Hoax: Gustavus Adolphus College ‘Diversity Council’ Posts Fake Racist Flyers…

Stirring the pot.

Via Campus Reform:

The “Diversity Leadership Council” at Gustavus Adolphus College has admitted to posting racially offensive posters around campus after the school’s Bias Response Team received multiple reports on the matter.

The signs, which are now being labeled a social experiment, notified “all white Americans” to report “any and all illegal aliens to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement” because “they are criminals.”

Provocatively declaring that “America is a white nation,” the flyers assert that it is the “civic duty” of white Americans to turn illegal immigrants in to law enforcement.

Many Gustavus students and alumni reacted angrily to the white nationalist signage, with some inquiring “what the fuck” in disbelief, others calling it “disgusting,” and one succinctly stating “Fuck. That.”

One alumna even posted on Facebook that her cousin had discovered the signs at Beck Academic Hall and reported it to the school’s Bias Response Team, remarking that “it isn’t much of a surprise something like this was posted” at that particular building.

She then goes on to urge alumni to express their disgust with professors they know who have class in Beck, and even asks faculty members to “take five minutes from tomorrow’s lesson plan to talk about how fucked up this is with their students.”

But the following day, March 21, that same alumna took to Facebook again to explain that a friend of hers, who had also filed a complaint with the school’s Bias Response Team, had received a response from Dean of Students Jones VanHecke explaining that the offensive flyers were actually “part of a series of educational ‘invisible theater’ events taking place this week that have been planned by I Am We Are theater troupe, the Diversity Leadership Team, and the Bystander Intervention Committee.”

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‘Classy’ Women Try To Send Giant Vagina To White House

How could anything be more “classy” than sending a giant stuffed lady part to the President?

Via Free Beacon:

“Classy” women are sending a giant replica of the female reproductive anatomy stuffed with letters asking President Donald Trump, “Why are you so mean?”

“This giant vagina is being sent to President Trump stuffed with letters from concerned women all over the world,” reported Now This News.

The company On Mogul, an online platform for women, started the “#ReadMyLips” campaign with 24 universities. Mogul’s vice president of “content and community” said sending a large vagina to the White House is “very classy.”

“We wanted this to be a gift that he would be excited about receiving, but in a very classy, classy, classy—I can’t express classy enough—way,” said Mogul’s Bethany Heinrich.

Mogul is collecting messages on its website to print out and put in the large replica vagina and said they want to deliver the package on April 22, which happens to be Earth Day.

“Young women are the future, I always say that,” said Juli Szaller, another vice president at Mogul who handles operations and growth. “It’s really important for them that their voices are being heard. And it should be important for us. We should listen.”

“Just because Trump is our president doesn’t mean we are not entitled to say what we think,” said Christie Hartono, a student at Stanford University, who is participating in the campaign.

Heinrich hopes the large vagina will “drive the point home for him in a good, fun way.” “And I hope that he has a sense of humor,” she added. “I really hope he enjoys it.”

India Today called the idea “all sorts of genius.”

“Yes, we aren’t bluffing. An initiative both creative and genius, #ReadMyLips, wants Donald Trump’s attention, and it wants it now,” the outlet reported.

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Soros, Left-Wing Activists Plot Trump Resistance This Weekend

Congress is investigating what this evil sob is doing messing with the elections of other countries, they need to concentrate first on what he is doing in ours. FBI, perfect reason for RICO…

Via Daily Caller:

A network of wealthy liberal donors aligned with billionaire George Soros are meeting in Washington, D.C. with left-wing activists and political players for four days this week to strategize how best to undermine the Trump agenda and “restore progressive government.”

Although the spring investors conference for Democracy Alliance is closed to the press, The Daily Caller was able to obtain a copy of the conference’s agenda, marked “confidential.”

The conference is scheduled to take from March 22-25, but the last two days are exclusive to “current [Democracy Alliance] Partners and Foundation Subscribers,” according to the agenda. Another event on Thursday is closed to everyone but donors and their advisors.

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Shia LaBeouf Moves Anti-Trump Flag To Liverpool Because “America Is Not Safe,” Finds Out Neither Is Liverpool…

Gotta hand it to the /pol/ anons, they have shown both their persistence and they are everywhere.

Via Heat St:

For the fourth time, Shia Labeouf and co. claimed the “He Will Not Divide Us” stream had found a permanent home—and for the fourth time they were proved wrong.

The Liverpool, UK, location for the protest livestream has been compromised, with members of 4chan’s /pol/ board scaling the roof of the FACT center and attempting to tear down the flag. Labeouf and his artist friends thought the flag was safe on top of a five- story building in a different country, but again they discounted the power of the Internet.

Trolls went to extensive lengths to scale the building and try to remove the flag, risking physical and legal dangers.

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And they got it!

SwampCare: GOP To Rush Out Healthcare Bill, Must Pass It Before You Know Its Impact…

Could just try, I don’t know? Repealing Obamacare instead?

Via The Hill:

“Have you read the bill? Have you read the reconciliation bill? Have you read the manager’s amendment? Hell no, you haven’t!”

That was then-House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) in 2010 in the heat of the debate over ObamaCare.

Seven years later, Democrats could easily turn those words around on Republicans for the strategy they’re using to repeal and replace the same law Boehner railed against.

House Republicans are moving forward with a vote Friday on their ObamaCare replacement bill even after making significant changes the night before, and without a Congressional Budget Office analysis of those changes.

“We haven’t seen the final bill and won’t have a @USCBO score on the latest version before a vote,” Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (Md.) tweeted Thursday night. “This is not regular order, @SpeakerRyan.”

“We must have the opportunity to read and understand the final bill before we vote. It’s irresponsible to do otherwise,” added conservative Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) in a tweet Thursday night.

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LA Times Gushes “Like Her Mother, Chelsea Clinton Never Takes A Break”

She’s a professional student. Her whole life is a break.

Via LA Times:

This week, Variety magazine announced that it would honor former first daughter Chelsea Clinton at its Women in Power luncheon with a “Lifetime achievement award.” The news spread quickly among both Trump supporters and left-leaning Clinton detractors who believe that the family’s tone-deafness cost them the election. Chelsea accepting such an award at the tender age of 37 confirmed the “out-of-touch elite” narrative once and for all.

And then “The Hill,” the D.C. outlet that had broken the news, clarified that Chelsea’s honor was not, as initially reported and gleefully reposted, for achievements over the span of her lifetime. Rather, it was an honor bestowed jointly by Variety and the television network Lifetime for her work promoting better eating habits for children. It’s a Lifetime achievement award, not a lifetime achievement award.

When it comes to accepting prizes for charitable contributions, Chelsea is in no way an outlier. Everyone in her income bracket has a shelf full of honors. Luncheon ceremonies are a way to publicly thank big-name benefactors, get them to show up to the event, and therefore attract other donors and media interest. Ivanka Trump, for example — just picking someone at random here — is no stranger to vanity awards. She has been honored by organizations such as the European School of Economics and the Diamond Empowerment Fund’s GOOD Awards. (Tagline: “Diamonds do good.”)

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Senate Votes To Block Internet Privacy Regulations

Via The Hill:

The Senate passed a resolution Thursday in a 50-48 party line vote that would dismantle a set of internet privacy rules approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last year.

The rules, which the FCC passed in a party-line vote in October, require internet service providers such as AT&T and Verizon to obtain customers’ permission before using their personal information for advertising purposes.

If passed by the House and signed by President Trump, the bill would use an obscure law called the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to eliminate the rules before they go into effect. The CRA would also prevent the FCC from passing “substantially similar” regulations in the future, though no court has ruled on what agencies can pass under those standards.
Critics of the privacy regulations say they are too onerous, and subject service providers to stricter regulations than websites such as Facebook and Google, which also collect consumer data.

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Watch Delicious Liberal Tears Of Dianne Feinstein As She Mourns Garland At Gorsuch Hearing

Awwww, you got outfoxed by the law and hoisted on your own petard, dear.

HT: Twitchy

Moonbat Actress Patricia Arquette: If There’s Terrorist Attack Before Trump/Russia Resolved, May Be Trump Set-Up

This is after the London attack. Is she saying she thinks that was a set-up by Trump?

She comes from a very leftist family.

Crazy train…..

Two More “Significant” Arrests In Parliament Attack, One More Victim Dies…

But he acted alone…

LONDON — London’s top anti-terror officer says two more “significant arrests” have been made in connection with the Westminster attack, in central and northern England.

Nine people are currently in custody, while one has been released on bail.

Counter-terror chief Mark Rowley on Friday also identified the latest victim, who died in the hospital on Thursday, as 75-year-old Leslie Rhodes from Streatham, south London.

The attacker, identified as Khalid Masood, drove his car into crowds of people on Westminster Bridge on Wednesday afternoon, killing three and wounding some 50, before stabbing a police officer to death at the Houses of Parliament. He was shot dead by police.

Trump: Pass Obamacare Replacement On Friday Or I Will Leave It

I’m thinking he knows it isn’t going to pass and he’s creating distance to leave it. They really need to get rid of it totally but the concern is if they don’t do it thru Congressional Review Act that they wouldn’t get anything passed.

WASHINGTON — President Trump issued an ultimatum to Congress on Thursday night — pass the GOP heath care bill by Friday or he will leave Obamacare as it is and work on other issues, sources said.

The the Commander in Chief’s stern demand came after a chaotic day on Capitol Hill, in which Republican leaders were forced to postpone a vote on their ObamaCare replacement plan until Friday for fear it did not have the support to pass.
As it became clear the signature proposal was in danger, Trump doubled down by telling Congress that the time for negotiation over.

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Overnight Open Thread: Happy National Puppy Day!

HT: Seattle Times

MS-13 Gang Member Deported 4x Accused Of Sexual Abuse Of 2 Yr Old, 2 Stabbings in NY

“In 28 years most heinous criminal act I’ve ever seen.”

Via Click2Houston:

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. – A man in New York is accused of sexually abusing a toddler and stabbing two women — all in the same day.

Police say Tommy Alvarado-Ventura beat and sexually abused his girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter Tuesday while her mother was at work. The child needed surgery for her injuries.

Citing authorities, News 12 Long Island reported Alvarado-Ventura is a known member of the El Salvadorian gang MS-13 and has previously been deported four times for other arrests, including violating an order of protection against another woman.

After the alleged Tuesday morning attack, Alvarado-Ventura allegedly went to a bar where he is accused of getting into a fight with a woman about a pot deal.

Police say Alvarado-Ventura followed the woman to a parking lot where he stabbed her multiple times.

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Trump Made The Freedom Caucus An Offer They Could Refuse

I’m inclined to say get rid of it all and if you can’t, then you’re just buying trouble, and will get stuck with all the Obamacare blow up left over when it happens.

Via Daily Caller:

House Republican leadership’s chances of passing their Obamacare repeal legislation Thursday evening appears to be waning, with the House Freedom Caucus remaining unsupportive despite President Donald Trump’s efforts to persuade them.

Members of the powerful group of congressmen have been attempting to strong-arm leadership into changing the legislation — calling for the elimination of essential benefits.

“If there is a vote tonight, it will fail,” Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan told reporters following their meeting at the White House

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DNC Is Using The Russia Probe To Raise Money As Party Leaders Urge No Politicization…


Via Circa:

The Democratic National Committee is using the Russia counterintelligence investigation to appeal for new political donations, even as the party’s leaders in Congress have appealed for the probe to rise above partisanship so it can answer important national security questions about Vladimir Putin’s efforts to influence last fall’s U.S. election.

The party’s latest fundraising appeal went out late Wednesday, linking to a CNN story on the Russia controversy and seeking between $10 and $200 in contributions.

The email appeal came from an address labeled “DNC Rapid Response” and the subject line read: “BREAKING: Coordinating with Russia to hurt Hillary’s campaign?”

It included an image of a CNN story that suggested the FBI had circumstantial evidence that “indicates” associates of President Trump may have given implicit approval to Russia to release damaging information on Hillary Clinton last year.

“If you’ve saved your payment information, your donation will go through immediately,” it read.

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Canada’s Largest School Board Stops Booking New US Travel For Students…

Afraid the students will get infected with Islamophobia.

TORONTO (AP) — Canada’s largest school board will no longer book any trips to the U.S. because of fears students might have trouble at the border due to travel restrictions enacted by President Donald Trump.

The Toronto District School Board cited the uncertainty of the new travel restrictions Wednesday. Director of Education John Malloy said students should not be placed into situations of potentially being turned away at the border. He said the board remains committed to fairness, equity, and inclusion.

“We just can’t have trips going across the border and a student for no legitimate reason being denied entry to the U.S. We’re obviously not going to leave that student and continue on,” said Ryan Bird, a spokesman for the board.

The board is among the largest in North America with over 246,000 students and 584 schools. It books dozens of trips to the U.S. every year. Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

Other Canadian school boards have canceled or are considering canceling trips to the U.S. The Girl Guides of Canada have canceled all U.S. travel.

The Toronto District School board said that for now, it will move forward with the 25 U.S. trips involving about 900 students that have already been approved, but said the entire group will turn back if any students with appropriate documentation are turned away.

Malloy said if Trump’s executive order is fully implemented and students are prevented from crossing all trips will be canceled. Judges in the U.S. have ruled against Trump’s revised travel ban against six Muslim-majority countries, temporarily blocking it from taking effect.

“It is my hope that our students, staff and parents will understand and support this difficult decision,” Malloy, the board’s director of education, said in a statement. “We feel it strikes a balance between our equity and inclusion commitments as a school board, while not cancelling already-approved trips for which a financial loss would be incurred.”

Bird said he was not aware of any students being turned away by U.S. officials.

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Left-Wing Hero Convicted Terrorist To Be Stripped Of Citizenship, Deported For Lying On Citizenship Application

Leftists splitting a gut…

Via Daily Caller:

A convicted terrorist and darling of left-wing activists has accepted a plea deal in which she will be stripped of her citizenship and be deported.

Rasmea Odeh, 69, will avoid jail time as part of the deal, the Rasmea Defense Committee announced on Thursday.

“Under this current, racist political climate, and facing 18 months or more of imprisonment, as well as the possibility of indefinite detention by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Rasmea has made the difficult decision to accept a plea agreement,” reads a statement from Rasmea Defense Committee.

The group called the deal a “victory” for Odeh, who was born in Palestine but will be deported to Jordan.

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BREAKING: Potential ‘Smoking Gun’ That Obama Admin Spied On Trump Team, And Possibly Trump Himself

Fox is confirming the same information that Nunes announced on Wednesday.

Via Fox News:

Republican congressional investigators expect a potential “smoking gun” establishing that the Obama administration spied on the Trump transition team, and possibly the president-elect himself, will be produced to the House Intelligence Committee this week, a source told Fox News.

Classified intelligence showing incidental collection of Trump team communications, purportedly seen by committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., and described by him in vague terms at a bombshell Wednesday afternoon news conference, came from multiple sources, Capitol Hill sources told Fox News. The intelligence corroborated information about surveillance of the Trump team that was known to Nunes, sources said, even before President Trump accused his predecessor of having wiretappedhim in a series of now-infamous tweets posted on March 4.

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Spicer Cites Rape Case Involving Illegal Aliens In Maryland During Press Conference…

Hard to ignore the rape with all the 24/7 coverage. Update to this previous story.


White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer linked a recent rape case involving undocumented immigrants to federal immigration policy during a press conference Tuesday.

Police in Rockville, Md., arrested and charged Jose O. Montano, 17, and Henry E. Sanchez Milian, 18, after they reportedly raped a freshmen girl in a restroom at one of the Montgomery County public schools last Thursday.

The girl told police that while she was walking in the hallway toward the gym, the two boys pulled her into the boy’s bathroom and eventually into a stall, where they took turns raping her.

She reported the crime to school staff.

Officials confirmed on Friday both boys entered the country illegally about seven months ago from Central America.

Sanchez had an active “alien removal case” pending in the federal judicial system.

Spicer said this underscores why President Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration is necessary.

Superintendent of Montgomery County Public Schools Dr. Jack Smith said during a Tuesday afternoon news conference that he is deeply grieved by what happened, but that he does not want to politicize the issue.

“This is not an issue that we’re going to move to the political level, although a lot of people want to do it. The fact is, these students were not in the same class, but many students between the 9th and 12th grades are in the same classes, in the same band class, in the same world language class, same play after school,” said Dr. Smith.

The age of the student-suspects has also been a big question.

Sanchez was 18 but was classified as a freshmen.

Maryland law states that students as old as 21 can get free public education in the state.

“The victim is in the 9th grade, I don’t know the grade level of the young men, because they just entered our school last fall, and I expect they came with no credits, so that would technically make them freshmen, 9th graders, they were students in an English learner program,” Dr. Smith said.

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BREAKING: House Will Not Vote On Obamacare Replacement Today

Means they don’t have the votes yet.

Via Daily Caller:

The House will not vote on the proposed Republican health care bill Thursday night as planned.

Just hours after press secretary Sean Spicer said he believed the vote on the American Health Care Act would move forward as scheduled, a GOP leadership aide confirmed that the vote was canceled.

“The president’s plan is to pass the bill tonight,” Spicer said. “That’s the president’s plan. That’s why he’s been fighting for it.”

A White House official said the vote will now take place Friday morning.

“Debate will commence tonight as planned and the vote will be in the morning to avoid voting at 3 a.m. We feel this should be done in the light of day, not in the wee hours of the night and we are confident the bill will pass in the morning.”