ISIS Posts Address of Navy SEAL Who Killed Osama Bin Laden, Calls For His Death….


Via Mirror:

A British ISIS supporter has published the name and address of the Navy Seal who killed Osama bin Laden and called on American extremists to execute him.

Mirror Online has been monitoring jihadi chat on social media and has spotted several people linking to a text file containing instructions on how to find Robert O’Neill, who claimed to have killed the al Qaeda chief.

This information was shared by an unnamed British extremist, who dubbed O’Neill a “number one target” and called for his immediate death.

The address is now being shared on social media along with a sinister hashtag.

Dozens of extremists have now republished the Navy Seal’s private information, despite apparent censorship attempts by social media firms and the website which is hosting the information.

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Rihanna Calls White Woman Who Faked Being Black, Rachel Dolezal, “A Bit Of A Hero”…

Which is news to everyone, including Rachel Dolezal.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 9.01.07 AM

Report: Biden Personally Leaked Story Of His Son’s Dying Wish That He Run For President…

Biden Harvard

So he’s a gaffe-prone buffoon and a scumbag?

Via Politico:

Joe Biden has been making his 2016 deliberations all about his late son since August.

Aug. 1, to be exact — the day renowned Hillary Clinton-critic Maureen Dowd published a column that marked a turning point in the presidential speculation.

According to multiple sources, it was Biden himself who talked to her, painting a tragic portrait of a dying son, Beau’s face partially paralyzed, sitting his father down and trying to make him promise to run for president because “the White House should not revert to the Clintons and that the country would be better off with Biden values.”

It was no coincidence that the preliminary pieces around a prospective campaign started moving right after that column. People read Dowd and started reaching out, those around the vice president would say by way of defensive explanation. He was just answering the phone and listening.

But in truth, Biden had effectively placed an ad in The New York Times, asking them to call.

Before that moment and since, Biden has told the Beau story to others. Sometimes details change — the setting, the exact words. The version he gave Dowd delivered the strongest punch to the gut, making the clearest swipe at Clinton by enshrining the idea of a campaign against her in the words of a son so beloved nationally that his advice is now beyond politics. This campaign wouldn’t be about her or her email controversy, the story suggests, but connected to righteousness on some higher plane.

Biden has portrayed his decision about a 2016 run as purely emotional, a question of whether he and has family have the strength. That’s a big part of it. But it’s not all of it.

Meet Looncup, The Bluetooth, Smartphone Connected Menstrual Cup With The World’s Most Accurate Name…


I hate this world …

Via Mashable:

If you want to track and learn more about your monthly flow, you can pre-order a Bluetooth-connected menstrual cup that sends reports to your phone.

Now on Kickstarter, the Looncup is a smart menstruation cup that women can insert into their vaginas during their periods. The cup tracks details like fluid volume and color, and compares that data on a monthly basis.

Further, the cup connects via Bluetooth to an app on your iPhone, Android or Apple Watch, and can send push notifications indicating how full the cup is, and when you should change it.

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Portland State University Offering Course On “White Privilege,” Students Told To Dismantle “Whiteness”…

With special guest lecturer . . .  Barack Obama?

Via Campus Reform:

According to Portland State University Professor’s Rachel Sanders’ “White Privilege” course, “whiteness” must be dismantled if racial justice will ever be achieved.

The course description states that “whiteness is the lynchpin of structures of racial meaning and racial inequality in the United States” and claims that “to preserve whiteness is to preserve racial injustice.”

Students taking the course will “endeavor to make whiteness strange.” In order to make whiteness strange, the description says students must “interrogate whiteness as an unstable legal, political, social, and cultural construction.”

The course readings and concepts are drawn, in part, from the field of “critical race theory.” According to Harvard University, critical race theory “combine[s] progressive political struggles for racial justice with critiques of the conventional legal and scholarly norms which are themselves viewed as part of the illegitimate hierarchies that need to be changed.”

The Portland State University course description claims the construction of “whiteness” attaches material and psychological benefits to “individuals who identify, or are identified, as white.”

Students taking the course will also study the literary work of writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, who referred to the 9/11 first responders as “menaces of nature” in his latest book. In addition to reading the work of Mr. Coates, students will consider questions such as “[w]hat is white normativity, and how does it interact with other normative orders, including male normativity and heteronormativity?”

Students will also consider how non-white Americans “experience and negotiate skin privilege and white normativity.”

Portland State University isn’t the only university offering classes in whiteness. The University of Alabama-Birmingham, for example, is offering a course titled “Whiteness Studies” this fall, which “seeks to uncover and de-center the fiction of whiteness.”

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White House Propaganda Chief: Obama Doesn’t View Gun Control As A “Political Or Partisan Issue”…

Too funny, wait, he’s serious?

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 5.03.53 PM

Dem Sen. Chris Murphy: Congress “Endorsing Mass Murder” By Not Passing Gun Control Laws….

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 4.58.52 PM

Does he realize he’s also a Senator?

SEN. MURPHY: I’ve said for a long time I think Congress is effectively quietly endorsing these mass murders because people who are having their minds unhinged, note that there is no one here in the elected legislative branch of Congress getting together to do something about it in a practical way. So I think without Congress acting here, we are going to see more and more of these mass slaughters, and that’s an abomination.”

Roseburg, Oregon’s 86 Yr Old Gun Store Grandma Shoots Down “Executive Anus” Obama’s Gun Control Narrative

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.41.13 PM

Go get ’em, Granny! She’s just one of the many in the area that abhor the Obama narrative on guns.

Via Breitbart:

In Roseburg, Oregon–the same town which recently witnessed a heinous attack in a gun free zone at Umpqua Community College (UCC)–86-year-old Carolyn Kellim owns a gun store and says she is sick of “executive anus” President Obama’s “strange ideas” on gun control.

Kellim donates all her profits from gun sales to a homeless charity “that works with kids and families.”

According to, Kellim’s gun store–KC’s Exchange–is in her home, where it is contained in one room. She keeps her gun of choice–a Ruger LCR .22 Magnum revolver–close at hand as she operates the shop and says the world would be a better place with more love and less hate.

However, one thing she is sure the world doesn’t need is more gun control. When she was asked whether the government should pass more gun laws following an attack like the one at UCC, Kellim said, “I think that’s the worst thing in the world they could do. They’ve got so many laws now that they are not even looking at, and more constraints on guns is not the answer.”

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CT Dunkin’ Donuts: “We Don’t Serve Cops Here!”

Click on for video:
Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.15.49 PM

The Dunkin’ Donuts folks have apologized, but however, they have not said what the status of the employee is. This is not an isolated incident, as we noted earlier today, a Rhode Island Dunkin’ Donuts employee wrote ‘BlackLivesMatter’ on a coffee cup and gave it to a cop.

Snowden: “I’d Go To Prison Just To Return To U.S”


We can arrange that.

Via AP:

Edward Snowden says he has offered to return to the United States and go to jail for leaking details of National Security Agency programs to intercept electronic communications data on a vast scale.

The former NSA contractor flew to Moscow two years ago after revealing information about the previously secret eavesdropping powers, and faces U.S. charges that could land him in prison for up to 30 years.

Snowden told the BBC that he’d “volunteered to go to prison with the government many times,” but had not received a formal plea-deal offer.

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Facebook To Give Africans Free Satellite Internet…


Meanwhile, kids in Detroit have nothing.

Via CNN Money:

The social network is teaming up with the French satellite company Eutelsat (ETCMY) to launch a satellite that will provide internet access to people in sub-Saharan Africa. The satellite will launch next year and service will start in the second half of 2016. It will reach 14 countries in West, East and Southern Africa.

Facebook (FB, Tech30) will use the satellite to bring free Internet access to rural areas. The company is using satellites, lasers and drones to get the “next billion” people around the world online as part of its initiative. It has already connected people in nearly 20 countries.

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NATO Sternly Warns Russia Over Airstrikes In Syria…


Yeah, that’ll work…

Via Washington Post:

NATO warned Russia to stay away from Turkey on Monday after the Turkish air force intercepted Russian warplanes that strayed into its airspace from Syria, underscoring the heightened risk of a wider conflagration as Russia escalates its intervention in the Syrian conflict.

The alliance of Western allies, to which Turkey belongs, also expressed concern over Russia’s continuing military buildup in Syria, urging it to halt attacks on rebel-held areas in northwestern Syria that “led to civilian casualties and did not target Daesh,” using an acronym for the Islamic State, according to a NATO statement issued after a meeting to discuss the weekend incident.

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U.S. General Says Afghan Forces Called For Air Support Before Strike Hit Doctors Without Borders Hospital…


The plot thickens…

Via Reuters:

Afghan forces asked for U.S. air support while fighting the Taliban in Kunduz shortly before an air strike resulted in the deaths of civilians there, the American commander of international forces in Afghanistan said on Monday.

U.S. Army General John Campbell fell short of squarely acknowledging U.S. responsibility for an air strike that killed 22 people in an Afghan hospital run by aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) on Saturday.

MSF reiterated its call for an independent investigation into the incident, though the White House said on Monday it was confident ongoing probes by the U.S. military, NATO, and Afghan security officials would provide a full account of the circumstances surrounding the strike.

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Obama To Meet Oregon Shooting Victims’ Families…

Haven’t they suffered enough?

Oregon Gunman Ranted About Not Having A Girlfriend…

Oregon Sheriff

Awww, he was just a lonely little psychopath.


A law enforcement official says the gunman who killed nine people in an Oregon classroom last week ranted about not having a girlfriend in a manifesto left behind for authorities.

The official is familiar with the investigation but not authorized to speak publically and commented on condition of anonymity. The official says that in the multi-page document recovered last week, Christopher Harper-Mercer also complained that others around him thought he was crazy.

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Obama’s Proposal: The Australia Model, Which Is All About Confiscation

All of Obama’s ideas on gun control end up as stuttering.

Via National Review:

Within hours of the gunfire falling silent on the campus of Umpqua Community College in Oregon Thursday, President Obama stepped up to a podium and declared that America should follow the path of our Anglosphere cousins to reduce gun violence.

“We know that other countries, in response to one mass shooting, have been able to craft laws that almost eliminate mass shootings,” the president said. “Friends of ours, allies of ours — Great Britain, Australia, countries like ours. So we know there are ways to prevent it.”

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Doctors Without Borders Release Second Statement On Hospital Hit By U.S Bombs In Afghanistan…

We’ve already told them we’ll investigate it. What more do they want?


Rhode Island Cop Receives Coffee Cup With ‘Blacklivesmatter’ Written On It At Dunkin’ Donuts…


Hope Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t have an emergency any time soon.


The Providence police union is speaking out after an officer received a cup of coffee with “#blacklivesmatter” written on it.

The Fraternal Order of Police says the incident is “unacceptable and discouraging.”

The officer told the union that he received a cup of coffee Friday at a Dunkin’ Donuts store with the slogan written on the cup. He says an employee was rude to him.

The slogan arose last year during protests nationwide over police violence against civilians.

Lt. Roger Aspinall, a union member, told WLNE-TV the slogan is anti-police and the Black Lives Matter movement “condones violence against police.”

The union says it believes that “all lives matter.”

“We are aware of the situation in Providence. Dunkin Donuts and our franchisees share a commitment to the well-being and fair treatment of all our guests,” the company said in a statement. “The franchise owner has apologized to the police officer on behalf of Dunkin Donuts, and he has counseled the employee about her behavior.”

Huma Abedin Goes Abroad To Scoop Up Wealthy Expat Cash For Hillary


Via Daily Mail:

Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, is doing a swing through London and Paris to gather cash from wealthy ex-pats to benefit the presidential campaign.

Today Abedin, the wife of disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner, is due to attend an event in London neighborhood of Kensington, at the home of American socialite Rola Gordon – wife of Lloyd Grant Gordon, a Glenfiddich whiskey heir.

Last night she was in Paris hosting ‘An Evening with Huma Abedin and Anna Wintour,’ a cocktail party and fundraiser with the Vogue editor-in-chief, where tickets cost $1,000 a pop.

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Umpqua Student Who Was Shot And Lost Kidney Still Opposes Gun Control, Wants Armed Guards At School


Good for her!

Via Daily Mail:

A teenager who was shot in the back during the Umpqua College shootings on Thursday has said she is still in favor of gun ownership – despite her narrow escape.

Cheyeanne Fitzgerald, 16, remains critically ill in hospital following an operation to remove one of her kidneys but her brother Jesse, speaking exclusively to outside the Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg, says she is beginning to improve.

He also revealed that the family have discussed the issue of gun ownership and said that all – including Cheyeanne – remain opposed to controls.

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