ISIS Savages Rape 8-Year-Old Yazidi Girl…


Via Politico:

Last week I arrived back home to Iraqi Kurdistan, exhausted but proud of a small but real triumph over the Islamic State. Three women and two toddlers came back with me—five human beings just rescued from enslavement by ISIL. For over a year, they were abused, raped and traded fighter to fighter because of one reason: our Yazid religion. I am determined to save every last one of the more than 2,000 Yazidi women and girls still waiting to be freed.

They thought they were abandoned. Their ISIL captors told them that no one wanted them, in their shame and defilement, and that no one was looking for them. But I insist on reaching out to them through pleas on Arabic radio and TV. I give them my phone number, and tell them that we love them and we want them back. Some brave women hear these messages and contact us, and a rescue mission commences. I answer the phone every time, determined to do all that I can, but it is little, and it is not enough. I know there will always be another call, another Yazidi who is terrified and broken and in need of hope, as the world looks the other way

One of the women, clutching her two-year-old child, was so distraught. The child kept asking for her seven-year-old sister, who had been taken away from her mother and enrolled in a religious institution where she would be forced to convert to Islam. Her mother had had no choice but to escape without her, and she told me she feared the girl would be raped at the hands of the militants. We have evidence of the militants raping our girls as young as age eight.

For that brief time in August 2014, the United States launched airstrikes to halt the advance of ISIL after its troops took over a third of Iraq, saving the Yazidi people from total massacre by ISIL troops. But since then, we’ve been abandoned and forgotten by Washington and the rest of the international community. For every story of a girl who has been rescued, there’s another one about a girl who is still in captivity, where she is starved, raped, beaten and sold—often to “fellow” Iraqis. And 500,000 Yazidis, a full 90 percent of the indigenous Yazidi population, are in displaced persons’ camps, living in abject misery and isolation with less than minimal sustenance. We languish in these camps, live without income, and without food, medicine or even shelter durable enough to keep the rain out. As long as ISIL remains intent on wiping my people off the map; and as long as the Iraqi and KRG governments continues to see Yazidis as less than second-class citizens, unworthy of significant aid and attention, these horrors will continue.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei Bans New Negotiations With The United States…


Obama heartbroken.

Via Reuters:

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday banned any further negotiations between Iran and the United States, putting the brakes on moderates hoping to end Iran’s isolation after reaching a nuclear deal with world powers in July.

Khamenei, the highest authority in the Islamic Republic, already said last month there would be no more talks with the United States after the nuclear deal, but has not previously declared an outright ban.

His statements directly contradict those of moderate Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who says his government is ready to hold talks with the United States on how to resolve the conflict in Syria, where the two countries back opposing sides.

“Negotiations with the United States open gates to their economic, cultural, political and security influence. Even during the nuclear negotiations they tried to harm our national interests.,” Khamenei was quoted as saying on his website.

“Our negotiators were vigilant but the Americans took advantage of a few chances,” he said.

Palestinian Woman Behind Recent Terror Attack Said She Was Doing It To Become A “Martyr For Allah”


Religion of Peace™

Via Times of Israel:

A Palestinian teen who stabbed an Israeli man in a terror attack Wednesday wrote of her desire to become a shahid, or martyr, hours before carrying out the knifing.

“I’m going to become a shahid [martyr],” 18-year-old Shorouq Dwayyat wrote in a Facebook post Wednesday morning.

In the post, Dwayyat, a resident of East Jerusalem’s Tsur Baher neighborhood and a student at Bethlehem University, wrote:

“Mother: Where are you going?
Mother, I am going to become a shahid
Mother, I want to ask a request of you
Don’t cry about me, when I become a shahid
#Our greatest desire is to become shadids for Allah”

Dwayyat was evacuated in critical condition to Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem after being shot by the Israeli man she stabbed in the back near the entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City Wednesday morning.

Joe Biden: Hispanics Are “Literally Down Because Of The Beating They’re Taking” From Republicans…


Put y’all back in chains! … Part II

Washington (CNN) – An emotional Vice President Joe Biden accused the Republican presidential candidates of “beating” Hispanics with their rhetoric on immigration during a surprise appearance at a fundraiser hosted by the Latino Victory Project political action committee Tuesday night.

Biden, who is closing in on a decision on whether he should run for president, recalled a recent event he held at the vice president’s mansion in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. The vice president said Latino attendees at the function were hanging their heads as a result of comments made by GOP front-runner Donald Trump and other top Republican candidates.

“People walked in like literally down because of the beating, the beating Hispanics are taking at the hands of the Republican caucus … I mean the Republican presidential race,” Biden said in the video which was obtained by CNN.

“People are depressed. And the message I have for you guys is these guys don’t remotely speak for America,” the vice president continued, waving his arms in front of the crowd at the Latino Victory Project fundraiser. “The American people are so much better. They are so far beyond. They are so, so, so much different than these guys who are appealing to everything from homophobia to this notion of the like know nothing party of the late 1800s.”

ABC Family Announces Name Change Because Current Name Is Too “Wholesome”…


God forbid…

Via Daily Caller:

ABC Family announced plans to change its name this January because it want more adults watching its TV shows — not little kids or families. The station’s new name will be Freeform.

Executives at ABC Family announced Tuesday in a press release they plan to appeal to an age group they call “Becomers,” people between 14 and 34. Previously, the channel was known for more traditional kid shows, but starting in January 2016, the channel will officially move away from exclusively entertaining this demographic.

“For us, this doesn’t feel like a radical departure, this is an evolution,” ABC Family president Tom Ascheim told Entertainment Weekly. “For the last 10-to-12 years, we’ve been targeting young people, Millennnials, and then something happened. Millennials started getting older. The oldest ones are nearly 40. So do we follow Millennials or stay with the ‘life stage’ that got us here?”

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ISIS Sets Sights On Seizing Afghan City Of Jalalabad To Serve As Its Regional Capital…


Via Telegraph:

The U.S. military’s highest-ranking general in the Afghanistan War acknowledged the Islamic State’s growing presence in the country on Tuesday, telling the Senate Armed Services Committee that the group is “operationally emergent” and focused on taking over a specific city in the eastern part of the country. […]

Campbell said Tuesday that the Islamic State has shown up in provinces ranging from Helmand in the south to Sari Pul in the north. But the group is focused primarily in Nangarhar, and wants to make the city of Jalalabad there its capital, he added. Strategically located at the intersection of the Kabul and Kunar rivers about 90 miles east of Kabul, it is also home to a major military installation at the Jalalabad Airport.

Citing interviews with refugees, Reuters reported in June that the Islamic State had seized substantial territory in Nangarhar, with hundreds of people pledging to join the group and burning poppy fields that finance the Taliban’s military operations. More recently, the Islamic State released a video in which it beheads a man in the province, claiming that he is a spy.

The Afghan army announced last month that it was launching a broad operation in Nangarhar to flush out insurgents. It is expected to target both Taliban and Islamic State militants, who continue to fight each other.

ISIS Tells Women If They Are Raped By 10 Islamic State Fighters They Will Become Muslim…


Via Daily Mail:

Pregnant women abducted and sold as sex slaves by Islamic State fighters have been forced to undergo abortions leaving them unable to move or speak, freed Yazidi girls have revealed.

ISIS jihadists would bring their own gynaecologists to ‘slave markets’ in the Sinjar region of Iraq where captured Yazidi women who were found to be pregnant would be subjected to painful abortions so they could be used for sex.

One woman, Bushra, 21, revealed that her friend was three months pregnant when she was captured, and that ISIS forced her to undergo a termination.

‘Afterwards, they brought her back. I asked her what happened and how they did it. She said the doctors told her not to speak,’ Bushra told CNN.

The young woman was bleeding heavily after the forced abortion, which left her in so much pain that ‘she could not talk or walk.’

Another young Yazidi escapee, Noor, revealed that the jihadist she was sold to waited two days before he forced himself on her.

‘He showed me a letter and said ‘This shows any captured women will become Muslim if ten ISIS fighters rape her.”

She told CNN that he proceeded to rape her before passing her on to 11 fellow fighters who all forced themselves on her.

Cruz In Full Gear: Ted Shows Sierra Club President Knows Nothing About Global Warming

‘Clock Kid’ Ahmed’s Dad Pushes 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, Including That It’s U.S. Hoax

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.48.27 AM

Of course…

Via Townhall:

With the frenzy following his son Ahmed’s bringing a suspicious-looking modified clock to high school, Texas-based Islamic political activist Mohammed Elhassan Mohammed finally succeeded in creating something he’s sought for a long time: a national media event that can be used to shine the light on alleged crimes of the United States, from accusations of “Islamophobia” in Irving, Texas, to American complicity in the 9/11 attacks.

Al Qaeda’s attack on September 11, 2001 is a recurring topic of discussion on Mohammed’s own Arabic-language National Reform Party Facebook page where—beside photos of his family enjoying their newfound fame—are posted articles, photos and videos featuring both implicit, and explicit claims that the 9/11 attacks were a US-sponsored hoax to launch a war against Islam and Muslims.

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AP Investigation: Nuclear Smugglers Sought To Sell To Islamic State, Other Terrorists “Because They Will Bomb The Americans”

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.09.00 AM

We’re allowing nukes in Iran, why not have all the lunatics get them?

CHISINAU, Moldova (AP) — In the backwaters of Eastern Europe, authorities working with the FBI have interrupted four attempts in the past five years by gangs with suspected Russian connections that sought to sell radioactive material to Middle Eastern extremists, The Associated Press has learned. The latest known case came in February this year, when a smuggler offered a huge cache of deadly cesium — enough to contaminate several city blocks — and specifically sought a buyer from the Islamic State group.

Criminal organizations, some with ties to the Russian KGB’s successor agency, are driving a thriving black market in nuclear materials in the tiny and impoverished Eastern European country of Moldova, investigators say. The successful busts, however, were undercut by striking shortcomings: Kingpins got away, and those arrested evaded long prison sentences, sometimes quickly returning to nuclear smuggling, AP found

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Here’s more on the story.

Matt Drudge Warns Of Laws Coming That Could Stifle Free Speech And Shut Us Down

If true, that could put us in serious jeopardy.

Via The Blaze:

Matt Drudge warned in a rare interview Tuesday that future decisions on digital copyright laws could stifle free speech, including putting an end to his popular Drudge Report website.

The comments came in a radio interview with Alex Jones.

“I had a Supreme Court justice tell me to my face it’s over for me. Said, ‘Matt, it’s over for you. They’ve got the votes not to enforce copyright law. You’re out of there. They’re gonna make it so headlines, you can’t even use headlines,’” Drudge said. “To have a Supreme Court justice say that to my face!”

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Dem Senate Candidate: Being Called a “Tool” Is A Good Thing…

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 11.11.45 AM

Only if you’re a hammer.

Via Free Beacon:

P.G. Sittenfeld, a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate in Ohio, encouraged freshmen at Princeton University to celebrate being called a “tool” when he was a student there.

Sittenfeld, a 30-year-old Cincinnati city councilman, penned a 2005 opinion article for the Daily Princetonian meant to educate the incoming class of students on the “ropes” of Princeton.

“It’s … probable that you will be called a ‘tool.’ You may even be dubbed a ‘massive tool,’ or, for the truly elect, a ‘power tool,’” Sittenfeld, then a junior, advised incoming freshmen.

“To be a tool at Princeton most often means that you’re a participant in student government, are an uber-preppy dresser and are going to make a ton of money after college. All of which suggests you’re doing alright for yourself.”

The English major directed the “sweet, naïve” freshmen to thank individuals who dubbed them with the slang word.

“The next time someone points out your toolishness, no need to lose your temper. Instead, just smile, say thank you and go change into an even brighter pastel polo shirt,” Sittenfeld wrote.

According to Sittenfeld, “overeager tool bags” were a fixture on the Princeton University campus.

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University of Toronto Alters “Gender-Neutral” Bathroom Policy After Two Reports of Voyeurism



Via Toronto Star:

The University of Toronto has decreased the number of gender-neutral bathrooms in one of its colleges after two women became victims of voyeurism when they were filmed while showering.

Toronto Police Const. Victor Kwong said Monday that two women in separate instances at the Whitney Hall residence reported that they saw a cellphone reach over the shower-stall dividers in an attempt to record them. Police have yet to find any information about the culprit, but the investigation is ongoing.

At least one gender-neutral washroom remains on each floor.

Melinda Scott, the dean of students at University College, said some bathrooms in Whitney Hall have now been designated specifically for residents who identify as men or women. However, several gender-neutral bathrooms remain.

“The purpose of this temporary measure is to provide a safe space for the women who have been directly impacted by the incidents of voyeurism and other students who may feel more comfortable in a single-gender washroom,” said Scott.

According to the Varsity campus newspaper, the two cellphone incidents occurred Sept. 15 and Sept. 19.

White House Spokesman: Putin Is Playing Checkers, Not Chess…

Then what’s Obama playing? Chutes and Ladders?

Russia Bombs Main Weapons Depots Of US-Backed Syrian Rebels…


At least we can be sure those US-weapons won’t fall into al-Qaeda’s hands.

(Reuters) – Russian air strikes have destroyed the main weapons depots of a U.S.-trained rebel group in Syria, their commander said on Wednesday, in an expansion of Russian attacks on insurgents backed by foreign enemies of President Bashar al-Assad.

The Liwa Suqour al-Jabal, whose fighters have attended military training organized by the Central Intelligence Agency in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, was also hit last week by Russian raids as Moscow began its air campaign in support of Damascus.

New strikes targeted the group’s main weapons depots in western Aleppo province and completely destroyed them late on Tuesday, its commander Hassan Haj Ali told Reuters on Wednesday via Internet messaging service.

“These were considered the principal depots of the Liwa,” he said in an audio recording obtained separately.

Liwa Suqour al-Jabal operates areas of western and northern Syria where many of Russia’s air strikes have been focused and where the Islamic State group – the stated target of the Russian air raids – has no significant presence.

It is one of a number of Syrian rebel groups deemed moderate by the United States which have received training as part of an ostensibly covert CIA program. That program is separate to one set up by the Pentagon to train and equip Syrian insurgents to fight Islamic State.

So John Kerry’s Time In The Navy Was Really Well Spent, Thinks World Has “One Ocean”…



Screenshot (3)

Trio Of Academics Fight Global Warming By Travelling A Combined 8,426 Miles For A One-Hour Meeting On Climate Change…


Via Daily Caller:

Two taxpayer-funded college presidents and the president of America’s largest university-based climate alliance traveled a combined 8,426 miles this week to meet for slightly over an hour to discuss strategies for carbon reduction.

The “climate leadership meeting” occurred on Monday at Agnes Scott College, a private, all-female bastion of about 1,000 students in the Atlanta suburb of Decatur.

The meeting lasted one hour, seven minutes and 21 seconds, according to the YouTube video which captured it for posterity.

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Jesse Jackson Declares Jim Crow Is Back In Alabama After Budget Cuts Forces Closure Of DMV Offices…

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 9.04.01 PM

Jesse Jackson puts The Boy Who Cried Wolf to shame.

Via Chicago Sun-Times:

In Alabama, 50 years after Selma, voting rights are once more under assault. Even as Alabama finally took down its confederate flags this year, it has raised new obstacles to voting.The Supreme Court’s decision in Shelby County v. Holder to gut the Voting Rights Act, supported by the five conservative justices alone, opened the floodgates to legislation in over 21 states erecting new obstacles to make voting more difficult. These have included limiting the days for early voting, eliminating Sunday voting, requiring various forms of ID, shutting down voting sites and more.

Alabama — the home of Selma and the Bloody Sunday police riot that spurred the passage of the original Voting Rights Act 50 years ago — is one of the leaders in the new forms of voter suppression. Alabama passed a bill requiring for the first time a photo ID for voting, hitting African-Americans, the poor, the young and the old disproportionately.Now Alabama is using a budget squeeze to shut down 31 satellite offices that issue driver’s licenses, the most popular form of voter ID. This new Jim Crow isn’t subtle.

Colorado Dem Governor Creates Task Force On American Indian Mascots Used By High Schools…


Governor Hickenlooper not afraid to tackle the tough issues.

Via Denver Post:

Gov. John Hickenlooper signed an executive order Tuesday creating a commission to discuss American Indian high school mascots.

The group would include tribes, local community members and state agencies to find common ground, said Ernest House Jr., executive director of the Colorado Office of Indian Affairs.

In the last legislative session, a bill carried by state Reps. Joe Salazar, D-Thornton, and Jovan Melton, D-Aurora, that would have required tribal approval for public schools to continue using American Indian mascots passed in the Democrat-led state House but was killed by a Republican-led Senate committee.

Once a month in communities that have the mascots, the task force will hold public meetings. Ideally, tribes and schools can work together, the way Arapahoe High School in Centennial worked with its namesake tribe in 1993 and 1994 to preserve the Warrior mascot and make sure its representation is dignified and historically accurate.

Top House Dems Demand GOP Apologize To Planned Parenthood CEO For Making Her Testify…


Because she’s the real victim, or something.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.02.31 PM