Video: U.S. Bombs Rain Down On ISIS Fighting Position In Syria…

MSNBC Host Sees Sexism When Trump Tells Reporter To “Be Quiet”…


St. Louis Metro PD Launches ‘Operation Polar Cops’: Community Policing With Free Ice Cream…

Free Ice Cream

Problem solved.

Via: Law Officer:

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department launched one of the coolest initiatives we have seen in sometime. On July 26, 2016, the agency announced on Facebook that they had launched Operation Polar Cops, an ice cream truck that distributes free ice cream treats & provides a fun environment for citizens to have positive interactions with our officers. The agency announced that “the initiative was launched at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater St. Louis and the kids were our first customers!”

On behalf of Law Officer, we congratulate St. Louis Metro PD for this initiative and we look forward to many other agencies following their lead.

Pic Of The Day…

Obama at the DNC:


5 U.S. Special Operators Wounded Fighting ISIS In Afghanistan…



Via The Hill:

The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan said Thursday that five U.S. special operators were recently wounded in clearing operations against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). 

The U.S. special operators were conducting partnered operations with Afghan special operators in the southern Afghanistan province of Nangarhar, Gen. John Nicholson said during a press briefing. 

The injuries occurred during operations conducted in the last few days, and were from small arms fire and shrapnel, Nicholson said. 

The U.S. and Afghan forces were moving south to clear ISIS from the province, Nicholson said.

REPORT: ISIS Has Attacked Internationally 1 Out of Every 4 Days Since June 8…


But don’t worry, air conditioners are the real threat.

Via Heavy:

In a new report by InterCenter, Michael Weiss reports that after today’s attack in Normandy, France, the Islamic State has attacked outside of Iraq and Syria nearly every four days since June 8.

Yesterday, the Islamic State news agency Amaq News released a report about the attacks, after claiming a recent suicide bombing committed by Mohammad Daleel at a music festival in Ansbach, Germany.

Today, Amaq News released a statement regarding the murder of 84-year-old Reverend Jacques Hamel at Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray during Mass by two Islamic State sympathizers.

The BBC reports that armed men entered the church and took the reverend and four other people hostage. The hostage takers were later killed in a standoff with police.

It was later confirmed to be a beheading.

Video: Protesters Break Through The DNC ‘Wall’

Democrats suck at walls.

PHILADELPHIA –– Activists opposed to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton shoved open an imposing security fence on Wednesday evening as President Barack Obama addressed the delegates, triggering the most intense standoff with police this week near the Democratic National Convention.

“Don’t do it,” a young woman pleaded with a man in his 20s moments before the fence crashed open. He donned a bandana anyhow and moved swiftly toward the barricade, which flung open as though it was a pair of french doors.

There was little warning that this would happen, despite loud chants of “open the gates!” shortly before and tepid banging against them by supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, runner-up to Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Moments before the gate-crashing, the crowd of hundreds was most enthusiastic about the chant “Hell no, DNC! We won’t vote for Hillary!”

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ISIS Executes Cross-Dressing Man By Throwing Him Off Waterfall…

Diversity rules!

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.13.05 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.13.21 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.14.20 AM

French Jihadists Who Killed Priest Were Both On Terror Watch List

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.38.49 AM

Translation: French security completely dropped ball on this one.

Via Breitbart:

French authorities have identified the second jihadist involved in the brutal killing of a priest in northern France on Tuesday, acknowledging that they had received a tip-off Friday saying that the man was preparing an imminent attack.

The tip-off came from an unnamed foreign intelligence agency and included a picture of 19-year-old Abdel Malik Petitjean in conjunction with an upcoming attack. The communiqué said that the man was “ready for carry out an attack on national soil.”

Petitjean, the second assailant in Tuesday’s assault, was a known entity to law enforcement whose name was on the French terror watch list as an Islamic radical for attempting to travel to Syria via Turkey earlier this year.

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BREAKING: Al-Nusra Front Officially Breaks From Al-Qaeda…

Update to this story.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.36.43 PM

Protesters Throw Coffin Over DNC ‘Wall’, Signifying Death Of Party, Chant “Hell No, DNC, We Wouldn’t Vote For Hillary”

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.23.22 AM

DNC Delegate Objects To Chant, “USA, USA”, Yells, “Stop That, That’s A Trump Chant!”

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.13.41 AM

No, USA as a chant preceded Trump, but the fact that he thinks chanting USA objectionable because of its use by Trump, is just sad.

Report: Hillary Clinton Did Not Want Uniformed Police Officers On Floor Of The Convention…

Pelosi: White Men Aren’t Backing Hillary Because They’re Stupid Homophobes, Gun Nuts and Jesus-Freaks..

Racist and sexist, she’s a double threat.

DNC Speaker Shouts She Had An Abortion, Crowd Goes Wild…

Ghoulish to say the least.

Trump: Biden Is “Not A Very Smart Guy”…


To state the obvious.

Via Politico:

Even before Joe Biden laced into Donald Trump in his convention speech as someone who “doesn’t have a clue,” the Republican nominee had registered his similarly low opinion of the vice president.

“Well Joe Biden is not a very smart guy,” Trump told Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade in an interview published Thursday, in Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, hours before Biden spoke some 125 miles down the road in Philadelphia on Wednesday night.

Trump took specific issue with Biden’s comments on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” earlier Wednesday in which the vice president remarked that the Republican nominee is “trying to be tough but he’s going to go out and carpet bomb.”

“He said I carpet bombed. That wasn’t me. That was Ted Cruz that said that,” Trump said. “You know, he used the expression ‘carpet bomb.’ Not to knock anybody, I’m just saying it was Ted Cruz that said it.”

Biden Screams His Way Through DNC Speech, Dems Go Wild When He Uses Word “Malarkey”…

Doesn’t take much to impress this crowd.

Sheriff’s Deputy In Montana Stabbed Multiple Times, Encounter Ends With The Taxpayer Relief Shot…


Doubt it was a member of Black Live Matter.


A Phillips County Sheriff’s deputy is in the hospital after being stabbed by a man south of Malta on Wednesday morning.

The deputy then shot and killed the man.

The names of the men involved have not yet been released.

According to the Montana Department of Justice, the deputy was responding to a report about a suspicious man walking along U.S. Highway 191 near mile marker 122.

The DOJ said in a press release that when the man was confronted, he attacked and stabbed the deputy “multiple times.”

The deputy discharged his firearm, killing the suspect.

The deputy is currently in Great Falls for medical treatment and observation; the nature and severity of his wounds has not been released.

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Video: Obama Refers To Himself 119 Times During Hillary Nominating Speech…

Subdued by Obama standards.

HT: Grabien

NFL Star Richard Sherman Defends Saying “All Lives Matter”…


As if that should be controversial.

Via Hypeline:

NFL star Richard Sherman voiced his opinion on the recent tensions between the police and black community, stating that ‘all lives matter’.

The Seattle Seahawks cornerback told the sports and culture blog The Undefeated this week that senseless killing is an “unfortunate” tragedy, whether the victims are black men gunned down by police or officers ambushed by twisted vigilantes.

“It’s frustrating on both sides, because you understand that police officers have a duty and a job,” Sherman said. “They sacrifice a lot to protect and serve. And I understand that some don’t do it the right way. I also understand that people shouldn’t get killed just because of the color of their skin.” […]

“I stand by what I said that All Lives Matter and that we are human beings,” the three-time All-Pro player said. “I want African-Americans and everybody else treated decently. I want them treated like human beings. And I also want the police treated like human beings. I don’t want police officers just getting knocked off in the street who haven’t done anything wrong.”