Obama Misquotes Words On Statue Of Liberty

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Smartest man evuh! He also kept pronouncing ‘Daesh’ as ‘Dash’ when it’s pronounced Da-esh, and President Hollande’s name as Ooo-lande rather than O-lande.

Via Washington Times:

President Obama misquoted the inscription on the Statue of Liberty, ever so slightly, while making a point Tuesday about America’s enduring alliance with France and his contested plan to accept Syrian refugees.

At a White House press conference with French President Francois Hollande, Mr. Obama said the statue — a gift from France to the U.S. — is a symbol of welcome to those seeking a better life in America. Then he said Lady Liberty bears an inscription of “words we know so well.”

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free,” Mr. Obama quoted the inscription as saying.

Actually, the inscription on the Statue of Liberty reads, “masses yearning to breathe free,” not “be free.”

Mr. Obama noted that France has agreed to accept 30,000 Syrian refugees, while the House has voted to delay his plan to take in 10,000 refugees.

The president said of the Statue of Liberty’s message, “That’s the spirit that makes us Americans. That’s the spirit that binds us to France.”

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Peruvian Farmer Files Lawsuit Against German Company Over Climate Change…


Via Yahoo:

A Peruvian farmer has filed a landmark lawsuit against German energy giant RWE, saying that the company’s fossil fuel emissions endanger his family, livelihood and hometown, a German NGO said Tuesday.

In what the pressure group Germanwatch called a first in Europe, RWE will face legal action by the plaintiff Saul Luciano Lliuya before the regional court in the western German city of Essen, where RWE is based.

The lawsuit argues that RWE “is partly responsible for glacial melting in the Andes and thus also for the danger to his house which lies at the foot of the mountains,” Germanwatch, which is advising Lliuya, said in a statement.

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Poll: Ted Cruz Surging In Iowa, Now At 23%

Cruz 1

Via Daily Caller:

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has surged to the top rungs of the 2016 field in Iowa, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll of likely Republican caucus voters released Tuesday.

Businessman Donald Trump still leads with 25 percent.

But Cruz has surpassed former neurosurgeon Ben Carson with 23 percent. The Texas senator is up 13 points since last month.

Meanwhile, Carson has fallen from 28 percent to 18 percent. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is in fourth place with 13 percent.

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Suicide Attack On Bus Full Of Presidential Guards In Tunis, 12 People Killed In Explosion

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Amish have been very busy.

Via Reuters:

At least 12 people were killed on Tuesday when an explosion tore through a bus full of Tunisian presidential guards in an attack that one source said was probably the work of a suicide bomber.

Ambulances rushed wounded from the scene and security forces closed off streets around Mohamed V Avenue, one of the main streets in the capital Tunis, where the charred wreckage of the bus lay, not far from the Interior Ministry.

It was the third major attack in Tunisia this year, after an Islamist militant killed 38 foreigners at a beach hotel in the resort of Sousse in June, and gunmen killed 21 tourists at the Bardo Museum in Tunis in March. Islamic State claimed both those attacks.

Security sources said the guards were boarding the bus to be taken to the presidential palace on the outskirts of the city when it blew up. One presidential source said it was likely that a bomber had detonated his explosive belt inside the bus.

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Breaking: Explosives Found In Cairo Airport In Packages Bound For U.S….

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Via Breaking 911:

Two DHL packages containing explosive materials were found by security officials at the Cairo International Airport Tuesday.

Reports say the packages were making their way to the United States through London.

Ahram.org reports: The source at the airport said that the parcels, weighting about 10kg, were going through security procedures when the explosive substances were detected by the X-Ray scans.

The two parcels underwent further examinations which confirmed the existence of explosives.

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Obama’s ‘Powerful Rebuke To Terrorists’…Meeting On Climate Change…Update: Video Added…

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Sometimes you have to think he’s trolling us.


Veteran Kicked Off Plane For Being ‘Too Fat’ For Plane…


Someone should start a “#IllFlyWithYou” hashtag.

Via CBS:

An Orange County man said he is outraged by the way he was treated on an American Airlines flight because he is overweight.

Chris Shelley claimed he was kicked off the plane because he weighs a few more pounds.

“The worst part was being treated as if I was some sort of criminal. Not only a criminal, but a fat criminal,” Shelley said.

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1 Million Americans Do Not Own A Toilet…


Hope and change.

Via The Week:

Did you celebrate World Toilet Day? The recent holiday is a good reminder to rejoice as you read this article on your phone, maybe even while sitting comfortably on a modern, porcelain toilet, which flushes with water so crystalline clean you could, in hard times, drink it without too much fear of dying. (We do not recommend doing that, by the way.)

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Ebola Returns, First Death In Months Happens In Liberia…

Just in time for refugee season.

Via Reuters:

A 15-year-old boy has died of Ebola in Liberia, the first such fatality for months in a country declared free of the disease in September, its chief medical officer said on Tuesday.

The boy tested positive last week and died late on Monday in hospital in Paynesville near the capital, where his father and brother are also being treated for Ebola, officials said.

Liberia has placed under surveillance 153 people who may have come into contact with the boy. A further 25 healthcare workers are being monitored, of whom 10 are identified as high-risk, chief medical officer Francis Kateh said.

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Philly Traffic Stop Turns Violent, Trooper Shot, School Bus Bursts Into Flames…


A story that got buried in the news cycle with all the other craziness.

Via ABC News:

A traffic stop on a downtown Philadelphia highway turned violent Tuesday when a suspect got back into his car and fled, rear-ended a school bus and then shot and wounded a trooper, state police said.

Two suspects were taken into custody, and the trooper was hospitalized in stable condition, state police spokeswoman Maria Finn said. The trooper was shot in the shoulder.

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Al Qaeda Member Who Plotted To Bomb Subway In New York Sentenced To 40 Years…

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 2.33.19 PM

Rot in hell.

Via Wall Street Journal:

A federal judge on Tuesday sentenced a Pakistani man convicted of plotting with al Qaeda to bomb targets in England, New York and Denmark to 40 years in prison.

Abid Naseer, 29 years old, was facing a potential life sentence after being convicted by a federal jury in Brooklyn of three terrorism-related charges in March. Prosecutors accused him of entering the U.K. nine years ago on a fraudulent student visa and leading a cell that…

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5 Shot In Minneapolis After #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Surround, Attack And Chase Group…Update: Video Of The 3 People Being Surrounded By BLM, BLM Say Turn Cameras Off…Update: ‘White Supremacists’ Included Asian, BLM Had Been Kicking White People Out Of Area For Days…Update: Video Apparently Taken By ‘Shooters’, Two ‘Supremacists’ Arrested, One Is Hispanic

Although it is not completely clear, the five people shot appear to be Black Lives Matter folk, none of the injuries are life-threatening.

This story is still developing but the Black Lives Matter crew has already blown it into something else. There was an ongoing protest by the BLM at the 4th precinct in Minneapolis over the shooting of Jamar Clark. The BLM claims that that 3 masked ‘white supremacists’ who had been at their protest before now came wearing bullet proof vests and masks and shot them. This is what they told media and police, some media already running with the ‘white supremacist’ story. Media really should know at this point that they need to fact check everything that the BLM says.

The video, taken from a livestream at the protest, shows that the protesters surrounded this group of men, began questioning who they were, punched them and chased them prior to any shooting. We do not know that the group was white, and we do not know yet that they are the ones that did the shooting, since the only source for said information is the BLM.

In the Star Tribune, the protesters described this event as trying to ‘herd the group’ away from the protesters, although no one apparently asked the protesters-why are you doing that?

The BLM propaganda wagon is in full swing on this, but let’s see if facts will out…


Here’s more video. Here you can see the group of three people being surrounded by the BLM. You see on the left hand side of the action, it appears someone is being held and is trying to get out.

One member of the BLM turns back and tells the person with the camera to put the phone camera away, clearly not wanting it to capture what comes next.

Here it is enlarged:


The BLM has been unable to get their story straight. First, they said three white men in masks and bullet proof vests, now they say two white people and an Asian man. Apparently white supremacists aren’t what they used to be, they’re taking in Asians now…

In accounts given on social media and to Ms. Noor, witnesses described the gunmen as three men, two white and one Asian, wearing masks and bulletproof vests.

Ms. Noor, who is seen in this video claimed she was one of the people ‘escorting’ the men away from the group. Which means the police should be having a talk with her about the assault on the men. Apparently the BLM, who are protesting in a public street near the police station feel it is their right to ‘escort people away’ and ‘kick out’ white people.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.03.56 AM


There is no sound, but as you can see this is video taken from the perspective of the alleged ‘shooters’. You can see they are approached by the BLM and although the video is unclear, the video appears to support that they were attacked. You can also see that the story told above by Mickey Noor, the BLM woman in the above video, who said simply that she helped ‘escort the men away’ to their car is not a complete or true statement.

Police are now reporting that they have arrested two of the three men, and that one is Hispanic:

Minneapolis police said they arrested a 23-year-old white man in Bloomington at 11:20 a.m. Tuesday. A second shooting suspect, a 32-year-old Hispanic man, was arrested in south Minneapolis at 12:05 p.m., police said on Twitter. The search for other suspects continues.

Authorities are weighing whether to treat the shooting of five people protesting near the Minneapolis Police Department’s 4th Precinct Monday night as a hate crime, sources familiar with the investigation said Tuesday morning.

Facebook Takes Down Page Purporting To Be Run By University’s ‘White Student Union’


Only perpetually aggrieved minorities are allowed to have anything.

Via CBS:

A Facebook page calling itself the “UC Berkeley White Student Union” has been taken down by the social network.

Students first spotted the page Friday. The site claimed the goal was to “unapologetically provide a safe space for white students to air their true feelings…” about the “challenges European-American students on college campuses face.”

“I think it’s just people who are racist, or don’t realize they are racist,” said Nikola Kendis, a student at UC Berkeley.

Kendis said minority student unions provide support for students facing systemic oppressions, something she says white students do not face.

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German Immigration Official: “In Two Years There Will Be A Revolution Here And We’ll Clean All This [Refugees] Out”


Godwin’s law!

Via The Telegraph:

Germany security guards at the main government office for refugees in Berlin have reportedly been caught on camera using openly Nazi language.

Bild newspaper has released video footage in which it alleges the guards call for asylum-seekers to be put in concentration camps.

One recording purports to show a uniformed security guard speaking of getting “swastikas in my eyes”.
“In two years, there will be a revolution here and there will be no more of all this s***. We’ll clean it all out,” the guard, who has not been named, appears to say.

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BREAKING: Hostage Situation Underway In French Town Of Roubaix At Town Hall…


UPDATE: May Be A Bank Robbery Gone Wrong And Unrelated To Terror Dragnet Across Country…


Unreal: U.S. Gives ISIS 45 Minute Warning Before Bombing Target…



Via Free Beacon:

A U.S. Central Command official confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon on Monday that warning pamphlets were dropped on Islamic State targets 45 minutes before bombing sorties in order “to minimize the risks to civilians.”

The confirmation comes on the heels of disclosures that U.S. military pilots were blocked from dropping 75 percent of their ordinance on likely targets due to concerns about harming civilians.

The warning leaflets were dropped in advance of strikes on an Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL) convoy of trucks near the city of Al-Bukamal in Syria, according to the military official.

“We can confirm that leaflets were used prior to air strike operations in the area near Al-Bukamal, as part of Operation Tidal Wave II,” the source said. “The leaflets are used to minimize the risks to civilians.”

The leaflets read: “Get out of your trucks now and run away from them.”

Another message stated: “Warning: airstrikes are coming. Oil trucks will be destroyed. Get away from your oil trucks immediately. Do not risk your life,” according to the Pentagon.

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Report: Islamic State Planning Suicide Aircraft Strikes In Iraq…


Via Free Beacon:

Islamic State terrorists are seeking experts to repair captured military aircraft for future use in suicide attacks against U.S. and allied forces in Iraq.

The terrorist group that occupies large areas of Iraq and Syria has two Russian-made Sukhoi aircraft and three Russian helicopters that it plans to use in the attacks, according to a recent report in a London-based Arabic language news outlet.

The Oct. 22 report in Al Arabi Al Jadid quoted a high-ranking officer in Baghdad assigned to the command of the international military coalition in Iraq as saying the aircraft were obtained during Islamic State military operations in Syria and Iraq.

“The international coalition’s forces are trying to locate the whereabouts of two Sukhoi planes and three Russian-made helicopters from the 1980s that had been captured by Daish [an alternative name for the Islamic State] to destroy them before the latter can use them to carry out its plans,” the officer said.

The aircraft currently are not capable of flying, and that has prompted the Islamic State to advertise for jihadist experts who can repair the aircraft.

Several captured aviation officers and experts have been executed for refusing to help the Islamic State fix the aircraft.

Occidental College Professors Consider Giving Students Power to Report Them For “Microaggressions”…


What are the odds they would regret doing this?

Via Reason:

In recognition of their complicity in “structural racism and oppression” at Occidental College, the faculty will vote on a resolution that mandates diversity training, requires all academic departments to make racial sensitivity a component of in-class instruction, and allows students to “report microaggressions” between students and professors.

The proposal, dubbed the “Plan of Action,” was created by Occidental’s Faculty Council, which governs academic affairs on campus. Reason obtained a draft of the proposal, which will be presented to the entire Occidental faculty at a meeting on Tuesday. From its introduction:

We recognize and are inspired by the leadership of Oxy United for Black Liberation and their call for widespread institutional changes in the culture of the College. We affirm that Black lives matter and also affirm the broader ideals of social justice to which their call speaks. We recognize that the structural racism and other forms of oppression of the College violate our commitment to ensuring equity and excellence in our educational programs for all of our students. We also acknowledge that our collective inaction as a faculty body makes us complicit in the failures of the College to make our Mission a lived reality. For this we apologize for failing you, our students.

The Plan of Action seems to be a response to recent protests on campus; students occupied the administrative center and vowed not to leave unless Occidental President Jonathan Veitch agreed to resign. They also want Occidental to hire more professors of color and fund new diversity initiatives.

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ISIS Video: Bill Clinton A “Fornicator”…


Via Daily Beast:

A new English-language video put out by ISIS calls Bill Clinton a “fornicator” and George W. Bush a “liar.” Rattling off a list of strengths for soldiers of the self-proclaimed caliphate—that they don’t fight for fornicators, liars, or corporations—the propaganda video also criticized a recent U.N. session on the plight of LGBT people living under ISIS rule.

French President Says There Is “No Better Symbol Or Response” To Terror Attacks Than Holding Global Warming Summit…

Take that, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi!

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