Georgia Man Remembers Battle Of Iwo Jima, 73 Years Later

Via Fox 5:

Eugene Peterson, 94, of Cobb County served three years in the United States Marine Corp. He joined as an 18-year-old, fresh out of high school in 1942 and finished his service in 1945. Then, he found himself on the front lines of history during World War II. He served in Guadalcanal, Bougainville, Guam, and Iwo Jima.

The US Marines invaded Iwo Jima on February 19, 1945, and Private First Class Peterson was a part of the five-week campaign which turned out to be one of the most hard-fought battles of World War II.

Now, 73 years later, his memories are still as vivid as if they happened yesterday.

Peterson is a piece of living history, and when he decided to document his service in writing, mostly for his kids to have an understanding of what he went through, he thought it might be 10-15 pages of material. And 156 pages later, he had written a very unique account of his service during WWII from the perspective of a “grunt.” It is less about gore and killing, and more about the day-to-day, and relationships with fellow servicemen.

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson Says ‘Prayers’ Do Not Stop Bullets — Internet Lights Him On Fire

Via Daily Caller:

Physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson said Friday that “the power of prayer” does not stop bullets.

Tyson was responding to the recent school shooting in Florida, which cost 17 students and teachers their lives. Last week, a deranged gunman opened fire at Stoneman Douglas High School in the deadliest school shooting since Sandy Hook. The shooting has reignited the gun control debate in the country, with many on the political left calling for stricter gun control laws.

For his part, Tyson said this of people who are offering prayers for the victims of the shooting:

Evidence collected over many years, obtained from many locations, indicates that the power of Prayer is insufficient to stop bullets from killing school children.

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According To The FBI, Knives Kill Far More People Than Rifles In America – It’s Not Even Close

And AR-15s are a smaller percentage yet again.

Via Daily Caller:

Knives kill far more people in the United States than rifles do every year.

In the wake of the horrific school shooting in Florida last week, the debate over guns in America has surged again to the forefront oft the political conversation. Seventeen students were killed when a deranged gunman rampaged through the Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida. Many are calling now for stricter gun laws in the wake of the shooting, specifically targeting the AR-15 rifle and promoting the reinstatement of the assault weapons ban.

However, recent statistics from 2016 show that knives actually kill nearly five times as many people as rifles that year.

According to the FBI, 1,604 people were killed by “knives and cutting instruments” and 374 were killed by “rifles” in 2016.

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CBS News: It’s Easier To Buy An ‘Assault Rifle’ Than Cold Medicine


Assault rifles are illegal already. You need background checks. This is such b.s.

This School’s Not Likely To Be Next Target … Good Guys Are All Packing Heat And It Works

Via Biz Pac Review:

Amid all the hysteria over gun control in the wake of yet another school shooting, a school in New Mexico is not likely to be the next target.

…because everyone’s packing heat!

Well, maybe not everyone, but many teachers at the parochial school carry firearms, as does the principle and head of security, according to Inside Edition.

Even the school’s pastor carries a .45 — in a case that looks like a Bible.

By a show of hands, student’s in a classroom at the school were asked if they feel safer knowing their teacher was carrying a gun. Every hand in the room went up, as seen in the video clip below:

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North Korea’s Failed Olympians Hope To Avoid Dangerous Consequences

Hope they don’t get punished.

Via Fox News:

As North Koreans return home this week from the Pyeongchang Winter Games, possibly without any medals, Olympians hope to avoid the gulags — a fate the losers of the 1966 World Cup are believed to have experienced.

Twenty-two North Koreans participated in the 2018 Olympics, with the support of the nation’s handpicked cheering squad, for the regime’s ninth representation in a Winter Games.

Competing in figure skating, skiing and ice hockey — as part of a joint team with South Korea — the country failed to medal in any event, surely disappointing leader Kim Jong Un, whose family allegedly sentenced the failed World Cup athletes to concentration camps for the loss.

A survivor of the North Korea gulags, according to the U.K.’s Daily Star, wrote about meeting the World Cup squad at the Yodok gulag, where the team said they were imprisoned for losing 5-3 to Portugal.

In 2010, the losing North Korea World Cup team reportedly endured a six-hour “grand debate” in which they were criticized for their “betrayal of the trust of Kim Jong Un,” South Korean newspaper The Chosun Ilbo reported.

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St. Louis Business Owner Threatened, Harassed After Flying Flag Supporting Police

Social justice warrior triggered.


A Cherokee Antique Row business owner says she and others in the area are being harassed for displaying flags supporting police on their storefronts.

Cherri Elder owns Elder’s Antiques, a family owned and operated business that has been open for 32 years.

“You just know everybody,” said Elder.

She’s formed relationships with the police that patrol the area and wanted to offer her support by displaying an American flag with a thin blue line in front of her store.

However, the flag wasn’t accepted by everyone in the area.

“People came by, they would cuss at you, harass you,” she said, “They would harass the customers.”

She eventually took the flag down to avoid any more confrontations.

“I thought things were getting better,” said Elder, “but apparently it’s not.”

A month later she found a handwritten letter posted on the front window of her shop that read:

“Pig supporters not welcome. Flag goes down or you go down.”

On the right corner, there was a symbol most commonly connected with the Communist Party and the letters MLM, which, often stand for Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, related to a communist political philosophy that builds upon Marxism.

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Total Facebook Ad Buys By Russians That Are Supposed To Have “Influence Election?” Check This Out…

Are they kidding? And the Facebook VP said most of what the Russians bought was AFTER the election against Trump to be divisive

Joaquin Castro Compares Russian Influence To 9/11 Attack

Trolls on social media that most people never even saw vs. the terrorist murder of over 3000 people? Not even close.

Via Daily Caller:

Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro of Texas attempted to liken Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election to 9/11, a domestic attack that took the lives of over 2,700 American civilians, firefighters and law enforcement officials.

Castro wrote an op-ed Monday that argued that the attempts of 13 Russian nationals and three Russian agents to influence the 2016 presidential election were as much a threat to “national security” as an attack on American civilians carried out by a terrorist organization in September 2011.

“Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced indictment charges against 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities for illegally influencing the 2016 presidential elections. But these indictments paint a picture of something much broader, akin to the first layer of an onion being peeled back on Russia’s broad, multi-year information operation to defraud the United States and boost Donald Trump’s candidacy,” Castro wrote.

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Columbine Survivor Introduces Bill To Expand Concealed-Carry In Schools

But it wouldn’t get as much media attention as the students the media is prompting to attack the NRA.

Via Washington Times:

DENVER — Some students are calling for tougher gun-control laws after escaping last week’s horrific massacre in Parkland, Florida, but another school-shooting survivor is going in a different direction.

Colorado House Minority Leader Patrick Neville, who attended Columbine High School at the time of the 1999 mass shooting, has again introduced legislation to remove limitations on concealed carry in K-12 schools.

Under state law, concealed-carry permit holders may bring firearms onto school property, but must keep them locked inside their vehicles.

Mr. Neville, who has introduced the bill annually since he was elected in 2014, said the current law “creates a so-called gun free zone in every K-12 public school.”

“This act would allow every law-abiding citizens who holds a concealed carry permit, issued from their chief law-enforcement officer, the right to carry concealed in order to defend themselves and most importantly our children from the worst-case scenarios,” Mr. Neville said in a statement.

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Another Dog Food Company Recalls Dog Food Tainted With Euthanasia Drugs…

Good lord.

Via Gizmodo:

Several major dog food brands owned by J.M. Smucker have been recalled by the FDA after small amounts of a euthanasia drug were discovered inside. And if the story sounds familiar, that’s because a completely different company issued an identical recall back in 2017.

The new recall includes everything from brands like Gravy Train to Skippy to Kibbles ‘N Bits, and even though the FDA says it’s “unlikely” that your dog will get sick, we’ve got a complete list of the products below.

“The FDA’s preliminary evaluation of the testing results of Gravy Train samples indicates that the low level of pentobarbital present in the withdrawn products is unlikely to pose a health risk to pets,” the FDA said in a statement.

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NYT Poll: Majority Of Americans Support Tax Reform

Via Daily Caller:

A majority of Americans now support Republican-led tax reform, according to a new poll from The New York Times.

The poll, done in conjunction with Survey Monkey, says that 51 percent of Americans approve of tax reform, while just 46 percent disapprove. Republicans have enjoyed a steep rise in support for their tax reform plan, climbing from just 37 percent approval in December and then 46 percent approval in January.

Tax reform still has strong opposition from Democrats, with only 19 percent approval, but among Republicans the bill is enormously popular, sitting at 89 percent approval.

The bill has managed its increase in popularity despite the wealth of misinformation spread to voters about what benefits, if any, they would receive after its passage. Only one in three respondents believed they would see a tax cut because of the bill, even though the Tax Policy Center estimates that four in five Americans will actually receive a cut.

Mayor Demands NRA Move Convention From Dallas — Because Of The 1963 JFK Assassination

Ban books, Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK from a book depository.

Via Breitbart:

On Monday Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway (D) cited the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy and demanded that the NRA cancel its upcoming convention.

The convention is scheduled to take place in the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

Mayor Pro Tem Caraway spoke Monday about the scheduled NRA convention. Fox 4 reported that he framed his demand that the NRA pull out by pointing to JFK’s assassination, then pivoting to the July 7, 2016, fatal ambush of five Dallas police officers, the Florida school shooting, and November 2017 murder of a 27-year-old mother of six in the city, allegedly at the hands of a 15-year-old.

Caraway said:

Gun violence has played a significant part in Dallas’ historical past from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to the five Dallas Police officers gunned down in July 2016 to the brutal murder of a mother of six children in District 4 this past Christmas. It is time to put the heat on the NRA and demand that they work with elected officials in our country to establish gun laws that protect our children and keep our communities safe. We have got to take on the NRA.

CBS DFW reports that Caraway also said, “We have got to take on the NRA. I am all for the protection of the 2nd Amendment but I am also for protecting the children and a safer Dallas. We must get rid of these assault weapons to protect the children and we must do something now.”

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Driver In Trump Motorcade Caught With A Gun He Wasn’t Supposed To Have On Him…

May be benign. But that’s not really the point. If this guy can do it, someone else who isn’t benign can too.

Via Washington Times:

The driver of a vehicle for President Trump’s motorcade was detained briefly Monday after security agents found a gun in his baggage, the Secret Service said.

The gun was discovered during a security screening of the vehicle in a parking lot across the street from Mar-a-Lago, the president’s private club in Palm Beach, Florida.

The man, who was not identified, told authorities that he forgot to leave the personal firearm in his personal vehicle before entering the van that was to be part of Mr. Trump’s motorcade, according to pool reporter Jordan Fabian of The Hill.

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ABC About To Pay Big Price For ‘The View’ Christian-Bashing

Via BPR:

Will “anti-Christian remarks” be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back, prompting ABC to finally reel in the unhinged liberal ladies on “The View?”

The network is being inundated with calls over a segment last week that compared Christianity to mental illness while mocking Vice President Mike Pence’s faith.

The controversy centers on the reaction to a clip from “Celebrity Big Brother,” where fired White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman trashed Pence as an “extreme Christian,” saying he “thinks Jesus tells him to say things.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin found the comment “interesting,” saying she knows firsthand that Pence is a “hated figure” in Indiana.

The self-proclaimed “faithful” Catholic said it’s “dangerous” that he puts a “religious veneer on things,” adding she doesn’t want her vice president “speaking in tongues.”

“It’s one thing to talk to Jesus,” Behar chimed in. “It’s another thing when Jesus talks to you. That’s called mental illness if I’m not correct. That’s hearing voices.”

The discussion being a clear attack on those who value a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The hateful comments prompted Media Research Center President Brent Bozell to publish an open letter to ABC, calling for an apology for the “anti-Christian remarks.”

“These characterizations of the Vice President’s faith are insulting not just to him, but to all Christians,” Bozell wrote.

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Texas Sheriff Who Allows Teachers To Carry Firearms Leaves MSNBC’s Jaw On The Floor

Maybe MSNBC can learn something.

Via Daily Caller:

The debate over guns in America has surged again to the forefront of conversation in the wake of the horrific school shooting in Florida last week.

A deranged gunman went on a rampage through the Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, killing 17. Many are calling for stricter gun laws in the wake of the shooting. One of the students of Stoneman Douglas said this weekend that his coach, who died in the shooting, would have then able to confront the gunman had he been able to carry his firearm to school.

While the idea of arming teachers is a controversial one nationally, a school district in Texas has been arming their teachers for over 4 years. The Argyle School Independent School District decided in 2014 to allow highly trained members of staff to carry guns on campus to prevent mass shootings.

On MSNBC this weekend, Sheriff Paul Cairney of Argyle, Texas, described the process by which staff members can carry firearms in the school district. The Sheriff said that the staff at the school who choose to carry a firearm go through an intense round of interviews and training before they are allowed to carry on campus. The MSNBC host was flabbergasted at the practice and asked the Sheriff about concerns for the safety of the students in the school when there are firearms around.

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Harvard Law Professor: Let’s Have A ‘Children’s Crusade’ For Gun Control, Let 16-Year-Olds Vote

While pushing the narrative an 18-year-old can’t make an informed decision when it comes to the use of guns.

Via Daily Wire:

In their neverending quest to find sympathetic faces to promote unpopular policies, the Left has now seized on children to stump for gun control. Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Tribe led the way.

While most of the media aren’t calling for children to vote – that would be fully idiotic, considering that most children aren’t capable of properly driving a car or making responsible decisions about anything from alcohol to sex – they are trotting out classmates of the victims of the Parkland, Florida shooting in order to push the gun control agenda. High school students dominated the weekend media coverage of the gun control issue – to such an extent that President Trump supposedly asked patrons of Mar-a-Lago whether he ought to consider gun control proposals.

This is foolishness of the highest order.

The measure of whether a proposal has merit or not should not be the personal emotional investment of the person making the proposal. We don’t let doctors operate on their own family members for a reason. And just because someone saw a classmate shot to death does not grant expertise on matters of policy.

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President Trump Will Attend This Year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner

How many will boycott?

Via Daily Mail:

President Trump will be attending this year’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, has learned.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders replied ‘yes,’ when asked if Trump would attend the annual April affair, after news broke earlier Monday that the president would also be attending the annual Gridiron dinner next month.

Last year, during his first year in office, Trump skipped both dinners, as they’re both hosted by journalistic institutions and he was warring with the so-called ‘fake news.’

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Stop Putting Traumatized Teenaged Shooting Survivors On Television

Via The Federalist:

There is little new about the horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida that left 17 people dead. We have seen it all before: the cocktail of a disturbed young man, access to guns, and a society that devalues life mixed to create another national tragedy. The round-the-clock news coverage and profound proclamations from politicians are all eerily familiar, a haunting echo that finds us over and over.

But this time there’s a new wrinkle that many proponents of gun control hope will tip the scales in their favor. This time, the kids who survived are speaking out. On television and at rallies, the children are taking the lead to denounce America’s laws about guns and push for political change. But what if putting traumatized teenagers, mere days removed from a shocking and life-changing event, in front of cameras and crowds is not healthy? Have we thought that through?

The day after the mass shooting, we first started seeing students appear on the news. Scant hours before, they had been huddled in classrooms, fearing for their lives. On television most were possessed of calmness even when they broke down to tears. A generation brought up to broadcast their lives on social media knew instinctively how to handle being on TV and present themselves to an electronic world.

At first, interviewers asked what they had seen and gone through, how they were feeling. Then something changed. These kids began to be asked what they thought could be done about it? In some cases it was the students themselves who seemed to want to discuss policy.

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Ohio Sheriff Takes Stopping School Shootings Into His Own Hands — Offers Free Concealed Carry Classes For Teachers

Solutions, not talk.

Via Daily Caller:

Butler (Ohio) County Sheriff Richard Jones has a novel solution for preventing the next school shooting, and it involves putting guns directly in teachers’ hands.

On Sunday, Jones tweeted that he would be offering free concealed carry classes to teachers in the Butler County. He also hinted at offering training directly pertaining to stopping an ongoing shooting situation.

According to the Butler County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, the 50 offered slots were filled within 20 minutes of Jones’ announcement.

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office declined to give The Daily Caller additional details on the classes Monday, as Sheriff Jones and the public information officers were out of office for President’s Day.

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