Putting Terrorists On Notice, Workers Install A Wind Turbine On The Champs-Elysées Ahead Of The Global Warming Summit…

Paris turbine

ISIS quaking in their sandals.

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What Do The Soros-Funded Protesters In Chicago Want? A List Of Their ‘Demands’…

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.01.50 PM

We use the term ‘Black Lives Matter’ as sort of an overall descriptor of the protesters. Yet there are actually multiple subset groups within that bigger categorization. One of them, the Black Youth Project 100, was one of the organizers of these protests in Chicago.

The officer who shot Laquan McDonald has been charged with murder. So what is it they are looking for with their protests? Do their list of demands ask to talk about and resolve questions about the handling of this particular case? Is it to seek to talk with those in Chicago to address police reforms? Not so much…

BYP100 organizes for the liberation of ALL Black people. In the wake of the release of the video showing the execution of Laquan McDonald, we are poised to continue our organizing across the United States. It is OUR duty to FIGHT for our freedom.

Here’s what we want:

We demand all local, state and federal budgets to defund the police and invest those dollars and resources in Black futures.
We want reparations for chattel slavery, Jim Crow and mass incarceration.
We want to end all profit from so-called “criminal justice” punishment – both public and private.
We want a guaranteed income for all, living wages, a federal jobs program, and freedom from discrimination for all workers.
We want the labor of Black transgender and cisgender women (unseen and seen, unpaid and paid) to be valued and supported, not criminalized and marginalized.
We want investments in Black communities that promote economic sustainability and eliminate the displacement of our people.

Elsewhere, the Black Youth Project makes it even more clear:

News broke today that Officer Van Dyke will be charged with murder. And, while this is a step in the right direction, it still doesn’t do the work of charging the systems of oppression in this country with genocide.

Laquan McDonald, Sandra Bland, Blake Brockington, Islan Nettles, Rekia Boyd, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and so many others are not individual cases that should be reduced to the conditions of their deaths. They are not singular random cases amidst a usually equitable society. They are Black and brown people whose lives were systematically erased and eradicated by White Supremacy in the United States. This is where we should focus. Period.

As we’ve stated previously, it’s never about the individual case or what the facts actually are. The issue is never the issue. The issue is always how to bring the ‘system’ down, whatever the vehicle.

Black Youth Project is a Soros-funded group. They received at least $350,000 in 2011 from Open Society Foundations which is Soros’s foundation.
Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 9.33.51 AM

Their purpose is not resolution, but pumping up the chaos. Here’s a picture as they decline meeting with the Mayor. You can see the director Charlene Carruthers in this picture, as well as Lamon Reccord, the teen who was blowing whistles and screaming in the face of the police.
Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 9.40.20 AM

National Abortion Federation President Vicki Saporta Blames Planned Parenthood Videos For Colorado Springs Shooting…


The shooter’s motivation has not yet been reported but they’re already off to the races, with a side of trying to defend Planned Parenthood selling baby parts thrown in…

Via NY Daily News:

A series of videos attempting to discredit Planned Parenthood ignited a wave of threats, arson and protests against the medical clinics and culminated in a deadly shooting in Colorado, pro-choice activists believe.

The two manipulated videos released by the Center for Medical Progress show what appears to be Planned Parenthood employees with its Denver facility discussing the harvesting of fetal tissue for science — and being reimbursed for it — increased threats against clinics that both offer abortions and those that do not.

The covert videos captured by undercover pro-life activists accused Planned Parenthood of profiting from abortions. The group stopped accepting reimbursement funds for fetal tissue as a result.

“There has been a direct correlation in the release of these videos and these threats,” National Abortion Federation president Vicki Saporta told the Daily News hours after a deadly attack killed two civilians and a police officer at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs.

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Deray McKesson: “Why Was Colorado Springs Shooter Peacefully Detained After Shooting, When Black People Killed For Less”

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 11.38.13 PM

Maybe because:
1) they did fire at him over the course of the time
2) he was next to other people they didn’t want to hit at various points
3) he surrendered

Deray is just one of several leftists pushing this ‘talking point’ this evening.

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Two Palestinians Ram Cars Into Israeli Troops Who Return Fire, Sending Terrorists To Land Of 72 Virgins…

Pali car ramming

Don’t bring a car to a gun fight.

Via Yahoo News:

Two Palestinians rammed their cars into Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank on Friday, injuring seven, before being killed, raising this week’s death toll from Palestinian-Israeli violence to 11.

Meanwhile, dozens of Palestinians were wounded by Israeli army gunfire, one seriously, during clashes in the West Bank and along the Gaza Strip’s border with the Jewish state.

In the first attack, a Palestinian drove into two soldiers at a bus station near Kfar Adumim settlement, northeast of Jerusalem, and was shot dead, police said.

Police identified him as Fadi Hassib, from Ramallah, whose brother was shot dead on Sunday after ramming his car into Israelis before charging at them with a knife.

Israel’s Magen David Adom emergency medical service said the two soldiers hit Friday were taken to hospital in Jerusalem with light to moderate injuries.

A senior police officer said the assailant got out of his car and started to run before he was shot dead by a civilian.

Several hours later, another Palestinian was shot dead after driving his car into a group of soldiers, injuring five close to Beit Ummar settlement near Hebron in the southern West Bank, an army spokesman said.

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13 Yr Old CJ Pearson Renounces Conservatism

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 11.20.21 PM


Via The Blaze:

Teenage viral sensation C.J. Pearson — who became famous for his brash rhetoric blasting President Barack Obama — announced on Friday he would no longer identify as conservative.

In an interview with TheBlaze, C.J. Pearson, who first entered the national media spotlight when his video criticizing Obama went viral in February, said he now identifies more as an independent than a conservative, although he still very much adheres to certain conservative values.

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CJ has also been talking with Deray McKesson, and in one tweet says they are ‘cool’. One has to wonder if Deray, with his lies, has gotten inside the kid’s head.
Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 11.32.49 PM

BREAKING: Active Shooter Near Planned Parenthood In Colorado Springs – UPDATE: 3 Cops Injured- UPDATE: Suspect Still On Loose, Media Amend To ‘Near’ Planned Parenthood- UPDATE: Suspect Was Reportedly Shooting At Passing Cars, No Connection To Planned Parenthood So Far Other Than Someone Making 911 Call About Incident…UPDATE: Planned Parenthood Releases Statement On Shooting- UPDATE: Shooter Captured Pic- UPDATE: Three People Killed Inc Police Officer, PP Says No Injuries To Anyone At Planned Parenthood…UPDATE: Officer Was From The University Of Colorado-Colorado Springs Police Department…

Updates to follow.


Fillmore and Centennial shopping center now under a shelter in place status due to an active shooter.

An officer has reportedly been shot in the hand, while police continue their search for a shooting suspect near the Planned Parenthood on Centennial.

Springs police are advising the public to stay away from the Centennial and Fillmore area.


Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 3.01.30 PM


Now, some media are amending their initial reports to say ‘near’, rather than ‘at’ Planned Parenthood. Of course, it’s also near many other stores and businesses, it’s a mall! It’s also not clear whether the shooter has been detained as was earlier noted, as police continue to say the area is not secure and there is a report they are not sure where the shooter is.
Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 3.52.05 PM


According to the NY Times, the gunman was apparently shooting at passing cars. According to the Gazette, the only reported connection so far to the Planned Parenthood is that someone made a call about the incident from the Planned Parenthood, otherwise there is no indication of a connection to Planned Parenthood. Police have reportedly said there is no connection.


Planned Parenthood releases statement on shooting.

PP Shooting


Shooter has been taken into custody…
Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 7.37.20 PM


Three are reported dead now, including one officer has died. R.I.P.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 8.59.06 PM
Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 9.16.38 PM

No injuries to anyone at Planned Parenthood, according to spokeswoman.
Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 9.06.45 PM

The people injured and killed may have happened not in the Planned Parenthood, as there were reports of the shooter shooting at police and cars outside in a nearby area. Police indicated this was spread over multiple locations.


Officer identified…

University of Colorado-Colorado Springs officer Garrett Swasey, 44, was killed while responding to the active shooter situation.

BLM Protesters Upset Chicago Protests Were Co-opted By ‘Elders’, Like Jesse Jackson, Internal Fights

Click on to enlarge:
Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 9.24.04 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 9.28.36 PM
Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 9.28.52 PM
Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 9.29.08 PM

What the internal violence was is not clear, but at least one of the ‘whos’ who the co-opted the protest that was organized by Rev Com and the Soros crew, was Jesse Jackson.
Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 9.35.07 PM

Jackson really doesn’t want to bring the system down as using the system has paid him well. That’s why the BLM generally don’t like him or Al Sharpton. As the protester notes in the Facebook post above, their aims are at variance with the elders, they don’t want to work to ‘reform’, BLM generally advocates abolition of police.

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Moonbat SFPelosi Concerned Over Colorado Springs Shooter Being Taken Alive While Laquan McDonald Wasn’t…

Laquan dead

White guilter concerned over Colorado Springs shooter being taken alive while Laquan McDonald wasn’t. SF Pelosi is the daughter of Nancy Pelosi.

Jihad Me At Boom: Islamist Talking On Camera Has Shell Dropped On His Head…

Now that’s a headache!

Via Daily Mail:

Horrific footage has emerged of the moment an Islamist rebel fighter and his Syrian activist cameraman were killed by a Syrian Arab Army artillery shell in northern Hama, Syria.

The horrific 40-second video begins with a bearded fighter, believed to be fighting with the Islamist allied Ajnad al-Sham, describing his joy at capturing Tal Sukayk in the Hama countryside.

Just a short while after he begins talking, an artillery shell fatally crashes down directly on to the fighter and his cameraman, who is named as Ahmed Abu Hamza.

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PETA Gets Sued For Stealing And Killing A Dog

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 8.06.07 PM

People for eradication treatment of animals…

Via Daily Caller:

A family is suing People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for $9 million after two senior employees stole their pet Chihuahua Maya off their porch and had the dog killed.

The family captured video on their home surveillance system of two PETA employees, Victoria Carey and Jennifer Woods chasing Maya down, taking her off the family’s porch and shoving the dog into a white van. PETA admitted four months later it euthanized Maya later that day.

Victoria Carey was a contract worker for PETA and had been the organization’s human resources director. Jennifer Woods is PETA’s senior communications administrator. Carey’s contract with PETA has been terminatied, but Woods remains employed.

State law requires that animals be held for five days before they are euthanized to allow people to recover their animals in situations like this. An investigation by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services founded PETA violated the law and imposed the largest fine it could, $500.

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Watters’ World: Thanksgiving Edition

Planned Parenthood Fundraising Over Colorado Springs Shooting Begun While The Shooting Is Ongoing


Low life scum, what’s raising money over the bodies of wounded cops, especially when it isn’t even clear that Planned Parenthood was the target in this matter? Never let a crisis go to waste…

Hillary Clinton Tweets Her Support For Planned Parenthood Even Before Facts Are Known About Shooting In Colorado

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 5.59.47 PM

We don’t know yet that the Planned Parenthood was even the target, there are reports it was an aborted bank robbery. But Planned Parenthood is already trying to blame ‘extremists’ and Hillary retweets the story.

1,777 Miles Away From Colorado Springs; NYPD Deploys Cops To Planned Parenthood Clinics Across City…


Controlling the narrative. It is not yet clear that Planned Parenthood was the target of the shooting in Colorado.

Via JPost:

The New York Police Department said it has redeployed vehicles to Planned Parenthood locations throughout the city on Friday in the wake of a shooting at a clinic in Colorado, although there were no specific threats made.

“As a precautionary measure, the New York City Police Department has redeployed Critical Response Vehicles to Planned Parenthood locations throughout the city,” police said in a statement. “There are currently NO specific threats to any New York City locations at this time.”

2703 Shootings, 440 Deaths So Far This Year In Heavily Gun-Controlled Chicago

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 4.38.31 PM

Black Lives Matter!

Via Breitbart:

As of November 23, there had been 2703 shootings which resulted in 440 deaths year-to date in heavily gun-controlled Chicago.

That is an increase of approximately 400 shootings over the same time last year.

The Chicago Tribune reported these numbers as part of their broader coverage of the 11 people shot, five killed, over the course of last weekend alone. Half of those wounded were shot on November 22 “between about 12:25 p.m. and 8:40 p.m.” Three of those killed were shot on that same day, between those same hours as well.

It is worth noting that while this violence proves the impotency of gun control in general, it is especially damning when juxtaposed with some of the most recent gun control endeavors in particular.

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Ringleader Of Paris Attacks Mocked Open Borders Policies…

Via Reuters:

The ringleader behind the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris had plans to strike Jewish targets and to disrupt schools and the transport system in France, according to sources close to the investigation.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian national of Moroccan origin, also boasted of the ease with which he had re-entered Europe from Syria via Greece two months earlier, exploiting the confusion of the migrant crisis and the continent’s passport-free Schengen system, the sources said on Friday.

Their comments, confirming excerpts from a confidential police witness statement leaked to a French magazine this week, fleshed out a picture of the Islamic State militant who spearheaded the Nov. 13 attacks targeting cafes, a concert hall and sports stadium in Paris in which 130 people were killed.

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Saudi Arabia To Execute 50 Men On Terrorism Charges…


Feel good story of the day.

Via The Independent:

Saudi authorities appear set in the next few days to carry out a series of beheadings across the country of more than 50 men convicted of terrorism offences. Among those facing execution are three young men who were juveniles when they were arrested.

The publication earlier this week of an article in the newspaper Okaz, which has close links to the Saudi Ministry of the Interior, has convinced families of the accused and concerned human-rights organisations that the executions are imminent.

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Economic Terrorism? Revolutionary Communists Shut Down Chicago’s Black Friday…


Imbeciles.  Lock them all up.

Via Reuters:

CHICAGO (Reuters) – On one of the busiest U.S. retails days, thousands of people took to Chicago’s most prestigious downtown shopping district on Friday to protest last year’s shooting death of a black teenager by a white policeman and the city’s handling of the case.

About 2,000 people with signs reading “Stop Police Terror” gathered in a cold drizzle for the march on Chicago’s “Magnificent Mile” on the Black Friday shopping day, which closed the major city street of Michigan Avenue to traffic.

Organizers said the rally, led by activist-politician the Rev. Jesse Jackson and several state elected officials, is a show of outrage over the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald, 17, and what they see as racial bias in U.S. policing.

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Chicago Schools Prepare To Discuss Laquan McDonald Shooting Video With Students…

Legalize Blackness

How to riot in ten easy steps.

Via Daily Mail:

Schools say they plan on talking about the video which has emerged this week of the fatal shooting of black teenager by a white Chicago police officer last year.

City officials released the police dashcam video of the shooting on Tuesday.

Cook County prosecutors charged Officer Jason Van Dyke with first-degree murder in the death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, whom he shot 16 times.

Officials of Chicago Public Schools say they’re preparing for the fallout resulting from the video.

The Chicago Tribune reports that parents have received a letter from Chief Education Officer Janice Jackson assuring them the video won’t be shown in schools.

Jackson also said it is likely students will discuss the video when they return to classrooms Monday.

A six-page ‘tool kit’ was distributed to teachers with exercises designed to help them and their students deal with McDonald’s death and the murder charges filed against Officer Jason Van Dyke.

Teachers union official Jesse Sharkey criticizes the kid for not including a ‘lesson about the lack of political courage’ and ‘political corruption.’

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