Shaun King: U.S. Is At Fault For Not Addressing ‘Frustration’ Of Roanoke Shooter And Other Spree Killers

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Getting the picture? If a black leftist like Vester Lee Flanagan kills people, he was a ‘victim’, ‘frustrated’, the victims were probably racists. If someone who any normal person would condemn like Dylan Roof commits murders, it’s the fault of the flag and ‘whiteness’.

Boehner Calls Ted Cruz A ‘Jackass’ At Colorado Fundraiser

Cruz Boehner

Kind of sounds like like Boehner’s a ‘wacko bird’. But I suppose we’re lucky he didn’t cry when he said it…

Via Daily Caller:

Speaker of the House John Boehner stunned audience members Wednesday evening at a Colorado fundraiser by referring to Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz as a “jackass,” two people in attendance tell The Daily Caller.

At a Steamboat Springs event for GOP Rep. Scott Tipton, the Ohio Republican quipped that he likes how Cruz’s presidential campaign keeps “that jackass” out of Washington, and from telling Boehner how to do his job.

That remark rubbed some attendees the wrong way.

“I don’t think it’s terribly speaker-like, and I think it kind of goes against everything that Reagan ever said about disparaging Republicans,” said Ed MacArthur, the president of Native Excavating, who attended the fundraiser.

“It’s becoming very disturbing to me that we can’t have good, polite conversation,” MacArthur said. “It all has to be at the throat.”

But MacArthur added: “I do believe he’s got the right to say it.”

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Roanoke Killer Passed Multiple Background Checks, Waiting Period to Obtain Guns

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But the left will push for more background checks which would not have prevented this.

Via Bearing Arms:

Vester Lee Flanagan, the former journalist who murdered two of his former colleagues and seriously injured the woman they were interviewing at Smith Mountain Lake, legally obtained the Glock 19 9mm handgun used in the attack from a Virginia FFL after he put a deposit down on the pistol, waited a week, after passed multiple background checks.

Thomas Faison, a spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said Wednesday investigators had recovered a Glock 19 pistol that belonged to Flanagan.

Faison said the gun had been purchased “weeks ago,” and that he had apparently passed a required background check. Flanagan also had a second gun, Faison added.

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Caption This…

Oh no, it’s Godzilla!!


Feel Good Video Of The Day….

Sniper grants ISIS fighter his dream of “martyrdom.”

Disgrace: New York Daily News Exploits Racist Killings Of Roanoke Journalists – UPDATE: Same Paper Blurred Out Image Of Mohammed Cartoon…

(Hack, spit)


UPDATE: Flashback January 7th.

NY Daily News’ Report On Paris Terror Attack Blurs Out Image Of Hebdo’s Mohammed Cartoon


Pro-Life Leaders Demand Removal Of ‘Racist’ Margaret Sanger Bust From National Portrait Gallery…


Waiting for the left to respond.

Via Daily Signal:

A group of pro-life leaders will hold a press conference Thursday in Washington, D.C., to demand that a bust of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, be removed from the National Portrait Gallery.

The bust of Sanger is currently displayed in the National Portrait Gallery’s “Struggle for Justice” exhibit.

In an interview, ForAmerica Chairman Brent Bozell, who will attend the conference, told The Daily Signal that the bust “doesn’t belong in a taxpayer-funded museum.”

For her image to stand alongside the likes of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks, he said, “is an insult.”

Bozell called Sanger an “unequivocal racist,” who attended Ku Klux Klan rallies.

Bozell said the pro-abortion movement has become “so militant, so radicalized,” that they “celebrate her as their patron saint.”

“In a very real way, Margaret Sanger symbolizes Planned Parenthood,” Bozell said.

The exhibit website hails Sanger’s “crusade” against “laws forbidding dissemination of contraceptive information.” The website acknowledges her “association with the eugenics movement,” but asserts that eugenics was a philosophy “that for a time was endorsed by many of the era’s prominent thinkers.”

Upon learning that Sanger was included in the exhibit alongside figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Susan B. Anthony, Bishop E.W. Jackson, the president of STAND, enlisted fellow pastors and launched a petition to request that the museum remove the bust from the exhibit. More than 13,000 people signed the petition, but the museum declined the request.

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Missouri Woman Sees Donald Trump In Her Butter…

So, people still take LSD?

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Hillary Shuts Down Black Lives Matter Protesters After They Try Again To Disrupt A Campaign Event: “I’m Going To Keep Talking”


Be careful, Pant Suits, every poll shows your base of support is non-whites (especially women), whereas white liberals break overwhelmingly for Comrade Bernie.

Via Daily Caller:

Hillary Clinton shut down a group of Black Lives Matter protesters during a campaign event in Cleveland on Thursday.

“I will certainly be happy to meet with you later, but I’m going to keep talking,” Clinton said halfway through her speech at Case Western University, in response to several protesters with Black Lives Matter and another group, GetEQUAL.

The activists were chanting the names of black transgender people who have been murdered recently. The disruption came just moments after Clinton said “we do have to stand up and say loudly and clearly ‘black lives matter.’”

Inside The Home Of The Roanoke Killer: Descent Into Madness- Cat Urine, Feces And Sex Toys

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Read on, if you have a strong stomach.

Via Telegraph:

[Vester Lee Flanagan] left behind an apartment filled with his personal effects, including photographs of himself during his days as a television journalist and posters that appear to be of male pin-ups.

In a raid on the apartment on Wednesday, police reportedly confiscated a gay pride flag. They also found “many” sex toys, which may have “human material” on them, the source told this newspaper.

In a “suicide note” sent to ABC news, Flanagan said he was discriminated against in life for being gay and said he had sometimes worked as an escort for money.

The apartment was dark and dank when police raided it on Thursday. A large pool of cat urine on the floor of the kitchen had been hastily covered in a towel. Cat faeces were also found smeared on the balcony.

He reportedly owned two cats, but neighbours said they had gone missing since the shooting on Wednesday. In the suicide note, Flanagan said he had killed the creatures in a forest.

The disturbed former journalist, who was fired from several jobs, including WDJB, where Ms Palmer and Mr Ward worked, because of problems with controlling his anger, is said to have been extremely aggressive to his male neighbours.

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Report: Vester Flanagan Planned To Disguise Himself And Continue Murder Spree, Sending Out More Messages…



Via Slate:

Much of Virginia shooter Vester Flanagan’s demented justification for murdering former WBDJ7 colleagues Alison Parker and Adam Ward on live TV became clear very quickly because Flanagan had set up a Twitter account to claim he’d been discriminated against and sent a 23-page fax/manifesto to ABC News less than two hours after his attack. A tweet Thursday from NBC reporter Tom Winter indicates that Flanagan may have had plans for even more of a media blitz when he was caught by police later Wednesday and (apparently) committed suicide.

So Flanagan was carrying correspondence he seemingly intended to mail, material to disguise himself, some sort of plan for further activity when he was caught four hours away from the site of the shooting (after reportedly switching vehicles). Assuming the multiple magazines were loaded, he also had a substantial amount of ammo and was prepared to use it quickly.

Suspect Arrested In Murder Of Ferguson 9 Yr Old, Jamyla Bolden, Killed While Doing Homework By Shots Into Her Hosue


If he’s the right guy, fry him.

FERGUSON • Police have arrested a man they believe murdered 9-year-old Jamyla Bolden as the girl did her homework at her home.

Police sources tell the Post-Dispatch that officers are now seeking charges against the suspect at St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert P. McCulloch’s office.

Jamyla and her mother, who was injured in the shooting, were not the shooter’s intended targets, according to a source.

Ferguson police identified the suspect, and St. Louis County police with the assistance of U.S. marshals arrested him on their behalf at a hospital late Wednesday, according to sources. The suspect was not a patient there.

Jamyla’s father James Bolden, said he had yet to be contacted by police about the arrest.

The girl was killed while doing homework in her mother’s bed on the night of Aug. 18.

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Tip came in because of reward offer:
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No Joke: University Researchers Say They Can Cure Four-Year-Old Kids Of Their Racism…


Al Sharpton has reportedly dispatched a hit squad to take out the research team.

Via Daily Mail:

Children as young as three months old have been found to have a bias towards women who are the same race as themselves.

Now, a University of Delaware scientist has discovered a simple exercise that he claims can undo this unconscious racial biases in young children.

Using the technique of measuring how much time the babies spend looking at pictures of faces, Paul Quinn has spent a decade studying how infants classify race and gender. […]

In their latest study, published in July in the journal Developmental Science, Quinn and his collaborators in China used photos of African and Asian faces and morphed them together to create ambiguous images that looked equally African and Asian.

Some of the faces had pleasant expressions, while others looked more severe.

When researchers showed the images to four- to six-year-olds in China, the children identified the happy faces as Asian – the category they were used to seeing – and the angry faces as African, a group they rarely saw in daily life.

The scientists’ wanted to see whether the children’s unconscious racial biases could be disrupted.

They showed the youngsters five different African faces and gave each of the individuals a name, repeating the process until the children could identify each of the five faces by name.

When the children then looked at the happy and angry ambiguous-race photos again, their bias in favour of their own racial group had dropped dramatically.

Lindsey Graham: Trump’s “Dark Side” GOP Supporters Think Obama Is A Muslim…

Immigration Reform

I suspect Lindsey wet his bed last night… again.

Via TPM:

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC) said in an interview with CNN on Tuesday that fellow candidate Donald Trump has tapped into the “dark side” of the GOP.

Graham was explaining how his rival has managed to dominate the Republican presidential race, polling as high as 35 percent depending on the survey. Graham said the support still represented a minority of the GOP.

“Twenty-five percent of our party that probably thinks Obama was born in Kenya or wants to believe that. There’s 25 percent of our party wants him to be a Muslim because they hate him so much,” Graham said. “So, there’s a dark side of politics that Mr. Trump is appealing to.”

Graham initially used the interview to defend his dismal poll numbers in his home state, South Carolina, but pivoted into a more specific attack on the GOP frontrunner. He said a Trump nomination would “kill” the GOP.

“The leader of our party has come up with a deportation plan that is Joseph McCarthy-like and he is saying things about Megyn Kelly and other women that are digging a big hole. And the chairman of our party said Trump was a net positive. Let me tell you, I think he’s hurting our party.”

Islamic State Throws 9 Men Off Building In Mosul For Being Gay…

And yet the Obama regime continues to claim this has nothing to do with Islam.

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Must Read: 190 Retired Generals And Admirals Write Open Letter Opposing Iran Deal

Sally Kohn: Roanoke Killer ‘Acted Out A Sense Of Victimization I Have No Reason To Believe Not Justified’

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Translation: blame the victims for this evil man’s actions, despite the fact that he has long history of unfounded claims.

MSNBC Demotes Al Sharpton From 5 Days To One, New Show Airs Sunday Mornings At 8:00 AM…

Al Sharpton

End of an era (not like it’s a bad thing).

Via The Hill:

The Rev. Al Sharpton will only appear on MSNBC on Sunday mornings as part of a programming shakeup, according to a new report.

Variety reported on Wednesday that Sharpton’s daily “PoliticsNation” program is ending its run on Sept. 4 after four years on MSNBC.

He begins his new show during the cable channel’s 8 a.m. timeslot on Sundays on Oct. 4, it added.

Twitter Cards“I want to congratulate Al and his team,” MSNBC President Phil Griffin said in a memo sent to staff Wednesday evening. “For four years they have done a terrific job bringing his voice and a big spotlight to issues of racial justice, civil rights and equality.”

“And, as many of you know, the Rev. has never missed a show,” he added. “I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do with a Sunday morning newsmaker program.”

Griffin said on Wednesday evening that MSNBC plans on temporarily filling Sharpton’s former 6 p.m. weeknight slot with breaking news coverage.

UNREAL: Hillary Compares Republicans “Extreme Views On Women” To Islamic Terrorists…

Talk about flailing wildly.

CLINTON: “Now, extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups. We expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world. But it’s a little hard to take coming from Republicans who want to be the President of the United States. Yet, they espouse out of date and out of touch policies. They are dead wrong for 21st century America. We’re going forward. We’re not going back.”

UN Says Iran Building Expansion At Military Site Used By Their Nuclear Weapons Program…

Ayatollah Khamenei thumbing his nose at Obama… again.

VIENNA – Iran appears to have built an extension to part of its Parchin military site since May, the UN nuclear watchdog said in a report on Thursday delving into a major part of its inquiry into possible military dimensions to Tehran’s past atomic activity.

A resolution of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Parchin file, which includes a demand for IAEA access to the site, is a symbolically important issue that could help make or break Tehran’s July 14 nuclear deal with six world powers.

The confidential IAEA report, obtained by Reuters, said: “Since (our) previous report (in May), at a particular location at the Parchin site, the agency has continued to observe, through satellite imagery, the presence of vehicles, equipment, and probable construction materials. In addition, a small extension to an existing building appears to have [been] constructed.”

Diplomats say any activities Iran has undertaken at Parchin since 2012 are likely to have undermined the agency’s ability to verify intelligence suggesting Tehran previously conducted tests there relevant to nuclear bomb detonations.