O’Keefe: ‘Anything Happens To Me’, Deadman’s Switch Will Still Release Info Monday, Hillary Implicated…


U.S. Gov’t: No Indication DDOS Attacks ‘State Sponsored’, Dyn Says Attack From Devices Using Malware


Wikileaks seems to be suggesting its supporters are behind it or it would like to believe they are.

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In 2010 Video, Clinton Lectured Underlings On Cybersecurity And Guarding ‘Sensitive Information’

Rules for thee, but not for me.

Via Mediaite

In 2010, at the same time then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was using an unsecured private email server, she also filmed a video lecturing State Department subordinates on the importance of cybersecurity.

“I think this is a responsibility we all share as Americans, but as State Department employees we have a special duty to guard ourselves and our sensitive information,” Clinton said in the video uncovered for the first time Friday by CBS News. “Potential hackers use all kinds of strategies to exploit cyber vulnerabilities and to penetrate the department’s systems.”

CBS notes that the video is “ironic” not just because of the private email server angle, but because the Clinton campaign was just recently the victim of a massive hack. Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta reportedly fell for a fairly simple hacker’s trick, clicking on a “phishing” email made to look like it came from Google and filling in his personal information.

Friday Doc Dump: State Department Releases 122 Hillary Clinton Emails (With More Classified Info)


Friday while the net is under DDOS attack, perfect time to slip these out. These are ones that she didn’t turn over, so remember that’s ‘classified’ yoga routines and Chelsea’s wedding into…

Via Washington Times:

The State Department released another batch of emails from former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s secret email server Friday and at least one of them is a new message not released before, but which contains sensitive classified information.

The Jan. 26, 2010, message was sent by top personal aide Huma Abedin to Mrs. Clinton relaying a conversation someone named “Jeff” had with the foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates.

All of the information is redacted in the message, and is classified as “confidential” — the lowest level of secrecy. It was flagged because it containts information gleaned from foreign sources and about U.S. foreign policy operations.

“There is one new document that has been upgraded to confidential,” the department acknowledged in a statement.

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Gary Johnson Says ‘Glaring Double Standard’ Kept Hillary Clinton’s Mosul ‘Mistake’ From Being an Aleppo Moment


Of course, it’s Hillary.

Via US News:

Hillary Clinton gave a disputable description of the location of Mosul, the largest city held by the Islamic State group, during Wednesday’s final major-party presidential debate, but pundits and the press did not pounce.

In contrast to the intense news coverage of Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson’s moment of confusion about Aleppo, Syria, during an MSNBC interview last month, Clinton’s arguable misstatement about the major Iraqi city attracted just a handful of tweets.

“What’s really important here is to understand all the interplay. Mosul is a Sunni city. Mosul is on the border of Syria,” the Democratic nominee told a domestic audience of about 70 million during the debate made memorable by bitter barbs and insults.

Mosul is not directly on the border with Syria, which is about 100 miles to the west or 75 miles northwest to the nearest border crossing. Ireland is closer to Wales. Montreal is nearer to New York state and Damascus, Syria’s capital, is closer to Israel – either its de facto or internationally recognized borders.

“The obvious response is there is a very hypocritical double standard here,” Johnson tells U.S. News. “If anyone ought to know geographic locations, it’s Hillary.”

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Amazon, Spotify And CNBC All Taken Down In Apparent DDOS Attack…UPDATE: Twitter, CNN, HBO, NY Times, Disqus Also Affected, East Coast Then West Coast Under Attack, Dyn Says Third Attack Underway…


Russia is bored today.


Major websites and services across the East Coast were shut down for two hours Friday morning by a denial of service attack.

Domain host company Dyn said the attack started at 7:10 a.m. and lasted for more than two hours.

It affected Dyn’s Managed Domain Name System infrastructure, which serves companies including Amazon, Twitter, Spotify and CNBC.com.

The system directs users to the correct webpage.

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Disqus as well for those who noticed.



According to Gizmodo, Dyn says they are being hit with a third wave of attacks. Dyn told CNBC the attack is “well planned and executed, coming from tens of millions IP addresses at same time.”

Three States Have Had Requests From Russian Officials To Come Serve As Elections Monitors…


Clinton Foundation Employed Now Jailed Muslim Brotherhood Official…


Via PJ Media:

Gehad El-Haddad, the now-imprisoned former spokesman for the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s so-called “Freedom and Justice Party,” was effectively the “Baghdad Bob” of the Arab Spring.

Educated in the UK and the son of a top Muslim Brotherhood leader, Gehad served as the special advisor on foreign policy to deposed Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi.

Gehad incited violence, justified the torture of protesters, recycled fake news stories, and staged fake scenes of confrontation during the 2013 Rabaa protests.

He was arrested in September 2013 after the fall of Morsi and the bloody confrontations during the breakup of the Muslim Brotherhood’s protest camps in Rabaa Square and around Cairo.

During his ascendancy in 2011 and 2012, at which time he served on the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Nahda” (Renaissance) Project to revive the caliphate and reinstitute Islamic law and also served as Morsi’s campaign spokesman, he was being paid by the Clinton Foundation.

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Oprah: “You Don’t Have To Like Clinton To Vote For Her”


But if you love your country, just no…

Via Politico:

Oprah Winfrey’s message for undecided voters is simple: There’s only once choice, and you don’t have to like her.

The former talk show host and media mogul, who endorsed Hillary Clinton in June, said she has been largely silent in this election because she wasn’t sure she had words that were loud enough to be heard over the tumult.

“The reason why I haven’t been vocal, other than saying I’m with her, is because I didn’t know what to say that could actually pierce through all the noise and the chaos and the disgusting vitriol that’s going on and actually be heard,” Winfrey told the Dallas-based pastor T.D. Jakes, according to an excerpt of the hourlong sitdown to air next Thursday.

“But there really is no choice, people. All the people sitting around talking about they can’t decide. This is what I what I wanna say — wait a minute,” she said, silencing Jakes to make her point. “I hear this all the time. You get into conversations — and there’s not a person in this room who hasn’t been in this same conversation — where people say, ‘I just don’t know if I like her.’”

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Miley Cyrus To Campaign For Clinton, Katy Perry To Take Voters To The Polls To Vote…


Because when I think whose advice I want on who to vote for, I think of Miley Cyrus…

Via Billboard:

Miley Cyrus is definitely #WithHer. The singer and The Voice coach will join Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, at a rally on Saturday (Oct. 22) in Virginia. Cyrus will go door-to-door on the campus of George Mason University to tell people about Clinton’s plans according to NBC 4 in Washington, speaking to students about “the high stakes in this election for millennial voters,” the Clinton campaign said in a press release.

Though Cyrus supported Sen. Bernie Sanders in the democratic primaries, she recently spoke out vehemently to Berners recently about the imperative nature of voting for the former Sec. of State, saying if they weren’t planning to vote for Clinton they are “f—ing crazy.” Cyrus joins a growing list of A-listers who are making the push for Clinton in the final weeks of her campaign against opponent Donald Trump.

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Clinton Spent $66 Million On Ads In September Alone…


Wall Street candidate.

Via Washington Post:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s September inundation of the airwaves cost her campaign $66 million, swamping rival Donald Trump’s media presence.

A new campaign finance report filed Thursday night showed that Clinton’s campaign committee paid out nearly $66 million for media buys last month to the ad placement firm GMMB — twice as much it spent in August.

Clinton’s media investment was almost triple the $23 million that Trump spent to put ads on the air in September. Trump’s campaign shelled out nearly $21 million more on digital consulting and online ads, while Clinton’s committee spent $866,000 on online ads. But Hillary Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee between the campaign and the Democratic Party, spent another $26 million on online ads over the last three months, filings show.

Clinton spent a total of nearly $95 million through her campaign and two joint fundraising committees in September, exceeding the $85 million in campaign contributions raised through all three entities. About 27 percent of her money came from contributions of $200 or less.

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Woman Mistakes Town Hall For Donald Trump Rally, Smears 30 Cars With Peanut Butter…


Just a bit nutty…

Via The Independent:

A woman was arrested on Monday after allegedly smearing peanut butter on 30 cars parked outside what she believed was a pro-Donald Trump rally.

Christina Ferguson was arrested in Amherst Junction, Wisconsin after interrupting what turned out to be a meeting of a local environmental organisation, Tomorrow River Conservation Club.

Witnesses claimed the 32-year-old entered the meeting at 9:30pm holding a “family-size jar of low-sodium, creamy natural Jif” peanut butter, shouting about how much she hated the Republican candidate.

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Video: British Tornado Vaporizes ISIS Car Bomb In Mosul…


BREAKING: 26 People Treated At London City Airport In London After “Chemical Incident”…


Via RT:

Twenty-six people were treated for breathing difficulties with two individuals taken to hospital following an alleged chemical incident at London City Airport.
The site was evacuated after a fire alarm went off in the terminal building. Passengers and airport staff were left on the tarmac as three fire engines responded to the alarm.

Ambulance crews and the Hazardous Area Response Team attended to the incident, according to London Ambulance.

Twenty-six people were treated for breathing difficulties with two individuals taken to hospital following an alleged chemical incident at London City Airport.
The site was evacuated after a fire alarm went off in the terminal building. Passengers and airport staff were left on the tarmac as three fire engines responded to the alarm.

Ambulance crews and the Hazardous Area Response Team attended to the incident, according to London Ambulance.

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Planned Parenthood President Won’t Say Whether Ritual Sacrifice Is A Religious Freedom Issue


Just say no.

Via Free Beacon:

I don’t know what I will be doing with my time four years from now. Maybe I’ll be in a house on the shore of Lake Superior writing a book that will sell modestly but receive glowing reviews. Maybe I will be playing pedal steel in a country-rock band. Maybe my family will move to Kenya. It is hard to say. Whatever it is, I hope it doesn’t include standing awkwardly in a loud and crowded room trying to ask people I dislike questions I know they can’t answer.

My first target—oops, does that sound too weaponized?—in the spin room at the University of Nevada Las Vegas Wednesday night was Cecile Richards, the CEO of what is ostensibly a nonprofit corporation, one whose business concerns include the abortion of children and the sale of their body parts. Richards was there acting as a surrogate for Hillary Clinton. As it happens, I had a paperback copy of Stephen King’s IT in my backpack. As I walked across the room toward the circle of about 10 journalists, most of them cameramen, asking Richards questions, I could not help recalling Pennywise’s words to the young Stan Uris: “I am the eater of worlds, and of children. And you are next!”

I clammed up for a moment, half expecting her suddenly to metamorphose into a giant bird or a mummy or a killer clown and soar into the air clutching a handful of colored balloons.

Instead she stood there with a knowing, slightly nasty smirk answering questions that I would describe as “softball” if I could do so without casting unfair aspersions on that noble pastime. I thought of Stan and Bev and Richie and Haystack and Eddie and Mike and Stuttering Bill. They would have wanted me to do something, even if it meant I would be carried off to a sewer and eaten myself.

I waited till she had finished ignoring a query from a Weekly Standard reporter and took my shot.

“Since abortion is a form of ritual sacrifice, is defending it an issue of religious freedom?” I asked.

“I’ve got, actually, an interview,” she said, refusing to make eye contact.

“Is it?” I said.

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NYC’s Cardinal Dolan: Hillary Should Disavow Negative Remarks on Catholics


Via Newsmax:

New York City’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan said that Hillary Clinton should disavow negative comments made by campaign staffers that were disclosed in emails hacked by WikiLeaks.

“They are extraordinarily patronizing and insulting to Catholics,” the archbishop of the Big Apple told News Channel 13 in Colorado Springs on Monday.

Dolan will host the Al Smith Dinner in New York on Thursday, which is to be attended by both Clinton and Donald Trump.

The white-tie event, long a stop for presidential candidates since its beginning in 1945, raises funds for Catholic charities that aid needy children.

“If it had been said about the Jewish community, the Islamic community, within 10 minutes there would have been an apology and a complete distancing from those remarks, which hasn’t happened yet,” Dolan told the ABC News affiliate after the “Respect Life Dinner” in the city.

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Huma On Hillary’s $12M Morocco Fiasco: ‘She Created This Mess And She Knows It’


More money grubbing from another Islamic country with a sterling human rights record.

Via NY Post:

Hillary Clinton solicited a $12 million donation from a government that her State Department considered corrupt, then realized the “mess” it would cause to her presidential run, a newly leaked ­email reveals.

King Mohammed VI of Morocco agreed to give the money to the Clinton Foundation, provided that it hold a convention in his country in May 2015 with Clinton as the keynote speaker.

But Clinton realized that the conference, slated for a month after she announced her run for president, would hurt her candidacy.

“No matter what happens, she will be in Morocco hosting CGI [Clinton Global Initiative] on May 5-7, 2015. Her presence was a condition for the Moroccans to proceed so there is no going back on this,” top Clinton aide Huma Abedin wrote to campaign manager Robby Mook in a November 2014 email revealed by Wiki­Leaks.

In another email, Abedin warned that if Clinton didn’t attend, the $12 million would be off the table.

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President Of Philippines Announces ‘Separation From America’

Thanks, Obama!

Wikileaks Teases ‘October Surprise’ For Tim Kaine And DNC Chair Donna Brazile


Via Washington Examiner:

WikiLeaks teased Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine and interim Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile on Twitter Thursday evening, warning an October surprise is looming.

The website’s founder, Julian Assange, has used the site to release hacked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Democratic organizations in the final weeks of the presidential campaign.

Michelle Obama Forgets Name of Arizona’s Democratic Senate Candidate She’s Campaigning For…