Trump and Al

Al wants to remain Chief Agitator and shakedown artist after dethroning Jesse Jackson.

Via The Inquisitr:

Is Reverend Al Sharpton secretly endorsing Donald Trump? That’s the question circulating on social media since Al Sharpton has been unusually silent throughout the presidential race, even though Donald Trump’s rallies have sparked controversy all over the United States.

With the fights at Trump’s rallies, allegations of inciting riots, and the rumored removal of black protesters, Al Sharpton has remained silent about these matters. Now, social media users have become suspicious about where Al Sharpton’s loyalty lies since they have a relatively contradictory history, according to IJReview.

By now, most Americans know Donald Trump has been categorized as someone who does not have the best interest of minorities in mind. Then, to make matters worse, his refusal to disavow endorsements from David Duke and the KKK have also led many people to believe he is, indeed, a racist bigot who absolutely loathes pro-black organizations like Black Lives Matter.

So, wouldn’t it seem befitting for civil rights activists like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to step up to the plate and raise awareness about the importance of the minority vote to ensure Trump never makes it to the White House? In times of unrest and racial confusion, Al Sharpton is normally one of the first public figures to speak on behalf of minorities, but not this time.

Is it because Sharpton is endorsing Donald Trump? There are number of factors about their previous ties that have inspired numerous, speculative memes on social media. Republican social media communities also speculate about Al Sharpton secretly endorsing Donald Trump.[…]

From his perspective of certain political topics, to his personal relationships with the likes of former president Bill Clinton and his wife, Democratic presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton cited a number of reasons why Trump could be categorized as a Democrat. If Al Sharpton’s previous comments are true and Donald Trump’s previous statements actually coincide with his core beliefs, it would offer an explanation for his silence.

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