Overnight Open Thread: Dog Born With No Front Legs Gets Adopted…

Via Daily Mail:

Heartwarming footage captures the tender relationship between a puppy born without any front legs and his adopted owner.

Nubby, the 5-week-old white boxer was unable to reach his mother to feed and would have died without help.

So Mark and Robinson Bowlin rescued the sweet puppy and took him home to their home in Texax.

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Barack Obama’s Presidential Library May Need $1.5 Billion

Hmm, wonder if all the money is headed to the library…

Via Page Six:

The Barack Obama Presidential Center in Chicago could require a $1.5 billion endowment, its architects say, three times what was raised for the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas.

Husband-and-wife architectural team Tod Williams and Billie Tsien noted that it will be difficult to raise such a huge sum because Obama scrupulously declined to do much fundraising while he was still in office.

The Obama Center is due to be so expensive because it will require the construction of both a presidential library and a museum about the lives of Barack and Michelle Obama. And federal requirements now stipulate that former presidents must have larger endowments to pay for annual operating costs at the libraries.

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Pence Says NATO Defense Costs Must Be ‘Shared Fairly’ By Europe

Via Daily Mail:

Vice President Mike Pence says European nations need to speed up plans to contribute two percent of their gross national income to NATO and encourage other member nations to do the same.

At a news conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Monday in Brussels, Pence reiterated the Trump administration’s position ‘that for too long, for too many’ the burden of paying for NATO has ‘not been shared fairly among our NATO allies.

‘That must come to an end,’ the vice president said.

The U.S. leader declined to make new threats to nations that don’t pay up, but he warned, ‘The patience of the American people will not endure.’

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Florida Teacher Gets ‘Reassigned’ For Pro-Trump Facebook Post Praising Deportation

Via Biz Pac Review:

A Florida teacher has been reassigned after she wrote a Facebook status supporting President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

Veronica Fleming was removed from her role as a computer lab teacher and assigned to administrative duties after she wrote that “glad about massive deportation” because it means there will be “less mouths to feed.”

The principal at Parkside Elementary School, where Fleming works and where the students are 96 percent minorities, learned about her writing after parents called the school to complain, according to NBC 2.

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Farrakhan Welcomed To Stage In Detroit To Chants Of ‘Allah Akbar’: ‘America Will Never Be Made Great Again’

Screwy Louie at it again…

Via Biz Pac Review:

Louis Farrakhan, the racist founder of the Nation of Islam, was welcomed like a rock star Sunday at the organization’s annual convention, “Saviours’ Day 2017,” in Detroit.

The purveyor of hate took the stage to chants of “Long live Muhammad” and “Allahu Akbar,” according to Detroit Free Press reporter Niraj Warikoo:

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Muslim Call To Prayer In Times Square

This was part of the “I am a Muslim” anti-Trump protest over the weekend.

‘Make America Smart Again’: 100s Of Demonstrators In Boston Protest ‘Threat To Science’ Under Trump Admin

These people wouldn’t know science if it hit them in their gluteus maximus…

Via Daily Mail:

Hundreds of scientists, environmental advocates and their supporters gathered in Boston on Sunday to voice opposition to the Trump administration’s stance on climate change.

Geoffrey Supran, a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who studies renewable energy solutions to climate change, said scientists are responding to the Trump administration’s ‘anti-science rhetoric’.

‘We’re really trying to send a message today to Mr Trump that America runs on science, science is the backbone of our prosperity and progress,’ Supran said.

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Director Judd Apatow Denounces Trump: ‘I Feel Like I’ve Just Been Raped’

So where are all the feminists objecting to him misusing the term rape?

Via Daily Beast:

Before Judd Apatow was the ultra-successful producer of movies like Anchorman, Bridesmaids, and this year’s Sundance hit The Big Sick, all he wanted to be in life was a stand-up comedian. After 30 years of writing, directing and producing some of the best TV and film comedy of his generation, he has finally achieved that goal.

Introducing his mentor at a stand-up show to promote their HBO series Crashing at the Regent Theater in Los Angeles Saturday night, Pete Holmes joked that you might recognize Apatow from HBO’s Young Comedians Special. He was referring to the 1992 stand-up showcase that also featured Ray Romano, Janeane Garofalo, Bill Bellamy and others. But unlike those comedians, Apatow had to wait until he was close to 50 years old before reaching headliner status as a comedian.

The increasingly politically engaged Apatow, who found himself as the unlikely subject of a widely-read recent Maureen Dowd column in The New York Times, spent the majority of his set tearing into President Donald Trump—most forcefully in the disturbing analogy he used as his opener.

When Trump was elected, Apatow said, he felt like “a person about to get raped, but I didn’t know how bad it would be.” Now that Trump is president, he added, “I feel like I’ve just been raped and I just don’t know if I’m going to get murdered.”

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College Writing Center Declares American Grammar A ‘Racist,’ ‘Unjust Language Structure’


Via Daily Caller:

An “antiracist” poster in a college writing center insists American grammar is “racist” and an “unjust language structure,” promising to prioritize rhetoric over “grammatical ‘correctness.’”

The poster, written by the director, staff, and tutors of the University of Washington, Tacoma’s Writing Center, states “racism is the normal condition of things,” declaring that it permeates rules, systems, expectations, in courses, school and society.

“Linguistic and writing research has shown clearly for many decades that there is no inherent ‘standard’ of English,” proclaims the writing center’s statement. “Language is constantly changing. These two facts make it very difficult to justify placing people in hierarchies or restricting opportunities and privileges because of the way people communicate in particular versions of English.”

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Black Woman Risks Her Safety To Save Police Officer From Danger…

Via Daily Caller:

A black woman leaped into the middle of a fight to protect a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, police officer from an attack Sunday morning.

Vickie Williams-Tillman was headed to Walmart when she saw 28 year-old Thomas Bennett hitting an officer with his baton, reports KSDK.

“I could see in his eyes he needed help,” said Williams-Tillman. “You don’t have time to think about it … I did what God needed me to do.”

The officer came across Bennett sleeping in his car and saw drug paraphernalia. Bennett got out of the car at the officer’s request, but quickly became hostile, according to Baton Rouge police spokesperson Sgt. L’Jean McKneely.

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Leading European Rabbi Warns: Europe’s Synagogues Are No Longer Safe Havens For Jews…

New Europe descends into old Europe.

Via Express:

Moscow’s Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, president of the Conference of European Rabbis, was speaking at a conference called “Securing Jewish Communities across Europe”.

He said: “At the back of almost every Jew’s mind is the possibility of what could happen.

“Sadly, in Copenhagen, Brussels and in Paris, that has become a reality.

“The Jewish community finds itself targeted from a number of directions: from the extreme right, the extreme left and Islamic terrorism.”

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New York Mayor Threatens Wells Fargo For Funding Dakota Pipeline…

Via Telesur:

“A handful of millionaires and billionaires in the fossil fuel industry might benefit, but (DAPL) is a disaster for the rest of us,” the mayor said.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio warned Wells Fargo & Company over its funding for the Dakota Access pipeline, saying he has the power to pull the plug on the bank’s contract for operating accounts.

“I am writing to express my deep concern about your involvement, and the involvement of other banks, in financing the Dakota Access Pipeline,” de Blasio wrote in a Feb. 17 letter to Wells Fargo CEO Timothy Sloan.

He said his concern stemmed from the fact that he is the mayor of a “coastal city threatened by climate change” and that such a structure carrying half a million of barrels a day “would violate human and tribal rights of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation” as well as the “global environment.”

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TSA Allows 11 JFK Passengers To Bypass Security Screenings, 2 Of Which Set Off Metal Detectors

JFK is like a revolving door.

Via NY Daily News:

Eleven unidentified passengers walked through a security lane without being screened at Kennedy Airport early Monday because the TSA left the area open and unattended, law enforcement sources said.

A security camera captured a metal detector going off three times as the travelers walked through the screening lane, the sources said.

The breach happened around 6 a.m. at Terminal 5, but two hours passed before Transportation Security Administration officials notified the Port Authority Police Department, the sources said.

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Dem Congressman To Sue Over Painting Depicting Cops As Pigs…

Congress – solving the real problems of America.

Via The Hill:

Rep. Lacy Clay (D-Mo.) will file a federal lawsuit on Tuesday against the Architect of the Capitol for removing a constituent’s painting that depicted police officers as animals from the Capitol complex.

Clay will argue that the painting’s removal, which followed outcry from House Republicans and police advocacy groups, violated his constituent’s First Amendment rights to free expression.

The painting by student David Pulphus showed a confrontation between black protesters and police officers with guns drawn, depicted as feral pigs.

Clay’s district includes the city of Ferguson, where a white police officer shot an unarmed black teenager in 2014. The shooting sparked waves of protests.

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Moonbats Hold “Not My President’s Day” Rallies In NYC, LA, Chicago To Protest Trump…

These would have been compared to KKK rallies this time last year.

(CNN) – Another week, another series of demonstrations by opponents of President Donald Trump.

Protesters in cities across the country took to the streets on Monday for “Not My President’s Day” rallies with a strong anti-Trump message.

Olga Lexell, who was one of about 20 people who helped organize the events in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, said they were intended to show Trump there was widespread opposition to his policies and “ridiculous” executive orders.

“A lot of people are angry because he lost the popular vote and is ruling like somebody who won by a landslide,” Lexell said.

In New York’s Columbus Circle, protesters held signs with a simple message — the word “No!” in different languages.

In addition, merchants sold T-shirts reading “Not My President” above smaller text reading “Elected but not chosen.”

“In the name of humanity, fascist America — No! No! No! No! No!,” they chanted.

First Ever “Modest Fashion Week” Held In London, Clothes Touted As “Complying With Muslim Values”…

Londonistan at its finest.

LONDON – The inaugural ‘Modest Fashion Week’ took place over the weekend, an event targeted at Muslim consumers and sponsored by a makeup brand who refuse to sell products to supporters of U.S. President Donald J. Trump.

According to organisers of the event, at which the clothes showcased are said to ‘comply with Muslim values’, modest fashion is one of the fastest growing consumer markets.

Event organiser Romanna Bint-Abubaker, founder of modest fashion website ‘Haute Elan’ told Sky News: “The fastest growing global consumer is at the moment the Muslim market.

“One in three people by 2030 will be a Muslim in the world — that’s a huge population.”

Official sponsors of the Muslim-friendly event Illamasqua have announced they are staunchly opposed to populism, last week promising that the brand will “never knowingly sell” their products to Trump supporters.

In a statement posted to its website the company says it’s “horrified” by the U.S. president’s actions, declaring: “We refuse to remain silent while extreme right-wing populism gains momentum… wherever it is happening.

Dem Rep. Jackie Speier Floats Idea Of Using 25th Amendment To Remove Trump from Office…

A coup, how progressive.

Via Grabien:

KEILAR: “I want to talk about something you tweeted yesterday. You said, ‘Describing POTUS as unhinged at today’s press conference is kind. This is scary. #25thAmendment.’ And the 25th amendment details the procedure for replacing the president in the event of death, removal, resignation or incapacitation. Can you explain that in more than 140 characters for us, what you want to see there?”

SPEIER: “The 25th Amendment is there to, you know, you provide a backstop if in fact the president becomes incapacitated.”

KEILAR: “Do you believe he’s incapacitated?”

SPEIER: “I think that we have got to be very careful. He needs to start acting presidential. He needs to start recognizing that as president you don’t go around and shoot down the media as if it’s, you know, some kind of a game you’re playing. You don’t take on people saying nasty things about them. You don’t take foreign leaders and hang up the phone with them or besmirch them as he has with some of the European leaders. He has got to get a grip. So the 25th Amendment is there if a president becomes incapacitated. Woodrow Wilson was incapacitated, his wife actually was the president in waiting for most of the end of his term. Certainly Eleanor Roosevelt played a role. I don’t believe that Melania Trump is in a position to do that but certainly —“

KEILAR: “Is this a quip or are you very serious about this?”

SPEIER: “I’m serious about conveying to the President that he has got to get serious. That we have efforts under way around the globe attempting to exploit our dysfunction right now. He’s got to act presidential, he’s got to stop being a campaigner.”

BREAKING: Gen. H.R. McMaster To Take Over As National Security Advisor…

Transgender Teenage Boy Wins Girls Wrestling Championship Despite Parents’ Attempts At Banning Him From Competing

I wouldn’t want my 17 year old daughter wrestling with a 17 year old girl taking massive doses of testosterone.

Via Daily Mail:

A transgender teenager won a girls wrestling contest on Saturday despite attempts from other competitors’ parents to stop him from taking part.

Mack Beggs, a 17-year-old from Euless, Texas, has been taking steroids as part of his transition from female to male since late 2015.

He says he wants to compete against boys but isn’t allowed to because of University Interscholastic League rules which say he must compete as the gender listed by his birth certificate.

The league does not allow students to compete against the opposite sex so Mack is forced to stay in the girls’ category.

A girl he was due to wrestle at the weekend forfeited the match amid claims from parents that was unsafe for her to wrestle the transgender teenager who they say he is getting an ‘unfair advantage’ by taking steroids.

One parent has launched a lawsuit against the League, claiming it is putting girls at risk of ‘imminent threat of bodily harm’ by allowing Mack to remain in the 110-pound weight class.

Exactly what the teenager weighs and how much his body has changed since he began taking steroids is unclear but he says the girls in the weight class are comfortable competing against him.

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ICE: 949,382 Illegals With ‘Removal Orders’ Still Free, Raids Get Just .07%

MSM continually whines about “families being broken up” but says virtually nothing about 3 million illegals with criminal records who are roaming our streets, committing more crimes while lapping up taxpayer-funded freebies.

Via Washington Examiner:

Despite media reports of a massive crackdown by President Trump on illegal immigrants, just a tiny percentage of the nearly 1 million on the government’s deportation list have been arrested, according to statistics provided to Congress.

The 680 seized in recent sweeps by U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement agents represent just .07 percent of the 950,062 with deportation orders as of May 21, 2016.

Responses to questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee, provided by Thomas D. Homan, currently the acting ICE director, revealed the struggle the agency faces as it moves to deport illegals, many with criminal records and slapped with “final orders of removal” after exhausting their court appeals.

He said that ICE has custody of just 11,006, or 1 percent, of the 950,062 ordered deported.

“As of May 21, 2016, there were 950,062 aliens with final orders of removal on U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) national docket. Of those aliens, 939,056 were on ICE’s non-detained docket and 11,006 were on ICE’s detained docket,” said Homan’s answer to questions from Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley.

As it moves to find those not detained, ICE is beefing up its force, hiring up to 15,000.

There are an estimated 3 million illegal immigrants with criminal records in addition to their illegal status and the administration has said it will make them a priority for removal. The numbers in the ICE answers could have adjusted but deporting criminal illegals was not a priority in the last months of the Obama administration, according to experts.

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