SuperMax prison in Florence, Colorado.

The jihadist pleaded guilty in federal court to six 9/11 attacks-linked conspiracy charges in 2005.

According to the Pentagon’s war court website, Moussaoui has written at least three times to Army Col. James L. Pohl handling the September 11 mass-murder case, which still has no trial date.

Judge Pohl has not confirmed receiving the terrorist’s letter, noted the Herald.

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Muslims Will Fight U.S. Proposals To Ban Sharia Law…

Easy fix, go to a country with Sharia law.

Via Great Falls Tribune:

Muslims complain they’re frivolous bills meant to spread fears and sow suspicion of their religion in a nation divided.

But supporters of state proposals to prevent Islamic code from being used in American courts argue they aren’t overtly anti-Muslim and are needed to safeguard constitutional rights for average Americans.

The bills, variations of which have been around for years, don’t specifically seek to ban Islamic law, known as Shariah, even though some lawmakers concede that’s their intent.

Instead, the proposals broadly call for banning the application of any foreign law, legal code or legal system that doesn’t grant the same rights and privileges as the state or U.S. constitutions.

“I believe very strongly in the values of America to allow for religious freedom,” said Connecticut state Rep. Robert Sampson, a Republican sponsor of a bill. “I just don’t want our court system to start using what is religious law from other countries to make decisions. I’d like to preserve our way of life.”

Muslim leaders say the bills are among a range of proposals and decisions at all levels of government that they’re gearing up to fight this year, from President Donald Trump’s travel ban to local planning and zoning rulings against mosque projects.

“These are thinly veiled attempts to alienate Muslims in America,” said Hazem Bata, of The Islamic Society of North America, based in Indiana, where once such “anti-Shariah” bill has been introduced.

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ISIS ‘Cubs Of The Caliphate’ Hunt Down Prisoners And Execute Them AT Gunpoint In Shocking New Video

Via Daily Mail:

A sickening new ISIS propaganda video has emerged showing children forced to hunt prisoners through an abandoned building before shooting them dead.

In the footage, released by ISIS’s Al Hayat News Agency, the so-called ‘cubs of the caliphate’ can be seen taking part in what seem to be standard military drills.

The children, who do not appear to be older than 10 or 11, move room-to-room while wielding handguns, checking each space is clear before moving on.

But while most soldiers carry out these drills using wooden targets, ISIS has forced the youngsters to hunt down living human prisoners.
Handcuffed and terrified, the captives can be seen fleeing from the youngsters before being cornered.

Their final moments are captured in gruesome detail – begging for their lives and screaming in pain, according to Sky News.
One by one all of the prisoners are then shot dead.

Children often feature in ISIS propaganda videos, which are professionally produced by skilled teams to ensure maximum impact.

Partly this is because the terrorists know children have the greatest shock value and will therefore spread their message the furthest. Showing fighters indoctrinating the next generation of jihadis also reinforces ISIS’s claim to be a functioning country and gives the organisation a sense of permanence.

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Young Social Justice Warrior In Training Asks Gap For Clothes That Aren’t So Girlie…

Hint: Check the boys section.

Via The Mercury News:

Since my daughter Alice learned to talk she’s had opinions, especially when it comes to clothes. Sign her up if the shirt’s got bugs or Batman. Rainbows, unicorns or princesses? Not on her life.

But recently, Alice and I were online shopping and decided to check the girls’ section at the Gap. We saw lots of pink and flowery; no robots or the color red. So Alice dictated a letter asking the company what it could do for kids like her. Maybe they could ditch the “boys” versus “girls” sections, or add a neutral option in between?

Three days later, Alice’s letter was published in The Washington Post. Next came articles about it in outlets from Huffington Post Parents to Today online. DC Comics sent a letter of thanks to her for speaking up (along with an amazing box of goodies that she and her brother were very excited about).

And then an email arrived. We read it to Alice, explaining that the person writing to her is Jeff Kirwan, Gap’s chief executive, who runs the whole company. When we finished, she breathed a single word: “Whoa.”[…]

It only took a day for Jeff to answer. He told Alice to look out for a Chewy shirt in April. To me, he said, “I admire and thank you for standing up for individuality. . . . We can and will continue to evolve and do better. I remain deeply committed to upholding these values . . . thank you for your voice in doing the same.”

So today my 5-year-old has an impressively open-minded CEO as a pen-pal. People all over the world are talking about girls and clothing, because it’s not really about clothing at all.

And me? I’m pretty lucky. Because I’m a mom who was able to show her daughter that if it seems like no one is listening, speak up.

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‘Pranksters’ Hijack Islamic Call To Prayer Speakers To Blast Out Hardcore Porn…

Crazy Infidels caused the goats to stampede.

Via The Sun:

Police are investigating after the blue movie soundtrack was heard from municipal loudspeakers in the city of Kastamonu in northern Turkey which were believed to have been hijacked.

A shocked witness, who could not believe what he was hearing, recorded it with his smartphone and posted the recording on social media.

The clip, recorded from a speaker in the Kuzeykent suburb of the city, which includes the university and main bus station, quickly went viral.

The mayor of the city, Tahsin Babas, said it was caused by somebody mischievously hacking into the frequency used by the speakers.

Mayor Babas said: “This immoral and provocative broadcast was nothing to do with our institution.

“We will take legal action as soon as we can against whoever was responsible for this immoral act.

“We can only apologise to our dear citizens for any offence caused by this incident.”

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High School Tries Shaming Boy, Demanding He ‘Tolerate’ Undressing With Girls To ‘Make it Natural’

The argument for transgenders in public restroom turns commonsense totally upside down. Pennsylvania is a good example. The U.S. Census Bureau’s Interactive Map Of Transgenders By State shows that there are only 4.7 transgender people per 100,000 population. Pennsylvania’s population is 12.8 million. Therefore there are only 602 TGs in the entire state. Why are 12.8 million people being inconvenienced by 602 gender-confused people?

Via Breitbart:

A teenage boy and his parents have filed a lawsuit against a Pennsylvania high school saying that administrators tried to shame the boy for being “intolerant” and demanded that he undress with girls in the school locker room to “make it seem natural.”

The lawsuit, filed by Alliance Defending Freedom and Independence Law Center (ILC), is alleging that the Boyertown Area School District in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, sexually harassed the plaintiff, CBS News reported.

“No school should rob any student of this legally protected personal privacy,” said ILC attorney Randall Wenger. “We trust that our children won’t be forced into emotionally vulnerable situations like this when they are in the care of our schools because it’s a school’s duty to protect and respect the bodily privacy and dignity of all students.”

“My client is standing up not only for himself but for others who feel bullied,” Wenger added.

The student alleges that he became uncomfortable when a biologically female student claiming to be a transgender “boy” began undressing next to him in a school locker room.

The plaintiff and several other boys reported their feelings to the school’s assistant principal, but were verbally assaulted by the school official for being “intolerant.”

“Dr. Foley [the assistant principal] told [the plaintiff] to ‘tolerate’ it and to make it as ‘natural’ as he possibly can,” the lawsuit states.

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Kredo: Obama Admin Officials Could Go To Jail For Criminality Around Surveillance And Leaks

Young Communists Flip Off The Millions Of Victims Of Communism

This is at the Victims of Communism Memorial in Washington, D.C.


HT: Daily Caller

Did This Obama Aide Just Admit To Spying On Trump Team And Leaking Info?

Listen carefully to what she is saying.

This is Dr. Evelyn Farkas, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia/Ukraine/Eurasia. Although her biography is not clear, Vox reports she left her position in 2015. Vox says that Farkas has been trying to pitch the Russia collusion story to media “since she left her job” which makes it even more likely that she is a source for the media leaks.

She appears to be admitting:
-Obama administration people were spying on Trump people.
-that the Obama people were consciously trying to hide that fact so “Trump people wouldn’t know about our sources and methods.” This shows again that they were consciously targeting the Trump people.
-that she was urging the Obama people to get information to people on “The Hill” which raises the question, who were these Democrats? Is this more leaking of classified info? That also means people on the Hill may have been aware of the spying.
-that she was urging the Obama admin to preserve the information (which is improper, as US Citizens aren’t supposed to being surveilled without a warrant).

Since she had already left the administration, she didn’t have the right to see any of that information, much less leak it to the NY Times or any other media. If someone fed it to her, they too would be doing that against the law.

So here’s the problem.

Had the Obama administration actually found any evidence of collusion during incidental collection, the proper process would have been to refer it to the FBI, to allow the FBI to get a warrant and conduct an investigation.

But in testimony before Congress, James Comey denied that any FISA warrants had been obtained as to Trump Tower.

In any event, leaking it to Congress members and the media is illegal and improper.

Farkas needs to be grilled by Gowdy, let’s finally get to what they were doing.

Former Obama DNI James Clapper, former acting CIA Director Mike Morell have both said there was no evidence they were aware of any collusion. In the words of Morell, not even a spark.

HT: Jackson Pearson