Dem Senate Candidate: Being Called a “Tool” Is A Good Thing…

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Only if you’re a hammer.

Via Free Beacon:

P.G. Sittenfeld, a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate in Ohio, encouraged freshmen at Princeton University to celebrate being called a “tool” when he was a student there.

Sittenfeld, a 30-year-old Cincinnati city councilman, penned a 2005 opinion article for the Daily Princetonian meant to educate the incoming class of students on the “ropes” of Princeton.

“It’s … probable that you will be called a ‘tool.’ You may even be dubbed a ‘massive tool,’ or, for the truly elect, a ‘power tool,’” Sittenfeld, then a junior, advised incoming freshmen.

“To be a tool at Princeton most often means that you’re a participant in student government, are an uber-preppy dresser and are going to make a ton of money after college. All of which suggests you’re doing alright for yourself.”

The English major directed the “sweet, naïve” freshmen to thank individuals who dubbed them with the slang word.

“The next time someone points out your toolishness, no need to lose your temper. Instead, just smile, say thank you and go change into an even brighter pastel polo shirt,” Sittenfeld wrote.

According to Sittenfeld, “overeager tool bags” were a fixture on the Princeton University campus.

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University of Toronto Alters “Gender-Neutral” Bathroom Policy After Two Reports of Voyeurism



Via Toronto Star:

The University of Toronto has decreased the number of gender-neutral bathrooms in one of its colleges after two women became victims of voyeurism when they were filmed while showering.

Toronto Police Const. Victor Kwong said Monday that two women in separate instances at the Whitney Hall residence reported that they saw a cellphone reach over the shower-stall dividers in an attempt to record them. Police have yet to find any information about the culprit, but the investigation is ongoing.

At least one gender-neutral washroom remains on each floor.

Melinda Scott, the dean of students at University College, said some bathrooms in Whitney Hall have now been designated specifically for residents who identify as men or women. However, several gender-neutral bathrooms remain.

“The purpose of this temporary measure is to provide a safe space for the women who have been directly impacted by the incidents of voyeurism and other students who may feel more comfortable in a single-gender washroom,” said Scott.

According to the Varsity campus newspaper, the two cellphone incidents occurred Sept. 15 and Sept. 19.

White House Spokesman: Putin Is Playing Checkers, Not Chess…

Then what’s Obama playing? Chutes and Ladders?

Russia Bombs Main Weapons Depots Of US-Backed Syrian Rebels…


At least we can be sure those US-weapons won’t fall into al-Qaeda’s hands.

(Reuters) – Russian air strikes have destroyed the main weapons depots of a U.S.-trained rebel group in Syria, their commander said on Wednesday, in an expansion of Russian attacks on insurgents backed by foreign enemies of President Bashar al-Assad.

The Liwa Suqour al-Jabal, whose fighters have attended military training organized by the Central Intelligence Agency in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, was also hit last week by Russian raids as Moscow began its air campaign in support of Damascus.

New strikes targeted the group’s main weapons depots in western Aleppo province and completely destroyed them late on Tuesday, its commander Hassan Haj Ali told Reuters on Wednesday via Internet messaging service.

“These were considered the principal depots of the Liwa,” he said in an audio recording obtained separately.

Liwa Suqour al-Jabal operates areas of western and northern Syria where many of Russia’s air strikes have been focused and where the Islamic State group – the stated target of the Russian air raids – has no significant presence.

It is one of a number of Syrian rebel groups deemed moderate by the United States which have received training as part of an ostensibly covert CIA program. That program is separate to one set up by the Pentagon to train and equip Syrian insurgents to fight Islamic State.

So John Kerry’s Time In The Navy Was Really Well Spent, Thinks World Has “One Ocean”…



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Trio Of Academics Fight Global Warming By Travelling A Combined 8,426 Miles For A One-Hour Meeting On Climate Change…


Via Daily Caller:

Two taxpayer-funded college presidents and the president of America’s largest university-based climate alliance traveled a combined 8,426 miles this week to meet for slightly over an hour to discuss strategies for carbon reduction.

The “climate leadership meeting” occurred on Monday at Agnes Scott College, a private, all-female bastion of about 1,000 students in the Atlanta suburb of Decatur.

The meeting lasted one hour, seven minutes and 21 seconds, according to the YouTube video which captured it for posterity.

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Jesse Jackson Declares Jim Crow Is Back In Alabama After Budget Cuts Forces Closure Of DMV Offices…

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Jesse Jackson puts The Boy Who Cried Wolf to shame.

Via Chicago Sun-Times:

In Alabama, 50 years after Selma, voting rights are once more under assault. Even as Alabama finally took down its confederate flags this year, it has raised new obstacles to voting.The Supreme Court’s decision in Shelby County v. Holder to gut the Voting Rights Act, supported by the five conservative justices alone, opened the floodgates to legislation in over 21 states erecting new obstacles to make voting more difficult. These have included limiting the days for early voting, eliminating Sunday voting, requiring various forms of ID, shutting down voting sites and more.

Alabama — the home of Selma and the Bloody Sunday police riot that spurred the passage of the original Voting Rights Act 50 years ago — is one of the leaders in the new forms of voter suppression. Alabama passed a bill requiring for the first time a photo ID for voting, hitting African-Americans, the poor, the young and the old disproportionately.Now Alabama is using a budget squeeze to shut down 31 satellite offices that issue driver’s licenses, the most popular form of voter ID. This new Jim Crow isn’t subtle.

Colorado Dem Governor Creates Task Force On American Indian Mascots Used By High Schools…


Governor Hickenlooper not afraid to tackle the tough issues.

Via Denver Post:

Gov. John Hickenlooper signed an executive order Tuesday creating a commission to discuss American Indian high school mascots.

The group would include tribes, local community members and state agencies to find common ground, said Ernest House Jr., executive director of the Colorado Office of Indian Affairs.

In the last legislative session, a bill carried by state Reps. Joe Salazar, D-Thornton, and Jovan Melton, D-Aurora, that would have required tribal approval for public schools to continue using American Indian mascots passed in the Democrat-led state House but was killed by a Republican-led Senate committee.

Once a month in communities that have the mascots, the task force will hold public meetings. Ideally, tribes and schools can work together, the way Arapahoe High School in Centennial worked with its namesake tribe in 1993 and 1994 to preserve the Warrior mascot and make sure its representation is dignified and historically accurate.

Top House Dems Demand GOP Apologize To Planned Parenthood CEO For Making Her Testify…


Because she’s the real victim, or something.

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Video: Hillary Clinton Supporters Endorse “White Privilege Tax” On White People’s Income…

Matt Drudge: Media Propping Up ‘Old And Sick’ Hillary

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It’s called 80 proof.

Via The Hill:

Media kingpin Matt Drudge on Tuesday railed against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s health and her politics, saying he was worried the nation would end up “with Hillary’s brain in the Oval Office in a jar.”

“She’s old and she’s sick,” the Drudge Report founder said in an interview with Alex Jones.

Drudge slammed the media for propping up Clinton’s candidacy.

“She’s not a contender. They’re making her a contender with these propped up Saturday Night Live things. It’s like a head on a stick,” he said, chiding NBC for “giving her endless hours of airtime.”

The media mogul cited Clinton’s hypothyroidism as cause for concern.

“Anybody who is 70 years old who is hypothyroid, you do not elect president, ladies and gentlemen,” he said.

Drudge also alluded to his “long history” with the Clintons, referencing his coverage of the 1990s Monica Lewinsky scandal.

“They’re ugly. They play dirty. They sued me for $30 million last time around,” he said. “Hillary Clinton with the NSA — good luck if you dissent. Snowden, I’ll switch places with you.”

Trump: “Eminent Domain Is Wonderful”

Hilarious: Valerie Jarrett Gets Trolled On Gun Control

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Valerie Jarrett was running a Twitter forum asking for questions or solutions on stopping ‘gun violence’. Beer Wolf responded with an interesting suggestion.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.38.05 PM

To which Valerie Jarrett actually responded, seemingly approving of the concept of remotely disabling guns.
Beer Wolf, who had been trolling her was astounded to get a response.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.39.58 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.40.14 PM
Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.40.55 PM

Epic Troll, Beer Wolf!

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Emails Show Qadaffi’s Son Offered Peace Talks, But Hillary Ordered General Not To Take The Call

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Because if there was peace, they wouldn’t have been able to clear Qaddafi from Libya. That of course allowed for the greater rise of the Islamists in Libya, the stepping-off place to Europe that we see today.

Via Fox News:

Exclusive – New emails obtained by Fox News show that in March 2011, at the height of the Arab Spring revolution inside Libya, dictator Muammar Qaddafi’s son Saif was willing to talk peace from the ground in Libya – but a source told Fox News the offer was rejected by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In the years since Qaddafi was forced from power, Libya’s government has collapsed, and extremist groups including ISIS have exploited the power vacuum. While the Obama administration has promoted the use of “soft power” and diplomacy, the documents suggest the option was not vigorously pursued here.

One key email describing the offer of talks was dated March 18, 2011 and sent at 7:27 a.m. EST to three members of The Joint Staff. It states, “Our contact will arrange a face-to-face meeting with Saif [Qaddafi], or a Skype/video-telecon [teleconference] to open communications if time does not permit … A peaceful resolution is still possible that keeps Saif on our side without bloodshed in Benghazi.”

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Justice Department To Release 6,000 Inmates From Federal Prison At End Of Month

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Stay tuned for the coming spike in crime, the inevitable rape, murder and sundry crimes that will result.

Via Fox News:

The Justice Department will release some 6,000 inmates from federal prisons beginning at the end of the month as part of new sentencing guidelines for drug crimes established last year, a federal law enforcement official confirmed Tuesday to Fox News.

The new drug sentencing guidelines from U.S. Sentencing Commission, which are intended to reduce penalties on certain nonviolent drug offenders, also applies to any future offenders.

The U.S. Sentencing Commission decided in July 2014 that close to 50,000 federal inmates locked up on drug charges would be eligible for reduced sentences. The new sentencing guidelines took effect on Nov. 1, 2014.

The commission’s action is separate from an effort by President Obama to grant clemency to certain nonviolent drug offenders, The Washington Post first reported Tuesday.

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Transparent Bill Clinton White House Suppressed Evidence Of Iran’s Terrorism…


No missiles for Monica.

Via Washington Times:

Bill Clinton’s administration gathered enough evidence to send a top-secret communique accusing Iran of facilitating the deadly 1996 Khobar Towers terrorist bombing, but suppressed that information from the American public and some elements of U.S. intelligence for fear it would lead to an outcry for reprisal, according to documents and interviews.

Before Mr. Clinton left office, the intelligence pointing toward Iran’s involvement in the terror attack in Saudi Arabia that killed 19 U.S. servicemen and wounded hundreds was deemed both extensive and “credible,” memos show.

It included FBI interviews with a half-dozen Saudi co-conspirators who revealed they got their passports from the Iranian embassy in Damascus, reported to a top Iranian general and were trained by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

The revelations about what the Clinton administration knew are taking on new significance with the recent capture of the accused mastermind of the 1996 attack, which has occurred in the shadows of the U.S. nuclear deal with Iran.

Ahmed al-Mughassil was arrested in August returning to Lebanon from Iran, and his apprehension has provided fresh evidence of Tehran’s and Hezbollah’s involvement in the attack and their efforts to shield him from justice for two decades, U.S. officials said.

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh told The Times that when he first sought the Clinton White House’s help to gain access to the Saudi suspects, he was repeatedly thwarted. When he succeeded by going around Mr. Clinton and returned with the evidence, it was dismissed as “hearsay,” and he was asked not to spread it around because the administration had made a policy decision to warm relations with Tehran and didn’t want to rock the boat, he said.

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Into The Lions Den: Dr. Ben Carson Argues Against Abortion On ‘The View’

For Democratic politicians, going on the view ensures a comfortable softball time.

For conservatives like Dr. Ben Carson, you are guaranteed to be grilled and what’s great about Carson is, not only doesn’t he shy away from his beliefs or sugar coat them for to fix the audience, he puts them out there, clearly and profoundly and wouldn’t be backed-off them.

This is worth it if for nothing more than to watch Raven-Symone (she’s the woman on the right of Ben Carson) roll her eyes so much, I thought her head was going to spin completely off when Carson said we are killing babies all over the place.

Border Patrol Have Been Told They Now Must Consider The ‘Gender Identity’ Of Illegal Aliens

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Why the heck would you need someone the same ‘gender identity’ to transport an illegal alien? And where will you find the transgender and pansexual Border agents this rule could potentially require?

Via Breitbart:

Border Patrol agents and others operating under the umbrella of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) must now consider not only the sex of the criminal they are detaining, but the “gender identity” of the individual and how they feel and identify. The terms “illegal alien” or even “illegal immigrant” do not appear at all in a new 31-page instruction document. The new rules were published by CBP and according to the agency, “includes language on gender identity, which was not previously included in the individual component policies. Specifically, whenever feasible, officers and agents who conduct a search or are present at a medical examination must be of the same gender, gender identity, or declared gender as the individual being searched.”

A few highlights from the October 2015 National Standards on Transport, Escort, Detention, and Search are listed below:

Section 2.6: Ground Transportation and Escort Standards

Gender of Transporting/Escorting Officer/Agent
Whenever operationally feasible, transport/escort must be conducted by two officers/agents with at least one being of the same gender or gender identity as the detainee(s)

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Hillary’s Fixer, Cheryl Mills, Shared Classified Information With The Clinton Foundation

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Jail is sounding real good. Person who shared it with her rhymes with Shrillary…

Via Politico:

Hillary Clinton’s No. 2 at the State Department twice forwarded information to the Clinton Foundation that was later deemed classified, the latest instance of former Clinton staff transmitting now-classified information.

According to a new email chain shared with POLITICO by Citizens United, Cheryl Mills — Clinton’s former chief of state at State — forwarded State Department background information about Rwanda and the Congo to the Clintons’ philanthropic organization. Citizens United, a conservative activist group, obtained the messages via a Freedom of Information act lawsuit.

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Obama Regime Deports Record-Low Number Of Criminally Convicted Illegal Aliens


They just want to contribute to society…

Via Free Beacon:

The Obama administration deported a record-low number of criminal immigrants over the last year, according to government figures not publicly released by the Department of Homeland Security.

The Associated Press reported that President Obama has deported fewer immigrants with criminal convictions in the United States over the past 12 months than he has during his entire time in the White House. Moreover, the number of total illegal immigrants deported in the last year was less than at any time since 2006.

The total count of immigrant deportations has sunk 42 percent since 2012. Moreover, deportations declined by 84,000 between the 2014 and 2015 fiscal years.

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