BREAKING: Air Force Hero Who Helped Stop Paris Terror Attack Nearly Stabbed To Death In Sacramento….


Updates to follow.


An Air Force medic who helped thwart a terrorist attack in France is in critical condition after being repeatedly stabbed, reports said.

Spencer Stone, 22, was stabbed in Sacramento, near where he’s stationed, NBC and CBS News reported.

KCRA TV said he was attacked shortly before 1 a.m. near a popular bar area in midtown Sacramento. He was stabbed repeatedly in the torso, and investigators initially feared he wouldn’t survive, the report said.

No further details were immediately available. He was described as being in stable condition.

Stone and two other off-duty U.S. servicemen were awarded the French Legion of Honor after they stopped a would-be gunman from carrying out an attack on a Paris bound train.

His friend, fellow hero Alex Skarlatos, sent him prayers:
Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 11.58.31 AM

Skarlatos is from Roseburg and is a student at Umpqua Community College. He would have been on campus during the attack except that he was out of the area to do the Dancing With The Stars T.V. show.
Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 12.16.24 PM

Roseburg, Oregon Locals Organize Protest Against Obama Visit Over Shooting

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 8.57.09 AM

The protest is organized for Obama’s visit on Friday. Obama has said that he is politicizing this tragedy and he’s not ashamed of using it to push gun control. Needless to say, some of the folks in the local area of Roseburg are pretty unhappy with that. Roseburg is an area that appears fairly conservative on the issue of the Second Amendment, the local publisher, David Jacques had previously said that he did not believe Obama would be welcome given his statements.

According to the Facebook protest page:

The anointed one his majesty king 0bama and the White House have announced a Friday arrival in Roseburg, Oregon in the wake of Oct 1st’s horrific tragedy at UCC.

Polarizing as usual, Mr 0bama has insisted on politicizing the event as a conduit for increased executive orders on gun control via means of his pen, and his phone.

This blatant disrespect of the victims families, the community and the town of Roseburg, Mr 0bama’s administration is flying not just the 747 that is airforce one to Oregon, but a three helicopter team of Sikorsky’s that make up HMX-1, known as Marine one to travel to Roseburg at the taxpayers expense.

We need a lot of people. Please come show your support for Roseburg, not the little man who has no respect for the Constitution.

6,700 people have responded they would be going on Facebook, it most probably will be much less than that, while still showing a lot of local upset about the visit.

Local politicians are however at least officially saying he is welcome.

“We wish to be clear that Mayor Rich, City Council President Ryan and the Roseburg City Council welcome the President to Roseburg and will extend him every courtesy,” the city said in a news release on Tuesday.

The Douglas County commissioners also support President Obama’s visit to Roseburg.

“Regardless of our differences with the President on policy issues, we await the President’s arrival and look forward to his show of support for a community who is grieving and whose heartache is immeasurable–especially the families of those killed,” the commissioners said in a statement on Tuesday.

Palestinians Share Their Feeling Of “Joy” Of Seeing Pictures Of Dead Jews…


Obama unavailable for comment.

Via PMW:

Palestinians have been celebrating the murder of Israelis by distributing the pictures of dead bodies of Israelis and the terror scenes on Twitter and Facebook, according to the official PA daily. The “most significant” picture is that of the dead bodies of the young Israeli couple Naama and Eitam Henkin who were murdered in front of their four children last week. According to the PA daily, the killing of the couple brings “joy” to Palestinians who see the killing as “heroic”.

“Palestinian users of the social networks Facebook and Twitter posted pictures from the scene of the settlement Itamar operation (i.e., terror attack murder of Naama and Eitam Henkin in front of their four children) south of Nablus, the most significant being the picture of the killed woman settler and her husband, alongside expressions of joy over the operation which they described as “heroic.” [Palestinian] citizens expressed their joy over this event.”

The Henkin murders – Israelis Naama and Eitam Henkin (also an American citizen) were murdered in a shooting attack on Oct. 1, 2015, on the road between the Israeli towns of Itamar and Elon Moreh near Nablus. Their four children, aged 9, 7, 4, and 4 months, were also in the car and witnessed the murders.

Feminist Hag: “I Viscerally Hate Children”…

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 10.23.14 AM

Via Salon (I know, shocker):

….I identify as a childfree woman, one of a growing demographic of young people for whom having children is not only not in their present, but not in their future, either, entirely by choice. (Syntactically, the childfree are distinguished from the childless—those who want children but cannot or do not have them—because the latter term implies that one is “less” something for not having offspring.) For many, the decision to be childfree is a matter of practicalities: a baby would not fit in with their career and lifestyle, or they aren’t financially secure, or they haven’t yet found The One. While all those things are true in my case, the main reason is much simpler: I basely,

I identify as a childfree woman, one of a growing demographic of young people for whom having children is not only not in their present, but not in their future, either, entirely by choice. (Syntactically, the childfree are distinguished from the childless—those who want children but cannot or do not have them—because the latter term implies that one is “less” something for not having offspring.) For many, the decision to be childfree is a matter of practicalities: a baby would not fit in with their career and lifestyle, or they aren’t financially secure, or they haven’t yet found The One. While all those things are true in my case, the main reason is much simpler: I basely, emphatically, viscerally hate children.

MSNBC Admits They Cut Parts Of Hillary Clinton Focus Group Because They Were “Too Negative”…


Nah, no lib bias.

Via Daily Caller:

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” cut portions of an on-camera focus group that it considered “too negative” for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, co-host Joe Scarborough admitted Wednesday.

The Bloomberg Politics focus group was made up of New Hampshire Democratic voters.

Halperin, Bloomberg Politics managing editor, said that once one of the voters brought up Clinton’s “personality issue,” other attendees said that “she’s polarizing and there’s aspects of her personality that they think men in particular won’t like.”

“We actually cut a good bit in there out that was even more negative of Hillary because we thought it was actually too negative and didn’t like some of the connotations there,” Scarborough said.

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ISIS Executioner Nicknamed “The Bulldozer” Cuts Teenager’s Hand And Foot Off For Refusing To Join The Terror Group…


Anyone know if Michael Moore recently converted to Islam?

Via Express:

A GIANT Islamic State (ISIS) executioner nicknamed “The Bulldozer” cut off a terrified teenager’s hand and foot with a meat cleaver and placed them in front of him during a sadistic six-week campaign of torture, it emerged today.

The man mountain jihadi strung the 14-year-old boy up and subjected him to unimaginable abuse, all because he refused to join the ranks of the fanatical hate group.

The youngster, called Omar, was helping a moderate group of rebels in its battle against brutal Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad when he was captured by the cruel jihadis.

At one point during the horrific six-week campaign of abuse ‘The Bulldozer’ – who covers his face to hide his identity – hacked off the boy’s hand and foot in front of a baying crowd before taking photographs of the mutilation to sell to his distraught family for £130 a time.

Omar, whose name has been changed for his own protection, said he has “given up on life” following his harrowing ordeal.

He told a Channel 4 documentary: “They gathered the people, they tied down my hand and my leg. They put my hand on a wooden block cut it off with a butcher’s knife.

“Then they cut off my foot and put both of them in front of me for me to see.”

The youngster was captured by ISIS whilst running food and medical supplies to the frontline for the Syrian Free Army, which has been backed by Britain and America, in the Deir Ezzor province of Syria.

His torturer, known as ‘The Bulldozer of Fallujah’, is one of ISIS’ most feared and recognisable jihadis.

Man Who Has Never Owned A Business Or Worked A Day In His Life Suddenly A Business Guru…

Italy Covers Nude Statue To Avoid Offending Sheikh’s Delicate Islamic Sensibilities…

Via The Local:

A naked statue in Florence was covered by the Italian premier Matteo Renzi’s team so as not to offend the visiting crown prince of Abu Dhabi on Wednesday.

Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, whose family’s wealth is estimated at €150 billion, arrived in the city on Wednesday morning for a diplomatic visit, during which commercial agreements between the two countries would be finalized, Corriere Fiorentino reported.

Needless to say, the visit had been planned down to the smallest detail by Renzi and his team, with a wind breaker bearing the Fleur de Lis – the iconic lily of Florence – being placed around the American sculptor Jeff Koons’ statue, Gazing Ball.

The statue features a naked man in Greco-Roman style balancing a blue mirrored sphere on his shoulder.

In many Arab cultures, including Abu Dhabi, public nudity is prohibited in any form but it is not known whether the statue was covered due to a specific request by the Sheikh’s team or out of caution by the premier’s staff.

This is not the first time Renzi has chosen to host a diplomatic guest in his native city of Florence over Rome. Renzi met the Abu Dhabi prince in the city’s town hall, Palazzo Vecchio – home to Italy’s most famous nude sculpture, Michelangelo’s David, which remained uncovered throughout.

ISIS Tyke Threatens to Chop Off Obama’s “Rotten Head” If He Does Not Pay Infidel Tax…

(click image for video)

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 5.03.33 PM

You never know, Obama is a big fan of taxes.

More on this story.

An ISIS video posted on the Internet showed a young boy threatening to chop off President Obama’s head. The video, which described an ISIS training camp, was posted on the Internet by the media bureau of the organization in Dijlah Province on October 5, 2015.

Following are excerpts:

“A Message To The Dog of Rome Obama”

ISIS Boy: All praise be to Allah, the Powerful, the Firm, and prayers upon the Prophet Muhammad, who was sent with a sword as a mercy for all of Mankind. This is my message to the dog of the Byzantines, Obama: If you think that your soldiers will enter the land of the Caliphate, defiling it, you must be dreaming. Wake up from your sleep, and pay the jizya poll tax in submission, before the swords of the Caliphate reach you, and chop off your rotten head, Allah willing.

Imam: Christians And Jews Use Porn Websites To Lead Muslims Away From Islam…


Hillary Clinton: We Must Celebrate Diversity!…

Sacramento Police Officer Ambushed And Beaten For Being A Cop

In addition to a Black Lives Matter supportive attack, the filming of it makes me wonder if this was also a gang thing.

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento Police officer is recovering after investigators say he was ambushed outside a hospital.

Police have arrested two men in the case.

Juan Gomez, 21, is accused of ambushing the officer and brutally beating him for no other reason than the officer’s profession.

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St. Louis Coffee Shop Writes ‘FTP’ (F**k The Police) On Their Cups And The Owners Are Behind It

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.23.29 PM

There have been employees at stores who have been caught writing “Black Lives Matter’ on drink cups or refusing to serve cops. But this coffee shop, MoKaBe’s, in St. Louis wins the prize for idiocy.

When they were asked why they had employees writing “FTP'[F**k The Police] on their to-go coffee cups, this was their response:
Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.40.34 PM

And then making it very clear:
Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.40.52 PM

Not only are the owners not going to discipline the employees, the owners actually approve. The coffee shop has been a haven for Black Lives Matter activists and crazies.

Here are employees:
Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.24.26 PM

This is their Facebook photo:
Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.41.02 PM

They like to push nonsense like Howard Zinn. So I’m wondering why are they still charging for things? Shouldn’t they redistribute all the goods in their shop for free?
Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.26.49 PM

They have pictures of dead criminals like VonDerrit Myers on their Facebook:
Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.27.33 PM

They apparently missed the more honest pictures of VonDerrit, who was a Bloods gang member named ‘Droop’, and who was killed after he pulled a gun on a cop:
Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.31.19 PM

Former Reuters Social Media Editor Found Guilty On Hacking Charges

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.08.11 PM

He could get a lot by law, but he likely will skate with a couple of years.

Via Motherboard:

On Wednesday, a jury in Sacramento, California, found Matthew Keys, former social media editor at Reuters and an ex-employee of KTXL Fox 40, guilty of computer hacking under the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act.

In 2010, Keys posted login credentials to the Tribune Company content management system (CMS) to a chatroom run by Anonymous, resulting in the defacement of an LA Times article online. The defacement was reversed in 40 minutes, but the government argued the attack caused nearly a million dollars in damage.

“The government wanted to send a clear message that if you want to cover a group they don’t agree with, and you’re not complicit with them [the government], they will target you,” Keys told me after the trial.

When asked about claims that the prosecution was politically motivated, Assistant US Attorney Matt Segal replied, “I don’t know what Keys’s political beliefs are.”

Keys was found guilty on all three counts he was charged with: conspiracy to commit computer hacking, transmission of malicious code causing unauthorized damage to a protected computer, and attempting to transmit malicious code to cause unauthorized damage to a protected computer. (The specific provisions of the CFAA are listed at the end of this article.)

The statutory maximum for Keys’s crimes is 25 years, but in a statement given after the trial, a spokesperson for the US Attorneys Office said Keys would likely face less than five years.

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Sounds really remorseful, doesn’t he?
Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.09.28 PM

Clinton Pleads Ignorance About Super PAC Attacks On Dem Opponents, Despite Coordinating With Her Campaign

She is ignorant, that’s true.

Via Free Beacon:

During Hillary Clinton’s sit-down interview with Judy Woodruff of PBS NewsHour denounced the attacks that David Brock and his Super PAC Correct the Record were doing against competitor Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Biden has yet to announce that he will be jumping in the presidential race.

In May the Washington Post reported that Correct the Record was breaking from American Bridge and would be exclusively with the Clinton campaign.

Woodruff asked Clinton whether she knew of the attacks that the PAC was putting out against Sanders, Clinton said that she was unaware of the attacks. Previously the PAC had been focused on attacking Republican candidates.

“Well I don’t know anything about what you are saying. I have no knowledge of what they are doing,” Clinton said.

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Report: Hillary Readying To Feed Press Damaging Stories On Biden, If He Enters

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.17.47 PM

Biden has to consider the Clinton machine in his choice. It’s eaten up and spit out a lot of bodies, dead and alive.

Via Daily Caller:

Hillary Clinton’s sprawling operation is preparing to feed the press juicy, damaging story lines about Joe Biden — should the vice president join the race for the Democratic nomination.

That’s according to New York magazine, which reports that Hillary superfan David Brock, who leads an array of pro-Hillary organizations, has been stockpiling opposition research to take down candidate Biden.

Political campaigns will typically time the release of oppo-research to strategically damage their opponents’ credibility with voters. Campaigns don’t always take credit for releasing such research, either — with many choosing to quietly leak tips and research packets to individual reporters.

Brock’s super PAC, Correct The Record, is building files “on Biden’s ties to Wall Street; his reluctance to support the raid that killed Osama bin Laden; and his role in the Anita Hill saga as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee,” NYMag reports.

Brock, asked last week by Chicago Magazine about Biden’s chances of jumping in, said he didn’t think it would happen: “My gut is no.”

But, Brock said, if Biden “did get in it you would need to draw contrasts.”

“I don’t have a problem with that,” he said.

One of the more curious exchanges during Chicago Mag’s Brock interview came when he was asked whether he thought President Obama’s team has been pushing Biden to run.

“Actually, I don’t know. I honestly don’t know if they are or they are not,” Brock said, but, “I imagine there’s got to be some of that going on.”

Obama and Biden met for lunch at the White House Tuesday.

4 Students From Saudi Arabia Arrested In Sexual Assault On Two Women

They’re probably used to treating women like property.

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WPRI) — Four Johnson & Wales University students have been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting two women in a Pawtucket apartment last week.

On Friday, city police responded to Women and Infants Hospital after a female reported being assaulted. Police said the 18-year-old stated she and a friend, also 18, went out to a club in Providence the previous night.

According to police, the women met three males there, one of whom they knew from attending JWU, and accompanied them to an apartment on Central Avenue.

One of the women told police that one man – identified as 20-year-old Mohammed Alsaqer – took her into the bathroom and raped her. She said she was then assaulted by two other males.

The second woman reported that she was groped by at least one of the men, identified by police as Yazeed Alasiri, 23.

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Hillary Comes Out Against Obama’s Pacific Trade Deal…


Shots fired…

Via Washington Post:

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton announced Wednesday that she opposes an expansive 12-nation Pacific Rim free-trade accord finalized by the Obama administration this week, breaking sharply with the president over a deal she had championed while serving as secretary of state.

Clinton said in an interview with PBS that she would not support the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) based on what she knows of the deal. The 30-chapter text of the agreement, which negotiators concluded Monday, has not been made public.

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Harvard’s Prestigious Debate Team Loses To Prison Inmates…


Wait till you read the topic and position on which the inmates.

Via Fox News:

A group of New York inmates has toppled Harvard’s prestigious debate team.

It took place at the Eastern New York Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison in Napanoch. The Ivy League undergrads were invited last month to debate the inmates who take in-prison courses taught by Bard College faculty.

Harvard’s team won the national title this year and the world championship in 2014.

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Biden: If I Don’t Move, I’ll Be Demoted To Secretary Of State

Biden Harvard


Via Free Beacon:

Vice President Joe Biden cracked a joke Tuesday that could be interpreted as a shot at Hillary Clinton.

“If I don’t move, I’ll be demoted to secretary of state or something like that,” Biden said at a White House summit.

“That’s a joke,” Biden added moments later, pointing to the press corps.

If so, it is a joke at the expense of a potential rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Biden is mulling a presidential bid in light of Clinton’s soft poll numbers and expanding email controversy.

Biden’s final decision about whether or not to jump into the race could come this weekend.

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