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LIVE: Presidential Debate Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton

We will be doing a blow-by blow account, as we traditionally do at debates. Comments made by me will be in [ ]. Otherwise it will be designated T for Trump and C for Clinton.

Let the rumble begin!
Fair to say, he won.

Will you support the outcome of this election? [huh? what is this question?]
C: yes
T: I want to Make America great again. yes.

Nuclear weapons:

T: Russia has been expanding they have newer capability then we do [which is a problem because Russia keeps moving all over the world] I would not do first strike. But we have to be prepared. North Korea. China should control North Korea. Iran has power over North Korea [you should say North Korea has nuclear because of deal lost by Bill Clinton]. 1.7 Billion given to Iran, seemingly for hostages. It will lead to nuclear problems.
C: Words matter [so why do you lie all the time?] It is essential that America’s word be good. I want to reassure our allies. [lid on the Iranian nuclear program? Like in North Korea?] I intend to be a leader that people can count on [yeah that’s worked so well].
T: It’s getting tougher to defeat ISIS and Hillary could have defeated them in infancy.
We cannot be policeman of world. All of these things could have been taken care of in last ten years.
Lester: You said she doesn’t look like a president.
T: I don’t believe she has the stamina.
C: As soon as he spends 11 hours testifying in front of Congressional committee.
T: she has experience, but it’s bad experience. This country can’t afford it.
C: This is a man who has called women pigs and dogs.
T: She’s spent hundreds of million attacking me and I’m either winning or tied.

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Hillary Campaign Manager Robby Mook Frets About ‘Double Standard’ Debate Coverage Being Unfair to Clinton

Sounds like they are quite worried….

Via Free Beacon:

Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook worried Monday about a “double standard” in post-debate coverage that would favor Republican opponent Donald Trump.

Democrats have openly fretted that the debate performance of Trump, who has far less experience on such a platform than Clinton, will be graded on a “curve.” Even seasoned debaters like Clinton, Mook said on The Today Show, are not used to going up against someone like Trump.

“I don’t see this so much as winning and losing, but more about how these candidates have an opportunity to present to the American people whether they are prepared to be president of the United States,” Mook said.

“All that we’re asking from Donald Trump is that he stick with the facts, that he give clear plans, and that he have a command of the issues,” he continued. “That’s how we think that the candidates should be judged. That’s how they’ve been judged in the past. What we don’t want to have is some sort of double standard where Donald Trump can get the “Most Improved” award, but Hillary Clinton is getting judged on the fine points of policy.”

Bad Omen For Hillary? Tickets To Debate Spell Her Name Wrong…


You know you’re in trouble when you’ve been running for president for your entire life, yet still they can’t get your name right…

Hofstra University Charging Reporters $200 For Wifi Access, Personal Wifi Hotspots Are Banned…



Via Business insider:

Reporters covering tonight’s presidential debate from Long Island’s Hofstra University were met with an unwelcome surprise: Just to get online with a basic WiFi connection from the debate venue costs $200, as confirmed by Business Insider reporters on the scene.

Worse yet, Hofstra has warned journalists over a loudspeaker not to use any personal WiFi hotspots, like Verizon’s Jetpack or the Karma — and, according a tweet from Politico’s Kenneth Vogel, Hofstra is actually sending people around with hand-held to search for the offending hotspots and disable them.

Charging journalists for a WiFi connection at the debates isn’t a new practice, though Hofstra demanded less at the 2012 debates. And judging from these reports, it seems like Hofstra has gotten more aggressive this time out about enforcing a ban on personal WiFi devices.

You can iew Hofsftra’s rate card for media services at the debate here. In addition to the $200 WiFi, Hofstra is charging $325 for a tethered internet connection, or $600 for the wired internet plus a landline telephone. For a mere $3,500, you can have a team of up to 20 all get onto the WiFi with unlimited devices between them.

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University Holding Presidential Debate Places Trigger Warning’ Sign in Student Center


The mere presence of Trump will send SJWs fleeing to their safe spaces. Him actually talking might actually cause their heads to explode…

Via Free Beacon:

Hofstra University is hosting the first 2016 presidential debate on Monday night and has a sign up for another event on campus meant to give students a “Trigger Warning” about potentially sensitive material they may encounter.

The sign inside the student center at Hofstra was noticed by CBS New York reporter Tony Aiello.

The sign reads: “Trigger Warning: The event conducted just beyond this sign may contain triggering and/or sensitive material. Sexual violence, sexual assault, and abuse are some topics mentioned within this event. If you feel triggered, please know there are resources to support you.” The sign then lists offices and phone numbers students may contact.

“Trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” are considered to be a part of the larger political correctness movement on many college campuses meant to prevent students’ feelings from being hurt. Critics have said that this prevents free speech and allows for censorship on college campuses.

Reminder: Trump Vs. Clinton Presidential Debate Open Thread Starts At 9:00 PM EST…

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Rayquan Borum Confesses To Shooting And Killing Unarmed Justin Carr At Charlotte Protests…


Update to this previous story. Gee, you mean he wasn’t shot by police as the BLM claimed? Imagine that. Multiple people on the scene claimed the police did it. That shows you what ‘witness’ testimony is worth when people have a political agenda, honestly or dishonestly seeing what they believe rather than what actually occurred. Remember that when ‘witnesses’ claim they see something in a shooting actually by police…

Via Charlotte Observer:

The Charlotte man accused of killing a protester Wednesday during a crowded march in uptown has admitted to the shooting, Assistant District Attorney Clayton Jones said in court Monday.

Police say Rayquan Borum, 21, shot and killed Justin Carr, 26, during the second night of Charlotte protests that erupted over the police killing of Keith Scott on Tuesday outside an apartment in the University City area.

Borum is charged with first degree murder and possession of a firearm by a felon. In his first court appearance Monday, he did not speak and made no formal plea. He has asked for a public defender to represent his case. Prosecutors said he was not entitled to a bond at this time. Borum’s first court date is Oct. 5, with a preliminary hearing Oct 17.

Carr survived nearly a day before dying Thursday afternoon at Carolinas Medical Center. He was shot in the head, according to a police report.

The shooting of Carr outside the Omni Hotel marked a turning point in what evolved into a week of protests that drew intense national attention. He was shot about 8:30 p.m. Wednesday and within two hours, vandals and looters had struck more than a dozen sites in uptown, prompting Gov. Pat McCrory to declare a state of emergency and summon the National Guard to Charlotte.

Borum was taken into custody around 7 a.m. Friday. He previously served about three months in prison on larceny and breaking and entering charges from Mecklenburg County and was released in 2012, records show. He also faces at least two pending weapons charges in Cabarrus County.

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BREAKING: 9 Reportedly Injured After Man Shoots At Cars In Houston, Suspect Shot And Killed By Police…UPDATE: Shooter Was Lawyer Nathan DeSai…

HOUSTON, TX — HFD scanners report a suspect is at the scene firing upon vehicles. He is described as a black male with a revolver.

Scanner traffic is indicating the shooting suspect may be down.

Emergency vehicles are in the area of a strip center bordered by Weslayan, Bissonnet and Law Street. Traffic has been shut down on Weslayan in an attempt to protect drivers in the area.

This all began around 6:30am at the Randalls supermarket strip center on Weslayan. An apartment complex is nearby on Law Street, where there is a lot of police activity.

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The shooter who was initially reported as black erroneously by ABC, was actually Indian-American.

HOUSTON – The lawyer who carried out Monday morning’s shooting that wounded nine people was wearing what appeared to be Nazi paraphernalia, two law enforcement sources told Channel 2 Investigates’ Robert Arnold.

The shooting was reported just after 6 a.m. near a shopping center on the northwest corner of Weslayan and Bissonnet streets.

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Parents And Widow Of Terance Crutcher Fight Over His Future Earnings …


Via NY Daily News:

The parents of Terence Crutcher and the mother of three of his kids are fighting in court over who can file a wrongful death lawsuit on his behalf.

Joey and Leanna Crutcher, the parents of the unarmed black man killed by a white Tulsa, Okla., police officer, alleged in a court filings Monday that Frenchel Renae Johnson-Crutcher is unqualified to serve as special administrator of Crutcher’s estate.

Both the parents and Johnson-Crutcher have hired lawyers. Tulsa County Judge Kurt Glassco appointed Johnson-Crutcher, whose attorney calls her Crutcher’s widow, special administrator Friday.

Yet Crutcher’s parents said Johnson-Crutcher’s felony convictions and the parents’ status as the legal guardians of Crutcher and Johnson-Crutcher’s children should have ruled her out. The parents said Crutcher and Johnson-Crutcher never officially married.

Johnson-Crutcher received the special administrator status allowing her to file the wrongful death lawsuit despite being “disqualified, ineligible and incompetent,” the parents’ filing said.

Their lawyers, Donald Bingham and Melvin Hall, asked Glassco to vacate the order making Johnson-Crutcher the special administrator. Rev. Joey Crutcher and his wife “have had Ms. Johnson’s children in their physical custody for most of the children’s lives,” according to the filing.

Johnson-Crutcher also signed over her power of attorney to Crutcher’s parents under oath in August 2007, the filing said. Laws prohibit those convicted of an “infamous crime” from serving as special administrators of an estate, according to the parents’ lawyers.

The filing included district criminal court records charging Johnson-Crutcher with assault and battery and other crimes in a stabbing last month. Johnson-Crutcher was convicted in August 2007 of driving under the influence of alcohol, the charging documents showed.

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Dem Rep. Maxine Waters: If I “Said Something About Revolution” Millennial Voters “Would Have Been All Over” Hillary Clinton…


Errr, what?

Via Washington Examiner:

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., said millennials would vote for Hillary Clinton if they knew anything about her, but said they don’t know much.

“They don’t know her. They don’t,” Waters said on MSNBC.

The longtime Democratic politician said if young voters really knew Clinton and herself, they “would have been all over us” instead of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“If Maxine Waters had said something about revolution or Hillary Clinton had talked about starting a revolution, do you know they would have been all over us?” she asked. She also said that if not for the lack of knowledge among some millennials, “you could not have said some of the things that were being said in that primary by Bernie Sanders.”

Pic Of The Day…


Oh my.

President Obama wears a ceremonial blanket and hat given to him during the 2016 White House Tribal Nations Conference on Monday in Washington. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP)

Harry Reid On The Senate Floor: “Donald Trump Is A Racist”…



Washington (CNN) – Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid called Donald Trump a racist on the Senate floor Monday, an escalation in the Nevada lawmaker’s war of words against the GOP presidential nominee in recent weeks.

“Donald Trump is a racist,” he said.

Reid’s direct comment goes further than the retiring five-term senator was willing to ten days ago during an interview with CNN’s Manu Raju. When asked then if he thought Trump is a racist, Reid responded: “All you guys have a job to do. You make that decision. I’m not going to.”

Previously, Reid excoriated Trump from the Senate floor, calling him a “spoiled brat,” “a con artist” and a “human leech who will bleed the country.”

Obama: Oh Crap, Trump Could Win…


Light dawns on marblehead.

Via Politico:

The president’s aides worry the Republican represents more of America than a fringe.

Obamaworld laughed as it watched Donald Trump’s hostile takeover of the GOP. After eight years of Republican opposition, inconsistent policy demands and racialized hate against the first black president, President Barack Obama’s aides, past and present, thought Republicans had gotten what they deserved–and more, all but forfeiting the 2016 race to the woman they defeated eight years ago.

They’re not laughing anymore.

Going into Monday night’s debate, Obama’s team is feeling that same anxiety expressed by some top Hillary Clinton aides: maybe the country isn’t what they thought, maybe the resistance to Obamacare and gay marriage and the progress they’re so proud of is broader than the vocal fringe they’ve always dismissed. Maybe, the president’s aides – current and former – now concede, they’re going to have to live with the fact that Trump could end up in the Oval Office in part due to a backlash against Obama.

“I’m trying to think of a series to compare it to, which was a series that started as a comedy and became a high stakes drama,” said Ben LaBolt, a former White House aide and press secretary for Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign. “I feel like we’re maybe in the fifth season of ‘Breaking Bad’ here. We’re way beyond the laughs, and just sitting on the edge of our seats in terror.”

“There’s not a lot of mirth in the circles I run in about him,” said another former senior Obama campaign staffer.

Privately, Obama has expressed mixed feelings, according to people close to the president. He’s still nursing amusement at Republicans for being hapless enough to get railroaded by Trump, but it’s mixed with frustration that there are so many Americans he failed to reach. People who’ve spoken to him say the president wonders what he might have done differently to break through in a way that would make people who’ve benefited from his policies—like those enjoying added health benefits courtesy of Obamacare—support Democrats.

MSNBC Guest Says The “Public Should Not Trust Police Officers”..

Via The Blaze:

“I mean, this is the core of the problem is that the public should not trust police officers. These police departments, what they are doing and in Charlotte, it shows a beautiful story line for them. They are creating a narrative. They start off with framing the story from the very beginning, in the way that they what to frame it putting out the person who is the head of the police union and the police chief gets to say something. Then hey show a picture of an alleged gun at the scene. So they are creating a story. So they have created their context. So they tried to sway the public and potential jury in the their own way. But what the public wants, what Charlotte uprising is asking for is stop telling us the story and show us the story. Instead of you creating the continuous lies you think we should believe. So we don’t need more context. We need the actual video.”

Caption This…

Crowd: “Is that Donald Trump over there!?”

Hillary: “Hey, what about me?”


Black Website The Root Compares Police To The KKK, Declares “All Cops Are Bad”…


Incite violence much?

Via Newsbusters:

The Root’s Michael Harriot has a problem with the phrase, “Not all cops are bad cops,” and insists, “This is not a pronouncement wrapped in hyperbole.”

On September 21, Harriot suggested, “Maybe there are no good cops.” He then went on to say, “It is as obvious as sunshine at day and darkness at night. It is founded on the simple reasoning of human nature, legal precedent, and commonsense logic.”

He cites as proof the deaths of Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Laquan McDonald, and others. He also lists off individuals in the police force guilty of criminal and heinous activity. Due to the actions of these few, he claims that there are only “mythical good cops” among the over 1 million state and local law enforcement officers.

Arguing that even the good police officers are bad, he explained, “If you sat home, committed no act of violence but sent $7 to ISIS,” he asserted, “you would be arrested as a terrorist because you would be guilty of aiding the enemies of America.” Yes, but it’s incorrect to claim that, because of the action of a few evil Islamists, all Muslims are terrorists. But let’s not apply that same standard to the police force.

Showing the utmost respect for the men and woman who protect and serve us, Harriot continued, “There are men in white hoods who never light crosses on lawns or tie nooses around necks, but if you see them in uniform, you just know they’re Klansmen.”

He then falsely claimed, “We know that this organization kills blacks more often than it kills white people.” However, that is simply not true.

Poll: Trump And Clinton Tied In Two-Way Race Going Into Debate, Hillary’s 6 Point Lead Evaporates…

Trump & Hillary

Just a month the ago the media had already coronated Hillary as our next president.

Via Politico:

As the two candidates prepare to spar at tonight’s first presidential debate, a new poll has Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton tied 46 percent to 46 percent in a two-way race among likely voters.

The Bloomberg poll, however, has Trump ahead by 2 points in a four-way race, with Trump earning 43 percent to Clinton’s 41. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has 8 percent and Green Party candidate Jill Stein comes in with 4 percent.

And earlier Bloomberg poll in August had Clinton beating Trump by 6 points in a two-race race.

Clinton still has a large, but shrinking, lead among likely women voters, besting Trump 52 percent to 39 percent. And among voters 35 years or younger, Clinton is beating Trump 50 percent to 40.

But Trump continues to lead Clinton with white voters 55 percent to 38 percent and with those without college degrees 50 percent to 42.

Polling averages show a slight Clinton lead: RealClearPolitics has her 2.1 points ahead, while HuffPollster has her leading Trump by 4 points. FiveThirtyEight has Clinton up by 1.1 points.

ISIS Executes Seven Of Its Own Fighters For Fleeing Battle By Crushing Them To Death With A Bulldozer…


Religion of Peace™

Nineveh – Members of ISIS terrorist group fled Sharqt battle were trampled to death by a bulldozer in the city of Mosul, al-Sumaria News reported Monday.

The news website reported that ISIS executed seven of its members fled the battles in Sharqat district in northern Iraq by running them down with a giant bulldozer.

The victims had their hands and legs chained before they were executed in a public square in the city of Mosul.

The majority of the victims were from Arab and foreign nationalities.

According to the website, the executions were carried out in front of citizens and other ISIS members. The group wanted the victims to be an example of the punishment its members would receive if they thought of fleeing the battlefield.

Security forces and popular crowd managed earlier to liberate Sharqat and the surrounding villages from ISIS control. The forces also inflicted heavy losses on ISIS militants.

Wal-Mart Apologizes After Worker Refuses To Make “Blue Lives Matter” Cake For Police Officer Calling It “Racist”…


Update to this story.

Via The Blaze:

Wal-Mart has issued an apology after one of its Georgia stores refused to make a “blue lives matter” cake for a police officer’s retirement party, according to WGCL-TV.

Taylor Wilkes, a friend of the officer’s family, posted on Facebook that employees at the Wal-Mart in McDonough called the message the officer’s daughter asked to have printed on the cake “racist.”

“That’s completely nuts,” one customer told WGCL.

Franklin Allen, the chief of the nearby Jonesboro Police Department, told WGCL he found the incident “heartbreaking” and indicative of recent hostility against police.

“Officers go out and put their lives on the line for people, regardless of color, creed, sex, or national origin. It doesn’t matter to us,” he said.

After the story gained attention on social media, a spokesperson for Wal-Mart issued a statement apologizing for the incident: “Our goal is to always take care of customers. But, sometimes we misstep. We’ve reached out to the family to make this right and offer our apologies.”