Trump Order Could Undo Obama Designation Of National Monuments, Aid Local Economies…

This could help free land and seas that Obama put off limits to ranchers, farmers and fisherman, greatly harming local economies.

Via The Hill:

President Trump will sign an executive order on Wednesday instructing the Department of the Interior to review the designations of national monuments by his predecessors, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Trump’s order reportedly will instruct Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to examine those designations to determine whether they were within the scope of a century-old law that allows presidents to set aside federal lands without congressional approval.

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Iran Orders 30 Suspected Gay Men To “Anal Examinations”…

Celebrate diversity!

Via JPost:

The Islamic Republic of Iran arrested more than 30 men suspected of being homosexuals at a private party last week in the Esfahan province, the prominent Canadian NGO Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees reported on Thursday.

“IRQR received several reports in the last few days and we were able to confirm that police attacked guests and physically beat them. Police detained the men, ages 16 to 30, at the Basij [Revolutionary Guard Militia] Station and then transferred them to Esfahan’s Dastgerd Prison. A few people managed to escape and we received reports that there were several heterosexual individuals among those arrested,” the human rights NGO wrote on its website Thursday.

Authorities raided the party in the Bahadoran district of central Iran and fired their guns while seizing the men.

IRQR added, “After a few days, all the families were informed by Basij that their sons were arrested for sodomy. A special prosecutor has been assigned to their cases and they were charged with sodomy, drinking alcohol and using psychedelic drugs. It was reported that prisoners will be sent to Esfahan’s Medical Jurisprudence Department for anal examination in order to provide evidence of homosexual acts to the court.”

The Basij is a paramilitary force used to repress dissidents. It played a key role in dismantling the Green movement protests in 2009 against a reportedly fraudulent presidential election. Iran’s Islamic law system prescribes the death penalty for gays.

Politically Correct Wusses Fail To Ban Dodgeball In Louisiana Public Schools…

Dodgeball builds character.

Via Daily Caller:

The dark forces of political correctness and the general wussification of America have failed to outlaw the rite of passage that is dodgeball as a school-sponsored activity in Louisiana.

A group of about two dozen teachers and education desk jockeys calling itself the Louisiana Physical Education Standards Committee had tried to add a wholesale, statewide prohibition on dodgeball to a set of revamped physical education standards, reports The Advocate, a Baton Rouge newspaper.

However, Louisiana’s Board of Elementary and Secondary Education rejected the ban.

Supporters of the dodgeball ban expressed shock at the decision.

“Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to be an issue,” Louisiana Physical Education Standards Committee member Kathy Hill told The Advocate.

Hill, a kinesiology professor at Louisiana State University, suggested that the plan to ban dodgeball was designed as a largely symbolic attempt to reduce bullying.

“In trying to be really sensitive about bullying, which is just a huge issue now in the schools,” she told the Baton Rouge newspaper. “We just felt like we needed to put a statement in there about human target games.”

The state education board rejected the dodgeball ban because they feared a public backlash and because they viewed the ban as draconian and dumb.

“Dodgeball is an activity that we know many of our students enjoy,” board vice president Holly Boffy told The Advocate. “We want to be careful that we don’t create regulations that would stand in the way of students getting fit and enjoying P.E.”

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Dem Rep. Elijah Cummings Implies “There Will Come A Time” When President Trump Can Be Impeached…

Cummings would have been one of the first people to smear anyone who said Obama could be impeached as a racist.

‘Icon’ Colin Kaepernick Named To Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People List

Can’t argue with that. Kaepernick’s anti-American demonstrations influenced millions of people to stop watching NFL football.

Via Breitbart:

This week’s edition of Time Magazine named former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to its list of the 100 Most Influential People.

The list breaks down the chosen 100 into five categories: Pioneers, Artists, Leaders, Titans, and Icons. Kaepernick appears in the Icons group.

In the Time Magazine profile, former SF 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh praised the controversial quarterback’s protest last year of the Star Spangled Banner, “when he boldly and courageously confronted perceived inequalities in our social-justice system by refusing to stand for the national anthem.”

Harbaugh made no mention of Kaepernick’s penchant for wearing socks denigrating law enforcement officers with pictures of pigs dressed in police uniforms.

The disgruntled quarterback’s biological mother Heidi Russo criticized her son for failing to stand for the National Anthem in a pre-season game against Green Bay last August because he was protesting “black oppression” in the United States.

“There’s ways to make change w/o disrespecting & bringing shame to the very country & family who afforded you so many blessings,” she messaged on her Twitter account. The biracial Kaepernick was given up for adoption at birth and raised by white parents.

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Rep. Mark DeSaulnier (D-elusional) Tells Child That Trump Is More Dangerous Than A Terrorist…

A Chelsea Clinton in training.

Via East Bay Times:

U.S. Rep. Mark DeSaulnier’s town hall was winding down, and as usual his audience had gotten its money’s worth.

And not just because it was free.

DeSaulnier, D-Concord, treated the audience during a recent event at Stanley Middle School in Lafayette to the full dinner show: a fast-paced PowerPoint presentation; a civics lesson (want to know why the Congressional districts are numbered the way they are?); a dose of history (do you know which president was the first to issue his inaugural address from the West Terrace of the Capitol)?

Many familiar topics were touched upon, both in DeSaulnier’s talk and the Q&A that followed. Yes, more than a few dealt with the Trump in the room. Then came the final question card of the night, from a young girl, and it was a show-stopper.

“Eden wanted to have her question asked by staff because it’s past her bedtime,” explained a member of DeSaulnier’s staff, who then read the question:

“My name is Eden, and I’m 11 years old. My mom is worried about my future with President Trump. On election night, my mom cried. Kids at my school are worrying about being deported. I’ve read and heard awful things about him. Should I be worried about my future? As a kid, what can I do about it?”

“From the mouths of babes,” DeSaulnier said, apparently affected by the question. And who wouldn’t be? The toxic national discourse is dispiriting enough for adults. To hear that it is trickling down to affect 11-year-olds?

“It’s interesting,” he would say a few days later. “The night before in Richmond, something similar happened. Both instances were a little out of body for me. I sort of responded to the way people were responding to me.”

Back to Eden’s question: “I think you should be concerned,” DeSaulnier said. “This is dangerous stuff. I’ve said a few times, the most dangerous person in America isn’t a terrorist, it’s the person who’s president of the United States. So Eden, you’ve got to read, you have to be thoughtful, and you have to be engaged.”

It was as if DeSaulnier knew exactly whom he was talking to. Eden, bright-eyed and engaging, has accompanied her mother, Alissa Levy, to the polls every election day since she can remember. “Since I was a baby,” she said a week after DeSaulnier’s town hall. “I’ve done everything in politics with my mom.”

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Nancy Pelosi Just Made The Dumbest Possible Argument Against A Border Wall…

We have to build it to see if it works.

HT: Twitchy

Mexico To US: Deporting Illegal Aliens Is A ‘Violation’ Of Rules…

What does Mexico do with illegals?

Via Daily Caller:

The Mexican government said Thursday the U.S. ignored its own immigration rules when it deported two illegal aliens back to Mexico.

The Secretariat of Foreign Relations, known in Mexico as SRE or the Chancellery, called the deportations of a so-called “Dreamer” and a mother of four a “violation” of immigration policy because neither had a criminal past.

“With respect to U.S. law, the Chancellery points out that the cases of Mrs. [Maribel] Trujillo and Mr. [Juan Manuel] Montes Bojorquez represent a violation of the expressed rules of deportation in that country,” SRE said in a statement. “Neither of the countrymen represented a risk to the security of American society and neither of them has a criminal background.”

SRE reaffirmed its promise to defend the “rights of Mexicans in the United States, among them the right to due process, regardless of their immigration status.”

Mexican citizenship extends to both legal and illegal immigrants living in the U.S., who come from Mexican descent.

The case of Montes Bojorquez provoked public outcry after USA TODAY reported Tuesday that the 23-year-old was detained and summarily deported by Customs and Border Protection officers in February. Montes had previously received temporary legal status under former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. DACA shields certain illegal immigrants — known as “Dreamers” — from deportation unless they commit a crime or leave the country without prior authorization.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) disputed the USA TODAY report, telling the The Daily Caller that Montes was deported after Border Patrol agents caught him illegally crossing a border fence into Calexico, Calif. DHS conceded that Montes had renewed his DACA status, but said the protection was voided when he left the U.S. without advanced notice.

Trujillo Diaz was deported Wednesday after exhausting her appeals with U.S. immigration authorities. She came to the U.S. illegally in 2002, petitioning for asylum because of drug cartel violence in Mexico, The Hill reported.

“Ms. Trujillo-Diaz’s immigration case underwent review at multiple levels of our nation’s legal system and the courts uniformly held that she had no legal basis to remain in the United States,” a spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement told The Hill. “In 2014, the Board of Immigration Appeals dismissed her legal appeals and she became subject to a final order of deportation.”

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Overnight Open Thread: Young Cubs Fan Works Hard And Get A Great Surprise…

Five Killed, 26 Wounded In Chicago Shootings Over The Weekend

Via Daily Caller:

At least 31 people were shot and five of those victims were killed in Chicago this weekend as of Sunday afternoon.

The shooting spree in the city continues unabated with 26 wounded so far and five killed, according to a report in the Chicago Sun Times.

This weekend’s shootings bring the city’s toll so far this year to 973 people shot and 168 fatalities.

The latest shooting victims added to Chicago’s statistics include a 21-year-old male who was shot in the head in the Roseland neighborhood on the far South Side of Chicago. He was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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Innovative Homeowner Beats HOA, Finds New Way To Fly Blue Lives Matter Flag…

That’s not how it works. (Sarcasm) Update to this previous story.


The St. Johns County homeowner who was asked by her homeowners association to remove a Blue Lives Matter flag from the outside of her home a month ago has now found a new way to get the message across.

A projector is now beaming the flag onto the homeowner’s Samara Lakes garage at night instead of having it hung from a flagpole attached to the home.

Jeff Gaddie – the father of the homeowner – tells our partner Action News Jax that his daughter had flown that flag for years before she got a letter requesting she take it down after a neighbor complained the flag was racist.

“It doesn’t seem to quite be covered that a projector from a vehicle projecting on your garage door is a violation of the HOA,” Gaddie added.

According to Gaddie, the letter claimed that only American and military flags were allowed to be on display, but Action News Jax found others on display in that neighborhood.

He also said that First Coast Association Management – the company in charge of enforcing the rules in that neighborhood – hasn’t gotten back to his daughter despite several attempts at contact on their part.

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Sen. Ben Sasse Gives Perfect Response To DNC Chair’s Claim That He “Fights For Little Guy”

Clinton Lackey Stephanopoulos After Interviewing “Trump Country” Radio Host: “Let’s Talk To Smart People In New York”

The smart people that predicted a Hillary landslide in the election.

Via RCP:

George Stephanopoulos interviews conservative radio host Bill Cunningham for “the view from Trump country.” Stephanopoulos, host of the Sunday show This Week on ABC News, asked Cunningham to explain the “grip” Trump holds on his voters, why he is viewed as a “rock star” by supporters and if the radio host feels there are any “warning signs” of a Trump exodus.

“I think there’s a disconnect among the real people who live in America and the coastal elites,” Cunningham told Stephanopoulos.

After the interview, Stephanopoulos turned to the This Week roundtable which he referred to as, “bright, smart people here in New York City.”

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Wow: Interview Where George Soros Admits How His Amoral Character Was Formed

From “60 Minutes” interview, 1998:

Now the clip ends, and leaves off this sentence. “So the — I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt.” But he had just said that he had in fact helped in the confiscation.

And what’s perhaps more distressing than the diffident words themselves, is the complete lack of compassion and the coldness with smiles of the answers.

Here’s the full interview, worth a watch, to see into the soul (what there is of it) of an self-admitted amoral man.

Trump To Have Dinner With Supreme Court Justices…

If kale is on the menu, Ginsburg will attend.

Via Washington Examiner:

President Trump will be having dinner with Supreme Court justices Thursday.

Trump’s newly confirmed Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch is expected to join. It’s not clear if all of the other eight Supreme Court justices plan to attend.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was critical of Trump throughout the presidential campaign. Trump called for her resignation after she questioned how he had gotten away with not releasing his tax returns.

The dinner comes the same day Argentine President Mauricio Macri is making an official visit to the White House.

Social Justice Warrior Participates In March For Science…

The stupid burns bright.

DNC Chair Tom Perez Says Every Democrat (And Every American) Should Be Pro-Choice

No room for pro-lifers, so the pro-life Democrats should jump ship….

WASHINGTON ― Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez became the first head of the party to demand ideological purity on abortion rights, promising Friday to support only Democratic candidates who back a woman’s right to choose.

“Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman’s right to make her own choices about her body and her health,” Perez said in a statement. “That is not negotiable and should not change city by city or state by state.”

“At a time when women’s rights are under assault from the White House, the Republican Congress, and in states across the country,” he added, “we must speak up for this principle as loudly as ever and with one voice.”

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Global Antisemitism Drops 12%, But Surges By 45% On US Campuses…

Academia needs an enema.

Via JPost:

While violent incidents of antisemitism dropped 12% worldwide in 2016, US campuses saw a surge of 45% in antisemitism, according to data released Sunday.

The Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry at Tel Aviv University in collaboration with the European Jewish Congress released its Annual Report on Antisemitism for 2016 during a press conference held at the university.

According to the report, a total of 361 anti-Semitic violent incidents were reported worldwide, down from 410 in 2015.

The decrease in the number of all types of anti-Semitic incidents put together, as monitored by communities and governmental agencies, is most evident in France, where the Interior Minister announced a 61% decrease in all forms of antisemitism as well as in Belgium which witnessed a 60% decline.

The report credited the reason for this drop to increased security measures and the heavy presence of soldiers and police surrounding Jewish institutions as well as the fact that an increasing number of Jews avoid appearing in public spaces with identifying attributes, such as a Kippah.

In contrast, English speaking countries saw a rise in antisemitic incidents: The UK saw an increase of 11%, though the rate of violent incidents decreased by 13% while antisemitic incidents in Australia increased by 10% this past year.

One of the most startling findings is a 45% increase in antisemitism on US campuses, which the report stated have become a hot-bed for antisemitism, often under the guise of anti-Zionism and due to increased pro-Palestinian movements, such as BDS on campuses.

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DHS Sec: Trump Will Be Dealing With A North Korea Capable Of Striking U.S. By End Of First Term

Hence the reason to be concerned now. Clinton enabled them, Obama kicked the can down the road. But at some point, you run out of time.

Via Free Beacon:

Secretary of Homeland Security Gen. John Kelly said Sunday that he believes President Trump will be dealing with a nuclear North Korea, able to strike America, by the end of his first term.

Kelly’s statement came during an interview in which CNN’s Dana Bash asked Kelly about a recent Los Angeles Times article which said that, in spite of $40 billion in spending by the Pentagon, missile defense systems meant to defend against a nuclear strike by North Korea or Iran failed six times out of nine in simulated attacks tested since 2004.

“Is the U.S., at this point, capable of shooting down a North Korean missile if it were headed towards California or anywhere else in America?” Bash asked.

Kelly declined to comment specifically, insisting that any knowledge he had on the issue was classified. But Bash pushed him: in his capacity as Homeland Security Secretary, could Kelly say for sure whether or not the homeland was safe?

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Gay Seattle Mayor’s Alleged Sex Abuse Victim: He Should Resign…

Democrats don’t resign, they persist. Update to this previous story.

Via Red State:

One of the two men who accused Seattle Mayor Ed Murray of sexual assault when they were teens in the 1980’s has spoken out about what he and his lifelong friend, Jeff Simpson, went through. Lloyd Anderson, now 51 and living in Florida, spoke with the Seattle magazine The Stranger and said his only goal is to have Ed Murray resign as mayor.

Anderson, who pleaded no contest to inappropriately touching his wife’s teenage niece in 1998 and is a registered sex offender, says that he took responsibility for what he did and he wants Ed Murray to do the same for his alleged misconduct.

“I just don’t think that the person should get away with it. I did what I did, I admitted to what I did, and I think that if anybody in this world has done it, then he needs to come forward and they need to say, “Yeah, and I need to pay for what I did. I did what I did, I’m guilty, and I shouldn’t have done it, and I need to take the consequences that come along with that,” you know, and that’s something I think every person needs to do, especially in this particular kind of thing. Because it can wreck a person for their lives, you know. I mean, it screwed me up my whole life.”

Anderson states that he is non-political and doesn’t consider himself a Democrat or a Republican. He also told The Stranger that while he is “kind of a Christian,” he has a live and let live attitude toward gay marriage. “Well, if it makes them happy, you know, then I think that’s alright,” Anderson said. Essentially putting to rest the accusations that Anderson’s accusations are politically motivated or anti-gay.

Anderson also went into some detail of the alleged abuse. Saying that Murray was “almost violent” when Anderson was performing sex acts on Murray. According to Anderson, Murray allegedly paid him $15 to $30 for on more than one occasion.

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