Clint Eastwood: “I tried being reasonable, I didn’t like it”

Via The Inquisitr:

Clint Eastwood won’t be among the Hollywood elite speaking out in favor of the “Oscars So White” boycott that gained traction after Jada Pinkett Smith made a video calling for more diversity among Academy Award nominees.

In fact, according to a few brief thoughts on the Oscars boycott captured by TMZ, Clint doesn’t seem to think the problem has as much to do with race as it does to do with a thick field of talent. Eastwood seems to be on the side of those who have come out in favor of the chosen group of nominees this year, saying that it’s always going to be a stiffly competitive honor.

“I don’t know anything about it, all I know is there are thousands of people in the Academy, and the majority of them haven’t won Oscars. A lot of people are crying I guess.”

Clint himself has, of course, been honored by the Oscars ceremony several times over the course of his life. Although he was never nominated for the acting prize for his classic roles in films like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly or For A Few Dollars More, the last few decades have seen him showered in praise by the Academy. Eastwood snagged the directing and Best Picture prize in both 1993 and 2005 for Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby respectively. Clint also received an Irving G. Thalberg lifetime achievement award in 1995, as well as nods for Letters From Iwo Jima, Mystic River and American Sniper.

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