The Good: Liberals Are Finally Pro-Border Enforcement. The Bad: Enforcing Their Elitist School District’s Borders…

School borders

What happened to “it takes a village?”

Via The Federalist:

Washington DC’s attorney general recently sued a married couple, alleging they had illegally enrolled their three children in well-regarded local public schools despite living outside the District, and demanding more than $224,000 in back tuition. Reached by the Washington Post at home, Alan Hill, the father named in the lawsuit, sounded bewildered: “We are in the middle of this process and still trying to understand it.”

“The issue of nonresidents enrolling in D.C. public schools is often heated, particularly as students compete for a limited number of seats in highly sought-after schools,” the Post reports. “Parents often talk of sitting on wait lists for schools while they see drivers with license plates from neighboring states lining up to drop off their children.”

Stealing from Taxpayers?

Clear across the country in Berkeley, California, the local school district also combats illegal enrollees at the behest of annoyed residents. Framed by poorer-performing school districts—most notably Oakland, a high-violence locale—Berkeley Unified School District has proven to be irresistible to parents desperately seeking a better life for their kids despite their inability to pay district housing prices.

Residents even started the Berkeley Accountable Schools Project, a community group that monitors and complains about enrollment fraud. They claim as many as 40 percent of kids attending Berkeley public high schools are illegally enrolled. They have posted anecdotes like these:

the mother of a BHS football player said she ‘spent an hour driving around Oakland’ when she offered her son’s teammates a ride home after practice.

A football player’s father carpooled team members out by Oakland Coliseum. In that particular year, he claimed that none of the starting players lived in Berkeley.

A Berkeley police officer, speaking off the record, said that about 80% of Berkeley High students who were picked up in connection with violent crimes in Berkeley turned out to live out-of-district. In some cases, these students provided the address of a Berkeley relation whose address they used on school documents, but with whom they did not reside.

In conversations with a school board candidate, a parent learned that 30%-50% fraudulent enrollment is the working range estimated by the people ‘with the best information.’

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Hillary Demanded Staffer Email Her Classified Information


You shall obey Grandma!

Via NRO:

The Blaze picks up a story flagged by Joe Scarborough, who expressed astonishment on Morning Joe on Tuesday at an e-mail exchange in which then–secretary of state Hillary Clinton appeared to berate one of her top aides, Jacob Sullivan, for his reluctance to send Clinton classified information by e-mail.

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Hillary Emails Contained Spy Satellite Info On North Korean Nukes

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 11.34.26 PM

She’s toast.

Via Washington Times:

One of the most serious potential breaches of national security identified so far by the intelligence community inside Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private emails involves the relaying of classified information concerning the movement of North Korean nuclear assets, which was obtained from spy satellites.

Multiple intelligence sources who spoke to The Washington Times, solely on the condition of anonymity, said concerns about the movement of the North Korean information through Mrs. Clinton’s unsecured server are twofold.

First, spy satellite information is frequently classified at the top-secret level and handled within a special compartment called Talent-Keyhole. This means it is one of the most sensitive forms of intelligence gathered by the U.S.

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Trading Ads: Jeb Attacks Trump As A Liberal, Close To Hillary, Trump Parries With Jeb’s Closeness To Hillary



No more Clintons or Bushes!

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Abilene Police Officer Murdered At Home In ‘Coordinated Attack’ By ‘Multiple Parties’

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.32.09 PM

This is a strange one. Police are being very mum about the facts in this matter so far.

Via LEO Affairs:

Yet another officer has been killed this week in what is being described as having been planned by multiple parties to kill an Abilene police officer in his home. The slain officer has been identified as Don Allen by the chief of police. According to a local news source, Big Country Homepage, a search warrant for cell tower information included the following:

This ruling isn’t official, but a direct quote from the documents reads, “communication occurred between multiple parties to plan and carry out the murder. [The officer filing the warrant] believes cell towers within the ten mile radius will have captured transaction between the suspects who were involved in this murder.”

Little information has been made available to the public at this point, but it has been released that the FBI, Texas DPS, Texas Rangers and other agencies have joined in the investigation. Authorities have said this was not a random targeting of a police officer.
“His family is heartbroken, as is our police family,” said an Abilene police spokesman according to WFAA.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: I’m Proud Of Those Young People Pushing Black Lives Matter. Debbie? Have You Seen This…

Start at around 1:26, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC head, at the Iowa State Fair:

The DNC with that special exquisite timing they have, just this week passed a resolution supporting the BLM, this despite all kinds of inflammatory rhetoric and actions against police.

Everyone has at this point seen the Black Lives Matter Minnesota chant.

But this of course was not the first time or a one off.

Many may remember a similar chant from them in NYC, just before two cops were assassinated by a Black Lives Matter protester/Islamic extremist Ismaiiyl Brinsley. Brinkley specifically cited Mike Brown and Eric Garner as his reason for killing the cops, and ‘putting pigs in a blanket'[putting them in a coffin]. As we reported at the time, MSM missed that Brinsley had been a protester.
Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.00.48 PM

This type of angry radical rhetoric is a constant. Perhaps Debbie, who is very proud of her Jewish heritage and supportive, generally, of Israel must have missed this little nugget lead by the Ferguson protester and Palestinian/Hamas supporter Bassem Masri.

After the two cops killed in NYC, Masri: If you don’t hold [cops] accountable ‘m**f**kas are going to have to hold you accountable in their own way’, other BLM member about cop killers: We call them heroes.

This man, Bassem Masri, who has a criminal background, was invited to a DOJ community meeting on Ferguson in November. Many of the other members of the BLM have a history of visiting the White House prior and during their protesting career.

So we have to ask, why the endorsement and meetings with this radical group?

Kate Steinle’s Family Announces Lawsuit Over ‘Sanctuary Cities’

No family should ever have to go through this again.

Via Fox News:

The family of Kate Steinle, in an emotional press conference, announced a lawsuit Tuesday against government agencies that they consider partly responsible for her murder because of their handling of the illegal immigrant suspect and the murder weapon itself.

Steinle, 32, was shot dead while walking on a San Francisco pier on July 1. Suspect Juan Francisco Sanchez, who has admitted he fired the fatal shot, is an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times before he was transferred from federal custody to a San Francisco jail earlier this year to face outstanding marijuana charges. Yet he was released in April after prosecutors dropped the pot counts, despite a federal request to detain him until immigration authorities could pick him up.

The Steinle family announced Tuesday with their legal team that they have filed three claims — against San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, the Bureau of Land Management and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“We feel as though we’ve exhausted avenues, we’re frustrated and we’re here to make sure a change is made so nobody has to endure the pain that my mom and dad and I go through on a daily basis because the system failed our sister,” Kate’s brother Brad Steinle told reporters.

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MSNBC: Hillary’s Secret Emails Were Just A ‘Defensive Reaction’ To Enemies

So the reason she may have broken federal regulations and laws was because ‘enemies’ might be looking to see if she violated federal regulations or laws. Alrighty now.

Via Newsbusters:

Atlantic magazine editor Steve Clemons spun Hillary Clinton’s use of a private, unsecured e-mail server as the natural, “defensive” reaction to being “under political assault” by people like Ken Starr. On Tuesday’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, the MSNBC contributor exonerated, “We don’t know exactly what the rationale is, but there was a certain defensiveness that makes a lot of sense when you look back at how under assault the Clintons have been.”

Clemons allowed, “This is a family, you know, a franchise, if you will, that has been under political assault for a very long time.” The journalist insisted that in the wake of the Clintons’s battle with Ken Starr, with Whitewater and the “constant conspiratorial atmosphere around them,” using a separate e-mail server “was an act of defensiveness to try and protect some bit of their terrain from enemies that I think they feel are embedded all around them.”

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Developing: Police Officer Murdered During Traffic Stop Outside Chicago, Manhunt Under Way…Update: Officer Father Of Four, 30 Year Veteran, 3 Suspects Still On Run


Via Fox CT:

A police officer has died after being shot about 60 miles north of Chicago on Tuesday, sources tell WGN.

The officer’s gun and pepper spray were taken during an altercation, according to police.

Officers are now searching for two suspects, a white male and a black male, in connection with the shooting.

Multiple helicopters and K9s are searching near Rollins Road between Washington Avenue and Route 59.

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So sad.

Via Chicago Tribune:

The Fox Lake police officer shot and killed while chasing three suspects Tuesday morning was a 30-year veteran of the force who went by the nickname “G.I. Joe” and was married with four children, according to police and family.

“He’s got four sons who are going to have to go on alone,” said Terry Resetar, mother-in-law of the slain officer, Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, 52.

The veteran officer had also indicated he was planning to retire later this month, said Fox Lake Mayor Donny Schmit, a close friend.

Gliniewicz radioed shortly before 8 a.m. while on routine patrol that he was going to check on some suspicious activity, Lake County sheriff’s spokesman Chris Covelli said at a news conference.

He then radioed that he was in a “foot pursuit,” but communication was lost after that, Covelli said. Other officers responded and found him shot near Route 12 and Sayton Road, he said.

Gliniewicz was discovered in a marshy area, stripped of his gun and other gear, according to Lake County Undersheriff Raymond Rose. He died at the scene, the undersheriff said.

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Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 8.46.39 PM

9th Planned Parenthood Video Released: PP Sells Intact Aborted Babies, ‘One Just Fell Out’ Of The Womb

And taking kickbacks too, apparently…

Via Life News:

The Center for Medical Progress released a new video this morning — the 9th in its series of videos catching the Planned Parenthood abortion business selling aborted babies and their body parts. This latest video catches a Planned Parenthood medical director discussing how the abortion company sells fully intact aborted babies — including one who “just fell out” of the womb.

The ninth video in the Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal focuses on Advanced Bioscience Resources, Inc. (ABR), the small and secretive company similar to StemExpress that has harvested and sold fetal body parts at Planned Parenthood clinics longer than any other entity.

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CNN Changes Debate Criteria, Giving Fiorina Better Chance To Make The Next Debate

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 6.55.06 PM

Wonder who it may knock off the stage? Christie?

Via NY Times:

CNN announced on Tuesday that it would amend the criteria for picking candidates for the next Republican debate, scheduled for Sept. 16. The move followed criticism from supporters of Carly Fiorina and others that she was being unfairly excluded.

In a statement, CNN said it would allow onto the stage any candidate who placed among the top 10 in an average of network-approved polls released from Aug. 7 to Sep. 10, whether or not they placed among the top 10 in an average of polls going back to mid-July, which was the previous metric. The reason: So few new national polls are being taken between the Republicans’ first presidential debate and the planned September debate that the old formula would have heavily weighted polls taken in July and early August.

“In a world where we expected there to be at least 15 national polls, based on historic precedent, it appears there will be only five,” CNN said. “As a result, we now believe we should adjust the criteria to ensure the next debate best reflects the most current state of the national race.”

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First Court Date Approaches In Freddie Gray Case

Time to see if Mosby is the J.V team we all think she is.

Via ABC News:

Four months after six Baltimore police officers were charged in the death of Freddie Gray, defense attorneys and prosecutors will appear before a judge who will determine how the case will move forward.

Six Baltimore police officers face criminal charges stemming from Gray’s death. Gray, who was black, was critically injured April 12 in the back of a prisoner transport van after he was arrested in the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood.

Initial police reports said Gray was arrested with a knife, though whether Gray was legally carrying that knife is sure to be a centerpiece of the case as it moves to trial. Prosecutors say it’s legal under a city ordinance, while defense attorneys argue that it’s a switchblade, and thus illegal under both city and state law.

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BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Repeatedly Originated And Distributed Highly Classified Information


Do not let this story get lost on the Internet.  Share it, re-share it.  Tell your friends. Sean Davis did a great job on this and may very well have found an actual smoking gun.

Via The Federalist:

A review of recently released e-mails shows that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeatedly originated and distributed highly classified national security information. Clinton’s classified e-mail missives were not constrained to State Department staff, either. She also sent classified information to Sidney Blumenthal, a former Clinton White House operative banned by the Obama White House.

An analysis by The Federalist of e-mails released by the State Department late Monday shows that scores of e-mails sent by Clinton contained highly confidential national security information from the beginning, even if they weren’t marked by a classification authority until later.

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Hidden Cam: Hillary’s National Marketing Director Accepting Foreign Contribution

Romney Tells People Privately He’s Horrified By Trump, Thinking Of Running Again


I’m sure Donald is horrified by you too.

Via NY Mag:

As Donald Trump continues to dominate the Republican presidential race, frustration and panic have become high enough to make some inside the party Establishment pine for a candidate they roundly rejected as recently as January: Mitt Romney.

Romney himself has become one of Trump’s most vocal detractors inside the party. “He’s someone to whom civility means a lot. The whole Trump thing really bothers him,” a close Romney adviser told me — and some Romney-ites are only too happy to talk up the prospect of their man jumping into the race if the Establishment fails to stop Trump, whose support in Iowa and New Hampshire is currently greater than Jeb Bush’s, Scott Walker’s, Marco Rubio’s, Chris Christie’s, and John Kasich’s combined.

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Former T.V. Judge Joe Brown Released From Jail


Via Fox News:

Former television judge Joe Brown has been released from jail after serving a five-day jail sentence for contempt of court.

The Commercial Appeal reports Brown was released from the Shelby County Jail Tuesday morning. Brown turned himself in last Thursday.

Brown, a former Memphis judge, was charged with contempt after an outburst in Juvenile Court in March 2014. Magistrate Judge Harold Horne sentenced Brown to five days in jail following a verbal exchange in which Brown called the Juvenile Court a “sorry operation” and challenged Horne’s authority.

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Is It Smart For Jeb To Attack Trump?


Jeb should worry about himself.

Via CS Monitor:

Jeb Bush has had enough of Donald Trump calling him “low energy,” so he’s launching a counterattack. That may be understandable, considering Mr. Trump’s taunting. But is it a good idea?

We’re not convinced it is. But at this point, Mr. Bush may feel he has little choice.

First, the details: On Tuesday, the Bush campaign released an attack ad meant to exploit Trump’s many past Republican apostasies. It begins with a clip meant to reinforce The Donald’s image as a very New York-style tycoon.

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This Is An Actual Headline At CNN


Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 6.13.08 PM

Teenagers Protest A Transgender Student’s Use Of Girl’s Bathroom


Boys don’t belong in the girls bathrooms in a high school.

Via NY Times:

A transgender high school student in Missouri is facing backlash from her peers after requesting to use the girls’ bathrooms and locker room.

More than 100 students at Hillsboro High School, about an hour south of St Louis, walked out of class on Monday in protest.

“I’m hoping this dies down,” said Lila Perry, the 17-year-old who began identifying as a girl publicly in February. “I don’t want my entire senior year to be like this.”

Ms. Perry, who began feeling “more like a girl than a boy” when she was 13, said school officials gave her permission to use the girls’ facilities as the new school year began.

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Obama Monday: Melting Glaciers Caused By Global Warming Losing 75 Billion Tons Of Ice Each Year. Obama Tuesday: We Need New Heavy-Duty Icebreaking Ships For Arctic…


Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 3.07.41 PM

Obama Today:

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 3.05.51 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 2.13.37 PM