Border Patrol Ordered The Release Of An Illegal Alien, Now Accused Of Murder And Attempted Rape Of Child

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Via Daily Caller:

Sheriff’s deputies in Lake County, Ohio were reportedly told by federal immigration authorities on July 7 to release an illegal alien who on Monday murdered a 60-year-old woman, attempted to rape a teenage girl, and tried to kill another woman.

Juan Emmanual Razo, 35, is being held on $10 million bond in the murder of Margaret Kastelnick, according to the Northeast Ohio Media Group.

Razo allegedly embarked on a violent crime spree that began Monday morning when he attempted to rape a 14-year-old girl and shot another woman. Razo, who has been in the U.S. for five years, later killed Kastelnick in her home. He was apprehended following a shootout with police.

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Carly Fiorina’s Speech At The Reagan Library, “I See A World In Dire Need Of American Leadership”

Smart, focused, truly conservative, Fiorina isn’t getting the attention she deserves in a crowded field. But many were taken by this speech and perhaps it gets her some more looks.

Via Townhall:

Her most recent stop was the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

There she delivered what can only be described as a landmark speech. Lasting almost thirty minutes, she focused exclusively on foreign policy issues. She repeatedly assailed the “political class” for their incompetence and pusillanimity — and called out the spinelessness of the current administration for bargaining with our enemies and alienating our friends. She also offered warnings for America and optimism.

“On my first day in the Oval Office I will make two phone calls. The first will be to my friend Bibi Netanyahu to reassure him that the United States of America will always stand with the state of Israel. My second phone call will be to the Supreme Leader of Iran. Realistically, he might not take my phone call. He will get the message. And the message is this: [No] deal. Unless and until you are prepared to open every military facility and every nuclear facility to full and unfettered ‘anytime, anywhere’ inspections, we will make it as difficult as possible for you to move money around the global financial system.”

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No Self-Awareness: Planned Parenthood Head Tweets She’s ‘Sickened’ By Treatment Of Black Lives

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Black lives matter only when they can be exploited for political points. If babies, not so much…

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University Of New Hampshire ‘Bias-Free Language’ Guide Deems Word ‘American’ Problematic

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Do not say anything at all that may be deemed bad by the Left…

Via Campus Reform:

“American,” “illegal alien,” “foreigners,” “mothering,” and “fathering” are just a handful of words deemed “problematic” by the University of New Hampshire’s Bias-Free Language Guide.

According to the university’s website, the guide “is meant to invite inclusive excellence in [the] campus community.”

Terms also considered problematic include: “elders,” “senior citizen,” “overweight,” “speech impediment,” “dumb,” “sexual preference,” “manpower,” “freshmen,” “mailman,” and “chairman,” in addition to many others.

The guide defines words such as “homosexual” as “problematic,” offering “Same Gender Loving” as a more inclusive substitute. Similarly, a lack of gender-neutral bathrooms is, according to the university, “ciscentrism.”

The university defines “ciscentrism” as “[a] pervasive and institutionalized system that places transgender people in the ‘other’ category and treats their needs and identities as less important than those of cisgender people.”

“Ciscentrism,” according to the university, “includes the lack of gender-neutral restrooms, locker rooms, and residences.”

Saying “American” to reference Americans is also problematic. The guide encourages the use of the more inclusive substitutes “U.S. citizen” or “Resident of the U.S.”

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Rolling Stone Pushes False ‘Rape Culture’ Allegation Against Trump: “Perhaps Allegations Will Help America Accept Truth About Sexual Assault”

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So doesn’t matter if the allegations were during a divorce proceedings, doesn’t matter that the ‘victim’ said she never was alleging actual rape. Doesn’t matter if she actually is endorsing Trump for President, which of course, Rolling Stone leaves out of their story. But false allegations will ‘help America accept the truth about sexual assault?

Doesn’t Rolling Stone have enough egg on its face from its prior false story about rape? They want to go for some more?

GOP Resolution Introduced Seeking To Oust Boehner…


It ain’t over until the orange man cries.

Via The Hill

Conservative Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) on Tuesday introduced a resolution to oust Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) from his leadership post, GOP aides said.

Read the resolution:

Meadows Hres

Huff Po: America Needs Fed Legislation To Protect Black People From Police

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They actually claim that this is needed because ‘most Americans prefer lighter skin”, and skip that laws already cover civil rights infractions against people.

Via Huff Po:

With the dash-cam video of Sandra Bland being forcibly removed out of her car, simply because she refused to put out a cigarette, some context is needed in regards to similar tragedies spanning from Rodney King and Trayvon Martin to Eric Garner and John Crawford. While police brutality affects people of all races and backgrounds in the U.S., it’s important to note that black citizens face a unique experience within America’s criminal justice system, just as they’ve faced a unique state of affairs for centuries in the United States.

As Harvard professor Jennfer L. Hochschild points out in The Skin Color Paradox and The American Racial Order, “racial minorities with dark skin in the United States have been disproportionately disadvantaged for centuries” and “with some exceptions, most Americans prefer lighter to darker skin aesthetically, normatively, and culturally.”

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Report: Taxpayers Shell Out $6 Million To Fly Obama To Africa

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I’m thinking that doesn’t even include the congress people that he flew over there as well, to try to sweat them on the Iran Deal.

How much was spent on them?

Via Washington Times:

President Obama’s five-day trip to Africa cost taxpayers more than $5 million in flight time alone for Air Force One, according to a study released Tuesday.

The National Taxpayers Union said Mr. Obama is spending about 29 hours of flight time on the trip that began Thursday, taking him to Kenya and Ethiopia. Operating Air Force One costs $206,337 per flight hour, for a total of $5,983,773.

The total cost of the trip will easily reach into tens of millions of dollars. In the summer of 2013, Mr. Obama took his family on a weeklong trip to sub-Saharan Africa that was estimated to cost taxpayers between $60 million and $100 million.

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Juvenile Bernie Sanders Protesters Disrupt Scott Walker Philly Cheesesteak Stop With Lewd Signs

This is the level of intelligence of the socialist.

Via Business Insider:

Presidential candidate and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) was heckled while participating in the time-honored tradition of grabbing a cheesesteak in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

Photos of the event showed at least two protesters holding up rather lewd signs while Walker schmoozed at Geno’s Steaks, a cheesesteak joint famous for expecting its customers to order in English.

“SCOTT WALKER SNIFFS OWN POO,” read one sign, for example.

The Associated Press reported that a campaign aide stood on a bench and tried to block the signs.

It wasn’t clear why the protesters did not like Walker. However, one video showed a heckler shouting the name of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), a Democratic presidential candidate.

“You suck!” the man yelled at Walker.

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#BlackLives Matter, ‘Let’s Get Rid Of Police’ Activist Claims He’s Being Followed, Wants Police Protection

Double click on pics to enlarge:

Charles Wade is another BLM loon who has received some attention and has made moving from protest to protest a career. They all advocate to get rid of police and the ‘prison industrial complex’.

Father Leaves NYC To Fight ISIS In Syria

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Meanwhile, Obama has given Turkey the green light to bomb the Kurds, and by extension and U.S. and Christian groups fighting with them.

Via NY Post:

ISIS doesn’t stand a chance against da Bronx!

A single dad from Sound View credits his hard-scrabble New York upbringing with inspiring him to fight against terrorists in Syria.

Now, instead of overhead rumblings of the No. 6 train, Robert Rose Jr., 25, is used to the sounds of war while on his second tour in the city of Hasakah, where he’s fighting with the Kurdish militia group “Lions of Rojava.”

“Give ‘em hell!” his father, Robert Rose Sr., 61, advised his son from his Bronx home Monday.

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Companies That Planned Parenthood Claimed Were Sponsors Say They Never Gave Them Money

Planned Parenthood

More fraud by Planned Parenthood?

Via Fox News:

Planned Parenthood once boasted a list of sponsors that read like a who’s who of the Fortune 100, but now some of the biggest companies say they never gave money to the embattled organization.

Coca-Cola, Ford and Xerox are all among the companies listed in a roster of corporate sponsors claimed by Planned Parenthood, but representatives for the companies said they either never donated to the organization or had not in years. Planned Parenthood, which is now reeling from the release of two undercover videos in which top officials alluded to selling fetus parts, had published the company names on the website of its Washington, DC, chapter. The list was part of an appeal to employees who the site said could double their donations with the help of their employers.

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Harry Reid Says Defunding Planned Parenthood “Just Another GOP Attack On Women’s Health”

Typical Harry Reid

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Nobody messes with Dingy’s favorite abortion clinic!

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Waitress Fired For Calling Black Couple ‘Black Couple’ On Receipt

Bad idea in general to describe customers on a receipt, as it’s bound to get you in trouble. But so PC that referring to a black couple as a black couple gets you fired?


MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. — A waitress in Maryland Heights, Missouri, is out of a job after she reportedly labeled two of her customers as “black couple” on a restaurant receipt.

According to KTVI, Kimberli Wilson and a companion were at Patrick’s Westport Grill on July 18 when she saw the words at the top of the bill.
“I was frustrated,” Wilson told KTVI. “I was angry. I was thinking, ‘Really? Are we still doing this in 2015?'”
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The waitress, who was fired, said she used the label to help remember her table numbers. But Wilson said the waitress should have chosen a different label.

“She could have said first table, table at front door, man with coral shirt,” Wilson told KTVI. “There are so many other options that she could have chosen other than that. That’s unacceptable.”

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No Joke: Boehner Cries During Interview – On The Golf Channel

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Yes, that’s a toy monkey he’s holding

Via The Hill:

Even golfing can be a tearjerker of a subject for Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who’s known for frequently dispensing waterworks.

“I wanted to make sure that every kid had the same chance I did — an opportunity,” Boehner, with tears filling his eyes, says in a promotional spot for The Golf Channel show, “Feherty.”

Obama Preparing To Lift Economic Sanctions On Ayatollah Khamenei’s $95 Billion Empire

Ayatollah Khamenei


Via Free Beacon:

The Obama administration is gearing up to lift economic sanctions on a nearly $100 billion network of organizations belonging to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, according to the parameters of the recent Iranian nuclear deal.

On the day the nuclear deal is implemented, the United States will lift sanctions on Khamenei’s financial empire, which comprises a large network of foundations and companies that personally enrich the Islamic Republic’s leader.

The removal of these sanctions will likely “pump tens of billions of dollars into the supreme leader’s personal coffers, helping him secure his grip on the Iranian people, and bolstering Iran’s ability to promote its agenda abroad,” according to a recent analysis from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

CNN Poll: Majority Wants Congress To Reject Iran Deal

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei gestures as he speaks to workers in Tehran

Via CNN:

A majority of Americans want Congress to reject the recently-negotiated nuclear deal with Iran, even as President Barack Obama’s approval rating continues to stand in net-positive territory for the second month in a row, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.

The new CNN/ORC poll finds 49% approve of the way Obama is handling his job, 47% disapprove, about the same as in a June survey, which found the President’s approval rating at 50% for the first time since 2013. But on the President’s biggest accomplishment since then — the nuclear agreement reached between the U.S., its allies and Iran — most say they would like to see Congress reject it. Overall, 52% say Congress should reject the deal, 44% say it should be approved.

Some opposition to the deal may be fueled by skepticism. A CNN/ORC poll in late June, conducted as the deal was being worked out, found that nearly two-thirds of adults thought it was unlikely the negotiations would result in an agreement that would prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

The new poll finds a sharp partisan gap on whether Congress should approve the deal, with 66% of Republicans and 55% of independents saying Congress ought to reject it and 61% of Democrats saying it should be approved. Younger adults, who tend to lean more Democratic, are more apt to favor the deal: 53% of those age 18-34 say approve it, while 56% of those age 35 or older say reject it. There is also an education divide on the deal, with 53% of college graduates saying the deal should be approved, while just 37% of those with a high school degree or less formal education saying they think it should be approved.

Video: “Black Lives Matter” Racists Harass Reporter Because He’s White

Same group Hillary Clinton is actively courting. Notice them honoring Communist cop killer Assata Shakur, aka Joanne Chesimard.

Cleveland, OH – Participants of the Movement for Black Lives conference at Cleveland State University, which ended Sunday, harassed Northeast Ohio Media Group reporter Brandon Blackwell for recording their public demonstration.

Bernie Sanders: “Open Borders” Is A Koch Brothers Conspiracy…

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Via Raw Story:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said the immigration debate is framed exactly wrong.

Republicans vilify President Barack Obama for supposedly opening the border to ever-increasing multitudes of immigrants, legally or otherwise, but the Democratic presidential candidate said blame is cast in the wrong direction, reported Vox.

“Open borders? No, that’s a Koch brothers proposal,” Sanders said in a wide-ranging interview with the website. “That’s a right-wing proposal, which says essentially there is no United States.”

Sanders frequently targets the libertarian industrialists Charles and David Koch as unhealthy influences on American democracy — but he’s not the first to notice their support for an open borders policy.

Hillary Today In NH Vows To “Defend Planned Parenthood”

Hey, it’s not like they’ve been harvesting baby organs for sale