Report: Clinton Emailed Classified Information From Her Private Server After Leaving State Department…

Bonus flashback!

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Via The Hill:

Hillary Clinton emailed classified information after leaving the State Department, The New York Post reported Wednesday.

The Democratic presidential nominee sent an email to a group of diplomats and aides on May 28, 2013, about the “123 Deal” — a 2009 agreement between the United Arab Emirates and the U.S. regarding nuclear energy production — according to the Post.

The email, which was sent months after she left the State Department, was sent to people including Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, diplomat Jeffrey Feltman, policy aide Jake Sullivan, diplomat Kurt Campbell, State Department chief of staff Cheryl Mills and top aide Huma Abedin.

It was sent from the address [email protected] — which is associated with Clinton’s private email server — and has been heavily redacted because it includes information that is classified, according to The Post.

The message will be declassified on May 28, 2033, according to markings on the email, which was obtained by the Republican National Committee through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Hillary Clinton To Give Speech On “American Exceptionalism”….

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton addresses the attendees of the 61st Annual NAACP 'Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner' in Detroit

Should be interesting.

Via The Hill:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Wednesday will give a speech about American exceptionalism, The New York Times reported.

The Democratic nominee will speak Wednesday at the American Legion’s national convention in Cincinnati.
Clinton, who has been taking part in a series of fundraisers over the most recent stretch of her campaign, will also talk about America’s leadership in the world, in both a military and diplomatic context, according to the Times.

Clinton is looking to frame Donald Trump as someone who can’t be trusted in the White House. She will reference during the speech a letter signed by 50 Republican national security officials saying the Republican nominee “would put at risk our country’s national security and well-being.”

Ex-Marine Who Killed Three Baton Rouge Law Enforcement Officers Did Not Have PTSD…

BR Shooter

Motive still unknown.

Via Stars and Stripes:

A former Marine who ambushed and killed three Baton Rouge law enforcement officers last month never saw combat in Iraq, but told doctors he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder because a buddy showed him videos of maimed and decapitated bodies, according to newly released Veterans Health Administration medical records.

Gavin Long’s doctors at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri, diagnosed him in November 2011 as suffering from an “adjustment disorder with depressed mood,” but not PTSD, according to documents provided to The Associated Press under the Freedom of Information Act.

During his PTSD evaluation, the VA noted Long avoided movies about the war and was “unable to experience tenderness, loving feelings.” It also had a cryptic notation about some “sense of foreshortened future.”

Long, a black military veteran from Kansas City, Missouri, shot and killed three law enforcement officers and wounded three others on July 17 outside a Baton Rouge convenience store. Long had posted rambling internet videos calling for violence in response to police treatment of African-Americans, which he said constituted “oppression.”

Two Baton Rouge police officers — 32-year-old Montrell Jackson and 41-year-old Matthew Gerald — and 45-year-old East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office Deputy Brad Garafola were killed in the shooting.

Long served in the Marines from 2005 to 2010, including a seven-month stint in 2008 in Iraq. He was a data network specialist, and told VA doctors he witnessed casualties but did not fight in combat, according to his medical records.

Long had gone to the VA in 2011 complaining about trouble falling and staying asleep. He avoided crowds and experienced “suspiciousness of others,” according to the documents. Family members reported he was more aggressive and angered easily, noting these were issues his ex-wife complained about.

“He feels sad but claims he does not know what he feels sad about,” his medical file noted.

In 2011, his doctor wrote that he “informed patient that in this writer’s opinion, he did not meet the … criteria for PTSD.” He was prescribed the antidepressant citalopram. The VA also informed him about its mental health clinic and its 24-hour services in the area.

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Reuters Poll: Clinton And Trump Tied Among Likely Voters…


Via Reuters:

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DHS Rings Dinner Bell For ISIS, Tweets “Refugees Welcome”…

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Homeland Security Eyes Special Declaration To Take Charge Of Elections…



Via Washington Examiner:

Even before the FBI identified new cyber attacks on two separate state election boards, the Department of Homeland Security began considering declaring the election a “critical infrastructure,” giving it the same control over security it has over Wall Street and and the electric power grid.

The latest admissions of attacks could speed up that effort possibly including the upcoming presidential election, according to officials.

“We should carefully consider whether our election system, our election process, is critical infrastructure like the financial sector, like the power grid,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said.

“There’s a vital national interest in our election process, so I do think we need to consider whether it should be considered by my department and others critical infrastructure,” he said at media conference earlier this month hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.

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Overnight Open Thread: Boy Finds Out He’s About To Get Twin Brothers

Via The Blaze:

A little boy’s reaction to the discovery that he will soon have twin brothers has gone viral.

In the video, uploaded to YouTube by user Geraldo Nazário, the boy is delighted when shown a picture he is told is the image of his baby brother.

He becomes emotional when he discovers he’ll have not only one baby brother, but two.

“Holy cow, dude!” the boy says before he starts to cry.

When a man asks him why he is crying, the boy says, “I’m touched.”

The boy continues to cry and laugh as he repeatedly asks, “Really?”

Trump To Meet With Mexican President Tomorrow

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Kaepernick Wore This Lovely Shirt Celebrating Communist Murderer When He Complained About ‘Opression’

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The shirt is Malcolm X meeting with Fidel Castro.

Rubio Wins HIs Primary In Florida, Debbie Wasserman Schultz Wins Her Primary…

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Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 8.09.02 PM


Looks like Bernie bot challenger failed.
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Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown Loses Primary Amid Indictment

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Hahahaha, buh bye.

Via The Hill:

Rep. Corrine Brown (D-Fla.) is projected to lose her Democratic primary, making her the fifth House incumbent this cycle to be defeated in a primary.

Brown, who was indicted last month, was defeated by former state Sen. Al Lawson in a primary for the Jacksonville-area seat.
In early July, Brown and Chief of Staff Elias “Ronnie” Simmons, were charged with 24 counts of fraud in connection with a fake charity. The charges include mail and wire fraud, conspiracy and tax fraud, according to the Department of Justice.

Lawson will likely represent the district next year in Congress, give that the seat is seen as a safe for Democrats.

Brown now joins the ranks of Reps. Chaka Fattah (D-Pa.), Renee Ellmers (R-N.C.), Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) and Randy Forbes (R-Va.) as incumbents who lost primaries this year.

Report: FBI To Release Notes From Clinton Email Investigation

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Via Washington Examiner:

The FBI plans to release a report from its year-long investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email use as soon as Wednesday.

The report will include about 30 pages of details about the probe, as well as roughly a dozen additional pages of notes from Clinton’s interview with the FBI in early July.

The law enforcement agency will release the report publicly in response to Freedom of Information Act requests filed by CNN, which first reported the planned release, and other groups.

Lawmakers who have reviewed classified summaries of the investigation have said the FBI’s notes raise more questions than they answer.

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The 25 Questions From Judicial Watch That Hillary Must Answer Under Oath


Via Daily Caller:

Judicial Watch on Tuesday submitted 25 questions for Hillary Clinton about her use of a private email system.

U.S. District Court judge Emmet Sullivan granted the watchdog group the right to pose the questions to Clinton as part of the discovery process for its lawsuit against the State Department. Sullivan had denied Judicial Watch’s request to depose the Democratic presidential candidate.

The 25 questions range from queries about why Clinton created her private email system to whether she was made aware about hacking attempts to her communications with Bryan Pagliano, the former State Department employee she paid off-the-books to manage the system.

“Describe the creation of the system, including who decided to create the system, the date it was decided to create the system, why it was created, who set it up, and when it became operational,” reads Judicial Watch’s first entry.

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BREAKING: Singer Chris Brown Locked In House, Saying “F*ck Police, BlackLivesMatter” On Social Media, With Police Outside Because Of Claim Of Assault…UPDATE: Gun And Drugs Reportedly Found In Bag He Threw Out Window…UPDATE: Brown Finally Emerges…UPDATE: Police Say Chris Brown Arrested For Felony Assault With Deadly Weapon Investigation…

Warning for language:

He seems nice. You may recall Brown has a past history of beating up on his former girlfriend Rihanna, although what has occurred here is not clear. For those unsure who he is, you didn’t miss much.

Via TMZ:

9:40 AM PT — Police say they are still trying to make contact with Chris.
9:20 AM PT — Chris is finally awake and posting videos. He’s pissed about the police presence at his house and feels he’s being harassed. He even dropped a “F*** tha police!”
The cops are still outside.
8:45 AM PT – We’ve learned the SWAT team is on its way to Chris’ home and the LAPD is in the process of obtaining a search warrant. We’re told cops want to see if a gun matching the description from the woman is in the house. As of now, Chris has not left his residence.
7:55 AM PT — TMZ has learned Chris was in the house with several friends, including Ray J. They were talking and at one point Ray was getting a tattoo when some “uninvited guests” appeared inside the house and were asked to leave.
At that point, the story gets murky. The guests included a man who was invited, and two women who were not — one of the women who’d been asked to leave is the one who made the police report, claiming Brown pulled the gun on her. Someone inside the house insists Chris was asleep the whole time.
At some point Ray J left the house and when he got to the base of the driveway, police handcuffed him and seized his BMW. They checked his ID, uncuffed him and let him go, but kept his car as evidence. He Ubered home.

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Leaked ISIS Docs Show Internal Chaos

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 11.32.37 AM

The problems of trying to State-control every little thing.

Via Daily Beast:

What appear to be internal documents from the administration of the so-called Islamic State, obtained exclusively by The Daily Beast, show the terrorist organization under strain from financial misappropriation, embezzlement, alleged infiltration by anti-ISIS spies, and bureaucratic infighting.

These documents, originally captured by a Syrian rebel group near Damascus, are stamped by official ISIS “ministries.” They show the dollar salaries ISIS paid to its jihadist fighters, at least as of a year ago, in addition to other income earmarked for those fighters’ dependents.

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Black South Carolina Pastor Apologizes About Hillary Pandering To Black People Tweet…

Black Face

The truth hurts.


A prominent Donald Trump supporter is in the spotlight after posting a very controversial tweet.

Pastor Mark Burns tweeted the image of Hillary Clinton in black face Monday afternoon. He said it represents Hillary Clinton’s pandering to black voters with the message, “Thank you for your votes and letting me use you again.”

Burns says he sticks by his point about Clinton and about Democrats.

After the tweet Monday night, Burns delivered a message on Periscope, saying he didn’t intend to offend anyone with his tweet and he apologized to those who were offended.

Burns has been an outspoken voice as Trump has cranked up his appeals to black voters to consider voting for him. Trump has said Democrats’ policies have hurt black Americans and that the party takes them for granted. Burns said that’s been his point too.

“Black people have been taken advantage of,” Burns said. “The black vote is very important in our society today and I believe that voting bloc is not being properly worked for in our country. It’s just assumed that that voting bloc belongs to the Democratic Party.”

Burns says he stands by what the image of Clinton represents.

Trump plans to turn up his outreach. This weekend he’s planned a speech at a black church in Detroit.

Retired Police Officer Writes Open Letter To Colin Kaepernick

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Via Facebook:

An Open Letter to Colin Kaepernick,
Dear Colin guess you have been pretty busy these last few days. For the record I don’t think any more or less of you for not standing for the National Anthem. Honestly, I never thought that much about you, or any professional athlete for that matter, to begin with. I’ve read your statement a few times and want you to know I am one of the reasons you are protesting. You see I am a retired police officer that had the misfortune of having to shoot and kill a 19-year-old African American male. And just like you said, I was the recipient of about $3,000 a month while on leave which was a good thing because I had to support a wife and three children under 7-years-old for about 2 months with that money. Things were pretty tight because I couldn’t work part time. Every police officer I’ve ever known has worked part-time to help make ends meet.

You know Colin the more I think about it the more we seem to have in common. I really pushed myself in rehab to get back on the street, kind of like you do to get back on the field. You probably have had a broken bone or two and some muscle strains and deep bruising that needed a lot of work. I just had to bounce back from a gunshot wound to the chest and thigh. Good thing we both get paid when we are too banged up to “play”, huh? We both also know what it’s like to get blindsided. You by a 280- pound defensive end, ouch! Me, by a couple of rounds fired from a gun about 2 feet away, into my chest and thigh. We also both make our living wearing uniforms, right? You have probably ruined a jersey or two on the field of play. I still have my blood stained shirt that my partner and paramedics literally ripped off my back that cold night in January. Fortunately, like you I was given a new one. Speaking of paramedics aren’t you glad the second we get hurt trainers and doctors are standing by waiting to rush onto the field to scoop us up. I’m thankful they get to you in seconds. It only took them about 10 minutes to get to me. By the grace of God, the artery in my thigh didn’t rupture or else 10 minutes would have been about 9 minutes too late. We also have both experienced the hate and disgust others have just because of those uniforms we wear. I sure am glad for your sake that the folks who wear my uniform are on hand to escort you and those folks that wear your uniform into stadiums in places like Seattle!

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Dem State Senator Says Weiner Should Be Probed For Child Abuse

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.03.44 PM

Diaz is one of those rarest of characters, a relatively conservative Democrat.

Via NY Post:

A veteran New York politician is demanding city authorities open a probe into the household of Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin for potential child abuse and neglect.

Bronx state Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., who is also a pentecostal minister, said he was repulsed by the shocking revelation that Weiner sexted a woman a lurid crotch shot of himself with his 4-year-old son in the picture.

“You should know that the Monday, Aug. 29, 2016 cover of the New York Post shows a photo of former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner in his bed alongside his toddler, while doing things that no child should see on camera in Anthony Weiner’s sexual exchange with a woman,” Diaz wrote in an open letter calling on authorities to take action.

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South Carolina High School Reverses American Flag Ban At Football Stadium

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They basically removed everyone’s right to have a flag because they thought some students had used it badly against a visiting school.

Via Fox News:

Students at Travelers Rest High School in South Carolina will once again be able to wave American flags at football games.

Principal Lou Lavely reversed his ban on Old Glory just a few hours after we posted a column about the controversial decision.

The high school’s stadium is named after my great uncle — Chico Bolin, a decorated World War II Marine veteran.

Uncle Chico restarted the football program at Travelers Rest in 1949 – and named the team the Devildogs in honor of the Marines.

Following is the school district’s complete statement:

“Today, after meeting with Travelers Rest student and faculty leadership, and with the benefit of time to reflect, Mr. Lavely has reached a different decision. He based this decision on current students’ request that he judge them on their own merits and not based on the actions of past students. As a result, effective immediately, students are allowed to bring the American Flag to any and all Travelers Rest High School events. Instead of restricting possession of the flag, the TRHS administration will, if needed, address the misuse of the Flag, or any other inappropriate behavior, on an individual basis.

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CNN Edits “Crooked” Out Of Trump Tweet About Hillary

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.17.12 PM

It’s actually a complete reconstruction of the tweet, with a different avatar and a capital ‘R’ in Trump as well. Earning their name, Clinton News Network…

Via The Hill:

CNN is willing to quote Donald Trump’s talking points on Hillary Clinton, but apparently not his nickname for her.

In a continuing effort to cast doubt on his presidential opponent’s health, Trump called on Clinton to release her full medical records in a tweet Sunday night.

But when CNN reported the tweet on “CNN Newsroom” with anchor Jim Sciutto, a graphic of the tweet omitted the GOP nominee’s use of “Crooked” proceeding “Hillary.”

A story that updated Monday morning does include Trump’s tweet in its entirety.

A CNN spokesperson told The Hill that “the tweet should have been shown in its entirety.”

The actual tweet:
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.20.57 PM