FLASHBACK: That Time Michael Moore Violated The Cuban Embargo And Kurt Eichenwald Said Nothing…

Michael Moore

Kurt Eichenwald who writes for Newsweek is claiming Trump violated the Cuban embargo. But apparently had no issue when Moore and other liberals actually did violate it.

Via CBS:

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore is under investigation by the U.S. Treasury Department for taking ailing Sept. 11 rescue workers to Cuba for a segment in his upcoming health-care documentary “Sicko,” The Associated Press has learned.

The investigation provides another contentious lead-in for a provocative film by Moore, a fierce critic of President Bush. In the past, Moore’s adversaries have fanned publicity that helped the filmmaker create a new brand of opinionated blockbuster documentary.

“Sicko” promises to take the health-care industry to task the way Moore confronted America’s passion for guns in “Bowling for Columbine” and skewered Bush over his handling of Sept. 11 in “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control notified Moore in a letter dated May 2 that it was conducting a civil investigation for possible violations of the U.S. trade embargo restricting travel to Cuba. A copy of the letter was obtained Tuesday by the AP.

“This office has no record that a specific license was issued authorizing you to engage in travel-related transactions involving Cuba,” Dale Thompson, OFAC chief of general investigations and field operations, wrote in the letter to Moore.

In February, Moore took about 10 ailing workers from the Ground Zero rescue effort in Manhattan for treatment in Cuba, said a person working with the filmmaker on the release of “Sicko.” The person requested anonymity because Moore’s attorneys had not yet determined how to respond.

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Authorities Tried Twice To Deport Man Killed By Police In El Cajon, CA, But Uganda Wouldn’t Take Him Back


EL CAJON, Calif. — US authorities tried twice to deport the unarmed black man fatally shot by police in El Cajon, California, but his native Uganda refused to take him.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Thursday in a statement to the Associated Press that Alfred Olango stopped reporting to officers in February 2015.

Spokeswoman Virginia Kice didn’t know if officers tried to find him after that.

Olango arrived as a refugee in 1991 and was ordered deported in 2002 after being convicted on drug charges. He was released under a US Supreme Court ruling barring detention of foreign nationals if deportation is unlikely.

Immigration authorities took Olango into custody in 2009 after a firearms conviction but were again unable to obtain travel documents.

VIDEO: White Trump Supporter Attacked By Mob Protesting After Fatal Police Shooting In California…


Arizona Republic Endorses Hillary Clinton… Subscription Cancellations Pouring In Every 10 Minutes…


“Guess I’m Having An Aleppo Moment Again” — Gary Johnson Can’t Name One Foreign Leader He Admires


Via Politico:

Gary Johnson drew a blank again on Wednesday.

In another excruciating exchange on MSNBC, the Libertarian nominee was unable to name a single foreign leader he respects, failing to recall the name of former Mexican President Vicente Fox just as he previously drew a blank on the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Pressed by “Hardball” host Chris Matthews to “name one foreign leader that you respect and look up to,” Johnson stumbled.
“I guess I’m having an Aleppo moment in the former president of Mexico,” Johnson said.

“Well which one?” Matthews angrily insisted.

“I’m having a brain freeze,” the Libertarian nominee replied.

“Well, name anybody,” Matthews said, drawing another empty stare from Johnson.

William Weld, the Libertarian vice presidential nominee, then made an attempt to rescue his running mate, listing Fox and other politicians, at which point Johnson properly recalled it.

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Tennessee Student Arrested For “Civil Rights Intimidation” After Wearing Gorilla Mask To Black Lives Matter Protest…


Guy is a jerk but, “civil rights intimidation”?

Via Washington Post:

An East Tennessee State University student was arrested Wednesday after going to a Black Lives Matter protest on campus wearing a gorilla mask and handing out bananas.

Tristan Rettke, an 18-year-old freshman, wore overalls and a gorilla mask and, holding a burlap sack with a Confederate flag and a marijuana leaf on it, offered bananas to students who were protesting, according to the ETSU police department report. He was arrested and charged with civil rights intimidation.

According to the campus police report, after being read his rights Rettke told officers that a couple of days earlier he had seen on social media that there would be a Black Lives Matter event in the “free speech” area of Borchuck Plaza on the Johnson City, Tenn., campus. He said he went to a store Tuesday to buy rope to tie to a bunch of bananas. While there he also bought the mask and brought it all to the event on Wednesday.

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Supreme Court Will Decide If Asian-American Band “The Slants” Can Trademark Their Name…


Via LA Times:

The Supreme Court agreed Thursday to decide whether The Slants, an Asian American rock band from Portland, Ore., can trademark its name despite the government’s objection that it is an offensive term.

This clash between free speech and trademark protection has drawn wide attention in part because the Washington Redskins football team is locked in the same dispute.

The court also said it will decide a free-speech dispute involving fees charged to merchants who accept credit cards. Under challenge are laws in California, New York, Florida, Texas and several other states that forbid retailers from disclosing the surcharge to customers who use a charge card.

Retailers challenging these laws say that revealing the fees to customers would put pressure on the credit card companies to lower them. “Because credit-card companies have been so successful in hiding the cost of credit from consumers, U.S. merchants pay some of the highest swipe fees in the world, about 3% of every credit-card purchase, or over $50 billion a years in fees,” they said in their appeal.

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Dem Rep. Elijah Cummings Screams At Republicans: Stop Picking On Hillary Clinton!…


The “Leave Britney Alone” guy just had his thunder stolen.

Via Washington Examiner:

House Democrats slammed their Republicans colleagues Thursday for issuing 17 subpoenas and sending 54 letters in pursuit of information related to Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, ranking Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, called the congressional investigation a “desperate onslaught of frivolous attacks.”

“House Republicans have focused more on their obsession with bringing down Secretary Clinton than on any other issue facing Congress,” Cummings said in a statement. “This is an outrageous abuse of taxpayer dollars for partisan political purposes, particularly when Republicans are ignoring so many pressing issues facing the American people.”

Democrats have frequently objected to the GOP oversight efforts that followed FBI Director James Comey’s controversial decision in July to close his year-long probe of Clinton’s private emails without recommending indictments for anyone involved.

UN-Sponsored German Ad Encourages Non-Muslim Women To Wear The Hijab…



Via Express:

AN ADVERTISEMENT campaign in Germany has encouraged citizens to “enjoy difference” by wearing the hijab following tensions surrounding the Muslim veil in the country.

Germany’s government has used public funds to encourage women to wear the Islamic headscarf in a show of “tolerance”.

The 18-second advertisement is sponsored by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and was paid by German taxpayers.

However, the advertisement has aired amid growing unease about the Muslim veil in the country.

Just last week, a German restaurant owner threw out a woman for refusing to take off her hijab.

In the clip, a blonde-haired woman wearing an Islamic headscarf whilst showing off her bare legs encourages her fellow Germans to “enjoy difference” and “start tolerance.”

The controversial video starts off with the text “Turkish women wear the hijab” as the woman wearing the hijab faces away from the camera.

She then turns around, revealing her German identity, and tells the camera: “Me too! It’s beautiful!”

The advertisement campaign to embrace the hijab comes amid growing concern in the country over the prevalence of the religious veil.

‘Kill White People’ Spray Painted On Walls Around Florida Roads…


Via ABC Action News:

Deputies found graffiti in Hillsborough County at two different locations.

One wall was hit along Gornto Lake Road in Brandon, with the phrase “kill white people” spray painted. Other tags read “black lives matter” and “BLM.”

A crew painted over the phrases.

“It’s uncalled for, there’s a way to protest, there’s a way not to, this is just, it hurts everybody,” Cat D’Alessandro said.

She saw a deputy along the road working to cover up the hate message, bought her own spray paint cans and helped out.

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Pro-Trump PAC Uses Michelle Obama In Latest Ad Calling Hillary A Bad Role Model For Our Kids…


Dem Sen. Claire McCaskill Calls For Trump To Undergo A “Public Daily Weigh-In” For “Fat-Shaming Comments”…

You go first, Claire, and try to not break another scale.


Christian Teenager Facing Death Penalty For Offending Muslims In Facebook Post…


Via Express:

A 16-YEAR-OLD Christian boy faces the death penalty after he was accused of insulting Islam in a Facebook post.

The boy has been arrested and charged with blasphemy after a photo of the Kaaba in Mecca, one of the holiest sites in Islam, appeared on his profile.

A Muslim man told police the image, which was part of an alleged derogatory post against Islam on the boy’s profile, was insulting and sacrilegious.

The black cube-shape is built around an ancient stone at the centre of Islam’s most sacred mosque Al-Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

American Troops Just 3 Miles From ISIS-Held Syrian Town Where Group Believes “Apocalyptic Showdown With Infidel Armies” Will Happen…


My money’s on the infidels.

Via Express:

US SPECIAL forces are encircling a jihadi stronghold in Syria claimed by ISIS to be in old Islamic prophecy as the site of the final battle – triggering the apocalypse.

According to the extremists’ twisted ideology, Dabiq – a tiny town in northern Syria – will see a “major apocalyptic showdown with the armies of the infidel” that will result in the collapse of civilisation.

And Turkish troops backed by American commandos are understood to be just three miles from the town.

ISIS claim the battle will erupt in a field outside the small town, which in 2004 recorded a population of just 3,000 people.

ISIS even named its terrorist propaganda and recruitment magazine after the settlement, which lies around six miles from the Turkish border.

Jihadists believe the Prophet Mohammed remarked that “the last hour will not come” until an army vanquishes the Romans at “Dabiq or Al-A’maq”.

One of the founders of ISIS, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, is quoted in the vile group’s propaganda magazine as saying: “The spark has been lit here in Iraq, and its heat will continue to intensify – by Allah’s permission – until it burns the crusader armies in Dābiq.”

Parents Of Trayvon Martin To Write A Book To Cash In On 5th Anniversary Of St. Skittles’ Death…



Via Washington Examiner:

The parents of Trayvon Martin will release a book on their late son in January, a few weeks before the five-year anniversary of his death.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the book by Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton will celebrate the life and legacy of their son. The book — to hit shelves Jan. 31, 2017 — will “offer the true inside story of their son’s life and struggles, his tragic death, and the transformative movement for justice and healing that grew from that tragedy,” according to a press release.

Martin, who was black, was 17 years old when he was shot and killed on Feb. 26, 2012 by George Zimmerman in Sanford, Fla. Zimmerman was later acquitted of second degree murder after his lawyers claimed self-defense under Florida’s stand your ground law.

“It first brings Trayvon back to life as the full, three-dimensional, complex kid he was, through his parents’ eyes,” Jackson told the Hollywood Reporter about the book. “And then to the dark and confusing days following his death, which slowly transform into the blossoming of a powerful, historic movement for change and healing that we’re still watching unfold five years later. Everyone who’s been reading the manuscript is in tears by the second chapter.”

Obama: I Still Don’t Say “Radical Islam” Because It’s Not Helpful…

Speaking of not helpful.

Via Hot Air:

The truth of the matter is that this is an issue that has been sort of manufactured, because there is no doubt, and I’ve said repeatedly that where we see terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda or ISIL, they have perverted and distorted and tried to claim the mantle of Islam for an excuse, for basically barbarism and death.

These are people who kill children, kill Muslims, take sex slaves — there’s no religious rationale that would justify in any way any of the things that they do. But what I have been careful about, when I describe these issues, is to make sure that we do not lump these murderers into the billion Muslims that exist around the world, including in this country.

FBI Says It Has Detected More Attempts to Hack Voter Registration Systems



Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

Via Slate:

FBI Director James Comey said Wednesday there is evidence that there have been additional attempts to hack state voter registration systems than those that were previously known. Comey didn’t elaborate on the number of attempts or verify where they came from during his House Judiciary Committee testimony, but there has been concern that Russian operatives, in particular, could be able to cause havoc in the election process. Comey said the FBI is looking “very, very hard” at the Russian links and the agency issued a cyber-security warning to state and county voter registration offices last month.

“There have been a variety of scanning activities which is a preamble for potential intrusion activities as well as some attempted intrusions at voter database registrations beyond those we knew about in July and August. We are urging the states just to make sure that their deadbolts are thrown and their locks are on and to get the best information they can from DHS just to make sure their systems are secure,” Comey said. “Because there’s no doubt that some bad actors have been poking around.”

Michelle Obama: “It Isn’t About Voting For The Perfect Candidate, There Is No Such Person”…


Not exactly a rousing endorsement.

MICHELLE OBAMA: “Remember, it’s not about voting for the perfect candidate. There is no such person. In this election it’s about making a choice between two very different candidates with very different visions for our nation. So the question is do you want Hillary Clinton to be your president or do you want her opponent to be your president? That’s the choice in this election. If you choose Hillary, like I am and have and will then we have to get to work. It is not enough to come to a rally and post selfies. That’s cute and all that. My kids do it all the time. It’s not enough to get angry and just speak out about the need for change. We all must take action to elect folks who will stand with us to make that change. That’s your job.”

Islamists Offer Cash Prize For Rape And Murder Of Burqa Critic…

Burqa bandit

Via Express:

A JOURNALIST has faced a barrage of chilling rape and death threats after criticising the burka – forcing her to go into hiding.

In a controversial article, Lejla Colak said forcing women to wear the Islamic headscarf was like forcing them to strap a sex toy to their heads.

Twisted online trolls have launched a sick hate campaign against the Bosnian reporter, offering a cash prize if anyone kills or rapes her.

One social media user, reportedly a member of the Bosnian army, wrote: “Are there any volunteers to rape lovely Lejla? I will personally pay for it.”

In her article, Colak wrote: “To wear a burka, niqab or any other religious sign on your head is the same as wearing a strap-on in public.

“Imagine walking around with a giant strap-on and traumatising people.

“Religion is supposed to represent something that is extremely personal just like an individual sexuality.”

Chelsea Clinton Uses Private Jet to Travel to ‘Clean Energy’ Roundtable

Via Free Beacon:

Chelsea Clinton opted to travel to a “clean energy” roundtable in Asheville, North Carolina on Wednesday afternoon in a private jet to campaign on behalf of her mother Hillary Clinton.

Clinton first attended two events in Greenville, North Carolina, stopping by a campaign office and then going to an event at East Carolina University to discuss college affordability.

After her two events in Greenville, Clinton was scheduled to attend a “clean energy roundtable” in Asheville, which is about a 5-hour drive away. But instead of driving or flying on a commercial plane, Clinton opted to a take a private jet. The NTK Network posted a tracking video that shows Clinton boarding the private jet on Wednesday.