How A White Nationalist Fooled The Media About Florida Shooter

Media was in a feeding frenzy.

Via Politico:

Following misrepresentations by a white nationalist leader and coordinated efforts by internet trolls, numerous researchers and media outlets spread a seemingly false claim that the man charged with killing more than a dozen people at a Florida high school belonged to an extremist group.

Law enforcement agencies say they have no evidence so far to support this claim, and the rumor appears to have been perpetrated by white nationalist trolls themselves.

On Thursday afternoon, the Anti-Defamation League reported that a white supremacist group claimed ties with Nikolas Cruz, who confessed to the shooting spree that killed at least 17 people, including many high-school students, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

“A spokesperson for the white supremacist group Republic of Florida (ROF) told the Anti-Defamation League on Thursday, February 15, that Nikolas Cruz [….] was associated with his group,” the ADL reported. The ADL quoted a man named Jordan Jereb, who runs the small group, which is based in Tallahassee.

“Jereb added that ROF had not ordered or wanted Cruz to do anything like the school shooting,” the ADL wrote in a blog post that was quickly picked up by ABC News and The Associated Press, and later percolated through dozens of other media outlets. Even The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website, picked up the claim.

Some outlets reported they had their own conversations with Jereb or classmates of Cruz who allegedly corroborated the association of Cruz with ROF.

But a few hours later, after law enforcement agencies said they had no evidence linking Cruz to ROF, Jereb said his identification of Cruz was a “misunderstanding” and that he, too, had been the subject of a “prank.” On online forums and Twitter, trolls and white nationalists gloated at the disinformation they had sowed.

“All of our evidence seems to point to the ADL getting this wrong,” said Joan Donovan, a researcher who tracks online misinformation campaigns for Data & Society, a think tank in New York City.

The ADL subsequently revised its report, as did many news outlets.

“ADL shared information from our experts on extremism and claims from white supremacist that we believed could be helpful to both law enforcement and the public due to the fluid and evolving nature of the events,” an ADL spokesperson said in a statement on Friday. “Confirmation of whether Cruz was part of ROF is now in the hands of law enforcement, and that’s what the Broward sheriff’s team is looking into.”

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Obama Failed To Act On Russian Threat Since 2014

Via Fox News:

Some Republicans are claiming the new FBI federal indictments in the Russia probe prove that the Obama administration “failed to act” on the intelligence that Moscow’s meddling in U.S. elections began in 2014

California GOP Rep. Devin Nunez, now chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, pointed out Friday that the committee has investigated Russian “influence” on campaigns for “many years.” He said he’s warned others about such threats since 2014, when he was a rank-and-file member of the committee.

“Although the Obama administration failed to act on the committee’s warnings, it’s gratifying to see that Russian agents involved in these operations have now been identified and indicted,” said Nunez. He argued in April 2016 that the United States’ failing to predict Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intentions was “the biggest intelligence failure that we’ve had since 9/11.”

Former Utah GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz, now a Fox News contributor, suggested Saturday that the indictment shows that at least two top Obama administration intelligence officials — CIA Director John Brennan and National Intelligence Director James Clapper — “weren’t on top” of the Russia threat.

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Bubba Wallace Set To Make History As Black Driver In Daytona

The true test is on the track, ask Danica Patrick.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Richard Petty rarely visits pit road after a race anymore and usually with good reason. The Hall of Fame driver’s eponymous race team has toiled for decades in mediocrity, with checkered flags all but extinct.

Bubba at Daytona changed the game.

Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr. had driven the iconic No. 43 car to a third-place finish in a Daytona 500 qualifying race, setting off a celebration for Richard Petty Motorsports almost worthy of winning NASCAR’s marquee race itself.

The King strolled to the pits and hugged Wallace. The 80-year-old Petty wrapped his arm around Wallace , and they walked off smiling toward what each side hoped was the start of a fruitful alliance.

“I just had a guard walk me from pit road to the media center. His name is Richard Petty. I’ve never seen him so excited in my life,” Wallace said.

That Wallace can energize Petty may symbolize as much a true passing of the torch as NASCAR could want: Petty and his deep kinship with old-school fans and the 24-year-old Wallace, a video game playing, social media darling about to make history as the first black driver since 1969 in the Daytona 500.

Busting down racial barriers in a sport long reserved for whites is heavy stuff for Wallace, and he’s keenly aware all eyes are on him. Heck, the rookie invites the glare from his fans and haters, starring in his own eight-episode docu-series “Behind the Wall: Bubba Wallace ,” on the Facebook Watch show page.

Wallace, the son of a white father and black mother, has openly talked of becoming the Tiger Woods of NASCAR — a black star who can transcend the sport and prove people of all colors can race and flourish in corporate America.

“There’s a lot of stuff that’s riding on this weekend. I know it. I pay attention to it,” Wallace said. “I follow a lot of people on social media, and it’s being put out there. But I’m doing my best at managing it, keeping it behind me, and that’s the best thing I can do.”

Wallace is one of at least eight black drivers in NASCAR’s 70-year history who reached the Cup level: Elias Bowie, Charlie Scott, George Wiltshire, Randy Bethea, Willy T. Ribbs and Bill Lester. Wendell Scott, who made the last start for a black driver in the Daytona 500, is the only one to win a Cup race, on Dec. 1, 1963. The next win at a NASCAR national event by a black driver came in 2013 when Wallace took the Truck Series checkered flag at Martinsville.

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Federal Judge Deals Heavy Blow To Fusion GPS In Dossier-Related Lawsuit

Via Daily Caller:

A Trump-appointed federal judge said Friday that he will not recuse himself from a lawsuit related to the Steele dossier.

Trevor McFadden, a judge in Washington, D.C., issued the ruling in response to a recusal request submitted last month by Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm that commissioned the dossier.

Fusion sought McFadden’s recusal as part of an attempt to avoid complying with a subpoena issued by a Russian businessman who is suing BuzzFeed News for publishing the unverified dossier. The businessman, Aleksej Gubarev, seeks depositions and documents from Fusion GPS as part of the lawsuit.

Fusion has argued that McFadden has several potential conflicts of interest warranting his removal from the case.

The firm pointed to McFadden’s past work for a law firm that represented a Russian banker who is suing Fusion GPS over the dossier, which was written by former British spy Christopher Steele. McFadden should also step down from the case, Fusion argued, because of volunteer work he did for the Trump campaign.

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Left Eats Left: Progressive Activists Launch Takeover Bid Of Cuyahoga County Democratic Party

Moving farther left, a plus for Bernie.

Via Cleveland Com:

Progressive activists, along with a suburban mayor who lost last year’s party leadership fight, say they have filed hundreds of candidates in their insurgent bid to seize control of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party’s central committee.

It’s not clear how viable the takeover effort is. But the internal fight has raised tensions and could disrupt the party in an election year when Democrats otherwise have the potential to make big gains in Ohio. Cuyahoga County is of key political importance to Democrats statewide, and a functioning party organization helps raise money and organize voters.

Trevor Elkins, mayor of tiny Newburgh Heights, said he personally has submitted petitions for about 100 candidates. Activists with the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus, an off-shoot of Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign, say their members have filed for more than 150 committee seats themselves.

County elections officials say nearly 1,000 candidates have filed to run for about 730 committee seats. As of Wednesday afternoon, more than 120 had withdrawn, many of whom may attempt to run as write-in candidates, and another 80 have been recommended for rejection, based on technical problems with their petitions, said Pat McDonald, the county elections director.

County party committee seats will appear on the May ballot, alongside elections for local state and federal candidates. In June, committee members will choose whether to re-elect still-new Party Chairwoman Shontel Brown. Around 115 committee members cast votes at the party meeting last summer that saw Brown elected as the party’s first black and first female leader in its history.

In an interview, Elkins said his campaign isn’t about installing himself as party chairman, but he didn’t rule it out. He also said his coalition will strengthen, not harm, Democratic electoral chances, since one of his group’s stated goals is to recruit committee members who will commit to helping increase voter turnout. It reflects activists’ frustration with party stalwarts, and a desire to push the party in a more progressive direction, he said.

“The slate of candidates that I’m running tend to be party activists, they tend to be younger folks,” Elkins said. “They tend to be people who are more energized and more active in doing things like getting out the vote, and working in their neighborhoods and their communities, whereas whoever else … [are] some of the same names that have been there for years.”

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ROTC Student: Football Coach Could’ve Stopped Shooter If He Had A Gun

Via Daily Caller:

A ROTC student who survived the Parkland, FL shooting said the hero football coach who shielded students could have stopped the shooter if he had a firearm.

Colton Haab, a 17-year-old student at Stoneman Douglas High School, was a hero in his own right during Wednesday’s shooting. Haab, a junior ROTC member, told Fox News that he shielded his classmates with bulletproof kevlar mats as the shooter swept the halls.

“We lined [the students] up into the wall and along the back of the wall…and from there I was standing with my first sergeant and I said, ‘these are kevlar, these are bulletproof material,’” Haab recalled. “We started moving the kevlar sheets forward.”

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Local Leaders Respond To Claims Charlotte Rally Was Organized By Russians

They jumped at the opportunity to join an anti-Trump rally.


Federal officials believe Russian nationals may have manipulated someone in the United States to help organize a rally in Charlotte.

The “Charlotte Against Trump” rally took place in November of 2016. People marched and chanted in opposition of then President-Elect Trump.

A 37-page indictment released by the United States Justice Department lists allegations against several Russian nationals. In total, 13 are facing charges connected to alleged meddling in the 2016 election.

“You know it’s obviously concerning when you see your city on such an important document like the one that came out here today,” Charlotte City Council member Braxton Winston said..

Winston was present at the 2016 anti-Trump rally that is mentioned in the indictment. At the time he didn’t think there was anything suspicious about the event.

“It was just like many of the other rallies I’ve been part of,” said Winston.

There was chanting and marching at the 2016 rally. Federal officials have said they think the goal of events like the Charlotte rally was to spread distrust towards candidates and the political system.

“The defendants posed as politically and socially active Americans advocating for and against particular candidates. They established social media pages and groups to communicate with unwitting Americans,” said United States Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein at a press conference Friday.

Jibril Hough, an activist and spokesperson for the Islamic Center of Charlotte, was also present at the Charlotte rally. He discredited the alleged meddling Friday.

“I didn’t need the Russians to tell me who to vote for. I didn’t vote for Trump or Hillary,” said Hough.

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Democrats Criticize Trump For Smiling, Giving Hospital Staff, First Responders Thumb’s Up For Their Response In Florida

The liberals even attacked the victim’s family for having the audacity for smiling with him. Unreal.

Via The Hill:

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) slammed President Trump on Saturday for sharing a photo of himself giving a thumbs up while visiting a hospital where victims of the Florida mass shooting are being treated.

“How can you stand there smiling and give a thumbs up when 17 Americans were killed in one of the nation’s deadliest school shootings?” Pocan tweeted. “Where is your courage to stand up to the @NRA, @realDonaldTrump?”

Trump tweeted a series of photos Friday night of himself alongside victims and medical professionals at the Florida hospital.

Trump also changed the photo in the header of his Twitter profile, which shows him giving a thumbs-up while standing alongside Florida lawmakers and law enforcement officials.

Social media users slammed Trump for the photos, accusing him of being insensitive.

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Anti-Cop Ex-Professor Calls Spate Of Officers Killed ‘Pig Death Stats’

He is doubling down on stupid.

Via Fox News:

A former criminal justice adjunct professor whose social media posts proclaimed his “privilege to teach future dead cops” has doubled down, this time referring to “pig death stats” in reaction to a recent spate of police officers killed on duty.

“My favorite thing about pig death stats is how they just lump all deaths on duty together whether they’re killed or just have a heart attack from all the donuts,” read a tweet from @ve_unblockedt, one of two known accounts for Michael Isaacson. The tweet was posted the same day a police commander was shot and killed in downtown Chicago, making him the 11th officer to be killed by gunfire across the country this year.

Isaacson, who has used the hashtag #abolishpolice, most recently taught at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, one of the nation’s highest-profile schools for students planning careers in law enforcement.

Isaacson, whose employment at John Jay ended last year, with no official announcement, on Tuesday also tweeted he had no second thoughts about the “future dead cops” tweet that sparked the original controversy. On the page, titled “antifascist superbowl champions,” he said: “Yeah i don’t regret my future dead cops tweet at all at all.”

Isaacson also tweeted in the aftermath of Wednesday’s deadly high school shooting in Florida. Comparing the killer to the U.S. military, Isaacson tweeted: “How you gonna cry tears about mass shooters and then turn around saying dumbass s— like ‘support our troops’?”

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ICE Arrests 212 Illegal Aliens In Sanctuary City, Los Angeles; Crack Down On Businesses Suspected Of Hiring Illegals

Target rich environment.

Via Daily Mail:

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers have rounded up more than 200 people for violating immigration laws during a five-day sweep in the Los Angeles area, which sparked a protest on Thursday.

In addition to arresting 212 undocumented immigrants, federal agents also served more than 100 notices to local businesses that they will be audited to determine whether they are employing people who are in the country illegally.

The raids triggered a demonstration by a small group of immigration advocates chanting ‘stop the deportations’ who blocked a Homeland Security van from entering the federal Metropolitan Detention Center.

Police were called in and issued a dispersal order but no one was arrested.

A statement from the agency said that 88 per cent of the 212 people arrested in the sweep were convicted criminals. The remaining 12 per cent were non-criminals.

More than half had prior felony convictions for serious or violent offenses, such as child sex crimes, weapons charges, and assault, or had past convictions for significant or multiple misdemeanors.

‘Because sanctuary jurisdictions like Los Angeles prevent ICE from arresting criminal aliens in the secure confines of a jail, our officers are forced to conduct at-large arrests in the community, putting officers, the general public and the aliens at greater risk and increasing the incidents of collateral arrests,’ said ICE Deputy Director Thomas Homan.

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Teen Driver And Wrong GPS Route Led To Terror Panic At NSA Complex, Passenger Says

A normal person wouldn’t floor it when seeing the police.

Via Baltimore Sun:

He was too drowsy to drive, so Javonte Alhajie Brown said he handed keys to his rented sport utility vehicle to a teenage friend. The 24-year-old entered a route on GPS from Southeast Washington to his brother’s house in a Maryland suburb.

Then, Brown and a back-seat passenger went to sleep.

They were soon jolted awake by the shouts of police officers from the National Security Agency, Brown said. Some banged on the vehicle’s doors and windows, he said, while others pointed guns that resembled assault rifles at their heads as the SUV continued moving.

At least one officer fired at the vehicle Wednesday morning, striking the windshield several times and leaving the unlicensed 17-year-old driver with an apparent shrapnel injury. The driver’s mother and Brown, in interviews Friday, describe the incident as a mistaken turn and question the use of potentially deadly force.

They said the driver turned in error onto a restricted access road leading to the top-secret installation at Fort George G. Meade, between Baltimore and Washington.

Brown said his friend panicked when he saw police and hit the gas.

“I woke up with him slapping me in the face screaming, ‘I’m going the wrong way. I don’t know how I got here,” said Brown, who works for a Maryland subcontractor laying sewer and water pipes. “I was screaming at him,” Brown said, ” ‘How the hell did you do this? And why aren’t you stopping?'”

Brown’s job had once taken him to the grounds near the NSA. “I knew where we were,” he said, “and I knew we shouldn’t be here.”

The security breach and gunfire set off a public safety scramble amid fear of a terrorist attack – quickly ruled out – at a sensitive installation. The FBI took over the case as local authorities closed roads during morning rush hour.

Brown said the gunshots came a split second before the SUV hit a concrete barrier adjacent to a visitor’s gate accessible from an exit off Md. Route 32, east of the Baltimore Washington Parkway. One sign points to the NSA; another says “restricted address.” A third warns: “Person/vehicle subject to search.”

Brown said they had been headed to an area near U.S. 29 and Patapsco Valley State Park. He chose the parkway route because he said his friend was more familiar with that road.

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Trump Visits With Students Including Stoneman Douglas Basketball Player Who Was Shot Several Times

Liberals on Twitter were berating Trump for smiling. Well, the family is smiling too, maybe everyone is happy the girl survived? So awful.

Via Sun Sentinel:

Stoneman Douglas High School girls basketball player Maddy Wilford — who was shot several times and ‘fighting for her life’ in the immediate aftermath of Wednesday’s Parkland shooting — is now in stable condition and received a visit from President Trump and the First Lady late Friday night.

Flocked by family members, Wilford was photographed with the President and First Lady, who traveled to South Florida and visited victims in the hospital. Wilford is currently recuperating at Broward Health North Medical Center in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

An Eagles’ teammate, who did not wish to be named, told the Sun Sentinel earlier on Friday that Wilford was stable after having her third surgery earlier in the day. The basketball team plans to visit her on Saturday.

Wilford’s improvement is a momentary boost for a community that’s been ravaged by unthinkable pain and heartache over the past three days. In Wednesday’s school shooting, 17 people were killed and 16 were injured.

Wilford, who wears No. 20 for the Stoneman Douglas basketball team, was supposed to be playing in a playoff game on Thursday, but instead, was in the hospital going through multiple surgeries.

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Parents Get The Vapors Over Florida Shooting Post Allegedly Written By Crossville, TN School Principal

Good morning, Weasel Zippers. He doesn’t sugar coat his thoughts.


Parents in Crossville were upset after reading a Facebook post that appeared to be written by the principal of Stone Memorial High School, Scott Maddox. A concerned viewer sent WATE 6 On Your Side a screen shot of it.

The post is about the suspected school shooter in Florida and part of it reads, “Execute him by firing squad during primetime on national television. To drive home the point, dress him in all white in front of a white block wall in front of the firing squad.”

During a phone call, Maddox did not confirm or deny he wrote it.

“That’s not something that needs to be put in their head because that is part of the problem,” said parent Pat Waits.

Some parents felt it’s inappropriate if their child’s principal put this online and said it deserves disciplinary action.

“It’s his personal opinion. That’s not something to put out for everyone to see because he knows the students were going to see it,” said Waits.[…]

Janet Graham, the superintendent of Cumberland County Schools, said in a statement: “Dr. Maddox’s comment seems to reflect his own personal frustration with the shocking increase in school shootings across our country especially in light of his own sense of responsibility for the students in his school. His views do not reflect the position of the Cumberland County Board of Education nor the administration. We pray not only for the families of those lost but also for an end to this disturbing trend.”

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HT: Toothless Dawg

Secret Surveillance Court Puts Pressure On DOJ To Consider Releasing Carter Page Warrant Records

Meanwhile, speaking of the real crimes and collusion. Legally the courts are right and it would be better to get it from the DOJ as it’s not a good idea ever to appear to be putting pressure on the courts to give up information. And it can set a bad precedent. The problem, of course, is the continued stonewalling of the DOJ.

Via Fox News:

The head of a top secret surveillance court, in an unusual letter to GOP lawmakers, seemed to put pressure on the Justice Department to consider releasing documents related to the 2016 surveillance warrant granted against a Trump campaign aide.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) was responding to requests from the House Intelligence and House Judiciary committees for transcripts of hearings and other documents related to the applications to spy on Trump aide Carter Page.

Republicans claim the Obama FBI relied heavily on the unverified anti-Trump dossier in their application and failed to adequately disclose the document’s Democratic funding.

But in two letters from the court Thursday, Judge Rosemary M. Collyer made clear to Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., and his House Judiciary Committee counterpart — Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va. — that the information would be better obtained from the Justice Department.

“While this analysis is underway, you may note that the Department of Justice possesses (or can easily obtain) the same responsive information the Court might possess, and because of separation of powers considerations, is better positioned than the Court to respond quickly,” Collyer wrote to Nunes.

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Ted Cruz Did A 15 Minute Interview With CNN – They Aired None Of It, Then Attacked Him For Not Coming On-Air

CNN, can’t go through a day without hitting the bullshit detector.

Via Daily Caller:

CNN was very upset that Republicans were not coming on their programming in the wake of the school shooting tragedy this week.

On Wednesday, a gunman opened fire at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, killing 17. Brian Stelter — CNN’s human-egg hybrid — personally whined that GOP congressmen were “scared” to come on their programming after the tragedy. “What are they afraid of?” a CNN graphic flashed on “New Day.”

One of CNN’s most intellectual personalities, Chris Cuomo, joined in on the dog piling. Cuomo — who is definitely a respected journalist and not an activist — called out Ted Cruz for allegedly refusing to answer questions on the issue of gun control.

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Bernie Sanders Silent On Claim That Russians Backed Him In 2016

Bernie is taking a sabbatical at his dacha.

Via Politico:

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders declined to directly address Friday’s revelation that Russian actors sought to boost his presidential primary campaign and sink Hillary Clinton’s in 2016, instead insisting that the special counsel’s investigation proceed unimpeded.

“It has been clear to everyone (except Donald Trump) that Russia was deeply involved in the 2016 elections and intends to be involved in the 2018 elections. It is the American people who should be deciding the political future of our country, not Mr. Putin and the Russian oligarchs,” Sanders said in a statement. “It is absolutely imperative that the Mueller investigation be allowed to go forward without obstruction from the Trump administration or Congress.” […]

Clinton and her spokesman have not yet commented on the indictments.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez said in a statement that “this indictment gives us a chilling look at just how sophisticated, well-funded and wide-ranging this attack on democracy really was. It should send chills up the spine of every American.”

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Trump Makes Surprise Visit To Pay Respects To Parkland Shooting Survivors And Medical Staff

Via Fox News:

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump visited Broward Health North Hospital on Friday night to pay respects to survivors and medical professionals involved in this week’s school shooting massacre.

The president and the first lady flew from Washington to Florida on Friday afternoon. “Incredible recovery,” Trump said while at the hospital. “Incredible. And first responders. Everybody. The job they’ve done is incredible.”

“It’s very sad something like that can happen,” Trump said after being asked if he’d met with victims. “But the job the doctors did, the nurses, the hospital, first responders, law enforcement — really incredible. The speed that they got the victims over to the hospital is record speed. In one case, 20 minutes. In one case, 19 minutes, from the time they were shot. It’s an incredible thing.”

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Hero Coach Who Laid Down His Life Protecting Students Was A Conservative Trump Supporter

Sad flipping through his Facebook, with which many might identify. If only he had been armed, since he clearly knew how to use a gun.

Via Daily Caller:

One of the heroes who lost his life during the Florida school shooting this week appears to have been a Trump supporter.

These are the Facebook “likes” of the late football coach Aaron Feis, who died using his body as a human shield to protect students from flying bullets at Stoneman Douglas High School. A survey of Feis’s Facebook activity shows a man who regularly shared conservative memes and someone who “liked” many conservative news outlets and personalities, such as Donald Trump.

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The 17 Victims Of The Tragic Shooting In Florida

Via Townhall:

Seventeen people lost their lives Wednesday in a tragic school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. A heroic teacher, an assistant football coach, and many, many beloved students were among the dead. Here is a list of the victims and their pictures.

Alyssa Alhadeff, a freshman soccer player, was among the victims of the horrific shooting Wednesday.

Alyssa Alhadeff, a 15-year-old freshman soccer player, was confirmed dead Thursday afternoon.

“To Alyssa’s friends, honor Alyssa by doing something fabulous in your life,” her family said in a statement. #Parkland
— New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) February 15, 2018

Her mother Lori wrote about her daughter in a heart-wrenching Facebook post:

My Daughter Alyssa was killed today by a horrific act of violence. I just sent her to school and she was shot and killed.

Alyssa was a talented soccer player, so smart, an amazing personality, incredible creative writer, and all she had to offer the world was love. She believed in people for being so honest. A knife is stabbed in my heart. I wish I could [have] taken those bullets for you. I will always love you and your memory will live on forever.

Please kiss your children, tell them you love them, stand by them no matter what they want to be. To Alyssa’s Friends honor Alyssa by doing something fabulous in your life. Don’t ever give up and inspire for greatness. Live for Alyssa! Be her voice and breathe for her. Alyssa loved you all forever!”

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HT: Dian Cecht

Justice Clarence Thomas Says He’s ‘Worn Down’ With Victimhood Culture

Victimhood and the race card have been overplayed.

Via Fox News:

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said in a rare public appearance Thursday he’s exhausted with how everyone seems to consider themselves a victim these days.

“At some point, we’re going to be fatigued with everybody being the victim,” Thomas, the second African American to serve on the Supreme Court, said during an on-stage interview at the Library of Congress in Washington.

Thomas, a conservative appointed to the bench in 1990 by President George H.W. Bush, recalled recently being with a young black woman in Kansas who told him, “I’m really tired of having to play the role of being black. I just want to go to school.”

“I just get worn down,” Thomas said.

The justice said his grandfather had a tough life but never considered himself a victim.

“When I was a kid, there were tons of people who were in really bad circumstances,” Thomas said. “My grandfather would not let us wallow in that.”

Thomas added: “He’s my hero. He’s the single greatest human being I’ve ever met. With nine months of education. But he never saw himself as a victim.”

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