Beyonce To Give #BlackLivesMatter Performance During Super Bowl

This is music? Skip ahead to a little bit before the end to see the relevant part, the rest is just an ode to herself and how wonderful she is. It’s so hard living in the evil racist U.S. that has made her rich beyond her wildest dreams. Bey also has a reference to Moorish people with a guy in a red fez (if you don’t know who they are look up Moorish Science Temple for a voyage down the black nationalist rabbit hole) and a reference to the Nation of Islam with a bow tied man holding a newspaper designed to look like Farrakhan’s ‘Final Call’, but called ‘The Truth.

Via Daily Mail:

Beyonce will perform a rallying cry for the Black Lives Matter movement at the Super Bowl a day after releasing the new song.

The 34-year-old surprised fans on Saturday by dropping a video to Formation, which features flood-ridden New Orleans and a line of white cops facing a hooded little boy.

‘Let’s get in formation… Prove to me you got some coordination,’ she chants before the camera pans over graffiti that says: ‘stop shooting us’.

Within minutes of the video’s release, Twitter was awash with reactions to the fiercely political lyrics and scenes – and a cameo role from the singer’s four-year-old daughter with Jay Z, Blue Ivy.

It was still trending worldwide on Sunday as the Super Bowl – the most watched TV event of the year – approached.

Beyoncé is expected to perform Formation at half time – three years after sending shock waves around the world in her last Super Bowl performance with a backdrop sign that read: ‘FEMINIST’.

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Is Hillary Toast? Democrat Party Bosses Panicked Over Bernie Sanders…

Run Bernie

Bernie came out of the closet with socialism.

Via DC Whispers:

The Sanders’ dynamic playing out within the Democrat Party is in fact a far greater and more important story than the Donald Trump vs GOP Establishment meme that the Mainstream Media has put on a repeating loop for the last several months. As combative and boisterous as Trump can be, his views represent a significant wing of BOTH the Republican and Democrat parties and are ultimately, a newly emerged America first sentiment that appeals to millions of voters.

Bernie Sanders on the other hand is a devoted socialist who has for the entirety of his adult life denounced the fundamental tenets of the Great American Experiment. He left the United States to honeymoon in the then-Soviet Union, a top-down government monstrosity that literally enslaved hundreds of millions of people across the globe. The USSR was, as President Ronald Reagan so assertively put it decades earlier, “…an evil empire.”

Sanders is the epitome of the radical 1960’s I hate America crowd and his current appeal to so many younger voters is the direct result of an American educational system that has for some forty years been controlled by that very same hate America agenda. If not for the Democrat Party’s selection of Hillary Clinton as its 2016 nominee (a direct result of an earlier agreement between the Obama and Clinton Machines) Bernie Sanders would not be posing a serious challenge for the Democrat presidential nomination.

Hillary Clinton is simply an unlikable, lying, and utterly out of touch with reality choice that has now come back to haunt the Democrat Party Establishment.

“They have no idea what to do with Sanders. They don’t want to offend and politically displace his supporters while at the same time knowing that if this thing continues to grow, it will destroy the Democrat Party.”

Things are said to have become so panicked and contentious inside 430 S. Capitol St, (DNC headquarters) that current DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been warned this could prove the end of her career if she does not somehow find a way to successfully navigate the morass of the Bernie Sanders phenomena.

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Texas Newspaper Plans To Publish Names, Addresses Of Police Officers

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 2.11.06 PM

This is how they will intimidate cops into not doing their jobs. Watch the Jay Z and Soros money being used to protest and harass officers in their homes.

Via Fox News:

A Texas newspaper announced its plans Saturday to publish the names and addresses of every San Antonio police officer following a deadly officer-involved shooting last week.

Stephanie Zarriello, publisher of the weekly tabloid San Antonio Observer, said Antronie Scott had been “unjustly murdered,” Fox San Antonio reported. She described Scott as being in “a position of surrender” when he was shot and killed on Feb. 4 by Officer John Lee, a 10-year veteran of the police force.

“Like Ku Klux Klansman with hoods, [officers] do everything they can in order to protect their identities for fear of being brought to justice,” Zarriello said during a press conference the paper held on behalf of the Scott family, according to KENS 5.

“Just as the names and addresses of sex offenders are publicized in order to protect the public from their wicked behavior, we feel that our community has the right to the exact same level of protection,” said Zarriello.

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Chicago Cop Who Shot Quintonio LeGrier And Neighbor Sues Teen’s Estate, Claiming Trauma…

Legrier Mother

The family can blame foster care for his upbringing. Update to this previous story.

Via Chicago Tribune:

A Chicago police officer who fatally shot a 19-year-old college student and accidentally killed his neighbor filed a lawsuit against the teenager’s estate Friday, arguing the student’s actions prompted the shooting and caused the officer “extreme emotional trauma.”

Officer Robert Rialmo’s lawsuit was filed Friday amid Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s efforts to win back public trust in the Chicago Police Department following the release of video last fall of an officer shooting to death 17-year-old Laquan McDonald on Oct. 20, 2014, and other cases of alleged police misconduct.

Rialmo’s lawsuit provides the officer’s first public account of the Dec. 26 shooting in the West Garfield Park neighborhood. It says Rialmo opened fire after Quintonio LeGrier twice swung a bat at his head at close range, and LeGrier was shot when Rialmo saw him raising the bat again and thought LeGrier could kill him if LeGrier hit him in the head with the bat.

LeGrier’s father, Antonio LeGrier, had filed a wrongful death lawsuit saying his son wasn’t a threat, and Rialmo’s lawsuit, which asks for damages of more than $180,000, plus court and attorney fees, is a countersuit in that case. Rialmo also fatally shot Antonio LeGrier’s neighbor Bettie Jones, 55, in the confrontation, but police have said her death was accidental.

Antonio LeGrier’s attorney, Basileios Foutris, was incredulous at what he called the officer’s “temerity” in suing the college student’s grieving family. Foutris said the lawsuit was “outlandish.”

“After this coward shot a teenager in the back … he has the temerity to sue him? That’s a new low for the Chicago Police Department,” Foutris said.

Rialmo’s lawyer, Joel Brodsky, said Saturday that his client is going through a grieving process that officers experience whenever they fatally shoot someone.

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Bern Your Enthusiasm…

Bernie also appeared on SNL last night, in this skit.

HT: Daily Caller

Islamic State Is No Longer So Formidable On The Battlefield…


We have heard this song and dance before.

BEIRUT — The Islamic State’s recent defeats on the battlefield signal that its once-vaunted militia army has been hobbled by worsening money problems, desertions and a dwindling pool of fighters, analysts and monitoring groups say.

U.S.-backed Kurdish and Arab forces have seized significant amounts of territory from the extremist group in the parts of Iraq and Syria where it declared a caliphate in 2014. Those losses are linked to the group’s struggles to pay fighters and recruit new ones to replace those who have deserted, defected to other militant groups or died on the battlefield, the analysts say.

“These issues suggest that as an entity that is determined to hold onto territory, the Islamic State is not sustainable,” said Jacob Shapiro, an expert on the Islamic State who teaches politics at Princeton University.

Only a year ago, the Islamic State was seen as a juggernaut – rich, organized and fielding thousands of motivated fighters – that overran rival forces in Iraq and Syria with astonishing speed and brutality.

But in recent months, its momentum has been reversed.

U.S. military officials estimate that the group has lost as much as 40 percent of the territory it held in Iraq and as much as 20 percent in Syria. Kurdish and Arab forces, including Iraq’s increasingly competent military, have advanced against the group with the help of airstrikes from a U.S.-led coalition.

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Christie Bats Marco Rubio Around For His ‘Memorized 25 Second Speeches’

Christie just bats him around like a toy. The benefits of being a prosecutor from New Jersey, and Christie was a good one.

How many times did Rubio give that same memorized speech last night? Count ’em, it was 5.

Madeline Albright: ‘There’s A Special Place In Hell’ For Women Who Don’t Vote For Hillary; Hillary Laughs It Off


It is either a cackle or laugh for questions Hillary doesn’t want to answer.

Via Daily Caller:

Hillary Clinton defended former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s assertion that “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.”

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd, Clinton laughed off Albright’s attempt to shame women into voting for Clinton by saying, “Well, good grief, we’re getting offended about everything these days. Honest to goodness. I mean, people can’t say anything without offending somebody.”

Regarding Albright’s claim, “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other… [some] don’t understand the importance of why young women have to support Hillary Clinton.” Todd asked Clinton, “Do you want the vote to be decided on gender lines like this?”

Clinton said, laughing, “Oh, you know, as you remember Madeleine has been saying this for many, many years. She believes if firmly. In part because she knows what a struggle it has been and she understands the struggle is not over. So I don’t want people to be offended what she is expressing as her–”

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Jay Z’s Tidal To Give 1.5 Million To #BlackLivesMatter, Other ‘Social Justice’ Groups…

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 11.32.48 AM

This is how they keep the revolution going.

Via Mic:

Jay Z’s global music and entertainment platform Tidal in association with Roc Nation is donating $1.5 million to Black Lives Matter and several other local and national social justice organizations, Tidal announced exclusively to Mic on Friday — the same day Trayvon Martin would have turned 21-years-old. The streaming service raised the $1.5 million at the first Tidal X: 10/20 charity concert in Brooklyn, New York, featuring Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Nick Jonas.

Tidal’s group of artist owners, which includes several of the musicians who performed in October’s sold-out show including Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and Jay Z, took part in deciding which organizations would receive funding, the streaming service told Mic. The majority of the groups to benefit are social justice activist groups and organizations, with a large portion of these specifically committed to ensuring the nation understands that black lives matter.

Tidal’s grants will be administered through the New World Foundation, which funds several civil rights groups and social movements. The nonprofits Tidal will fund include Opportunity Agenda, Hands Up United, Sankofa.Org, as well as local organizing groups in California: Community Coalition; Florida: Dream Defenders; Illinois: Black Youth Project; Maryland: Baltimore Justice Fund; Empowerment Development Corporation; New York: Million Hoodies; NY Justice League and Ohio: Ohio Students Association/Organizing Collaborative.

According to Tidal, donations will also be given to organizations created by the families of victims of police brutality, including the Trayvon Martin Foundation, the Michael O.D. Brown We Love Ours Sons and Daughters Foundation and the Oscar Grant Foundation.

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What is the New World Foundation about? Here’s a summary of one of their funds.

New Majority Fund: According to NWF, “The 21st century has begun with … [America’s] national power in the hands of militant conservatives, the country isolated from the rest of the world, and the planet itself in the balance. This is a troubled and reactionary time, when we must choose whether to concede or to rebuild a progressive vision of America.” To help reduce the political and social influence of conservatives, this Fund provides financial support for leftist organizations that are “building the infrastructure for political participation out of which new electoral alliances are forming, and in turn, new majorities can grow and govern.”

Here they are tweeting about revolution with Usher and Harry Belafonte:
Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 11.58.10 AM

Promoting the Black Panthers:
Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 12.08.06 PM

You can see more about them here. Oh, just an aside. Guess who was chair from 1982 to 1988? Hillary Clinton.

Tree Planting Could Accelerate Global Warming…


Fire up the chainsaws.

Via CSM:

Not all trees are created equal when it comes to fighting climate change – and that some actually may do more harm than good, climate scientists say.

A new study, published Thursday in the journal Science, shows that an expansion of forests towards dark green conifers in Europe has stoked global warming. The findings challenge the widespread view that planting more trees helps human efforts to slow the Earth’s rising temperatures. Apparently, not all trees have the same mitigating effect.

“Two and a half centuries of forest management in Europe have not cooled the climate,” a team of scientists led by France’s Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement wrote.

While the area of Europe’s forests has expanded by 10 percent since 1750, the continent’s summer temperatures have increased 0.12 degree Celsius (0.2 Fahrenheit). The scientists say that’s largely because many nations have planted conifers such as pines and spruces whose dark color traps the sun’s heat.

Lighter-colored broad-leafed trees, such as oak or birch, reflect more sunlight. But fast-growing conifers, which are used for everything from building materials to pulp, have long outpaced them.

The authors of the study said such changes have outweighed the role Europe’s forests have played in curbing global warming by reducing their ability to absorb carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas from burning fossil fuels.

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Clinton Sarcastically Says She’ll Release Private Speech Transcripts When Everyone Else Does

Did you actually really think she would turn them over? We have now entered the second stage of Clintonian response. The first is placating you, ‘I’ll look into that’, just to put you off. The second is ‘Everybody else is doing it’ or ‘I really don’t understand what the question is’. The third is ‘This is such old news’ or ‘vast right wing conspiracy’.

Via Free Beacon:

Hillary Clinton grew sarcastic on Sunday discussing her oft-criticized paid speeches to the financial industry, saying on ABC’s This Week that she would release the transcripts of them when everyone else who’s given private speeches had.

Clinton remarked at Thursday night’s Democratic debate that she would “look into” releasing them, which many observers viewed as a classic dodge.

Clinton has been slammed by rival Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) for her Wall Street ties, and she has been especially criticized for making $675,000 for just three speeches to Goldman Sachs, all the while claiming she has never been influenced by such large sums of money.

“In the debate the other night, you said you’d look into whether or not to release the transcripts of your speeches to financial groups. Have you made up your mind?” host George Stephanopoulos, a Clinton Foundation donor, asked.

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Canada Also Lifting Some Economic Sanctions Against Iran…


The stupid burns on both sides of the border.

Via CBC:

Canada is signalling its willingness to re-engage with Iran by lifting a broad ban on financial services, imports and exports, Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion announced today.

“We’ll keep sanctions to be sure the proliferation or nuclear will not happen in Iran, the same for ballistic missiles,” said Dion. “We’ll engage with Iran, step-by-step, open eyes, because we still have a lot of concerns about the role of Iran in the region including for allies like Israel and also the record of Iran on human rights is very questionable to say the least.

“That’s why we’ll continue to champion a resolution in the United Nations to make sure the government oif Iran will respect human rights of the people of Iran,” he said.

In a statement, Global Affairs Canada said it had amended its “broad-reaching autonomous sanctions against Iran to allow for a controlled economic re-engagement, including lifting the broad ban on financial services, imports and exports,” and had also updated regulations to conform with recent changes to the United Nations sanctions regime.

The UN Security Council approved the lifting of sanctions last month after confirming that Iran had complied with promises it made under an international deal struck six months ago.

“I think it’s good for Israel that Canada will be able to speak with Iran,” Dion said. “It was a mistake to think that isolation is better than engagement. And engagement is not agreement.

“When you disagree with a regime you need to engage in a way that may give positive results. It has been the case when the United States and the other engaged with Iran in a very firm way,” he added.
Step by step

Canada broke off ties with Iran in September, 2012, closing the embassy in Tehran citing concern for the safety of Canadian diplomats and staff. Iranian diplomats in Canada were expelled. Dion said today Canada is considering the restoration of diplomatic contacts.

“That will be done step-by-step, it cannot be done overnight,” Dion said. “We need to engage with the country that we have a lot of suspicions about. So we’ll do it step-by-step.”

The statement, issued by Dion and International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland, says: “Canadian companies will now be able to position themselves for new trade opportunities, but we will also maintain rigorous controls on any exports that raise serious proliferation concerns.”

Speaking to reporters Dion said many areas of the Canadian economy stand to benefit in a renewed relationship with Iran.

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No Jail Time And No Apology From #BlackLivesMatter Radicals Who Impeded Ambulance Of Seriously Injured 82 Yr Old Man

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 9.43.47 AM

They knew, but just didn’t give a damn because what they want is more important than that man’s life.

Via Boston Herald:

The daughter of an octogenarian whose ambulance was diverted during a Black Lives Matter protest last winter on I-93 said the defendants — who today avoided jail time with guilty pleas — treated people like her beloved father as “collateral damage.”

“The foolishness, when you hear about adult diapers and cement and people asking, ‘Please get out of the way,’ and you can hear the ambulances in the background, then I’m angry,”’ said Pauline McDonough of Plainville, whose then 82-year-old father was diverted to a Brockton hospital instead of Boston Medical Center when protesters blocked the highway chaining themselves to cement blocks on Jan. 15, 2015.

Some of the protesters wore adult diapers expecting to snarl traffic for hours, authorities said.

“Once all of the risks that were presented to these individuals and they still chose to disregard that, almost like there was going to be collateral damage. … We believe that Black Lives Matter is certainly a noble cause. … But you know, it’s a bigger picture than that. We have loved ones and all lives matter. And my dad’s life mattered,” McDonough said.

McDonough’s father, Richard McGrath, survived a serious accident that day in Easton but died in August from heart failure.

Ten protesters today pleaded guilty to willfully impending an emergency vehicle and were given six months unsupervised probation and 60 hours of community service even though prosecutors requested 90 days behind bars.
Afterward, the group said they had no remorse.

“We understood that there would be consequences of this action. But we are neither remorseful nor grateful,” said group spokesman Noah McKenna. He said the “real story” is the systemic violence against black bodies.

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What Tommy Chong Learned In Prison To Help ‘Feel The Bern’…

Chong mughsot

Chong is past the burn-out stage.

Via Washington Examiner:

Tommy Chong, the irreverent comedian who has dazzled audiences for decades, said he learned a thing or two behind bars that informed his decision to pick Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton.

Chong, one half of the “Cheech & Chong” pot-themed comedy duo and a regular on “That 70s Show,” received a nine-month sentence in 2003 for selling bongs online. In an interview with the Washington Examiner, he explained that his criminal history assisted his decision to support Sanders over Clinton.

“I got like a lie detector from being around as long as I have, especially being in prison,” Chong said. “I met with a lot of con artists and they would say things they knew you wanted to hear, but Bernie he says things that are real and without judgment.”

Chong said his “lie detector” does begin to spike when he listens to Clinton talk sometimes.

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Report: Obama Bullies Bank, Others To Pay Racial Settlement Without Proof

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 9.27.24 AM

You will do as the the Obama regime says, or pay the penalty.

Via NY Post:

Newly uncovered internal memos reveal the Obama administration knowingly exaggerated charges of racial discrimination in probes of Ally Bank and other defendants in the $900 billion car-lending business as part of a “racial justice” campaign that’s looking more like a massive government extortion and shakedown operation.

So far, Obama’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has reached more than $220 million in settlements with several auto lenders since the agency launched its anti-discrimination crusade against the industry in 2013. Several other banks are under active investigation.

That’s despite the fact that the CFPB had no actual complaints of racial discrimination — it was all just based on half-baked statistics.

A confidential 23-page internal report detailing CFPB’s strategy for going after lenders shows why these companies are forking over millions of dollars in restitution and fines to the government despite denying any wrongdoing.

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HT: Perry

‘Affluenza Teen’ Ethan Couch Transferred To ‘Big-Boy Jail’…


He is going to earn another nickname that begins with “A”.

Via Dallas Morning News:

Affluenza teen Ethan Couch is now in “big-boy jail.”

Following a judge’s order Friday morning, the teen was moved from a juvenile detention facility to adult jail in downtown Fort Worth, Sheriff Dee Anderson said.

He was denied bail and is being housed in the Tarrant County Jail’s maximum-security unit after undergoing a medical screening.

“He’s getting ready to be 19 years old. He’s an adult. He doesn’t need to be housed with juveniles,” Anderson said. “I would feel comfortable with him in a more secure environment, obviously.”

Couch gained notoriety after he was sentenced to 10 years’ probation for killing four people in a drunken-driving crash in 2013. He made national headlines again in December, when he fled to Mexico with his mother, Tonya, apparently to avoid punishment after a video that appeared to show him violating probation went viral.

Mexican authorities returned him to Texas last week after he dropped his legal fight to remain in that country.

A hearing will be conducted Feb. 12 to determine whether Couch will remain in the jail.

Tonya Couch didn’t fight extradition to the U.S. and was brought back to North Texas on Jan. 7. She faces a charge of hindering apprehension of a felon. She is free after posting bail but is under house arrest at the home of another son.

On Feb. 19, juvenile court Judge Timothy Menikos is scheduled to hear arguments about moving Couch’s case to adult court, where prosecutors said he would face harsh punishment if he violates his probation again.

From the moment Couch vanished, Tarrant County officials expressed a desire to have the teen behind bars.

“Any mess-ups from now on, he’s going to be over with us,” Terry Grisham, spokesman for the Tarrant County sheriff’s office, said in December. “He’s going to see what the big-boy jail is like.”

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Hillary’s Campaign ‘For The Children’ Not Going So Well…

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 11.08.33 PM

Kasich: I Should Be Running In The Democrat Primary

Feel free…

Via Free Beacon:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich joked that he should run in the Democratic primary instead of the GOP one after a Democrat in New Hampshire told Kasich he was the only Republican he’d consider supporting, CBS reported Saturday.

“I ought to be running in the Democrat primary, I got more Democrats for me,” Kasich said. “You have any Republican friends?”

CBS reported:

Later on, he became the first candidate to hit the 100-town-hall milestone in New Hampshire, which was celebrated at a crowded town hall on Friday night with “funfetti show” machine and Market Basket sheet cakes. The White Stripes rock song “Seven Nation Army” blared as Kasich bounded onto the stage after an introduction from Mike Vrabel, a former New England Patriots linebacker.

“That has never happened before in American history,” Kasich remarked about the indie hit being played at a Republican town hall.

“New Hampshire has changed me,” he said, taking a moment to reflect.g

“Everyone is beginning to talk about Kasich running a positive campaign, can it work? It would be really cool if it worked. And it if it doesn’t, I’m blaming all of you,” he joked.

Kasich also joked with a ballot counter that he came across:

During a stop at Manchester’s Puritan Backroom Restaurant, Kasich made his way through a swarm of fans.

“Can’t you just stuff the ballot for me?” Kasich joked to a woman who told him she was a ballot counter.

“I won’t tell anyone — consider it done,” she replied back to him.

Woman Warns Montana Residents Against Accepting Refugees; Tells How It Ruined Her Texas Town…


Missoula is ground zero for the Montana moonbat movement.

Via BPR:

The rape and violence crisis attributed to the influx of “refugees” may not be a problem exclusive to European countries. According to at least one woman, it’s already started in the U.S.

Karen Sherman recently moved to Missoula, Montana, and stood in front of the local courthouse Monday to warn residents about the “civil unrest” they might be facing should the Obama administration’s plans to plant foreign migrants in the town go through, WND reported.

More than 120 protesters gathered to hear Sherman’s account of what happened in her former hometown of Amarillo, Texas.

“Amarillo is overrun with refugees,” Sherman said. She claimed the refugees have been given preferential treatment ahead of Americans to get benefits. “Now they’re expecting us to give them cars,” she said.

Having recently moved from Texas to Montana, Sherman is sounding the alarm to what she believes will be a grave mistake should Missoula accept refugees.

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Gloria Steinem: Young Women Are Supporting Bernie Sanders To Get With Boys

That’s pretty darn insulting.

Via Free Beacon:

Feminist Gloria Steinem said something not very feminist Friday, suggesting that the reason younger women voters are supporting Bernie Sanders more than Hillary Clinton is because they want to impress boys.

Appearing on HBO’s left-wing talk show Real Time, Steinem and host Bill Maher got into a discussion about why Clinton is struggling so much with younger voters, including women, despite Clinton’s supposedly historic candidacy.

Sanders recently annihilated Clinton among younger voters in the Iowa caucus, winning by 70 points.

“When you’re young, you’re thinking, ‘Where are the boys?’” Steinem said. “The boys are with Bernie.”

Even the famously politically incorrect Maher took exception to Steinem’s generalization, saying Steinem would have slapped him if he’d made such a remark.

“Oooh,” Maher said, as the crowd tittered. “Now if I said that, yeah, they’re for Bernie because that’s where the boys are, you’d swat me, come on.”

“No, no,” Steinem protested. “I wouldn’t because boys are saying where–I mean, hello? How well do you know me?”

“Not that well,” Maher said. “I’d love to know you better.”

Steinem, a Clinton supporter, has actually backed Sanders in the past. She helped him in a 1996 re-election fight when he was in the House of Representatives, appearing alongside him and anointing him an “honorary woman.”

Steinem also backed Clinton in 2008, when she was defeated in the Democratic primary by a man named Barack Obama.