Overnight Open Thread: Teen Makes Special Teddy Bear To Honor Fallen Orlando Officer

ORLANDO, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) – One teenager is helping with the grieving process for local law enforcement in a very special way here in Central Florida. Megan O’Grady, a 14-year-old girl who created the non-profit organization Blue Line Bears, delivered a very special gift Monday morning.

Blue Line Bears was created to help the children of fallen officers as they specialize in creating a teddy bear wearing the uniform of the fallen officer.

At 10 a.m. O’Grady paid a visit to the Orlando Police Department where she presented a bear to a fallen officer’s son.

Lieutenant Debra Clayton was killed in the line of duty back on January 9th. On Monday, her son Johnny Brinson received the special bear from O’Grady.

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Missouri Man Accused Of Plotting ISIS Attack In Kansas City

Via Fox News:

An Army veteran has been charged with plotting what he believed would be a terrorist attack in Kansas City, federal authorities said Tuesday.

Robert Lorenzo Hester Jr., 25, was arrested Friday and is charged with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. The criminal complaint was released after Hester made his initial court appearance.

Prosecutors said Hester, of Columbia, Mo., reached out to undercover FBI agents posing as Islamic State (ISIS) operatives and said he was willing to assist in a jihadist attack. According to the affadavit, Hester was told the attack would target “buses, trains and a train station in Kansas City” on Monday, coinciding with the Presidents Day holiday.

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Veterans Have Problem With New Term To Describe Election-Depressed Liberals

Via Biz Pac Review:

Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

Mental health professionals say they’re seeing more instances of a type of depression they call “post-election stress disorder” among Democrats who are still upset over Donald Trump‘s victory.

Doctors claim this unofficial medical condition is similar to post-traumatic stress disorder, which afflicts many military veterans who have experienced the horrors of war.

Florida Congressman Brian Mast said he empathizes with angry liberals who are still upset that Hillary Clinton lost the election, but said it’s a little extreme to compare that to the post-traumatic stress syndrome that afflicts war veterans.

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Report Explains the Financial Cost of Illegal Immigrants for American Taxpayers

Here’s a copy of the study.

HT: Free Beacon

These Senators Opposed Vouchers Backer Betsy DeVos But Send Their Kids To Fancypants Private Schools

So they can do it, but would deprive poor city kids of the opportunity of their choice of education.

Via Daily Caller:

At least seven of the 46 Senate Democrats who voted against Betsy DeVos, President Donald Trump’s newly-minted education secretary, currently send or once sent their own children or grandchildren to expensive private schools.

DeVos, a long-time school choice advocate from Michigan, was the architect of Detroit’s school charter system and formerly led the Alliance for School Choice advocacy group. She headed the American Federation for Children — which backs school choice for poor and underprivileged families — when Trump nominated her.

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Guess Who Fox Just Hired As A Contributor…

What are you thinking?

Trump Speaks Out Against ‘Horrible’ Anti-Semitic Threats

Via NY Post:

President Trump on Tuesday condemned anti-Semitism and the recent wave of bomb threats made against Jewish community centers across the country.

“The anti-Semitism threat targeting our Jewish community and community centers are horrible and painful and a very sad reminder of the work that must be done to root out hate, prejudice and evil,” Trump said after touring the National Museum of African American History in Washington, DC.

He said he will fight for freedom for African-Americans and for all Americans.

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Police Cancel ‘High Five Friday’ Because ‘Undocumented Children’ Might Feel Uncomfortable

So dumb.

Via Law Newz:

Until recently, this is what little kids in Northampton, Massachusetts saw when they came to elementary school on Fridays: an officer who wanted to give them a high five.

The Northhampton Police Department started the program in early December with the blessing of local school officials, sending out cops once a week to high-five students. That’s over.

“While we received a lot of support on social media, we also heard a few concerns about the program,” the department announced on Saturday. They said Chief Jody Kasper got invited to a school committee meeting to address potential problems. Someone brought up the possibility that some kids would be uncomfortable seeing police at the beginning of a school day, while other people questioned the long-term efficacy. This conversation led to the program getting temporarily paused. A follow up meeting with over a dozen members of the public resulted in the program getting axed for good.

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‘Republican’ CNN Pundit Goes After Trump’s Son-in-Law on Twitter: ‘Little Jared’

“Not the enemy”…

Via Free Beacon:

CNN contributor Ana Navarro, a Republican strategist who voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, belittled President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, on Twitter on Friday after Kushner complained about her criticizing Trump on television and blasted the networks’s coverage of the administration.

Kushner, a senior adviser to the president, told Gary Ginsberg, executive vice president of corporate marketing and communications at CNN’s parent company Time Warner, during a meeting at the White House that he was unhappy with the network’s coverage of the administration, according to the Wall Street Journal. Kushner specifically took issue with Navarro and Van Jones, another CNN contributor who formerly worked in the Obama administration, for their on-air commentary.

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BREAKING: “Refugees Welcome” Banner Unfurled On Statue Of Liberty…

LIBERTY ISLAND (WABC) — A banner reading “Refugees Welcome” was unfurled on the Statue of Liberty Tuesday afternoon.

The banner, approximately 20 feet by 3 feet, was spotted on the pedestal just before 1 p.m., affixed by nylon rope to the wall of the public observation deck at the base of the statue.

Rangers, alerted to its presence, immediately made their way to the location and conducted an assessment of the banner and how it was attached to the monument.

It was determined that the banner could be removed without damaging the pedestal, and Rangers began the process of removing it.

Officials remind the public that affixing a banner to the national monument is strictly prohibited, and an investigation is underway by the United States Park Police to identify suspects.

Head-Scarfed Quran-Studying Lindsay Lohan Says She Was Profiled At British Airport…

Alt Headline – Alcoholic finds new life in Sharia Law.

Via NBC:

Lindsay Lohan claims she was “racially profiled” while wearing a headscarf at London’s Heathrow Airport.

The actress told a British talk show that she was stopped while traveling to New York.

She said an airport worker “opened my passport and saw ‘Lindsay Lohan’ and started immediately apologizing, but then said: ‘Please take off your headscarf.'”

She told “Good Morning Britain” on Tuesday that the incident made her wonder “how would another woman who doesn’t feel comfortable taking off her headscarf feel?”

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Black Civil Rights Leader Says Illegal Immigration Hurts Black Community…


Via Daily Caller:

Illegal immigration could harm members of the black community and their ability to get jobs, according to a black leader.

Peter Kirsanow, a member of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, believes that illegal immigration and its effect on the black community, specifically men, don’t receive enough attention, reports the Daily Signal.

“Black males are more likely to experience competition from illegal immigrants,” Kirsanow said.

A U.S. Civil Rights Commission report from 2010 found that immigration in general harmed the black community more than others. The report did not differentiate between illegal and legal immigration.

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Michael Moore Offers 10 Point Plan To “Stop Trump”…

11. Eat more doughnuts

Via The Blaze:

Liberal filmmaker Michael More continued his trip on the anti-Donald Trump train Tuesday with a Facebook post offering his followers a “10-point action plan to stop” the Republican president.

“So the momentum is with us right now — and if we all just take a little time to do the Action Plan below, I’m convinced we’ll succeed in halting the dark force that is Trump,” Moore writes. “We can tie him up in knots at every turn, and eventually, we can bring him down.”

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Kim Jong Un’s Brother Apparently Asked To Serve As Leader Of Gov’t In Exile…

Hence the reason for assassinating him…

Via Fox News:

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s half-brother was asked to serve as the leader of a North Korean government-in-exile before he was killed last week during a daring airport assassination, The Korean Times reported.

Kim Jong Nam reportedly turned down the offer, made by North Korean defectors in the U.S. and Europe, but Kim Jong Un may have still been unnerved about the proposition, according to The Korean Times.

A week since his Feb. 13 murder inside a Kuala Lumpur airport, the cause of Jong Nam’s death remains a mystery. He may have been poisoned. Or it could have been nerve gas. Or ricin. Perhaps a particularly strong opioid.

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British Jihadist Fighting For ISIS Blows Himself Up In Mosul – Update: Was Former Gitmo Detainee, Received Over $1 Million In Compensation By UK Govt…

Update: Well done, Great Britian.

(BBC) – A British IS fighter who died in a suicide bomb attack on Iraqi forces in Mosul is a former Guantanamo Bay detainee, the BBC understands.

The self-styled Islamic State group said two days ago that Abu-Zakariya al-Britani detonated a car bomb at an Iraqi army base in Tal Gaysum, south-west of Mosul.

He is believed to have been originally known as Ronald Fiddler.

Fiddler, 50 and from Manchester, was sent to Guantanamo Bay in 2002.

IS has now published a photograph of Fiddler, who was also known as Jamul-Uddin al-Harith before taking the nom-du-guerre Abu-Zakariya al-Britani.

He had been seized by US forces in Pakistan in 2001, before being sent to Guantanamo.

US interrogators found he provided useful information to them about the Taliban’s methods, and he was released after two years.

The Daily Mail reported Fiddler received a million pounds in compensation from the government when he came back to the UK.

Coincidence: Salon Deletes ALL Stories On Their Website Defending Pedophilia…


Via Twitchy:

In 2015, Salon published articles by Todd Nickerson, who was at the time defending pedophiles and insisting people shouldn’t treat them like monsters.

Yeah, it’s Salon so while it was offensive, no one was overly surprised.

Enter 2017 with the Milo story where he allegedly attempted to normalize pedophilia …

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BREAKING: Police Responding To Reports Of Shots Fired At Houston Hospital…


Houston police are responding to reports of shots fired at Ben Taub Hospital.

Reports started coming in about 2 p.m. of shots fired, Houston police spokesman Kese Smith said.

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San Diego Bishop Calls On Catholics To Become Social Justice Warriors Against Trump…


MODESTO, CALIF. It took all of six minutes for San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy to rouse a crowd of nearly 700 community organizers and social justice “protagonistas” by calling them to become disrupters and rebuilders amid current American politics.

The speech, 20 minutes in length but interrupted nearly two dozen times by cheers and applause, took head on key policies of the early presidency of Donald Trump.

“President Trump was the candidate of disruption. He was the disrupter, he said,” McElroy told those gathered here Saturday morning for the U.S. regional meeting of the World Meeting of Popular Movements. “Well now, we must all become disrupters.”

“We must disrupt those who would seek to send troops into our streets to deport the undocumented, to rip mothers and fathers from their families. We must disrupt those who portray refugees as enemies, rather than our brothers and sisters in terrible need. We must disrupt those who train us to see Muslim men and women and children as sources of fear rather than as children of God. We must disrupt those who seek to rob our medical care, especially from the poor. We must disrupt those who would take even food stamps and nutrition assistance from the mouths of children,” the bishop said.

ISIS Jihadist Brags About Raping More Than 200 Non-Muslim Women, “This Is Normal”…

No, it isn’t. Not even a little.

(Reuters) – Islamic State militant Amar Hussein says he reads the Koran all day in his tiny jail cell to become a better person. He also says he raped more than 200 women from Iraqi minorities, and shows few regrets.

Kurdish intelligence authorities gave Reuters rare access to Hussein and another Islamic State militant who were both captured during an assault on the city of Kirkuk in October that killed 99 civilians and members of the security forces. Sixty-three Islamic State militants died.

Hussein said his emirs, or local Islamic State commanders, gave him and others a green light to rape as many Yazidi and other women as they wanted.

“Young men need this,” Hussein told Reuters in an interview after a Kurdish counter-terrorism agent removed a black hood from his head. “This is normal.”

Hussein said he moved from house to house in several Iraqi cities raping women from the Yazidi sect and other minorities at a time when Islamic State was grabbing more and more territory from Iraqi security forces.

Sweden: Looting, Cars Torched, Police Attacked As Riots Break Out In Migrant Suburb

The massive influx of Muslim migrants into Sweden has changed that nation’s ethnic demographic forever. Last night’s riots in Rinkeby prove Trump’s point on unchecked migration.

Via Breitbart:

Riots broke out on Monday night in the suburb of Rinkeby, where a majority of residents were born overseas, just hours after the country’s Prime Minister attacked U.S President Donald J. Trump for linking mass migration with rising violence in Sweden.

The riots, in which cars were set ablaze and shops were looted, resulted in the Stockholm suburb looking “like a warzone” according to a journalist who was at the scene.

Police retreated to a nearby gas station after being forced to fire a warning shot as a group of around 30 thugs pelted officers with stones, according to Expressen.

“Our officers were attacked by a number of people, some of them masked, who threw stones. They felt under so much pressure that a shot had to be fired”, said police spokesperson Lars Bystrom.

In the unrest, which began at around 8.30pm after a man was arrested next to Rinkeby metro station, a pedestrian on his way home was beaten and robbed and a press photographer was hospitalised after being attacked by a group of around 15 people.

“I was hit with a lot of punches and kicks to the body and head, and spent the night in hospital”, the Dagens Nyheter photographer said.

The riots continued late into the night, with police reporting later that shops were looted, and that a number of cars were set on fire during a second violent riot.

“I’ve witnessed turmoil and civil unrest before, but this is something else. It looks like a war zone here”, said a freelance journalist working at the site of the clashes with state television outlet SVT.

The shocking scenes in Rinkeby, where 61 per cent of residents were born abroad, come after Trump told a rally in Florida over the weekend that Sweden is “having problems like they never thought possible” as a result of mass migration.

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