Father Of ‘Princess Boy’: Keep Your ‘Masculine Bullsh**’

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It’s normal for little kids to want to dress up as all kinds of characters. What’s not normal is parents trying to use their kids to make a political point.

Via Breitbart:

A Virginia father who works at “abolishing gender stereotypes” continues to receive praise for his Facebook post of his son in a princess costume.

He posted in very certain terms and told potential social media trolls: “Keep your masculine bulls*** and slutty kids costumes.” His son’s favorite characters are princesses and he is going to let his son make his own choices about his Halloween costume.

Paul Henson had no idea that his post would go as viral as it has when he put this post on his Facebook page.

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U.S Flat-Out Abandons Training Anymore Syrian Rebels…

Not like they managed to train more than a dozen anyway..

Via NY Post:

The US is abandoning its goal of having America’s military train a new force of moderate Syrian rebels, turning its focus to equipping, arming and supporting established groups already fighting against the Islamic State group inside Syria, officials said Friday.

The change reflects the failure of the current approach, which has produced only a handful of combat-ready moderate rebels and drawn widespread criticism in Congress.

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State Chair For Martin O’Malley’s Campaign Arrested On Child Pornography Charges…



A former assistant principal, who was the state chairman for presidential candidate Martin O’Malley, and who most recently served as the vice-president of a Henrico-based financial firm, was arrested Thursday for possession of child pornography.

Michael C. Teegarden, 51, of Mechanicsville, was charged on two counts of child pornography after deputies executed a search warrant at his home in the 10000 block of Morning Dew Lane.

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Yes, Ben Carson Is Right, Jews Should Have Had Guns During The Holocaust

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It’s madness to think that one would even have to argue the truth of this. But these are not normal times. These people objecting apparently never heard of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, the Sobibor breakout, or any one of a number of events where guns changed the tide at least in small ways to save lives.

Via Breitbart:

On Thursday, Republican 2016 presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson stated on CNN that the Holocaust would have been less likely had Jews been armed.

In his new book, A Perfect Union, Carson contends, “Through a combination of removing guns and disseminating propaganda, the Nazis were able to carry out their evil intentions with relatively little resistance.” He defended that argument on national television, explaining, “I think the likelihood of Hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed. I’m telling you there is a reason these dictatorial people take guns first.”

The media cynically objected to Carson’s language. Good Morning America labeled Carson’s comments “bizarre.” Politico accused Carson of “linking Hitler to gun control” – a ridiculous notion, given that Hitler is the one who linked Hitler with gun control.

The media quickly ran to its leftist allies in the Anti-Defamation League, a longtime opponent of gun rights. “Ben Carson has a right to his views on gun control, but the notion that Hitler’s gun-control policy contributed to the Holocaust is historically inaccurate,” National Director Jonathan Greenblatt told Yahoo! News. “The small number of personal firearms available to Germany’s Jews in 1938 could in no way have stopped the totalitarian power of the Nazi German state.”

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Hillary Clinton And TPP: She Was Before It Before She Was Against It…

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TPP=The pandering plan, that’s how she’s operating now…

Via NY Post:

She was for it — loudly — before she was against it. That pretty much sums up Hillary Clinton’s “evolving” position on President Obama’s 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

Mind you, TPP had no stronger advocate than Secretary of State Clinton, who called it “the gold standard in trade agreements” that, when finalized, would provide “strong protections for workers and the environment.”

Just a few months back, UN Ambassador Susan Rice cited Clinton’s “instrumental” role in advancing TPP as one of Hillary’s top three achievements at State.

Oops: Now Clinton insists she never actually worked on the deal.
Oh, and she’s against it — as best she can tell, anyway. “As of today,” she told PBS’ Judy Woodruff Wednesday, “I am not in favor of what I have learned about it.”

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Here’s what she even said about it in her book, that book she told Republicans they should read:

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What Conservatives Think About The Possibility Of Paul Ryan For Speaker

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Some folks pushing hard for him, but others questioning.

WASHINGTON — Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan is being pressed by Republicans to run for speaker of the House. But what do the conservatives who helped push majority leader Kevin McCarthy out of the race think about a Ryan speakership?

“I think that Paul Ryan would be a more acceptable candidate than the current leadership team — primarily because he’s not in the current leadership team,” acknowledged Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, a member of the House Freedom Caucus. “I believe he’d provide a different approach. But we don’t have him as a candidate right now and we’ve endorsed Daniel Webster.”

Asked Friday morning as he entered a meeting of the Republican members of the House if he’s thinking about running for speaker, Ryan replied: “I’ve got nothing new to say.”

Ryan, the 2012 Republican vice presidential nominee, has repeatedly declined to run for leadership. But Ryan has been asked by a number of Republicans, including outgoing speaker John Boehner, to reconsider his decision in the wake of McCarthy withdrawing from the race.

On Friday, Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz told reporters he would drop out of the speaker’s race if Ryan decided to run. South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy, the chairman of the House Benghazi committee who has also declined to run, said he would back Ryan “100 percent” if he ran.

Gowdy, who is not a member of the Freedom Caucus, said he thought Ryan could win the support of the most conservative lawmakers if he decided to mount a campaign. “Yeah, I think Paul can get everybody,” he said.

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Congresswoman Ellmers Calls McCarthy Affair Rumor: “Bats–t Crazy”


Uh huh.

Via NY Post:

A day after Rep. Kevin McCarthy abruptly dropped out of the race for House speaker, Rep. Renee Ellmers stood before her GOP colleagues Friday to denounce as “bats- -t crazy” rumors they were having an affair.

Republicans had been inundated with daily e-mails from a GOP donor in Chicago, Steven Baer, claiming the two married legislators were romantically involved.

In a closed-door meeting, Ellmers took the microphone to deny the allegation, calling it “bats- -t crazy.”

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Canadian Hate Crime Squad Charge Man Wear Confederate Flag Bandana With Uttering Threats At Calgary Debate ‘Against The Niqab’


Freedom of expression is forbidden.

Via CBC:

Calgary police have charged a 66-year-old man with uttering threats and wearing a disguise with intent after he allegedly disrupted a Calgary candidates debate while wearing a Confederate flag over his face in an apparent protest of the niqab.

Wayne Joseph Fillo was arrested Thursday night following the bizarre incident at an election forum in the riding of Calgary Rocky Ridge.

Calgary police spokesman Kevin Brookwell said a man showed up at the forum wearing “a handkerchief over his face that was the Confederate flag” and immediately caused a stir.

“When challenged as to why he was dressed like that, he indicated that he wanted to make a point,” Brookwell said.

Things then got “heated” and the man was escorted out of the building and the doors locked behind him.

Officers responding to a call for assistance found the man in a vehicle parked nearby, where he was taken into custody.

Police allege he threatened the custodian of the Tuscany Club, where the debate was taking place.
Hate crime consideration

“Given the nature of these allegations, our hate crime co-ordinator will be having a look at this file,” Brookwell said.

Jeff Clemens was attending the debate with his wife when their baby got fussy and she left. When he went to find her, he said he saw a man wearing a hat and a Confederate flag over his face who was “being hostile” toward the women at the front door.

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Offensive: Time Magazine Commemorates Anniversary Of Che’s Death, Celebrating His Triumph Over…Asthma…

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Well, I guess if you are a tyrant who killed thousands, but you conquered asthma, it makes you a great guy.

HT: Twitchy

Irony Lost? Dems Meet To Talk More Gun Control, Surrounded By Armed Guards

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Yet, our children aren’t entitled to the same protection.

Via Washington Times:

Senate Democrats gathered Thursday on the steps of the Capitol surrounded by about a dozen armed guards to announce a new push for tougher gun-control laws.

The officers from the U.S. Capitol Police, who carried sidearms, were in addition to the regular detail paroling the Capitol ground due the large number of elected officials attending the event, according to a officer on the scene.

About 27 Democratic senators attended the event.

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Thousands Rally In Brooklyn, N.Y. In Support Of Charter Schools (And Against Comrade De Blasio)

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Via NY Post:

Thousands of fired-up charter school supporters descended on City Hall Wednesday demanding that Mayor de Blasio put an end to education inequality by expanding the number of charters.

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., a potential mayoral candidate in 2017, promised the crowd he would “always be a supporter of charter schools” and echoed demands that the mayor give parents more options for their kids.

“Mr. Mayor, what we’re saying here today is this: The public-schools system is your system. Charter schools are a part of that system, and all we want from you, Mr. Mayor, is to treat them equitably,” Diaz told the crowd, which marched en masse in a sea of red T-shirts over the Brooklyn Bridge from an earlier rally in Cadman Plaza.
Organizers estimated the size of the crowd at 18,500.

One parent after another took the microphone to tell how charters had saved their kids from failing neighborhood schools.

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Three Wounded In Stabbing Attack In Jerusalem…


Via YNet

Three elite police soldiers were wounded in a stabbing attack at Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem in the second incident at the entrance to the Old City Saturday, according to initial reports.

The condition of the three is currently unknown. The attacker was said to have been neutralized at the scene.

The first attack at Damascus Gate Saturday lightly wounded two Israelis, a 62-year-old and a 65-year-old.

A 16-year-old Palestinian attacker was shot and killed by police at the scene.

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Even Hillary Clinton Fans Don’t Believe A Thing She Has To Say

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Does anyone?

Via NY Post:

Hillary Clinton revealed on Wednesday that she opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, providing just the latest evidence that she is little more than political ambition wrapped in a pantsuit.
Pay attention to the press coverage, because it’s fascinating: Nobody takes Clinton at her word. I’m not just referring to her conservative critics.

Slate’s Jim Newell asks, “Will anyone find Clinton’s position convincing?” The question is purely rhetorical.
The article is headlined “Hillary Clinton Comes Out Against TPP, at Least Until the Democratic Convention.”
In “First Read,” a newsletter put out by “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd and his colleagues, the lead item on Thursday was titled “Why Clinton’s Trade Flip-Flop Is So Unbelievable.” They write:

“Yes, Hillary Clinton’s new opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade accord cleans up something she needed to do before next week’s first Democratic debate. And, yes, it puts pressure on Vice President Joe Biden getting into the race (because he’d be on the only major candidate in support of TPP). But make no mistake: This flip-flop isn’t believable at all.”

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Race Hustler DeRay Equates Himself To Jesus: “Jesus Was A Protester”

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No, DeRay, Jesus specifically rejected insurrectionists, so don’t you dare try to use him to justify your nonsense.

While DeRay said this at a divinity school, it was Yale Divinity School, so I don’t have any hopes at all that anyone corrected him….

ISIS Captures Most Territory In Months Amidst Russian Airstrikes

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Small wonder, since the strikes are targeting the people who were inhibiting ISIS.

BEIRUT — Islamic State militants captured a string of villages near Aleppo on Friday in a lightning attack that brought them closer to the prized city in northern Syria, despite a major increase in Russian airstrikes that Moscow insists are targeting the extremists.

The surprise advance that brought the ISIS group to within a few miles of Aleppo was the most significant in months, following what has largely been a summer of stalemate in the war against the extremists.

It comes amid a wave of intense Russian airstrikes that have targeted insurgents fighting to topple President Bashar Assad, and a ground offensive by the Syrian army in the country’s central region.

Moscow says it is targeting mainly Islamic State militants, but US officials and Syrian rebels have said the strikes have hit mainstream rebels for the most part and are aimed at shoring up Assad’s embattled government and troops. Many of the rebel groups hit by the Russian strikes are also at war with the ISIS group.

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BREAKING: Two Suicide Bombings In Turkish Capital Today 86 Dead 126 Wounded. UPDATE: Twitter Access Disabled. UPDATE: Video Shows Moment Of Explosion UPDATE: Facebook Now Blocked As Well UPDATE: Turkish Government Bans Reporting On Images/Videos Of Bombing UPDATE: Death Toll Now At 86


Via CNN:

At least one powerful bomb hit near the main train station in Ankara on Saturday morning, killing 30 people, authorities said, making it the deadliest attack in the Turkish capital in recent memory.

The explosion, which caused chaos and bloodshed, took place during a peace march. It also comes before national elections scheduled for Nov. 1.

Video of the event showed the aftermath, with bodies strewn on sidewalks and the injured lying on the ground with bystanders desperately trying to help them.

The blast was so powerful, it shook high-rise buildings and offices. The death toll is expected to climb. The Interior Ministry said in addition to the dozens killed ,126 others were injured.

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Twitter has been disabled by the Turkish government today hours after the bombing…

UPDATE: video



Houston Police Officer Escapes Attempted Ambush, Shoots One Suspect

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Good thing this cop had great instincts. He was wearing his uniform, so even though he was in his private vehicle, he was identifiable as a cop.

HOUSTON – A group of suspects targeted the wrong person to ambush after one of them was shot by a Houston police officer they were following on the way home late Thursday.

According to the Houston Police Department, it started at 11:30 p.m. when the 34-year veteran officer was heading home in his personal vehicle from a second job and noticed he was being followed as he drove down Woodhead Street in the Montrose area.

The officer turned onto Indiana Street to see if the car would keep going, but it didn’t. The suspect vehicle stopped and one male got out with a gun in hand. The suspect started toward the officer, who happened to still be in uniform.

The officer got out of his car and repeatedly identified himself as a police officer and ordered the suspect to stop. The suspect ignored the command and pointed his gun at the officer.

“At that point in time, a rear passenger got out and began running toward the sergeant as he went under street light he had arm extended and was shooting pistol directly at the sergeant,” Kese Smith, with HPD, said.

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Obama Still Manages To Politicize Visit With Roseburg Families, While ‘Not Politicizing’

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So he wasn’t going to mention politics, but then does anyway. Way to go, champ!

ROSEBURG, Ore. (AP) — The public must “come together” to figure out how to keep deadly mass shootings from happening, President Barack Obama said Friday. But he emerged from a private meeting with family of the victims of last week’s shooting in Oregon to declare: “Today is about the families.”

Addressing reporters briefly after the approximately hourlong meeting, Obama said occasions like these always remind him that any child or parent or family member could suffer such a loss.

Immediately after a gunman killed eight students and a teacher at a community college last week, a visibly angry Obama said thoughts and prayers are no longer enough in the aftermath and that the nation’s gun laws needed to be changed. He pledged to “politicize” the issue.

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Clinton Not Only Received CIA Source Name, But Forwarded It Over Unsecure Email

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The information was inherently classified. Can we say Valerie Plame, folks? I knew we could…

Via Yahoo:

On March 18, 2011, Sidney Blumenthal — Clinton’s longtime friend and political adviser — sent the then secretary of state an email to her private account that contained apparently highly sensitive information he had received from Tyler Drumheller, a former top CIA official with whom Blumenthal at the time had a business relationship.

“Tyler spoke to a colleague currently at CIA, who told him the agency had been dependent for intelligence from [redacted due to sources and methods],” the email states, according to Gowdy’s letter.

The redacted information was “the name of a human source,” Gowdy wrote to his Democratic counterpart, Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, and was therefore “some of the most protected information in our intelligence community.”

“Armed with that information, Secretary Clinton forwarded the email to a colleague — debunking her claim that she never sent any classified information from her private email address,” wrote Gowdy in a letter to Cummings.

Clinton has repeatedly said she never sent or received classified information on her private email server “that was marked classified at the time that it was sent or received.” But the FBI, at the request of the inspectors general for the intelligence community and the State Department, is investigating the handling of classified information on the private server.

And while there is nothing that indicates that the email from Blumenthal (who was not a government employee) was marked classified at the time Clinton received it, the sensitive nature of its contents should have been a red flag and never should have been passed along, according to a former veteran CIA officer.

“She is exposing the name of a guy who has a clandestine relationship with the CIA on her private, unprotected server,” said John Maguire, who served for years as one of the CIA’s top Mideast officers.

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Hilarious: Top Clinton Ally Finds Out You Never Know Who May Be Listening When You Rant About 2016 On A Train…

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Hahahahaha, that’s when you get real honesty.

Via Daily Beast:

This morning on Amtrak, Lanny Davis had a lot of feelings about 2016 and inadvertently decided to share them with the 6:55 a.m. train—which included two political reporters—as it zipped from D.C. to New York City.

The DC power lawyer and his traveling companions covered a lot of ground- whether Bernie Sanders is truly a Socialist (no), whether Joe Biden is a threat (he’s seen as a “buffoon”) whether Republican Carly Fiorina is nasty (yes)—as they chatted noisily and candidly about the ins and outs of the 2016 presidential race.

(Their chat also provided valuable insight for The Daily Beast and TownHall’s Guy Benson—who sat across the aisle from them.)

Benson, who first spotted Davis and his cohorts and caught the first part of their conversation noted Davis had sharp words for the Democratic-Socialist Senator from Vermont, calling him a “flip-flopper” on guns and a “nut.”

“There’s no way he can be nominated, ever,” said Davis, who sported a patterned tie and dapper pocket square for his morning train commute.

On Biden, Davis was confident the vice president would 1) enter the presidential race and 2) have no success. He cited Biden’s third-place status as evidence of that latter point, said Biden is seen as a “buffoon,” and said Clinton’s numbers were at “the bottom of the bottom.”

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