Little Girl Can’t Wait To Welcome Soldier Dad Home

Not stopping her.

Via  The Blaze:

Daniel Oglesby had been deployed in Kuwait for eight months, and the family feared their two-year-old daughter wouldn’t quite remember her father upon his return home.

But Karis didn’t forget, and in the middle of the military homecoming ceremony she darted straight for her father for a quick hug.

“She was excited. She spotted me from a couple rows back and she couldn’t contain herself. I wasn’t gonna tell her no,” Oglesby told KKTV.

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Maps Of Mosques, Refugees And Terrorism Paint A Disturbing Picture…


But yes, let’s bring in more refugees.

Via Allen West:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is so, we could provide three thousand words to go along with the following maps. But we think only one is necessary: disturbing.

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Rep. Cummings Wants ‘Black Lives Matter Legislation’



Via Allen West:

U.S. House Representative Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland), who for two decades has overseen some of his state’s most heavily black-populated precincts, is so convinced that black lives matter he wants it codified into law.

Elected to the House in 1996, Cummings is coming up on his 20th year representing Maryland’s 7th congressional district which includes over half of Baltimore City and most of Howard County.

His district contains some of Maryland’s most “black” precincts, precincts in which statistics for crime and incarceration, homelessness, economic development, school drop-out, unemployment, drug conviction and out-of-wedlock birth rates all are consistently worse than both state and federal levels for all those same statistical categories.

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Poll: Half Of Democrats Want Biden To Run…

Run, Joe, run! I just love popcorn!

Via Reuters:

The drumbeat for Joe Biden to jump into the 2016 presidential race is growing louder.

Almost half of the nation’s Democrats want the vice president to enter the field and challenge front-runner Hillary Clinton, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll.

The results come as speculation surrounding Biden’s intentions has intensified, with reports having him close to a decision. The declared Democratic presidential candidates, including Clinton and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, her closest rival, will take the stage Tuesday night in Las Vegas for the first party debate.

Biden will not be there, but 48 percent of Democrats surveyed in the Reuters poll wish he were a candidate, compared with 30 percent who said he should stay out. Independents were split on the question, with 36 percent saying Biden should stay in and an equal share believing otherwise.

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Clinton Confidant Expresses Remorse Over “Email Handling”


Nice shawl!

Via Washington Post:

Cheryl D. Mills, who served as Hillary Rodham Clinton’s chief of staff while she was secretary of state, said she regrets not thinking more closely about how her boss would handle her e-mail as Clinton was entering the cabinet in 2009.

Mills, a longtime adviser to Clinton who also serves as one of her personal attorneys, said relatively little thought was given to Clinton’s use of a private e-mail account while she was secretary, an issue that is now dogging the Democratic candidate’s presidential campaign.

“If there’s anything I could ever do that would have alleviated this level of attention, certainly I would have wished I could have,” Mills said in a rare interview. “Look, I’m human.”

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Iran Ballistic Missile Testing May Violate Nuke Deal

This picture released by the official website of the Iranian Defense Ministry on Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015, claims to show the launching of an Emad long-range ballistic surface-to-surface missile in an undisclosed location. Iran successfully test fired a new guided long-range ballistic surface-to-surface missile, state TV reported on Sunday. It was the first such a test since Iran and world powers reach a historical nuclear deal. Iran's Defense Minister Gen. Hossein Dehghan, told the channel that the liquid-fuel missile "will obviously boost the strategic deterrence capability of our armed forces." (Iranian Defense Ministry via AP)

Not like Obama would care or anything…

Via Free Beacon:

Iran’s recent test firing of a ballistic missile does not violate the recent nuclear deal, Obama administration officials said on Monday. However, nuclear experts disagree and are calling on the administration to hold Iran accountable for violating international agreements barring such action.

Iran announced over the weekend that it had successfully test-fired a domestically produced long-range surface-to-surface ballistic missile.

Iran maintained that the test does not violate the nuclear deal, though U.S. experts quibbled with this analysis.

Asked to address the reports on Monday, John Kirby, a spokesman for the State Department, said that the administration is “aware of reports that Iran is conducting a new round of missile tests.”

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Cleric Tells Palestinians To Stab Jews, ‘Cut Them Into Body Parts’


We mentioned an image earlier on Palestinian T.V. encouraging stabbing. Now we know from whence it came.

Via Free Beacon:

A cleric directed Palestinians to stab Jewish Israelis during a sermon last week at a mosque in Rafah, a Palestinian city in the southern Gaza Strip.

Sheikh Muhammad Salah “Abu Rajab” during a sermon at Al-Abrar Mosque on Friday directed listeners to attack Jewish Israelis in groups and “cut them into body parts,” according to video obtained by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Days after the sermon, Israeli authorities said that a young Palestinian man waged a knife attack on a border officer in Jerusalem. Police shot and killed the individual near Jerusalem’s Old City. The incident followed days of deadly confrontations in the city.

“Brothers, we must constantly remind the world and everyone who has forgotten … This is Gaza! This is the place of trenches and guns! This is the West Bank! This is the place of bombs and daggers!” Salah told his audience.

“Today, we realize why the [Jews] build walls. They do not do this to stop missiles, but to prevent the slitting of their throats.”

A few minutes into the sermon, he began wielding a knife.

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Iran Threatens Suicide Bombings Against U.S. Warships

In this picture taken on Tuesday, April 7, 2015, and released by the semi-official Fars News Agency, Iranian warship Alborz, foreground, prepares before leaving Iran's waters. Iran dispatched a naval destroyer and another logistic vessel, Wednesday to waters near Yemen as the United States quickened weapons supply to the Saudi-led coalition striking rebels there, underlining how foreign powers are deepening their involvement in the conflict. Iran's English-language state broadcaster Press TV quoted Rear Adm. Habibollah Sayyari as saying the ships would be part of an anti-piracy campaign "safeguarding naval routes for vessels in the region." (AP Photo/Fars News Agency, Mahdi Marizad)

Psst, Obama’s on the back nine, he can’t hear you…

Via Free Beacon:

A commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has threatened terror attacks against U.S. warships and vowed that the Islamic Republic would chase U.S. forces into “the Gulf of Mexico” in order to exact revenge for any attacks, according to regional reports.

Alireza Tangsiri, an IRGC lieutenant commander, said that suicide bombers are on stand by and ready to “blow up themselves” to “destroy the U.S. warships,” according to remarks made Monday in Iran’s state-controlled Fars News Agency.

“They [the U.S.] have tested us once and if necessary, there are people who will blow up themselves with ammunitions to destroy the U.S. warships,” Tangsiri was quoted as saying.

He added that if the United States takes any hostile action against Iran, the country’s military forces would pursue the Americans into the Gulf of Mexico.

“I declare now that if the enemy wants to spark a war against Iran, we will chase them even to the Gulf of Mexico and we will (certainly) do it,” he said.

The threats come a day after Iran test fired ballistic missiles in the region, in a potential violation of international agreements barring such activity.

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Christie: Obama Is A ‘Weakling’, Who ‘Got Pushed Around’ By A CBS Interviewer


Trying to throw off the hug, and get off the 1%.

Via Daily Caller:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie called President Barack Obama Monday a “weakling” who got “pushed around” by “60 Minutes” host Steve Kroft in an interview that aired Sunday. (RELATED: Obama Says Hillary’s Email Use Was A ‘Mistake’ [VIDEO])

“And this weakling in the White House, who got pushed around last night, by the way, by Steve Kroft,” Christie said on “Morning Joe.” “We saw that. I mean pushed around by Kroft. I mean, when Kroft starts pushing the president around because he’s basically been his, you know, buddy for the last seven years …” (RELATED: Obama: Biden Is ‘One Of The Finest Vice Presidents In History, And One Of The More Consequential’)

Christie further criticized Obama’s strategy in Syria insisting that Russia’s involvement is the, “fundamental failure of Barack Obama’s approach to foreign policy. Because he thinks if you do nothing you can’t get in trouble.”

Christie suggested that in order to rectify the situation in Syria, he would install a “no-fly zone in Syria right away, and my first phone call would be to Vladimir. And I’d say, listen, we’re enforcing this no fly zone. And I mean we’re enforcing it against anyone, including you. So don’t try me. Don’t try me. Because I’ll do it.”

Gennifer Flowers: Hillary Is An Enabler And I Still Have Some Secret Tapes On Bill



Via Daily Mail:

Bill Clinton’s former mistress has accused presidential candidate Hillary Clinton of enabling her husband’s sexual behavior.

In an interview with radio host Aaron Klein, Gennifer Flowers, who claims she had a 12-year relationship with Bill, said that she has accepted her responsibility for having an affair with him.

However, the former news reporter said that the former Secretary of State ‘never accepted her responsibility at being an enabler’.

Flowers, 65, also said that discussion of Bill Clinton’s love life should play a part in the race for the White House, and revealed that she has more evidence of her relationship with him that she has not released.

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Obama: Those Taking Religion Seriously Are Often Suspicious Of Others


Spoken like a true religion-hating atheist.

Via The Hill:

President Obama lamented the rancorous, divided state of U.S. politics in a wide-ranging interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Marilynne Robinson.

In the unusual discussion, Obama revealed some of his longstanding frustrations with politics while asking the Iowa author questions about her family, her Christian faith and her writings.

“How do you reconcile the idea of faith being really important to you and you caring a lot about taking faith seriously with the fact that, at least in our democracy and our civic discourse, it seems as if folks who take religion the most seriously sometimes are also those who are suspicious of those not like them?” Obama asked during the interview, which was published Monday in the New York Review of Books.

Robinson replied that those “turning in on themselves — and God knows, arming themselves” against an “imagined other,” are not “taking their Christianity seriously.”

Obama’s comments about religion’s role in America have often irked his opponents. Throughout his presidency, a vocal group of Obama critics have questioned his Christian faith.

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El Chapo May Have Threatened To Assassinate Trump


Chapo needs to wash his mouth out with soap.

Via Newsmax:

Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman may have issued a $100 million bounty on GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump over remarks the front-runner has made about Mexicans, Teleservtv reports.

Guzman first threatened Trump via a Twitter account purported to belong to his son, Ivan, soon after his escape from a maximum-security Mexican prison in July.

“Keep f… around and I’m gonna make you swallow your b…ch words you f… whitey milk-s….” Ivan Guzman’s account tweeted in Spanish.

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Actress Leah Remini Braces For Blowback From Scientology As She Prepares To Come Out With Her Memoir


She didn’t leave quietly(she’s a New Yorker).

Via Daily Mail:

TV actress and former star of King of Queens, Leah Remini, still reeling from the nightmarish repercussions of severing her ties with the church of Scientology in 2013, is about to be in the crosshairs again.

Daily Mail Online has learned that Remini, 45, anticipates even more blow back and possible lawsuits with her expose of the corrupt inner workings of the covert organization in her explosive memoir, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology.

The book is to be published by Ballantine Books in November.

Scientology’s ruthless indoctrination, she claims. includes blackmail and abuse as well as control over other celebrities like Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley.

It was a difficult decision to make after 30 years as a devout Scientologist, but she says she was willing to face the church blacklisting her in order to escape it – thanks to the help of her close friend, Jennifer Lopez.

‘When you leave, you can leave quietly,’ Leah said. ‘But If you make a stink in the public world, they call you a Suppressive Person, which means the church has put a stamp on you that says you are bad.

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Benghazi Victim’s Mom: Of Course The Investigation Should Be About Hillary


Shouldn’t have to be up to a Benghazi victim’s mom to state the obvious. But it is hilarious that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz calls focus on Hillary a ‘witch hunt’.

Via Daily Caller:

Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton has criticized Republicans leading the House Select Committee on Benghazi for conducting a politically-motivated witch-hunt that exploits the deaths of the four Americans murdered during the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Bengahzi. But the mother of one of those killed in the terrorist attack told CNN on Sunday that Clinton should indeed be the focus of the committee’s investigation and that she should have turned over her emails a long time ago.

“First of all, it is about Hillary,” Patricia Smith, the mother of U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith, told CNN’s Martin Savidge.

“This is her department. It was her area, her bailiwick, and she did all the instruction on what should be done there. Why shouldn’t they talk to Hillary about it?” Smith continued.

Smith was responding to questions from Savidge about recent reports that a former staffer on the Republican side of the Benghazi Committee plans to file a lawsuit alleging that he was fired after complaining that the investigation focused too much on Clinton and her use of a private email system.

Palestinians In Israel Call For General Strike…


Now who will produce nothing and complain all day about Israel?

Via Al Jazeera:

Palestinian citizens of Israel have announced a general strike and more protests as unrest continues to sweep Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories since the killing of two Israeli settlers in the West Bank on October 1.

The High Follow-Up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel, an extra-parliamentary body that represents the minority community, declared a general strike for Tuesday. Arab-owned businesses, schools and other institutions will be closed.

For the past one week, hundreds of Palestinians in Israel have protested in Haifa, Jaffa, Nazareth and other cities and villages in Palestinian communities across the country.

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Six Wounded In Three Stabbing Attacks In Jerusalem Tonight…


Hence, the reason the Mayor Of Jerusalem advised everyone to carry.

Via Haaretz:

Three people are seriously wounded in a stabbing in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Zeev, an hour after a police officer is lightly hurt in a stabbing near the Israel Police headquarters in the capital.

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Hillary Clinton Jokes Around With Buzzfeed In Ultra-Serious Interview: “I’m Not Even Really Human!”


Hard-hitting journalism from the website that brought you, “Which kind of kitten are you?”

Via Vanity Fair:

Hillary Clinton declared in a new interview that she is a robot, implying that humanity should despair and bend to her superior A.I. will by voting for her in the 2016 election.

The shocking admission came during an interview with the BuzzFeed podcast Another Round, in which an astute interviewer noted that the Democrat presidential candidate did not sweat during the interview.

Other reporters and Clinton associates have remarked upon Clinton’s remarkable ability to not sweat, even when working the rope line on a hot Iowa day. “I don’t mean sweat because you’re nervous,” said host Tracy Clayton. “I just mean physically. I’m genuinely curious what your deodorant is.”

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VIDEO: Chelsea Clinton Asked If Her Father Preys On Young Girls…


Lib Rag The Guardian Says America Is Finally Deporting Illegal Immigrants …To Their Deaths


Obama doesn’t deport anyone.  I’m skeptical of this story…

Via The Guardian:

The US government is deporting undocumented immigrants back to Central America to face the imminent threat of violence, with several individuals being murdered just days or months after their return, a Guardian investigation has found.

The Guardian has confirmed three separate cases of Honduran men who have been gunned down shortly after being deported by the US government. Each was murdered in their hometowns, soon after their return – one just a few days after he was expelled from the US.

Immigration experts believe that the Guardian’s findings represent just the tip of the iceberg. A forthcoming academic study based on local newspaper reports has identified as many as 83 US deportees who have been murdered on their return to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras since January 2014.

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London Police Give Up 24-Hour Watch On Alleged Rapist Julian Assange

Julian Assange

Modern day Howard Hughes.

Via AP:

London’s cash-strapped police will no longer keep officers stationed outside the Ecuadorean embassy to catch WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has been holed up inside for over three years, the force said on Monday.

However, the police said they would maintain a “covert plan” to arrest Assange, 44, who entered the embassy in June 2012 to avoid being extradited to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning over a rape allegation, which he denies.

Assange says he fears Sweden will extradite him to the United States where he could be put on trial over WikiLeaks’ publication of classified military and diplomatic documents five years ago, one of the largest information leaks in U.S. history.

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