Al Jazeera Creates Video Mocking Americans On July 4th

AJ+, like RT America, all about teaching the young to despise America. Let’s leave out the oppressive societies both in Qatar (the country that runs AJ), and Russia (RT is Kremlin-run).

Via The Blaze:

Al Jazeera’s digital media platform AJ+ posted a Fourth of July-themed video mocking Americans as fat, cheese-eating, gun-toting, pill-popping, racist porn watchers.

While some on social media applauded the creation, others slammed the Qatar-owned network for using the holiday “to dump” on America.

Social media users got particularly riled up by the criticism coming from the channel owned by Qatar — a country where stoning is a legal punishment under Shariah law, women have second class legal status, writers can be imprisoned for criticizing the emir and abuse of foreign laborers has been repeatedly criticized by human rights groups.

The video is sarcastically titled “Americans Show Why USA Is The #1 Country In The World.”

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CNN Parrots Hillary Campaign Press Release On Ropegate…

Rope NH

We reported on this story yesterday. Not only were they led like sheep, but now they even parrot the Clinton press release to explain why they allowed themselves to be herded like sheep and criticizing Republicans. Campaign aides just happened to have rope on hand…

Gorham, New Hampshire (CNN)Hillary Clinton’s campaign used a rope to keep journalists away from the candidate on Saturday while she walked in this small town’s July Fourth parade.

The ensuing photos of journalists, including a CNN reporter, being somewhat dragged by a thin white rope as Clinton walked down Main Street caught fire online.

Initially, Clinton’s campaign was not using a rope to corral the press, allowing journalists to get close to her and ask her questions.

But campaign aides said they brought the rope out because they feared the press scrum of around a dozen reporters and photojournalists would obstruct the view of New Hampshire voters attending the parade.

The rope was held by two of Clinton’s advance staffers, who at times walked ahead of reporters, seemingly pulling them along the parade route.

“You guys, we are going to do 10 yards and a little more organized,” said one of the advance staffers after breaking out the rope.

In explaining why they were using the rope, the staffer said, “so maybe a voter could see her, that kind of thing.”[…]

But in addition to the corralled media and New Hampshire voters excited to see the presidential candidate, Clinton was followed by one vocal protester with a sign that read, “Benghazi.” The older man, whose sign had fake blood spattered on it, continually shouted at the former secretary of state.

“Hillary, where were you at 3 a.m. when the phone rang on September 11?” he yelled, referring to the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi that left four Americans dead. He also yelled “carpetbagger,” a reference to her 2000 Senate race in New York, and “Tell us when you were poor,” a reference to a 2014 comment about being “dead broke” when she and former President Bill Clinton left the White House in 2001.

As the protester continued to follow Clinton, volunteers from the campaign followed him, chanting “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary.”

Clinton was asked about the protesters, to which she responded, “I am just having a good time meeting everybody.”

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A Little Taste Of The Macy’s Fireworks…

Test Pilot: New Costly F35 Not Effective For Killing Or Surviving Attacks…


The F35 also can’t provide close ground support.

Via FOX News

How would the military’s new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft fare in a dogfight against an old F-16D fighter? Not well, according to a leaked test pilot report of mock air battles in January between the two aircraft.

The test pilot’s report was first reported by the website War is Boring, which covers military matters. The leaking of the report is under investigation by the Department of Defense, which says the test plane was missing some of the F-35’s most impressive technology, such as long-range abilities that allow it to avoid dogfights to begin with. has seen the report, which is scathing about the F-35’s abilities at points.

“It [the F-35] wasn’t effective for killing or surviving attacks primarily due to lack of energy maneuverability,” the unnamed pilot’s report concluded about the plane, which is the most expensive weapon in history and has cost more than $1 trillion dollars to develop and produce, after cost overruns.

But in a statement emailed to, the Department of Defense’s F-35 Joint Program Office defended their new plane, emphasizing that this particular test was done with a test F-35 called an “AF-2”, which lacks advanced equipment normally in F-35s that is designed to destroy enemy planes before they can reach the F-35.

“The F-35’s technology is designed to engage, shoot, and kill its enemy from long distances, not necessarily in visual ‘dogfighting’ situations,” the statement reads, adding that F-35s have won longer-range mock battles.

“There have been numerous occasions where a four-ship of F-35s has engaged a four-ship of F-16s in simulated combat scenarios and the F-35s won each of those encounters because of its sensors, weapons, and stealth technology,” it reads.

Not everyone is convinced. David Axe, founder and editor-in-chief of War is Boring, said that the lack of simple close-combat fighting ability is a big problem.

“This report confirms what observers have long suspected — that, despite ample warning, America made a bad bet with the F-35,” Axe told

“Anyone claiming that dogfighting is obsolete needs to read some history. The Pentagon made the same claim before the Vietnam War — and many Americans pilots died as a result when more agile MiG-21s shot down their cumbersome jets,” Axe said.

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San Francisco Illegal Alien Shooting Suspect Was Felon, Barred From Gun Possession

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 10.42.47 PM

Yay gun control!

Via Breitbart:

When Francisco Sanchez allegedly gunned down Kathryn Steinle at San Francisco’s Pier 14 on July 1, Breitbart News discovered that Sanchez had been deported from the country five times. We also discovered another interesting tidbit–Sanchez has seven felonies, which means he faces 100 percent gun control 100 percent of the time.

He is completely barred from gun possession and prohibited from having the gun with which he allegedly shot and killed Steinle.

The fact that the allegedly had one anyway proves again that gun control does not affect the behavior of criminals, but it does place law-abiding citizens in a scenario where it is harder for them to get the guns they need for self-defense.

According to NBC Bay Area, “Sanchez has seven prior felony convictions, four of which were for drug charges.” The felony “convictions took place in states including Texas, Oregon and Arizona.”

But those convictions–and the resulting ban on Sanchez purchasing or possessing a firearm–appear to have done nothing to keep him obtaining one and, worse still, using it. Moreover, California’s expanded background check requirement, their state gun registry, and their 10-round magazine limit were powerless to protect Steinle.

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White House Linked Dark Money Group Threatens Democrats On Eve Of Iran Nuke Deal

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 10.03.27 PM

Credo has been linked not only to the White House, but also to George Soros. It was the group that raised money to bail out Bree Newsome the woman who pulled the confederate flag down in South Carolina. Amazing, isn’t it, how things are all connected…

Via Free Beacon:

A prominent progressive organization linked to the White House and claiming to work for dozens of like-minded groups is threatening to attack any congressional Democrat who objects to a final nuclear deal with Iran, even before the terms of any such agreement have been finalized, according to an email obtained by the Free Beacon.

CREDO Action, the political arm of CREDO Mobile, declared this week in an secret email to journalists that it will punish congressional Democrats who fail to line up behind any deal sealed between the West and Iran.

“Democrats in Congress are the only remaining obstacle to finalizing today’s historic deal,” Zack Malitz, campaign manager for CREDO, said in a statement emailed to reporters on July 2, along with a note that details of the email were not to be published until a deal was actually announced. “Every Democrat should go on the record right now in support of the deal, and pledge to defend it from attacks in Congress.”

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Navy Vet Beaten In ‘Knock Out’ Attack In San Diego

San Diego, CA – Authorities on Wednesday circulated surveillance camera images of a youth sought for beating up a 52-year-old man at a La Mesa transit depot.

The victim had just exited a trolley about 8 p.m. June 13 when the assailant jumped him, punching him until he fell to the ground and then kicking him in the head, according to police.

By the time officers arrived, the attacker had fled, Lt. Angela DeSarro said. Police do not know why the victim was targeted.

The man, whose name was withheld, was taken to Alvarado Hospital, where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

A surveillance camera captured images of the aggressor, described as a black teenager with braided hair, wearing blue jeans, a white sweat shirt, red tennis shoes and a black baseball cap.

Greek Finance Minister Accuses Creditors Of Terrorism

Via The Blaze:

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said European action towards the country was “terrorism” in an interview with Spanish newspaper El Mundo and said a trillion euros would be lost if Greece was allowed to crash.

“What they’re doing with Greece has a name: terrorism,” Varoufakis said in the interview, published on Saturday.

“Why have they forced us to close the banks? To frighten people. And when it’s about spreading terror, that is known as terrorism.”

Asked why he was sure an agreement would be reached, even if Greeks vote ‘No’ in a referendum on Sunday on the terms of a possible new bailout deal, he said failing to agree would be too costly for both sides. The vote could decide Greece’s future as a member of Europe’s single currency.

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Biden Stands Alone, Tweets A Fourth Of July Message…

Joe fourth

Young Black Conservative Has Something To Say About George Takei’s Racist Remarks On Clarence Thomas

Here’s young black conservative, Patricia Forbes. With young people like CJ Pearson and Patricia Forbes, we have some real positive hope for the future:

HT: Right Scoop

Four-Time Deported Illegal Alien Murders Wife With Hammer In Texas

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 7.36.36 PM

Sshhh! We’re not supposed to mention this!

Via Breitbart:

Breitbart Texas has exclusively confirmed that a man who confessed to murdering his wife with a hammer in Laredo, Texas is a four-time deported illegal immigrant who would not have been in the U.S. had he not been able to illegally cross back into the country multiple times from Mexico after his deportations. In addition, the Laredo Police Department continuously encountered the man in violent episodes with his wife, yet did not notify Border Patrol, according to federal agents who spoke with Breitbart Texas on the condition of anonymity.

Several federal agents who work under the umbrella of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) spoke with Breitbart Texas on the condition of anonymity and identified the man as an illegal alien who had been deported on four previous occasions but continued to enter the U.S. illegally.

The Laredo Police Department admitted that this was the third violent encounter they had with the illegal immigrant and his wife. According to the federal agents who spoke with Breitbart Texas, the Laredo police did not notify Border Patrol that they were encountering a violent illegal immigrant. One federal agent told Breitbart Texas, “If the Laredo PD had notified Border Patrol, this woman would still be alive today. She is dead because officers of the Laredo PD failed to notify Border Patrol. Whether or not to notify Border Patrol agents is at the discretion of the individual police officer responding to the call. These officers chose not to call Border Patrol and a woman is dead now.”

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Tingles Marches For Hillary On The Fourth…

Tingles 4th - Copy

Tingles wasn’t confined to the rope crowd.

Feds Get Serious Over Computer Hacking: Charges Pending In OPM Baseball Team’s Data Breach


Feds have to preserve the integrity of the game.

Via The Hill

Federal investigators are recommending charges against at least one St. Louis Cardinals employee for allegedly intruding on a rival baseball team’s database, a report says.

The investigation accuses one or more Cardinals employees of accessing a Houston Astros database tracking player development, according to CNN.

It is also probing whether senior Cardinals management was aware of the spying.

CNN said one or more Cardinals front-office staffers might have violated federal law by accessing the Astros’ database, known as Ground Control.

The potential breach came after former Cardinals employee Jeff Luhnow left to be Houston’s general manager.

The investigation accuses the Cardinals of then unfairly prying into the Astros’ database amid concerns Luhnow had taken the Cardinals’ proprietary information to his new employer.

Luhnow has told investigators the Astros generated their own database system independently of his previous work in St. Louis.

Friday’s report follows the Cardinals’ announcement earlier this week that it had fired Chris Correa, the team’s director of scouting.

Correa was one of the investigation’s targets, CNN reported.

Cardinals General Manager John Mozeliak refused comment on his former employee’s release Thursday.

“I can confirm he was on administrative leave and was terminated yesterday,” he said Friday.

“I think, at this time, it’s just best to understand that it’s an open investigation and any other comments are not in anybody’s best interest,” Mozeliak added.

CNN said the FBI’s Houston office has completed its inquiry and is now awaiting action from the U.S. Attorney’s office.

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Hillary Being Followed By #Benghazi, Her Minions Attempt Cover-Up….

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 6.16.02 PM

Cover-up in process:

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 6.25.58 PM

Hillary Controls Media, Pulling Them Along By Rope (No Kidding!)…Update: Hillary Team Responds To Criticism, “While GOP May Spin A Yarn…”

Media has been a lapdog to for Hillary Clinton. Her closeness to them has been revealed more in her emails, as it seems as though they are arranging/approving stories together.

But here she is, according to the NY Time’s Maggie Habermas, actually leading them along by the nose, on the end of a rope:

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 6.17.26 PM

Just enough space not to be able to ask any questions:
Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 4.28.34 PM


Uh yeah, you lead them around like puppy dogs, and somehow that’s ‘a GOP yarn’? Try a new one…
Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 5.59.12 PM

Hispanic Activists Burn American And Confederate Flags In Tampa To End “Racist Violence”

Tamp Burning

The special and unique snowflakes didn’t advertise the event beforehand.


On the eve of the anniversary of our nation’s independence, some gathered in protest and set fire to the American flag. The rally at Curtis Hixon Park was advertised to “End Racist Violence,” but the message was quickly lost as the stars and stripes went up in flames.

“I’m not sure what message that sent. We just organized the event to make sure people came here and had an outlet to express themselves. We didn’t plan every detail,” said Alekos Zambrano of Raices en Tampa. He organized the protest that brought out dozens.

After burning the American flag, the group found a confederate flag and also burned that. Members of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement spoke to the crowd saying the American flag and the confederate flag are one in the same. Jesse Nevel called the American flag “a piece of s—.”

“To us the Confederate flag and the American flag, those represent the same thing which is that this country, this social system was built on slavery and genocide,” said Nevel.

Others who came to support the intended message of the rally, did not support the flag burning. “It’s important to show solidarity with people of color because we’re all in this together. We all have a responsibility to try and make sure that people are safe and continue that American dream,” said Kathy Morris.

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80% Chance Joe Biden Will Run For President, Third Time’s The Charm…


Run, Joe, Run!


Vice President Joe Biden has long harbored dreams of being president. He’s run twice before, clearly relishes political life, and has yet to rule out a third try – even as Hillary Clinton dominates in fundraising and in polls of Democrats.

After the death on May 30 of Mr. Biden’s beloved elder son, Beau, such talk was put on hold. But in recent days, speculation has begun to soar. New York businessman Jon Cooper, a former Obama fundraising bundler now working on a draft effort to get Biden into the race, told the Monitor Thursday that he puts the probability of Biden running at 80 percent.

“I’m as convinced as I can be that Joe Biden will be entering the presidential race,” said Mr. Cooper, who bases his assessment on signals from Biden’s inner circle, though he can’t name names.

Cooper has been sounding out potential donors, and already has commitments from five Obama contributors. On Thursday, Cooper signed on as national finance chair for an independent effort called Draft Biden 2016. Launched in March, the Chicago-based group has collected more than 100,000 signatures, and now has staff on the ground in early nominating states – Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. The group has also hired a national fundraising firm.

Biden could also find encouragement in a new CNN/ORC national poll released Wednesday. Without lifting a finger, he is running second in the Democratic field, at 16 percent. Though Biden is well behind former Secretary Clinton (57 percent), he’s in a statistical tie with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) of Vermont (14 percent), who has been campaigning hard and drawing crowds numbering in the thousands. Perhaps more important, Biden is national Democrats’ second-choice candidate, with 35 percent saying he’s their second choice and 14 percent choosing Sanders. If Clinton were to falter seriously, Democrats’ second-choice candidate could be the biggest beneficiary.

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Pizza For Patriots! Troops Overseas Getting Pizza For The Fourth Of July

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 4.24.00 PM

Via ABC:

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) – Nearly 10,000 American troops overseas are getting a slice of American pie for Independence Day.

Chicago-based Pizza 4 Patriots is sending 5,500 pizzas to troops in Afghanistan and Kuwait to give them a taste of home on the 4th of July.

The pizzas were donated by Buffalo-based Rich Products and delivered by DHL Express.

Pizzas 4 Patriots was created in 2008 when retired Master Sergeant Mark Evans and his son Kent had the idea to deliver freshly frozen pizzas to U.S. troops serving abroad to show appreciation for their service.

Since then, the program has sent more than 155,000 pizzas to U.S. military personnel overseas.

The Moment Everyone Has Been Waiting For: Obama Sends His Fourth Of July Tweet…

4th Obama


Honolulu Is Considering Demolition Of World War I Memorial To Make Way For A Beach…


Another chapter in the rewriting of history.

Via The DC

As America celebrates the 4th of July, and the world commemorates the centennial of World War I, one U.S. state is in danger of losing a memorial to its veterans killed in action.

The city of Honolulu is considering demolishing its official memorial to the fallen of World War I and moving a portion of the memorial across the street to the site of a separate remembrance plaque. Ten thousand service members from the then-Hawaiian territories fought in the Great War; 101 were killed.

Descendants of those killed are fighting the city over the fate of the Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium. First opened in 1927, the salt water swimming pool fell into disrepair after years of neglect and was closed in 1979.

Despite being listed as a “national treasure” by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and recognized by the World War I Centennial Commission and American Battle Monuments Commission as unique among our national war memorials, it is under threat by interests who want to tear it down to make way for a beach and who cite the high cost of repairing it.

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