Trump In Hampshire Reiterates “We Will Build The Wall”

Tweet Of The Day: Trump Nails It…

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New Clinton Campaign Ad Ties Trump To The KKK…

Trying to change the subject.

Kaine: It Was Appropriate For Clinton Foundation To Accept Foreign Donations While She Was Sec. Of State…


ISIS Publishes Step-By-Step Guide On How To Poison Non-Muslims…


Religion of Peace™

Via Express:

AN ISLAMIC State-supported group of hackers has used an encrypted app to encourage Daesh followers to carry out attacks on Westerners using poisons.

Hackers posted a step-by-step guide on how to poison unbelievers, which has already been downloaded by dozens of brainwashed followers.

The group, called Cyber Kahilafah, uploaded the guide onto the Telegram app describing how to make the home-made poisons and kill non-Muslims

The manual, titled The Mujahideen Poisons Handbook, details how to make dangerous poisons and gases along with listing lethal substances such as chlorine, phosphorus and carbon monoxide and where to get them.

Jihadi Abel Aziz authored the deadly guide, which is being used by ISIS terrorists.

The guide claims to have tested the lethal substances on animals, and details how a rabbit “shrieked immediately” and died with blood spilling from its mouth after being given poison by a wannabe jihadi.

Clinton Still Blaming Colin Powell For Her Email Scandal, Tells CNN “I’m Not Going To Re-Litigate This!”…

Son Of Prominent U.S. Imam Says He Tried To Join ISIS Because He Wasn’t Allowed To Watch TV…


Via NBC News:

Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla, a Mississippi honors student who pleaded guilty earlier this year to plotting to join ISIS, on Wednesday thanked the FBI for stopping him.

Dakhlalla, 23, pleaded guilty in March to providing material support to terrorism. He and his former fiancée, Jaelyn Delshaun Young, 20, were arrested last year before they were to have boarded a flight from Mississippi with tickets for Istanbul, Turkey.

Prosecutors said they’d planned to travel to Syria to join ISIS.

Dakhlalla was sentenced to eight years in prison Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Oxford, Miss. Young pleaded guilty later in March and was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

At his sentencing, Dakhlalla told Chief U.S. District Judge Sharion Aycock that his views of ISIS had changed since he was arrested, NBC station WTVA of Tupelo reported.

And he thanked the FBI’s undercover agents for stopping him.

“If I did go, I would be dead by now,” he said.

Dakhlalla’s father, Oda H. Dakhlalla, is a well-known Muslim cleric who frequently spoke at Friday prayer services at the Islamic Center of Mississippi in Starkville.

The younger Dakhlalla — who graduated from high school with a perfect 4.0 grade-point average and with honors from Mississippi State University — claimed that he’d lived a sequestered life without a television. As a result, he told the judge, he’d heard little negative about ISIS while growing up.

Howard Dean: Hillary Doesn’t Have To Do Press Conferences Because The Media Is So Biased Against Her…

You know, because the media is so pro-Trump.

NY Times Columnist Charles Blow Calls Black Donald Trump Supporter A “Bigot” For Backing Trump…

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Expect any less from Charles Blow?

Via Grabien:

BLOW: “Listen. Here’s the deal, right? So Donald Trump is a bigot. There’s no other way to get around it.”

LEVELL: “Wow.”

BLOW: “Anybody who supports, accepts that, supports it. Anybody who supports it is promoting it. And that makes you a part of the bigotry itself. Now you have to decide whether or not you want to be part of the bigotry that is Donald Trump. You have to decide whether you want to be part of the sexism and misogyny that is Donald Trump. You have to decide whether you want to be part of the bullying that would allow him to make fun of one of my disabled colleagues at The New York Times. You have is to decide that. There is no other space for you. There is no place for you to say, I’m going to put that to the side because I believe in conservative principles. I can’t put that to the side because I believe that I do not want to vote for Hillary. You have to make a decision because your party has now decided that this is the person, this con man is your front man. And you have to decide whether or not you’re going to follow that.”

Audio: Al-Nusra Front Fighter Calls Fallen Syrian Soldier’s Mother Using His Cell Phone To Tell Her He Beheaded Him…

How delightful.

Woman Makes A Funny Face Behind Trump During Campaign Speech, CNN Again Thinks It’s News…

This is CNN.

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Flashback to August 10th:

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Scarborough Calls Clinton Aide’s Excuses For Clinton Foundation Conflicts Of Interest “Pathetic”

But but they do so much good! Like enriching their own pockets with influence peddling…

Via The Blaze:

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough scathingly shut down a Hillary Clinton spokesman Thursday morning after the aide defended the Clinton Foundation from ethical criticisms by pointing to the organization’s work to help to solve the AIDS crisis.

Brian Fallon, a spokesman for the Democratic presidential nominee, said in a clip aired on “Morning Joe” that the Clinton Foundation would not be shuttering even should Clinton win the presidency in November.

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Bakery Bakes Cake Shaped Like Transgender Ken Doll – Tells Detractors “Just Eat It”


Cake and eat it too?

Via Washington Post:

A popular bakery in Northern California is caught at the center of a heated debate on social media over a transgender “Ken Doll Cake” that it said it made for a customer.

Freeport Bakery, a well-known business in Sacramento, posted a picture online nearly two weeks ago showing a special-ordered cake that depicted Ken wearing a puffy pink dress, flowery sash and a tiara.

The cake triggered controversy on Facebook, with people calling it “truly disgusting” and claiming that the owners were putting their “morals n standards for sale.”

“Naively, I guess I just thought this is a really cool cake, and look at how great they did with the butter cream,” Marlene Goetzeler, co-owner of the bakery, told Fox affiliate KTXL. “What’s wrong with a Ken cake?”

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ESPN Pushes ‘White Privilege’ Narrative For Ryan Lochte, Fails Miserably…


ESPN really should retract this garbage. They’re wrong as we noted here and here.

Via Daily Caller:

ESPN’s site “The Undefeated” pushed the narrative Ryan Lochte is propped up by “white privilege” and failed miserably with their explanation.

The article by ESPN writer Kevin Van Valkenburg, titled “Dear Fellow White People”, lambasted Lochte for having “privilege” after he “exaggerated” details of his altercation at a Rio gas station.

He wrote in part:

“Try to imagine, just for a second, what the world’s reaction would be if a black athlete got drunk, urinated in public, destroyed some property, then concocted a story in which he bravely stood up to someone with a gun who was attempting to rob him and his friends.

Then, when his whole story fell apart, ask yourself if it would be brushed off as an example of a “kid” making a relatively harmless mistake or become fodder for countless jokes.”

The problem with Valkenburg’s assessment of the situation is that he’s got his facts wrong. It’s now known for a fact that Lochte and his three teammates didn’t destroy anything. That was a story entirely made up by the Brazilian police.

Obamas “Baffled” By New Movie About Their First Date…


Join the club (although I doubt this blatant propaganda flick bothers them).

Via Complex:

Apparently, even the Obamas are somewhat dismayed that the story of about their first date has been made into a feature-length film.

During a Q&A at the film’s premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, Richard Tanne was asked if the Obamas know about the movie. “We’ve heard from some pretty reliable sources that they are aware,” he answered. “They are excited. And they are also a little baffled by its existence.”

It is somewhat baffling, but understandable to a degree. Barack Obama is this country’s first Black president. His wife, Michelle Obama, is revered by communities of all backgrounds, but even more strongly in the Black community (and rightly so). Even so, I was a bit weary about seeing their lives depicted in film so soon much less as a romantic comedy. Weary because it still feels so soon to be looking back at history as it continues to take place. Curious how people who haven’t even left the White House to start their post-White House lives are already being mythologized.

Then again, we now live in a time where everything feels instantaneous. No one waits anymore. Not even The Obamas can escape that.

ISIS Executes Six Of Its Own Leader Using A Flamethrower…


( – ISIS executed a six of its own leaders in Tal Afar, for they allegedly tried to escape to Syria.

Ismat Rajab, a Kurdistan Democratic Party official in Mosul, said, “The six ISIS leaders were executed by their counterparts using flamethrower. They were executed as they tried to escape to Syria.”

While speaking about another context, Rajab said, “Iraqi planes have dropped thousands of leaflets in Mosul, Tal Afar and Baaj in Nineveh province and have urged the inhabitants of those areas to stay away from ISIS headquarters and emphasizzing on the proximity of the start of the restoration process of the land.”

Video: U.S. Airstrikes Take Out Two Buildings Housing ISIS Fighters In Iraq…


Emails Show Huma Abedin Put Hillary Down For Nap Time…

Clinton Testifies Before House Hearing On State Dep't Budget

Via Daily Caller:

An email in WikiLeaks’ Hillary Clinton archive shows Huma Abedin served as the Director of Nap Time while working at the State Department.

Abedin sent the email in question to Clinton on January 11, 2013, ahead of a meeting with the French Foreign Minister.

The email did not contain a message in the body, yet the subject line reads “Reminder fabius at 3:30. Take a nap [sic].”

South Carolina Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner To Be Renamed…

SC Dem
I suggest St. Skittles and St. Swishers.


South Carolina’s Democratic Party will no longer use the name of two former presidents who were slave owners in its name for an annual fundraiser.

The Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, which is scheduled for Sept. 30, will be renamed after this year’s event, according to a spokesman for the SCDP. It was named after former presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.

“Though Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson did play integral roles in the institutional development of the Democratic Party, our Executive Committee members — being careful not to judge historical figures solely by modern standards and thus taking full account of the range of views on the issue of slavery and treatment of Native Americans in American society during that era — decided that our annual dinner should be a reflection of the modern Democratic Party,” SCDP Chairman Jaime Harrison said in a statement Tuesday night.

Sam Martin, who is a member of the Newberry County Democratic Party, said he gave a speech at the SCDP State Executive Committee meeting Tuesday night asking for the members to change the name of the dinner. This is an effort, he said, that has been ongoing for 20 years. Tuesday night, the change was approved unanimously.

“I was very surprised by the unanimous vote,” Martin said, adding that keeping the name as Jefferson-Jackson Dinner has been offensive to African-American members of the state Democratic Party.

A SCDP spokesman said the executive committee will deliberate and select a new name in the coming months.

Obama Admin: Deficits Are The Next President’s Problem…

Barack Obama,

Via Washington Times:

With federal budget deficits on the rise again, the White House Wednesday officially kicked the problem down the road to the next president.

Asked about Congressional Budget Office projections that the federal deficit will spike 33 percent this year, White House press secretary Josh Earnest cited reasons including an aging population and Republican-sponsored tax cuts.

Then he added, “There’s certainly a lot money that can be saved, and this will be a challenge that the next president and the next Congress will have to do.”

CBO said this week that the government will end fiscal 2016 on Sept. 30 with a deficit of about $590 billion, or 3.2 percent of gross domestic product. That’s up from 2.5 percent of GDP in fiscal 2015, and the first time in six years that deficits are rising as a share of GDP.

Mr. Obama and Congress racked up annual deficits topping $1 trillion in his first three years in office, as Washington tried to blunt the effects of a severe recession. After a peak deficit of $1.4 trillion in 2009, the government’s red ink fell to a low of $439 billion in fiscal 2015.