Hillary’s Campaign ‘For The Children’ Not Going So Well…

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Kasich: I Should Be Running In The Democrat Primary

Feel free…

Via Free Beacon:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich joked that he should run in the Democratic primary instead of the GOP one after a Democrat in New Hampshire told Kasich he was the only Republican he’d consider supporting, CBS reported Saturday.

“I ought to be running in the Democrat primary, I got more Democrats for me,” Kasich said. “You have any Republican friends?”

CBS reported:

Later on, he became the first candidate to hit the 100-town-hall milestone in New Hampshire, which was celebrated at a crowded town hall on Friday night with “funfetti show” machine and Market Basket sheet cakes. The White Stripes rock song “Seven Nation Army” blared as Kasich bounded onto the stage after an introduction from Mike Vrabel, a former New England Patriots linebacker.

“That has never happened before in American history,” Kasich remarked about the indie hit being played at a Republican town hall.

“New Hampshire has changed me,” he said, taking a moment to reflect.g

“Everyone is beginning to talk about Kasich running a positive campaign, can it work? It would be really cool if it worked. And it if it doesn’t, I’m blaming all of you,” he joked.

Kasich also joked with a ballot counter that he came across:

During a stop at Manchester’s Puritan Backroom Restaurant, Kasich made his way through a swarm of fans.

“Can’t you just stuff the ballot for me?” Kasich joked to a woman who told him she was a ballot counter.

“I won’t tell anyone — consider it done,” she replied back to him.

Woman Warns Montana Residents Against Accepting Refugees; Tells How It Ruined Her Texas Town…


Missoula is ground zero for the Montana moonbat movement.

Via BPR:

The rape and violence crisis attributed to the influx of “refugees” may not be a problem exclusive to European countries. According to at least one woman, it’s already started in the U.S.

Karen Sherman recently moved to Missoula, Montana, and stood in front of the local courthouse Monday to warn residents about the “civil unrest” they might be facing should the Obama administration’s plans to plant foreign migrants in the town go through, WND reported.

More than 120 protesters gathered to hear Sherman’s account of what happened in her former hometown of Amarillo, Texas.

“Amarillo is overrun with refugees,” Sherman said. She claimed the refugees have been given preferential treatment ahead of Americans to get benefits. “Now they’re expecting us to give them cars,” she said.

Having recently moved from Texas to Montana, Sherman is sounding the alarm to what she believes will be a grave mistake should Missoula accept refugees.

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Gloria Steinem: Young Women Are Supporting Bernie Sanders To Get With Boys

That’s pretty darn insulting.

Via Free Beacon:

Feminist Gloria Steinem said something not very feminist Friday, suggesting that the reason younger women voters are supporting Bernie Sanders more than Hillary Clinton is because they want to impress boys.

Appearing on HBO’s left-wing talk show Real Time, Steinem and host Bill Maher got into a discussion about why Clinton is struggling so much with younger voters, including women, despite Clinton’s supposedly historic candidacy.

Sanders recently annihilated Clinton among younger voters in the Iowa caucus, winning by 70 points.

“When you’re young, you’re thinking, ‘Where are the boys?’” Steinem said. “The boys are with Bernie.”

Even the famously politically incorrect Maher took exception to Steinem’s generalization, saying Steinem would have slapped him if he’d made such a remark.

“Oooh,” Maher said, as the crowd tittered. “Now if I said that, yeah, they’re for Bernie because that’s where the boys are, you’d swat me, come on.”

“No, no,” Steinem protested. “I wouldn’t because boys are saying where–I mean, hello? How well do you know me?”

“Not that well,” Maher said. “I’d love to know you better.”

Steinem, a Clinton supporter, has actually backed Sanders in the past. She helped him in a 1996 re-election fight when he was in the House of Representatives, appearing alongside him and anointing him an “honorary woman.”

Steinem also backed Clinton in 2008, when she was defeated in the Democratic primary by a man named Barack Obama.

Syria Warns Saudis Against Incursion, Says It Will End In Coffins…

Coffins saudi

Syria saw what happened with regime change in Libya.

Via JPost:

Syria will see any incursion on its territory as an act of aggression, Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem said on Saturday, days after Saudi Arabia announced it was ready to send in ground troops.

“Any ground intervention on Syrian land without the agreement of the Syrian government is an act of aggression … we regret that those (who invade) will return to their countries in coffins,” al-Moualem told journalists.

‘Draft Biden’ Movement Starts Again…


Yup, that’s what we need…

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A prominent Democratic donor worried about the party’s chances of winning the presidency emailed dozens of fans of Vice President Joe Biden on Friday, urging them to remain prepared to donate if Biden jumps into the race.

The donor, Bill Bartmann, cited new polling showing Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont nearly tied with the Hillary Clinton, eroding the 30-point lead the former secretary of state held at the end of last year. Bartmann and other party insiders are concerned that Sanders, a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist, is too far to the left to win against a Republican in the Nov. 8 presidential election.

“We cannot afford to lose the White House,” Bartmann wrote in the email, seen by Reuters.

The email drew a string of affirmative responses, also seen by Reuters.

Biden announced in October that he would not seek the presidency, despite support from a group of backers under the name “Draft Biden 2016.” But whispers have continued among some donors who hope that Biden could be convinced to run after all should Clinton’s campaign prove fruitless.

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Hillary Doubles Down On Stupid With Tweet About Flint Water Crisis Instantly Regrets It…


No matter what to Hillary it was the evil GOP.

Via Young Conservatives:

Liberals caused the water problem in Flint, and the most progressive liberal of them all is trying to say if this were to have happened in an affluent area things would be different.


This is what happens when big government has too much control. Crazy that the Obama administration knew about the Flint situation for months and did nothing about it.

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Open Thread: ABC GOP New Hampshire Debate

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Here’s a link to live steam for the debate.

Should be interesting tonight with everyone jockeying for position in New Hampshire. The ones that haven’t factored too much, Bush, Christie and Kasich, have made real pushes in New Hampshire trying to make a dent there. So far, it appears the only one making any kind of headway is Kasich, who is still behind the top three in most polls.
Closing Statements:
Kasich: I’ve done 100 town halls, I’ve had your hugs, seen your tears. I have a positive message about how we can lift everyone.
Christie: I’ve spent the last 13 years of my life serving the nation. I’m proud to be on stage with these men. I’ve spent 70 days with the people of NH. If you give me your vote on Tuesday I will just that.
Bush: I want to celebrate Reagan whose birthday is today. We need someone to take that positive message forward. I believe I have those skills.
Carson: Media has tried to ignore or bury me. I believe there is still a place for faith, integrity and common sense.
Rubio: My kids joined me this week on the campaign trail and it reminded me of what we are fighting for. [shows kids on the screen].
Cruz: I stood against the ethanol subsidy even though it was unpopular, even though media said that it would fail in Iowa. And we won in Iowa. If elected I will stand with the people against he Washington corruption of both parties.
Trump: That’s because you took Ben Carson’s votes [booed]. If I am elected we will win, win, win.

Q: Abortion
Rubio: Hillary, Dems are for partial birth abortion. They are the extremists not us.
Christie: I pulled funding for PP in NJ. But I am for abortion in case of rape and incest. It’s an act of self-defense. [against the child?]

Q: Hostages, should families be allowed to raise money for ransom.
Cruz: it’s a horrible situation for families, but there’s a reason it’s been a longstanding policy. If you look at what Obama has done, it puts a bounty on Americans traveling abroad. [misstates Bergdahl’s name as James Bergdahl]
T: you can’t negotiate with terrorists, otherwise you will have so many other James Foleys.

Q: veterans?
B: we need to give vets more choices, to be able to go to private provider. Career civil service reform.
K: bla bla bla

Q: Do you believe that women should be required to sign up for selective service?
B: [he didn’t understand what she was asking him] sure I do. they should have the right to participate in anything they are able to do.
[See he didn’t understand what ‘selective service meant, oh lord.]
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Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s Completely Un-Self Aware Tweet…

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 6.12.01 PM

Of course, Debs and the Democrats had been hiding Granny away on Saturday nights until Bernie began kicking her ass. Then and only then did Deb see the need to have more debates, despite many on the Democratic side begging for them for months.

Feds: Dearborn Man Supports ISIS, Planned Attack On Church…


Motive still unknown.

Via Detroit News:

Federal authorities are accusing a Dearborn Heights man of supporting Islamic State extremists and planning to “shoot up” a Detroit church.

Khalil Abu-Rayyan, 21, hasn’t been charged with terrorism-related crimes but faces federal charges of illegally having a firearm while using a controlled substance.

But a complaint unsealed Thursday in U.S. District Court reveals the FBI has been investigating him since May “regarding increasingly violent threats he has made to others about committing acts of terror and martyrdom — including brutal acts against police officers, churchgoers and others — on behalf of the foreign terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.”

Besides allegedly using Twitter to express support for the terror group — often referred to as ISIS or ISIL — Abu-Rayyan reportedly told an undercover FBI employee about a plot to target a church.

“I tried to shoot up a church one day,” Abu-Rayyan is quoted as saying in court records. “I don’t know the name of it, but it’s close to my job. It’s one of the biggest ones in Detroit. Ya, I had it planned out. I bought a bunch of bullets. I practiced a lot with it. I practiced reloading and unloading. But my dad searched my car one day, and he found everything. He found the gun and the bullets and a mask I was going to wear.”

Investigators didn’t name the church Abu-Rayyan allegedly eyed, but claim the property covers about two blocks less than half a mile from his work and can accommodate up to 6,000 members. He allegedly purchased a gun and told an undercover FBI employee that attacking a church would be “easy.”

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Former FBI Assistant Director: Hillary Not Telling Truth About FBI Investigation, FBI Doesn’t Do ‘Security Reviews’

hillary Purple

She keeps saying this, hoping she can convince the uninformed.

Via Fox News:

Hillary Clinton used misleading language in Thursday night’s Democratic debate to describe the ongoing FBI investigation into her use of a private email server to conduct official government business while she was secretary of state, according to former senior FBI agents.

In the New Hampshire debate with Senator Bernie Sanders, which aired on MSNBC, Clinton told moderator Chuck Todd that nothing would come of the FBI probe, “I am 100 percent confident. This is a security review that was requested. It is being carried out.”

Not true says Steve Pomerantz, who spent 28 years at the FBI, and rose from field investigative special agent to the rank of assistant director, the third highest position in the Bureau.

“They (the FBI) do not do security reviews,” Pomerantz said. “What they primarily do and what they are clearly doing in this instance is a criminal investigation.”

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Happy Birthday President Ronald Reagan!

We need another Ronald Reagan.

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Australian Woman Crashes Her Own Funeral After Husband Paid To Have Her Killed

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 3.57.38 PM

Amazing story.

Via NY Post:

Noela Rukundo sat in a car outside her home, watching as the last mourners filed out. They were leaving a funeral — her funeral.

Finally, she spotted the man she’d been waiting for. She stepped out, and her husband put his hands on his head in horror.

“Surprise! I’m still alive!”

The man looked terrified. Five days ago, he had ordered a team of hit men to kill Rukundo, his partner of 10 years. And they did — well, they told him they did.

Now here was his wife, standing before him. “I’m sorry for everything,” he wailed.

But it was far too late for apologies; Rukundo called the police. The husband, Balenga Kalala, ultimately pleaded guilty and was sentenced to nine years in prison for incitement to murder, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

The happy ending — or, as happy as can be expected to a saga in which a man tries to have his wife killed — was made possible by three unusually principled hit men, a helpful pastor and one incredibly gutsy woman: Rukundo herself.

Here is how she pulled it off:

Rukundo’s ordeal began almost exactly a year ago, when she flew from her home in Melbourne with her husband, Kalala, to attend a funeral in her native Burundi. Her stepmother had died, and the service left her saddened and stressed. She retreated to her hotel room. Then her husband called.

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Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch Floats John Kerry As Last-Minute Dem 2016 Candidate…


The John has already been flushed once.

Via The Hill:

News Corp. boss Rupert Murdoch is floating Secretary of State John Kerry as a Democratic presidential nominee as Hillary Clinton’s candidacy “sinks.”

“Watch Hillary’s candidacy sink and sink,” Murdoch tweeted Saturday morning. “Nobody buying and more big trouble coming on emails. Dems looking for a replacement. John Kerry?”

Watch Hillary’s candidacy sink and sink. Nobody buying and more big trouble coming on emails. Dems looking for replacement. John Kerry?
— Rupert Murdoch (@rupertmurdoch) February 6, 2016

The Fox News owner donated to Clinton’s presidential primary campaign in 2008, and said in 2014 he could see himself supporting Clinton in 2016 depending “on the Republican candidate totally.”

In January, Murdoch urged former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to enter the 2016 race amid Fox News’ feud with Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

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Zika Virus Found In Saliva, Urine, Not Clear If That Can Transit Virus…

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 3.50.27 PM

It’s already clear that it can be transmitted through sex.

RIO DE JANEIRO — Zika has been identified in the saliva and urine of two patients infected by the virus, a leading Brazilian health institute said on Friday, adding that further studies are needed to determine if those fluids could transmit the infection.

Scientists at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, a public health institute, said they used genetic testing to identify the virus in samples from two patients while they had symptoms and were known to have Zika, the mosquito-borne viral infection that has sparked a global health scare.

It is the first time the virus has been detected in saliva and urine, scientists told reporters in Rio de Janeiro. The virus was deemed active, meaning that it was able to cause infection, but the scientists stressed that it was too early to say whether Zika could be transmitted by either fluid.

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Protesters Barge In On University Of Missouri Board Meeting Demanding Reinstatement Of Professor Click…

A special snowflake group screaming and throwing a temper tantrum.

Via The College Fix:

A meeting of the University of Missouri Board of Curators was disrupted by members of Concerned Student 1950, who demanded that Communications Prof. Melissa Click be reinstated.

The board suspended Click last week over her behavior with the media during a Concerned Student protest that followed the abrupt resignation of University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe in November.

The black-led activist group released a statement demanding she be reinstated and promised to achieve this by “any means necessary.”

Members of Concerned Student shouted at students studying in the Student Center Thursday afternoon before protesting in Speakers Circle, where they confronted several passing tour groups for 15 minutes.

Protests interrupted the Board of Curators meeting twice.

Chairwoman Pam Henrickson banged her gavel as protester Kendrick Washington restated Concerned Student’s demands from October. About two dozen demonstrators stood by forming a wall in front of a door to the meeting.

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Suspect Shot With Taser Is Able To Shoot And Kill Police Officer In Seaside, Oregon…

Oregon police

Saving us from taking care of this waster of space, his partner took out the suspect with the taxpayer relief shot.

Via Statesman Journal:

Oregon State Police released the following information Saturday morning about the fatal shooting of a Seaside police officer and of the suspect:

On February 5, 2016 at 9:22 PM Seaside Sergeant Jason M. Goodding and an additional Seaside police officer made contact with Phillip Ferry, age 55, from Seaside. FERRY was walking down Broadway and was known by the officers to have a warrant for his arrest. Sergeant Goodding and the other officer attempted to place FERRY under arrest for the felony assault warrant. FERRY resisted arrest and the other officer deployed less lethal force (taser). FERRY fired a shot and struck Sergeant Goodding. The other Seaside police officer returned fire and shot FERRY.

Both Sergeant Goodding and FERRY were transported to local hospitals. Sergeant Goodding and FERRY died at the hospitals due to their injuries.

Sergeant Goodding was 39 years of age and lived in the Seaside Community. He is survived by his wife and school aged children. Sergeant Goodding graduated from Sherwood High-School and he earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Portland State University. Sergeant Goodding was hired with Seaside Police Department in April of 2003. During his tenure he worked as a patrol officer, detective, and a patrol sergeant. Sergeant Gooding also dedicated time to his community by coaching several different sports teams within the Seaside area.

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DOJ Eyes Ways To Toughen Fight Against Domestic Anti-Government Extremists…

Ranching Standoff

Finally the DOJ has discovered an alleged motive. (Sarcasm)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Justice Department is considering legal changes to combat what it sees as a rising threat from domestic anti-government extremists, senior officials told Reuters, even as it steps up efforts to stop Islamic State-inspired attacks at home.

Extremist groups motivated by a range of U.S.-born philosophies present a “clear and present danger,” John Carlin, the Justice Department’s chief of national security, told Reuters in an interview. “Based on recent reports and the cases we are seeing, it seems like we’re in a heightened environment.”

Over the past year, the Justice Department has brought charges against domestic extremist suspects accused of attempting to bomb U.S. military bases, kill police officers and fire bomb a school and other buildings in a predominantly Muslim town in New York state.

But federal prosecutors tackling domestic extremists still lack an important legal tool they have used extensively in dozens of prosecutions against Islamic State-inspired suspects: a law that prohibits supporting designated terrorist groups.

Carlin and other Justice Department officials declined to say if they would ask Congress for a comparable domestic extremist statute, or comment on what other changes they might pursue to toughen the fight against anti-government extremists.

The U.S. State Department designates international terrorist organizations to which it is illegal to provide “material support.” No domestic groups have that designation, helping to create a disparity in charges faced by international extremist suspects compared to domestic ones.

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DHS Ordered Me To Scrub Records Of Muslims With Terror Ties…

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 1.31.33 PM

Oh goody…

Via The Hill:

Amid the chaos of the 2009 holiday travel season, jihadists planned to slaughter 290 innocent travelers on a Christmas Day flight from the Netherlands to Detroit, Michigan. Twenty-three-year old Nigerian Muslim Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab intended to detonate Northwest Airlines Flight 253, but the explosives in his underwear malfunctioned and brave passengers subdued him until he could be arrested. The graphic and traumatic defeat they planned for the United States failed, that time.

Following the attempted attack, President Obama threw the intelligence community under the bus for its failure to “connect the dots.” He said, “this was not a failure to collect intelligence, it was a failure to integrate and understand the intelligence that we already had.”

Most Americans were unaware of the enormous damage to morale at the Department of Homeland Security, where I worked, his condemnation caused. His words infuriated many of us because we knew his administration had been engaged in a bureaucratic effort to destroy the raw material—the actual intelligence we had collected for years, and erase those dots. The dots constitute the intelligence needed to keep Americans safe, and the Obama administration was ordering they be wiped away.

After leaving my 15 year career at DHS, I can no longer be silent about the dangerous state of America’s counter-terror strategy, our leaders’ willingness to compromise the security of citizens for the ideological rigidity of political correctness—and, consequently, our vulnerability to devastating, mass-casualty attack.

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Hillary Gets Funky In NH: Breaks Out In Song And Dance After Rally…

Granny might break a hip.

Via Free Beacon:

Hillary Clinton got her groove on after a campaign rally in New Hampshire on Friday.

After Clinton finished her speech, she and five other female politicians broke out into a jig to Clinton’s signature tune, “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten.

“This is my fight song, take back my life song, prove I’m all right song!” the song blared. “My power’s turned on, starting right now I’ll be strong!” Clinton wriggled her arms to the song, and her politician buddies joined in.

She then embraced Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D., Mich.) on one side and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D., N.H.) on the other, and the line of politicians swayed to the uplifting beat.

Clinton exited triumphantly, singing her fight song while pumping her fist.

Clinton was joined on stage by Gov. Maggie Hassan (D., N.H.) and Democratic Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.), Amy Klobuchar (Minn.), Debbie Stabenow (Mich), and Jeanne Shaheen (N.H.).

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