Ayatollah Khamenei Day After Obama Boasts He Secured Votes In Congress To Pass Iran Nuke Deal: U.S. “Epitome” Of “Arrogance”…

Just rubbing his face in it.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei gestures as he speaks to workers in Tehran

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Salon On Verge Of Tears Over “Right Wing’s Hideous Crusade” Against Michelle Obama…

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These line sums up the entire article:

That’s right. Rush Limbaugh thinks Michelle Obama is fat.

Need I say more?

Awesome! SC Gov. Nikki Haley Rips Black Lives Matter For Causing Fellow Blacks To “Live In Terror”….


Compared to the DNC, who recently passed a resolution praising Black Lives Matter (BLM promptly disavowed it).

Via Raw Story:

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley blasted the Black Lives Matter movement Wednesday for inflaming racial tensions that saw American cities such as Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, vandalized in the last year. Instead of rioting and screaming at police officers, activists should learn from the example set by black and white residents and officials in South Carolina, where an unarmed black man was killed by police and a hate-fueled shooting unfolded at a historically black church this year, said Haley in a sweeping speech on race and inequality at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

“Black lives do matter, and they have been disgracefully jeopardized by the movement that has laid waste to Ferguson and Baltimore,” Haley said of the social justice group that has spread around the country in the last year. “Most of the people who now live in terror because local police are too intimidated to do their jobs are black.”

The provocative remarks came as the Republican governor’s national political profile has been on the rise. Haley became more prominent after her leadership on removing the Confederate battle flag from the South Carolina State House after the racially motivated June 17 shooting at a Charleston church. Haley, the state’s first female and first minority chief executive and a potential vice presidential contender in 2016, is seen by many GOP officials as a draw for minorities who have voted in wide margins for Democrats in the last presidential election. But critics said a lack of diversity in her administration and her somewhat narrow view of racism betrays the idea that she is the new face of the Republican Party.

Reuters: Another 57 Classified Emails Found On Hillary’s Private Server Of Her Talking With Spy Chiefs, PMs…

Hillary Makeup

If one of us did this we’d be making arrangements for bail… Hillary gets to run for president.

Via Reuters:

Clinton, front-runner to be the Democratic candidate in the November 2016 presidential election, has faced steady criticism from political opponents since it emerged in March that she used a private set-up rather than a government-issued state.gov email address.

Clinton has maintained she did nothing wrong. She says she sent no information via email that was classified at the time, and received no material marked that way.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is examining Clinton’s server to see whether information was mishandled. No evidence has emerged suggesting Clinton’s email practices harmed national security.

A review last month by Reuters of previously released Clinton emails found 30 email threads that the State Department has marked to show they include information shared in confidence by foreign government officials, from prime ministers to spy chiefs.

U.S. government regulations examined by Reuters say this sort of information, whether written or spoken, must be classified from the start, and handled through secure, government-controlled channels.

The Clinton-Mitchell correspondence is one of 57 email threads found by Reuters in the latest batch of emails released on Monday that the State Department has marked as including the same type of information.

In all the 87 email threads examined by Reuters, the State Department has blanked out the confidential information in the public copies, adding the classification code “1.4(B)”, denoting foreign government information.

UNREAL: Hollywood Lib Cher’s “Heart Breaks” As Much For Cops Murdered In Recent Killing Spree As The Thugs Who Killed Them…

“We Dial 911,What # Do They Dial?!”

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72 College Historians Sign Letter Saying Jefferson Davis Statue In Capitol Is Offensive, Must Be Removed….

OMG! Feelings were hurt!

Via Campus Reform:

College and university historians in Kentucky say that a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis in the state’s Capitol rotunda promotes “miseducation,” even after the addition of a plaque explaining the statue’s historical context.

In a letter addressed to Democrat House Speaker Greg Stumbo and other members of the Kentucky Legislature, 72 historians representing 16 Kentucky colleges and universities expressed their “unambiguous opinion … [that] the statue offers a visceral and potent miseducation,” KY Forward reported Tuesday.

“The Davis statue conveys a powerful message,” the letter claims. “In the Rotunda, he is elevated in public space, on display as a beacon of Kentucky’s highest ideals.”

The statue of Davis is one of five such likenesses displayed in the Rotunda, alongside Davis’ Civil War counterpart Abraham Lincoln (who, like Davis, was born in the state), prominent 19th century politician Henry Clay, surgical pioneer Ephraim McDowell, and vice president Alben Barkley.

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Planned Parenthood Chapters Receive New Obamacare Grants…

Planned Parenthood

I’m sure the timing was just a coincidence.

Via Washington Times:

Planned Parenthood chapters in Iowa, Missouri and Montana received just over $1 million in federal grant funding Wednesday to help Obamacare customers sign up for coverage, even as Republicans in Congress battle to strip the women’s health provider of any federal funding at all amid raging controversy over its abortion practice.

The chapters were among 100 recipients of $67 million in so-called “navigator” grants doled out by the Obama administration Wednesday to nonprofits in 34 states that help people get covered under the Affordable Care Act.

Two thirds of the recipients had received grants in previous years, and a pair of the Planned Parenthood chapters — Planned Parenthood of the Heartland in Iowa and Intermountain Planned Parenthood in Montana — also received funding in 2013 and 2014.

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World’s First “Trans-Racial” Person Is Pregnant…

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Poor kid.

Via NY Post:

Controversial former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal says she’s pregnant.

Dolezal, 37, is in her second trimester and expects to have a boy, she told celebrity gossip site TMZ.

Dolezal, who went to great lengths to portray herself as African-American, resigned her post as president of the NAACP’s Spokane, Wash., chapter earlier this year after her white parents revealed her true background.

She declined to identify the dad of her expected child.
Dolezal has previously said she has two sons.

One is a 13-year-old she had with ex-husband Kevin Moore. The other is a 21-year-old African-American who grew up as her adopted brother — but later gained legal emancipation from their parents. Dolezal was appointed his guardian.

James Bond Author Branded A “Racist” For Saying Black Actor Is “Too Street”…

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Via HuffPo:

Earlier today, James Bond author Anthony Horowitz posted a public apology via Twitter following comments he made in a recent interview about actor Idris Elba. Talking to The Daily Mail on Aug. 29, Horowitz declared that Elba is “too street” to play Bond on the big screen. There was an almost instant outrage.

Horowitz’s comments were dismissed by livid Internet users and writers as racist, his use of “too street” a thinly veiled way of saying that Elba is simply too black to play the role. But Horowitz’s comments actually went far beyond race, demonstrating the way that sometimes stereotypes about black actors have everything to do with their blackness and how it relates to their perceived class.

When he said Elba was “too street” to be Bond, Horowitz wasn’t necessarily talking about race. After all, the author did offer his own dream casting for a black Bond: actor Adrian Lester, best known in the UK for his role as a suave conman on the television drama “Hustle.” Lester is a talented and capable actor but, more importantly in contrast to Elba, he’s posh, with a lilting, middle-class British accent.

Pregnant Mom Hit By A Car Receives A Little Extra Help From Police Officer

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Via Being Mommy:

A pregnant mother of two parked her car in the driveway and went to check the mailbox when she saw her car rolling straight towards her. Her two year old son, Flint, was inside the car; it’s believed he may have accidentally released the handbrake.

The back tire ran over Jennifer’s leg, trapping her under the car in the driveway. She suffered a broken thigh bone, broken ribs, and broken vertebrae in the upper spine.

As emergency crews worked for an hour to free Jennifer, Flint was handed to Constable Ben Timpson. The officer and father of three tapped into his parental instincts. He immediately sat down on the floor with Flint, doing anything he could to take his mind off of the traumatic scene. He pointed out the fire truck and the ambulance, and when Timpson began playing with Flint, the little boy began to smile and play along. Someone snapped a powerful photo that went viral, showing the officer working hard to keep Flint entertained among the chaos.

Even as Jennifer lay trapped under her car, she felt a sense of relief when she looked over and saw Flint safe and happy. Knowing that Timpson was taking such good care of her boy was reassuring to the terrified mom.

Constable Timpson and Flint were reunited in the hospital where Jennifer continues to recover. Miraculously, daily scans have confirmed the baby inside her belly was unharmed. “They’re just doing the job they’re employed to, but they’ve done it with a lot of heart for both me and my son,” Jennifer said.

This was Timpson playing with Flint at the accident:

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.32.24 PM

Visiting later at the hospital:
Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.32.33 PM
Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.32.42 PM

Black Lives Matter Activist, Amherst Post Doctoral Fellow Makes Death Threats Against City Official

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 8.59.09 PM

Such a sweet man. The school is supporting his ‘right to free speech’.

Via IJR:

Citing free speech, Amherst College is defending the right of an anti-police researcher to issue death threats to an upstate New York candidate for City Council.

Last week, Ben Brucato, who is listed on the faculty page for his work in Amherst’ Center for Humanistic Inquiry as a postdoctoral fellow, unleashed a slew of caustic comments about police on his social media account.

Brucato responded to an incident in Troy, New York, in which a carjacker opened fire and severely wounded two police officers before being shot and killed himself. The Amherst researcher started publicizing false information about the shooting, complained that officers who rushed to the scene had run stop signs, and insinuated that a black mayoral candidate who supported the white officers had performed oral sex on them.

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Report: 307,000 Veterans Died Waiting For Veterans Affairs Healthcare

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By the time the VA got around to it, they’d been dead for years.

(CNN)Hundreds of thousands of veterans listed in the Department of Veterans Affairs enrollment system died before their applications for care were processed, according to a report issued Wednesday.

The VA’s inspector general found that out of about 800,000 records stalled in the agency’s system for managing health care enrollment, there were more than 307,000 records that belonged to veterans who had died months or years in the past.

In a response to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs’ request to investigate a whistleblower’s allegations of mismanagement at the VA’s Health Eligibility Center, the inspector general also found VA staffers incorrectly marked unprocessed applications and may have deleted 10,000 or more records in the last five years.

In one case, a veteran who applied for VA care in 1998 was placed in “pending” status for 14 years. Another veteran who passed away in 1988 was found to have an unprocessed record lingering in 2014, the investigation found.

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MSM ‘Cleans Up’ Protesters Spelling Freddie Gray’s Name Wrong

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 12.01.40 PM

Here’s the NBC report:

Dozens of protesters demonstrated outside the courthouse Wednesday morning, holding yellow signs with slogans including, “Stop racism now” and “Indict, convict, jail.” One banner said “Justice 4 Freddie Carlos Gray.”

Here’s CBS:

Prior to the hearing beginning Wednesday, about 50 protesters gathered outside the Baltimore Circuit Court and were taking turns with the megaphone. They were carrying yellow signs with slogans including, “Stop racism now” and “Indict, convict, jail.” A banner said “Justice 4 Freddie Carlos Gray.”

Both stories stem from an AP report, but both also published the pictures clearly showing the incorrect spelling.

Sheriff Clarke: ‘Stop Trying To Fix The Police — Fix The Ghetto’

It takes a ghetto to raise a thug.

Via CNS:

Milwaukee County Sherriff David A. Clarke Jr. criticized the idea that President Barack Obama’s call for reforming the police is helping law enforcement and is instead weakening “the institution of policing,” adding that the solution is to “fix the ghetto” and stop trying to “fix the police.”

Sheriff Clarke made his remarks during an interview with Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade on Monday, who launched the discussion by talking about the execution-style killing of a deputy sheriff in Texas last Friday; the suspected killer, a 30-year-old black male, was arrested and charged with “capital murder” in that crime on Saturday.

When asked for his reaction, Sheriff Clarke said the headline should be “Black Man Shoots White Defenseless Police Officer” because, he continued, “I get sick and tired when it’s the other way around, when an officer defends his life, they always point out that it’s a white officer shooting an unarmed black suspect.”

“Look, President Obama has breathed life into this ugly movement,” said Clarke. “And it is time now for good, law-abiding Americans to rise up, like they did in Houston around that Chevron station [where the deputy sheriff was murdered], an outpouring.”

“But it just can’t be symbolic,” said the sheriff. “We now have to counter this slime, this filth coming out of these cop-haters.”

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HT: Doug Ross

Trump Ad On Iran Deal Skewers Obama

A terrible deal with Iran!

A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

Chinese Warships Spotted Near Alaska

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 8.34.08 PM

Pentagon says they “think” they might be ships that participated in a joint Russia-China naval exercise, but can’t say.

Via The Week:

President Obama isn’t the only one making a visit to Alaska this week, according to a new report from Pentagon officials. The U.S. military has spotted five Chinese navy ships off the coast of Alaska in the Bering Sea, heading in the direction of the Aleutian Islands.

The presence of the Chinese ships, including three combat ships, a replenishment vessel, and an amphibious ship, marks the first time that the U.S. military has reported seeing “any such activity in the area,” The Wall Street Journal reports.

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The U.N. Says Gaza Could Be Uninhabitable In Less Than 5 Years

Pakistani children

Oh well

Via VICE News:

Gaza could become uninhabitable by 2020 due to war, its economic blockade, debilitated infrastructure, and environmental concerns, according to a new UN report on Palestine released this week.

The findings of the UN’s Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) echoed an earlier assessment made by the UN in 2011, which determined that Gaza would not be livable by the start of next decade “without herculean efforts” to improve health, education, energy, water, and sanitation.

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Hillary Clinton Gets Crucial Endorsement From NYC Council Member Who Won’t Stand During Pledge Of Allegiance


Commie garbage.

Via: FreeBeacon:

The latest endorsement for Hillary Clinton comes from a New York City politician who has refused to stand during or recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States.

New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, who was born and raised in Puerto Rico and endorsed Clinton on Wednesday, is known for her decision not to stand up during the Pledge of Allegiance as a protest of her home territory’s current status.

Though Mark-Viverito has refused to explicitly state her opposition to pledging allegiance to the United States, her colleagues say it is a symbolic “protest” of the United States.

City Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz, also a Democrat, has said that Mark-Viverito told her that she does not stand because she wants Puerto Rico to be granted independence.

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Bill Nye, The Not Science Guy, Visits Tar Sands, Calls It Exploitation Of Nature


Bill Nye’s Wikipedia page states he’s a comedian and activist before mentioning his one ‘scientific’ credential- a B.S. in mechanical engineering. Very telling.


American science educator Bill Nye “the Science Guy” is in northern Alberta filming a climate change documentary.

Nye visited the tar sands and after taking an aerial tour of the mining areas told APTN National News it was a “depressive” sight to see.

“Producing all this oil that’s producing all this carbon dioxide, that’s not good from a global stand point,” said Nye.

“And from an environmental point of view locally, it’s astonishing and overwhelming.”

He went on to say that it’s difficult to describe witnessing the scale of industrial activity that is taking place and that he was “amazed” at the size of production happening in the tar sands, and the damage it is causing.

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Malkin: Eric Cantor, Poster Boy Of Beltway Crapweasels


What’s a crapweasel?

Via Truth Revolt:

Ooouuuch. My sides are still aching after last week’s comical announcement by GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush that he had snagged the coveted endorsement of notorious electoral reject Eric Cantor, the former House majority leader kicked to the curb by disgusted voters in Virginia’s 2014 primary election.

Newsflash to GOP elites: Getting Cantor’s support is not like landing a prized marlin. It’s like hooking one of those hideous bottom-feeding blobfish named the world’s ugliest creature.

Inside the Beltway, The Washington Post reported, “Cantor remains well-liked and respected in the Virginia business community and among the Republican donor class in the commonwealth.”

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